Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wade Belak found dead

A Nashville Predators spokesman has confirmed that former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Wade Belak has been found dead in an upscale Toronto-area hotel, he was 35. He is the third NHL tough-guy to die in the last four months. Both Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien passed away this past summer after hard-fought personal battles. Third NHL enforced dead in four months. That is strange.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, another human foot washed on shore in Vancouver on Tuesday. The eighth foot to wash on shore since August 2007. An autopsy has confirmed it's another human foot and they have no idea what caused it. Despite not knowing how it got there, no foul play is expected. Yeah people drown and cut off their feet all the time.

Ion Croitoru - Johnny K-9

Ion Croitoru wrestled professionally under the name “Johnny K-9” and "Bruiser Bedlam." He was the Satan's Choice motorcycle club president back in Ontario. We remember him caught on a wire with Clay Rouchette in support of the United Nations gang. Well it turns out he was already in custody for a plot to kill Bacon and his two brothers between Jan. 1, 2008 and Feb. 17, 2009.

My first thought was even with a balaclava on the guy is pretty hard not to miss so I highly doubt he was the shooter that finally killed JB Hog. Then I realized he's still in custody. Croitoru is awaiting trial for first-degree murder in the shooting death of Jonathan Barber, 24, and the attempted murder of Vicky King.

I certainly don't support drug related public executions where innocent people are put at risk and family members are injured, but I will cite the case as an example of a rising force that is opposing the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade. I see that as a good thing. Yes, public shootings put the public at risk, yet letting the Hells angels have a ruthless monopoly on the drug trade is just plain wrong. I rather hear about Hells Angels getting shot at then drug addicts tortured or pushed out of windows for drug debts.

So, let's give it up for Romania. The counter revolution has begun. It's not natural justice but it is a natural consequence of tyranny and betrayal. What goes around comes around. Word.

Arrest Warrant for Steven Skinner

Halifax police have issued an arrest warrant for Steven Skinner, a MMA fighter from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Skinner remains at large, but has been charged with second-degree murder over the death of Stacey Adams. Adams, 20, was found shot dead in front of a new home in a Lake Echo neighbourhood in April. It's believed Skinner was at a home in Lake Echo when Adams and a friend arrived. Shots were fired and Adams was killed.

Police say Stacey Adams knew at least one of the suspects and that all parties involved are connected to drug sub-culture. Skinner has a criminal history. He has also been charged in the past with hostage taking, aggravated assault and uttering threats.

Gloria Adams, the deceased's mother said: "If you agree with the code of silence, then in cases like this I don't see (you) any different than I see the killer." She is absolutely right. Police think Skinner has left the province.

Skinner also faces criminal charges over an incident two years ago. He is accused of going with a Toronto man to the home of a 66-year-old man in Lower Sackville. Skinner and his friend allegedly had an issue with the man's son. Hot spoons and knives were used to burn parts of the older man's body.

The father let them in because he recognized Skinner as a friend of his son and offered them a drink. Then they tortured him and burned off one of his tattoos because they were looking for his son. I cannot over emphasize how deranged this pattern of violence is. Torturing someone's family member. Ratting out someone who does that is not being a rat. Turning the other way is.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mike P

Someone sent me this link to another Hells Angels rap video after I posted a critique of Weird Hal's latest disaster. It's also on Youtube. The Hells Angels logos are blurred out in Mike P's video but you can tell by the horned helmeted winged skull tattoo he's a member.

He posts photos of him with his Hells Angels colours elsewhere. Although his video is a thousand times better than Weird Hal's, it's still pretty pointless. Like kids who never grew up. I don't mean to disrespect a brother from LA but he's not a brother and he's not from LA. He's from Beverly Hills.

California Hells Angels. That would be Sonny Barger's pal Otis Garret from Oakland who was convicted of running a prostitution ring for the Hells angels in San Fransisco called the Love Nest. He was finally convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin six year old daughters for testifying against him.

Mike P is sure proud of his badge that says prostitution and baby killers. Not me. That's too much like wearing a shirt that says I love Clifford Olsen. But that's OK because we know Mike P doesn't give a fuck. That's all he has to say in his video. I think he'd give a fuck if someone pimped out his daughter, sister or mother and shot their little kids. Blind devotion is somewhat short sighted.

