Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surrey House of Horrors murderer released from prison

Wow. The Vancouver Province just ran an article and video of a murderer from the Surrey House of Horrors who has been released from prison. Joanna Larson confessed to murdering Annette Allan. She beat her with a hammer and stabbed her nine times with a screwdriver. Wrapped her up in a blanket with rocks and dumped her body in the Fraser River. She was sentenced to 18 years in prison for manslaughter. That was six years ago.

Larson was given double credit for 2½ years in pretrial custody and went on to serve another four years and three months. She was released on day parole in September 2009. There are parts of her story that I simply do not believe. There are parts of her story that I do believe.

We are told that she went into prison totally unrepentant. When she was sentenced to 18 years for manslaughter Larson looked around the courtroom and smiled at those sitting in the gallery. When she was led out by sheriffs, she blew everyone a kiss. That is evil. That is a monster. She admits she had no remorse.

She claims she saw the light two years into her prison sentence and now wants to work with youth. That thought makes me ill. Six years for a brutal murder is just plain wrong. What's she going to say to the youth? Don't be like me kids or you're have to serve six years for murder then become a celebrity retelling the gruesome murder and telling people you've changed. She expects to be doing night relief work at a Downtown Eastside shelter any day now. It's a union job paying $20.50 an hour. That is so wrong. Let's put Hells Angel associates who have committed murder in charge of all the shelters in East Van. Maybe they can hand out free crack pipes and run a tips line for people who want to report abusive drug dealers. Great idea.

I do not believe in an eye for an eye. I believe people can change. She claims everyone thinks she's a monster. She is. She claims she is not the same person. That has yet to be seen. One of the reasons I'm skeptical is because I don't think she's being completely honest.

She claims she tried to strangle Anette but couldn't do it. I don't believe that. Choking someone unconscious is pretty easy and a lot more humane than beating them with your fists and a hammer for hours on end and stabbing them nine times with a screwdriver. If she could beat Annette for hours with her fists and a hammer and if she could stab her nine times with a screw driver than she could strangle her. I think she is lying about that part. Having no remorse doesn't imply she had any reservations about strangling her.

Before we go any further let's examine the motive. She accused Annette of being a rat. Annette's friend was right about the allegation and claimed it was not true. She claimed Larson admitted ripping her off for her drugs and thinks Larson ripped her off and covered her ass by pretending she was a rat.

Nevertheless, Annette was murdered because someone thought she was a rat. The Surrey House of Horrors was a crack house for prostitutes. The police believe crack addicts were tortured there just like they were in the basements of crack houses in Prince George. If that's true, Annette wasn't the only one tortured there.

Who was the supplier of drugs for that crack house? There was a house fire a few doors up the street. I personally saw graffiti on the house that said Hells angels pimp Whalley Girls. When I made a post about that someone accused me of being Anton and threatened me for talking about things I shouldn't be talking about. Someone thinking I was Anton for talking about it to me implies the allegations have merit.

Gregg Carr pointed out there was a house on that same street between 13710 and 13734 108 Ave during that time period where a Hells Angel lived. Well a red pickup with 2641-HA on the plate. The House of Horrors was at 13832-108th Ave. Kerry Ryan Renaud was a long time meth cook in Surrey for the Hells Angels during that time. Toxicology confirms Meth in Anette's system when she was found dead. A lot of Meth in her system.

We known the East Vancouver Hells Angels hired Mickie (Phil) Smith to kill Paul Percy Soluk at a Surrey crack house. Which one was he killed in? We know Juel Stanton was involved with taking over grow ops for the Hells Angels in Surrey. (page 126) If the Hells Angels controlled the drug trade in Surrey at that time, I can't see how it would be anyone but the Hells Angles who were supplying the drugs for the crack house and profiting from the prostitution that went on just like it was said a few doors up the street.

The Jones brothers' incitement implicating Tbarz in that huge cross border pot for cocaine drug ring demonstrates that the Hells Angels are the biggest suppliers of cocaine in Surrey.

Juel Stanton and his brother Norm were involved with Richard Doucet who was also involved with the Surrey House of Horrors at that time. Don't tell me Stanton was murdered for his propensity for violence. He was a prospect when he was charged with beating Alexander Goldman with brass knuckles and taking over his grow op for the Hells Angles after Doucet kidnapped him. If he didn't do it for the Hells Angels, he wouldn't have been given his patch afterwards. One source claims Stanton was working for Giles who ordered the hit to prevent the disclosure implicating him from becoming public.

Larson claims that Anette was the only person murdered in the Surrey House of Horrors that she is aware of and it wasn't as bad as everyone thinks. I think she is lying. Sex trade worker Yvonne Boen's DNA was found in the same crack house as well as on the Pickton farm. An unknown man was also murdered there dubbed John Doe. Annette wasn't the only murder. Larson is lying. Pickton. Pickton.


  1. You've got to love a place where you can murder someone by stabbing them with a screwdriver and smashing their skull in with a hammer and be out on parole in under 7 years. If you're a criminal that is.

    One of the reasons to put someone away for 20-30 years for a crime like this is to ensure that when/if they ever get out, they are in an age bracket where the recidivism rate is minimal. This one's got some prime years left in front of her due to a soft headed judge. What are the odds we see her in the dock again sometime. Hopefully it will not cost someone else their life.

    For the life of me I do not know how these judges (calling themselves "justices" is a sick joke IMHO)live with themselves. Perhaps a regular dose of smug self righteousness can be an effective antidote to a well reasoned and balanced thought process on such matters.

  2. Yeah it’s pretty bizarre. The pretrial two for one credit has been done away with but it’s still pretty pathetic. Giving her a good paying job at an East Van shelter where she can retell her murder is bizarre. Can’t blame that one on the judge.

  3. Agent K,

    It's time to thank you for this Blog. It is a great free service to the citizens of BC, who can now read the background of the few stories that appear in the papers. This new crime wave in BC is unique in our history and has changed life in the Province. It is so important to us all, to have you out there covering a beat that few others bother with. Great, have a good summer.

  4. Thanks. I realize people just want to hear about the gangs and not the politics but sometimes the gangsters are in politics. I’m personally concerned with the exploitation that goes on in east van. There’s a lot of money getting poured into east van and the people who need it aren’t getting it. Overpaying the Hells Angels $2 million for the Drake Hotel is just one example. That’s $2 million that was stolen from the poor and disadvantaged in east van. The Pickton case is another issue. I don’t believe he acted alone. I think the people using violence to secure their monopoly of the drug trade in east van were also involved.

  5. Whatever happened with an Eye for an Eye !

    1. That was the old law. As Martin Luther king taught the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. However, where there is no justice there will be no peace.

  6. Doing 7 years for a brutally violent murder is a colossal flag that she worked with the DA in bringing down some fellow major criminals.


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