Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ontario Police seize 173 kilos of crystal meth

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Nine GTA residents with alleged ties to a sophisticated drug trafficking network face charges. OPP said the Provincial Joint Forces Guns and Gangs Enforcement Team launched Project Cranium in the fall of 2023 after learning of two individuals allegedly trafficking illicit drugs in Barrie." Check out the quantities of drugs seized.

"Police said officers executed 16 search warrants in Toronto – 11 at residences, four on vehicles and one at a storage locker – on Jan. 21, and they allegedly seized a stash of illicit drugs worth more than $13 million on the street. The drugs included 173 kilograms of suspected crystal methamphetamine, 56 kilograms of suspected cocaine, 500 grams of suspected fentanyl."

"Cops also allegedly seized, among other things, two prohibited handguns – one of which was loaded — as well as ammunition, more than $620,000 in cash, evidence of drug production (such as two cocaine presses) and four vehicles."

"Charged are Tanbin Ullah, 38, of Ajax, and Toronto residents Franco Cardinal, 49, Vincent Comes, 33, Kory Hawthorne, 30, Kyle Hawthorne, 32, Julian Hope-Rudder, 33, Tenzen Kunga, 28, Keenan Morgan, 32, and Jesse Borden, 27. 'This investigation is ongoing,' police said."

They didn't have to wait four years to press charges. The difference between gang enforcement in Ontario and BC is astounding. The CFSEU suck. Completely. Take a look at this handgun.
It wasn't made with a 3D printer and it's not a converted Airsoft gun. The CFSEU are criminally insane. It was made in the USA and brought across an insecure border. This political obsession to ban Airsoft rifles is ridiculous. They obviously don't care about stopping crime. They only care about flooding the press with bullsh*t propaganda with a very twisted political agenda.

Look at the quantity of crystal meth seized. That confirms what we see with our own eyes. Crystal meth is everywhere. That's the glass pipe with the round ball at the end. It is a horrific drug that destroy's your mind and body. Prevention means telling kids the truth. Harmful drugs are bad for you. There is no safe supply of harmful drugs. That's like demanding a safe supply of rat poison.

These political freaks promote crime and addiction then offer medically assisted suicide to addicts. That is not compassion. That is cruel and malicious. Their lies are shameful. In BC we don't need to target the Hells Angels, we need to target the CFSEU because they are clearly the more dangerous criminals. They are obsessed with robbing our liberty with lies. Fire them.


  1. That's a lot of dope....and someone's are in a lot of trouble.

  2. I'm pretty sure we can target both.

    1. Perhaps if we target the CFSEU, then they'll take care of the HAs involved with crime.

  3. Keep voting liberal & ndp for, socialist/communism that destroys family values and floods the market with legal hard drugs that kill 20+ Canadians daily. Until people open their eye and see how these libtard commies are destroying north America and vote for change, we will all suffer. 💩🤡🌎

  4. I agree with this previous poster about voting, federally and provincially I used to vote NDP. But the left have gone so far left, that now I’m Conservative!


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