It's disappointing to see the Italians are supporting baby killers. The Italians use to have a code of conduct. That was before they started murdering a guy's sister. They say in Rome that pride cometh before the fall. Time will tell. It always does.

Nice sneakers. Not. The video was directed by bad boy Ron Moon. Tell me what does selling crack and running prostitution rings have to do with Judaism? Nothing that's right. But it's OK because you don't give a fuck. Well I do. And I'm not the only one who gives a fuck about Margo Compton's little girls. Justice may be slow but it is sure.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Regional Police Force

Locally, John Ferry wrote an article in the Vancouver Province calling for a Metro police force that he hopes will solve all the world's problems. Obviously, that's going to generate a knee jerk reaction from the RCMP. Personally I don't see a metro police force in BC being the solution to anything. Point granted it works in Ontario. But this isn't Ontario. Ontario has a much larger population base.

Take Surrey for example. We don't have City police in Surrey, we have the RCMP. In fact, the RCMP musical ride is part of our historical tradition in Surrey. For us to give up the RCMP would be like trading in a longstanding historical tradition for a mall cop. I don't think we want a Regional police force in Surrey.

Although there is merit in the concern that our current system is fragmented, let's think about how it got that way. Vancouver wanted it's own police force. So they made one. The same with Delta and New Westminster. They wanted more control over their own policing so that is what they decided to do. I don't think those cities want to give up their control over their own police forces.

Then comes the issue of unionization. Some people love unions, some people hate them. The feeling that I get from the RCMP is that they prefer not to be unionized. That is their choice. Just like it's Vancouver's right to chose unionization.

Personally, I'm an idealist. I support the historical tradition and the values portrayed within the RCMP. I'll be the first one to agree the RCMP needs help. Everyone likes to cite the taser incident at the airport over and over and claim that is proof why we need a regional police force. But it's not. VPD has had it's share of police brutality complaints. The use of force instructer in New Westminster got drunk and robbed a newspaper deliveryman with two of his buddies.

What we do need in BC is a civilian agency that monitors police complaints. That is a given. It needs to oversee all policing in the province not just one force. The taser incident in the airport is over rated. Yes it was an absolute tragedy. Yes the police misused the taser. Remember it's the airport. With all this terrorist frenzy it isn't surprising the police over reacted in a call to make the peace in the airport.

Saying that a regional police force would have prevented the Vancouver riot is somewhat absurd. Yes the police were under prepared. We just came off the Olympic high. We didn't really think the mob would flip to the other extreme so fast over something so senseless. That certainly doesn't mean we want to march around with the SS breaking into homes and removing civil liberties. Jim Chu is a good man. I still think he would be perfect at the head of the RCMP if he so chose. Yet perhaps a better choice would be to promote someone from within. Having a civilian lead the RCMP is kind of like having a civilian be a general in the army.

I like the idea of speaking with an RCMP officer in Surrey from Quebec. I like the idea of an RCMP officer from Surrey serving in Quebec as well. One of the problems with a City police force is stagnation. I think working main and Hastings for your entire career could get you down after a while. I think having the option to transfer out would be good and I think giving other officers the chance to work Main and Hastings would be a eye opener for them as well.

Perhaps the best way to over come the fragmented system is to have the various agencies work together. Imagine that. As long as there is the threat of doing away with the RCMP or having VPD give up it's control of it's policing, all the agencies get territorial and protective. Let's keep the status quo and encourage more interaction between the forces.

Ontario's Biker Enforcement Unit came out to Langley when the Whiterock Hells Angels had a party there. Why can't RCMP officers go on an exchange with VPD officers and visa versa. By building those kinds of relationships you break down the walls of ignorance and stereotypes and you promote interaction. It's like I've got a friend in the VPD I trust so I can share information with him or visa versa.

I think we should preserve the RCMP. I do think Stephen Harper spending millions on promoting the RCMP "brand" while at the same time cutting funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force is hypocritical and bizarre. Yet preserving good traditions helps us carve out and retain our unique identity as a nation.

