Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Red Cross examines Gaza - Update

OK let's back it up a bit. Remember here in BC we had some pretty massive flooding a while ago? Both major freeways were completely washed out. The reason why that was such a huge concern was because it was a major transportation route for trucks supplying grocery stores with food. Costco had to supply Kelowna out of Airdrie because the road to Vancouver was washed out. Thankfully the road to Calgary was still intact. One week and the groceries stores are out of food and everyone starves. The government was quickly repairing the road for that reason.

Now compare that to Gaza and multiply it by a million. All the grocery stores ran out of food along time ago. All the hospitals have been bombed. Netanyahoo the dark sith of Israel keeps ordering them to evacuate then starts bombing where he tells them to evacuate to. That is straight up evil.

Then that God forsaken excuse for a human mistake has the audacity to declare we are the children of light not the children of darkness. Well my Sith Lord, actions speak louder than words are your actions declare you are a child of the devil. I am really disappointed in Rebel News' complete misrepresentation of that fact. If Klaus Schwab is bad, then so is Benjamin Netanyahu.

The famine in Gaza is unprecedented. The grocery stores are empty. Their homes and places of employment have been bombed and every time they are told to evacuate they start bombing the safe spaces so nowhere is safe and no one has employment. That means everyone is starving. We've seen some disturbing pictures of starving children but that is the reality they face.

Netanyahoo has completely sabotaged the Oslo accord from both sides. This whole conflict was orchestrated. I do not trust UNICEF or any of the UN relief agencies. The Red Cross and their affiliates such as the Red Crescent are the only aid agencies in the region I trust.

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