It's like Paul Gross in the TV Series Due South. Ya gotta love that optimistic Dudley Do Right naivety the character portrayed. Seeing the RCMP on police boats in Pitt Lake was inspiring. It's like the adage of how the Mountie always gets his man. It reminded me of seeing a police presence in Surrey Central complete with volunteers, a mobile command center and auxiliary police officers on quads for chasing down suspects in Surrey parks. That was awesome. Let's preserve our heritage and not trade it in for mall cops. This is our home. That makes it worth fighting for.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hal Heffner is an Idiot

I can't believe this guy. What a freakin tool. Hal on a boat wasn't bad enough. Now he's gotta follow up with small men trying to live large. Ya wonder why I call him Weird Hal? Because his videos are just like Weird Al Yankovic. Only Hal isn't spoofing anyone except himself. He's claiming that's his life. What a social reject.

I can't believe that baby faced idiot can scare anyone. Some sources claim he runs all the grow ops in Maple ridge. There is no way I believe that's true. The guy is a freaking idiot. Any grow op being extorted by him needs to call crimstoppers because paying that idiot protection money is just plain lame.

Weird Hal's new video is called Small Man Syndrome. I didn't photoshop any of these pictures. They are screen clips of Hal in his own video showing his transformation from a nerd to an idiot:

Look at the absolutely ridiculous ring. He really thinks it looks cool:

Kissing that ring is absolutely pathetic:

Why won't anyone tell him he looks like an idiot?
He is destroying the reputation of the club.

Small man syndrome is right. He can't even find a girl shorter than he is. Even the silicone trailer park girl is taller than he is. And that's when she's lying on her back.

And those shoes. Those aren't gangster or biker. They're stupid! Size 12? They look like size 7. Get the fuck out of Maple Ridge you clown.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit

After I checked out the Haney Hells Angels clubhouse I went over to soak up the sun at Pitt Lake. Low and behold there were two police boats on site filled with RCMP and some representatives from the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit. I didn't know we had one. Seemingly they are a branch of the CFSEU - Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Now that's what I'm talking about. This is one unit well worth funding.

Word on the street is that some gang members were having a party on the lake recently. That must be why the police were making their presence known. The more public the gangs are the more it attracts the police like a magnet. Maybe they were looking for Larry Amero's boat. With all those huge boats on the lake, some of them have got to be drug dealers. I prefer paddling up Widgeon creek and hiking up to the falls myself.

Haney Hells Angels Clubhouse

I'm working on a Haney and Maple Ridge spotlight like I have for Kelowna. In the means time I thought I should post the location of the Haney Hells Angels Clubhouse in Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge. It's right on the way to Pitt Lake. I had no idea I've driven by it so many times.

If you take Old Dewdney Truck Road it's right after Hale Road before Neaves Road which takes you to Pitt Lake. It's right beside 13843 McKechnie Rd. It kinda looks like the Whiterock Clubhouse in Langley. A Gated fence with the big red barn thing going. Only all the red and white mixed together kinda looks pink. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I also noticed that Haney Ink is right beside Spike's motorcycle shop Haney Hawgs on Maple Cresent and has Stocky i.e. Vince Brienza listed as president and board member. I guess he didn't od after all.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mortgage fraud in Canada

Mortgage fraud threatens our economic stability. BMO is suing over a huge mortgage fraud. Part of the fraud involves selling a house that is falsely valued much more than it's worth. Another aspect of the fraud is when a con man fakes a debt and fraudulently puts a lien on the home. The BMO claims the scheme generated $70 million in fraudulently obtained mortgages, costing the bank $30 million in potential losses. It is believed to be the biggest mortgage fraud in Canadian history, according to court documents first uncovered by CBC News. Calgary Northeast MP for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's federal Conservatives Devinder Shory is among hundreds of individuals and companies named as defendants in an alleged massive fraud scheme against the Bank of Montreal. Mortgage fraud and lax mortgage rules were blamed in part for what has happened in the U.S housing crisis. Ottawa urged to toughen penalties for type of activity alleged in BMO suit involving Tory MP. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Bernard Madoff, who ran one of the biggest Wall Street frauds in history, says that many of his former colleagues in the financial industry are also crooks. In a prison interview with Fox Business Network, Madoff claimed insider trading "goes on at every level of the industry in plain sight." Locally, ex-Calgary oil CEO, Benjamin Koorbatoff, has been jailed for two years as judge cites Madoff case.

The Conservatives are coming

Don't look now but the BC Conservatives are coming. BC Conservatives leader John Cummins said "Conservative-minded people are fed up with the lack of choice in provincial politics."

"One of the reasons the Liberals and the NDP are out of touch with so many people is that they owe everything to the special interests. They fund their campaigns with money from big corporations and big unions. They do not have to listen to the people."

The BC Conservatives oppose the Carbon tax and support small business. They're not PC as in Regressive Conservatives returning to pork barrel tax and spend politics. They are TC - Traditional Conservative. They believe in the old ways and the old morals the Neo Cons have apostatized from. Looks like BC voters will have a choice next election. Let's hope we can learn from Gordon Campbell's arrogant deviation from democracy and move forward with a positive spirit of hard work and fiscal accountability.

Paul Forseth has stepped up to the plate. He's a credible candidate.

BC voters kill HST

Voters in British Columbia have voted to dump the Harmonized Sales Tax after the results of a provincial referendum were released today. The tax has been ousted with 54.73 per cent of voters turning it down.

B.C. will now return to paying a 5 per cent Goods and Services Tax and a 7 per cent provincial sales tax. That means all the previous items that were except from GST will hopefully return to that same exemption. The big lie was a 10% tax on things that were previously tax exempt was a tax increase.

Jim Sinclair, president of the B.C. Federation of Labour, said the HST represented an unfair tax shift of $2 billion from corporations to families. In February 2010, British Columbia's Chief Electoral Office approved a petition submitted by William Vander Zalm, a former B.C. premier, to rescind the HST and restore the PST.

More than 500,000 people signed the petition against the tax, triggering B.C.'s unique direct democracy laws that forced the vote. Elections BC, the agency monitoring the vote, told The Canadian Press on Friday that about 1.6 million British Columbians, or about 52 per cent of registered voters, had their say in the referendum.

Can we now vote on Gordon Campbell's appointment to the British High Commission? Alberta has no provincial sales tax. That practice increases business revenue and promotes small business. When the neo cons return to tax and spend pork barrel politics it's time to return to the traditional values the neo cons have apostatized from.

Dain Phillips murder trial

The trial involving two little boys at the root of the conflict which recruited the assistance of the Hells angels to beat a father to death in Kelowna with baseball bats and hammers is under way. They were grinning from ear to ear outside the courthouse which is an offensive mockery of the murder.

It's just like the kids who were laughing outside the courthouse in the swarming of Michael Levi. In that case a large number of kids swarmed Levi, bear sprayed him, gave him the boots then took an axe to the back of his head and left him a paraplegic. They were seen laughing outside court. If they had any remorse whatsoever, they would not have been laughing.

Releasing them on bail was disapointing. It just reinforced the cocky unaccountable attitude which created the problem in the first place. Obviously, the Hells angels decision to get involved in a high school feud was insane. As is this shameful mockery of human life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drunk with a gun

A Kelowna drunk with an outstanding warrant in Edmonton was arrested last night on various weapons charges. Witnesses claim he was standing outside a bar in Kelowna "waiting" for someone and someone noticed a bulge in his pants that was indeed a .45 pistol.

His name is Grant Victor David Lewis and is due back in court 9:30 AM August 26 2011. Police claim he is affiliated with organized crime in Edmonton. Isn't being in possession of an illegal firearm while drunk like a DUI?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Passing of Jack Layton

I am deeply saddened by the news of Jack Layton's passing. When he came to Surrey he walked with a cane but he spoke with a revised strength. He had a vision. I share many of his values. I support public medical. That doesn't make me a socialist. It was absurd listening to the attack adds of Stephen Harper's Storm Troopers that kept repeating socialist over and over again like a deranged parrot. Alberta has free medical. According to Stephen Harper even Alberta are socialists.

Jack Layton will be remembered fondly as is Chuck Cadman. Jack won't go down in the annals of tyranny like Alfonso Gagliano and Brian Mulroney. I really don't think Jack was the kind of guy that would invade another country for their oil. I really don't think Jack was the kind of guy that would repeatedly fire and harass whistle blowers for telling the truth. I really don't think Jack was the kind of guy that would have endorsed torture. His passing is a deep loss for the country.

I found it profoundly ironic to hear a "left wing" politician speak out in support of small business and against sales taxes that hurt small business. Alberta has no sales tax and is fiscally responsible. That's why they were able to offer free medical insurance. It was somewhat shocking to see a Prime Minister from Alberta raise sale taxes and try and do away with public medical insurance. Somehow I don't think Stephen Harper will be remembered as fondly as Jack Layton or Chuck Cadman when he passes on.

My father used to say, follow the fellow who follows a dream. Jack Layton shared his dream with all of us. There is no reason we have to abandon that dream for cruel intolerance that gives up our sovereignty and our civil liberties. The new interim leader of the NDP, the one nominated by Jack Layton himself, used to be a member of the Bloc Quebecois. Now she is a federalist. Welcome. We all should be inspired by Quebec's vision for the future.

Jack Layton's parting words. "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious

Freddy sent me this link surprisingly enough and I think it's well worth discussing. Especially since we were told that some of the recent drug busts in Kelowna had ties to the Mexican cartels.

The link claims Washington Times journalists cite a "CIA Insider" who claims that Operation Fast and Furious was a Central Intelligence Agency-orchestrated program to arm the Sinaloa drug cartel, a group that was also given the green light to fly tons of cocaine into the United States. No this isn't a Vin Deisel movie, this is real life. IRL.

Former ATF agent William Newell, testified before a Congressional hearing and testified that the Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were “full partners” in Operation Fast and Furious. The Washington times journalists claim their sources stated that the CIA was also involved in that list.

The Obama administration and the ATF claim that the Fast and Furious program was part of a sting operation to catch leading Mexican drug runners, and yet it’s admitted that the government stopped tracking the firearms as soon as they reached the border, defeating the entire object of the mission.

That sounds familiar. Kinda like how when Judge Bonner was with the DEA he complained about the CIA bringing in a ton of cocaine into Florida. The CIA kept denying it over and over again until Judge Bonner went on 60 minutes and documented everything. Then they finally admitted it and said it was a mistake and it was the only occasion. They claimed then, like they claim now, their bringing in the cocaine was part of a sting operation. Gain the bad guys trust to bring in one shipment, then bust them for a later bigger shipment. Only there was no follow up bust.

So Operation Fast and Furious was once again arms in exchange for cocaine. Has the final destination of any of that cocaine been traced? Since there were two huge cross border pot for cocaine drug rings involving the Hells Angels in BC recently, I wonder if any of that cocaine made it's way into Canada?

There have been several cases of arms dealing in the south that claimed to arm the Mexican cartels. I cited one case not long ago that involved the City's mayor and police chief. Don't ya just love American politics? Everything is bigger and better there. Even their scandals.

In that case I cited the boldness of the police chief. After the FBI caught them and confiscated some of the firearms that were being shipped into Mexico and sold to the cartels, the police chief was bold enough to ask for the guns back. Without citing tangible facts, I made a simple speculation. I asked why would the police chief risk his career by asking for the guns back? One possibility was if he had the backing of the CIA, perhaps he felt that operation outranked the FBI and they would in fact return the weapons. That's when everyone got all up in my grill saying that was absurd. Well when we look at the tangible testimony of Operation Fast and Furious, it doesn't sound that far off now does it.

In Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF deny it promoted the operation and found three scapegoats to take the fall. Again. Video clip from Congressional hearing. What did you mean when you said you didn't get this from me?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pat Fogarty: Which side is he on?

For someone who is in charge of the BC Gang Task force, this guy is making some pretty outrageous statements. He told the Kelowna Daily courier that "There is no Wolf Pack. I don't know where people get that type of information. Probably the real truth is they were holidaying up there."

We know where that information came from. Kim Bolan doesn't report something unless she is confident in the reliability of the source. The denial is puzzling. That's not the only outrageous statement Pat Fogarty has made.

Patman claims "The Hells Angels chapter has almost dismantled now. They don‘t even have club status any more. Our biggest fear here in our province is actually the ones that aren‘t named."

"We‘ve pounded them here (Lower Mainland). Most of the RCMP resources initially were here and that was coupled with more competition, less market share. It‘s almost like the big wigs survive in Vancouver area and push out other ones or factions of bigger groups start up field offices elsewhere because they can make additional money."

The Gang Task force has done absolutely nothing to curb or curtail the Hells angels drug trade in East Vancouver. Nothing. Last night I saw two Harley's parked in from of the Black Door and the Bulldog cafe which the police let the Hells Angels operate freely. The Hells angels are taking the profits they make in East Van and live the good life in Kelowna as a result.

They also expand their drug trade into smaller communities like Vernon, Kamloops, Prince George and Dawson Creek. The drug trade in these smaller towns is controlled by the Hells angels. This leader of the gang task force is lying. It reminds me of that retired police officer from Vancouver Island who kept sending in letters to the editor saying what wonderful people the Hells angels are. They just beat Dain Phillips to death with baseball bats and hammers for God's sake.

If we are going to pay the gang task force with tax dollars to stop the gangs in BC, we need a new leader of that task force. Either that or change the members of the gang task force who are giving him that false information. If we don't, we're never going to make a dent in the gang war.

You don't solve the gang war by going after all the hells angels competition and let them control everything. Letting them torture addicts for drug debts is wrong. No wonder the VPD thought the security of the AG's office was compromised.

The Jones brother's indictment and the Robert Shannon conviction show that the Hells angels control all the grow ops and all the crack dealers in the cross border pot for cocaine drug trafficking ring. Focusing on the ones who are not named will not stop the ring because they will just find another mule. It's the Hells angels who control and profit from it.

One blog reader pointed out that J Edgar Hoover said there was no mafia. Turned out he was being blackmailed by them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fugitive Hells Angel arrested in Montreal

A routine traffic violation led Montreal police to a fugitive Hells Angels member wanted for drug trafficking and murder. Francois Hinse, 42, has been on the lam for more than two years after he was named in a major police roundup that targeted alleged leaders of the illicit biker gang organization.

Trois Riviere is another amazing place plagued with low life criminals. Not long ago Marvin put your shirt back on Ouimet was arrested after being on the Lam. He was wanted in connection with 22 murders and also faces several charges related to his financial activities, including fraud, extortion, and money laundering.

David Wolf Caroll is still hiding. He was a Quebec Nomad and is referred to as the godfather of the Halifax chapter. That's where David Giles is from. Mike McCrea was the reputed president of the Halifax chapter, world secretary and international webmaster.

In 2004, police said that Mike Christiansen had transferred to the East End Hells Angels chapter in B.C. where his former 13th Tribe brother, David Giles, was a member. But the Kelowna Daily Courier reported in June 2007 that Mr. Christiansen was one of the founding members of a new chapter in Kelowna. So if Giles and Christiansen were from the Halifax chapter and came out to Vancovuer then Kelowna with the Hells Angels, where is their friend David Wolf Caroll hiding? Why on earth would they call the "new" strategic alliance the Wolf Pack? Please advise.

Speaking of Quebec and Trios Rivierre, why does David Giles brag about his affiliation with the Trois Rivierre chapter after they have been charged with so many murders, extortion drug trafficking? Better yet, if David Giles brags about those criminal affiliations, why on earth are the wives of two prominent Kelowna businessmen giving him a body rub? Supporting gang violence is nothing to laugh about.

Speaking of the Rusty Vibrator, who on earth is that young girl he has been seen with? She looks like his great granddaughter. That just screams pedophilia. That's worse than Bruce Carson's young escort.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tattoos and painted nails

CTV reported that witnesses on the scene claimed the woman with brown hair in the white T-shirt was in the vehicle that was peppered with gunfire Saturday in Kelowna. CTV also reported that online comments identified her as Lyndsey Black, Hadden-Watts's roommate. Yet other reports claim Lyndsey Black was shot in the foot and taken to the hospital.

The guy in the picture obviously knows the girl witnesses claim was in the vehicle with Jonathon Bacon when he was shot dead. Note the guy's tattoo, gold chain, gangster swatch and painted nails. That's kind of strange. I missed the painted nails but someone sent me a link to the video and said to watch for it at 113 into the video clip.

He is also seen walking away from the scene in the other video clip with the same girl as well as the other guy people are thinking is James Riach. That hasn't been confirmed. Whoever he is, it looks like he has the same signature man purse. I couldn't see his nails. However, since it's a group of people it is also possible they were just witnesses who were hit with broken glass in the crossfire.

The guy in the blue shirt might have known the people in the car that was shot. This news clip shows him trying to get to the car walking past police tape then walking away with the guy people think is JR.

I can't keep up with all the comments on Kim's blog or on the Castanet thread but I really don't think James Riach was involved with the shooting if he was in the car like they claim. Being in the same car they were peppering with gunfire wouldn't make him a suspect. He would have information but like most gang members who get shot, likely wouldn't be cooperating with police.

Nor do I think this was a Hells angels hit on Larry. The girls have Hells angels affiliation. The Hells angels do murder their own but I really don't think they did this. If they wanted to kill Larry they could do that anytime.

Gang meeting in Kelowna

Looks like Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon weren't the only people of interest in Kelowna last weekend. Someone spotted this expensive Ferrari from Alberta pull into DeDutch on Saturday morning. They claim the guy that got out was small, covered in gold chains and looked like a pimp. Turns out it was a gang meeting alright.

A gang of car enthusiasts in town for Ryan Fipke's wedding at Sparkling hill resort at predator ridge golf course. Ryan is the son of Chuck Fipke the diamond mine owner. I always wondered why a Canadian diamond mine would also own diamond mines in Africa. What's to stop them from taking a conflict diamond in Africa and claim they found it in the Canadian frozen arctic? Then again, everyone says I read too many conspiracy theories. If they really have found diamonds in the Canadian arctic, then more power to them.

Obviously, if someone owns a diamond mine then that is a legitimate source of income. What we are concerned about is people who own several very expensive cars, boats and homes with no job and no tangible source of income. That is a concern when we see public gang violence tied to the illicit drug trade.

Someone sent in another photo of him with the car. They claim his name is Austin Powers. He's not a gang member. He's an exotic car dealer. The web site is on the car right in the first picture. People say he looks greasy. If he wants elegance and style perhaps someone should give him a bar of soap.

We have seen drug dealers buy large boats. That doesn't make every boat dealer a gang member. Drug dealers buy groceries too. That doesn't make the supermarket part of an organized crime ring. The Habibs were involved with cars in Calgary. I wonder if he knows them. How is their Oxycontin fraud case going anyways?

Gilligan's Island and the Cub pack

All this Bacon brother drama in Kelowna is reminiscent of a rerun of Gilligan's Island. Who knew the SS Minnow stood for Steroids and Silicone. I guess the Minnow was a side effect of Steroids. Larry Amero is the shipper obviously.

Jonathon Bacon was Gilligan taking orders from the Skipper.

James Riach is the Professor while the two girls are Ginger and Mary Ann. I'm told they were all pretty full of themselves while out for lunch at the Casino. As they say in Rome, Pride cometh before the fall. They aren't so full of themselves any more.

Of course Mr and Mrs Giles are the Howell's.

After all Giles' lawyer admitted Rempel made Giles $30,000.00 in a few months. Speaking of Skeletor, how's the Rusty Vibrator's DUI proceeding?

Kim Bolan referred to this "new" alliance as the Wolf Pack. Now that Jonathon's dead it looks more like the cub pack. Everyone knows it's not a new alliance. It's just newly documented. We all knew Larry and Jonathon were friends at the time of the Surrey Six murder. We just couldn't say it because we couldn't prove it.

Even though we could prove Larry's friends were Bacon brother friends at the time. Even though Larry and Weird Hal supported Revolution in Langley where murdered Bacon brother associate Kevin LeClair was from. Catching Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon together was a new documentation of an old alliance. The presence of all the other Hells Angel relatives and associates proves it wasn't just Larry Supporting them all this time.