Monday, September 30, 2013

Another car bomb in Kelowna

Castanet is reporting there was a second car bomb in Kelowna. A Chevy Silverado parked in front of a home parked in the 1300 block of Rutland Road North was fully engulfed in flames when officers arrived on the scene shortly after midnight on Aug 30. For some reason, we’re only hearing about it now. Back in January a car bomb was used to destroy a late 2000's model Ford Explorer in a parking lot in the 200 block of Lawrence Avenue.

On Aug 28, members of CFSEU-BC arrested a West Kelowna man after finding what was termed 'bomb making equipment' at a home he was moving to in Oyama. This was no fake pressure cooker bomb. The guy was using gunpowder from emptied out shotgun shells.

The Surrey Six Trial is under way

Well the Surrey Six trial is under way and I thought it was under publication ban since it has been split and divided into separate trials. Yet the media is all over it so I will simply quote what they said. Kim Bolan is tweeting a play by play.

The crown laid out it’s case which suggests that Corey Lal was the only intended target. The others were killed to eliminate witnesses. Jamie Bacon asked Corey Lal to pay him $100,000 tax for dealing on their turf. Bacon also confiscated Lal's glock pistol. When Lal didn't pay he was targeted in the Surrey Six.

There are a lot more details coming forward but as I previously said, I’m not covering this trial because I don’t want to screw it up. I do think evidence publicized from this case could jeopardize the other trials. I had heard the media was challenging the publication ban legally and they must have won so I’ll let them have at it.

The court room is packed and there are several other cases going on including the Cocks father and son who have been charged with the murder of Dain Philips. I don’t know why Robert Thomas is being tried separately on that one. That would explain the publication ban on that. There are things in that I would like to report on when that ban is lifted.

The Surrey Six trial is obviously big news locally. It was the reason my web site and blog started. I heard Eileen Mohan speak at a gang violence rally at Bear Creek Park when she made a public appeal for a web site to identify known gang members. I thought to myself, given my background, I could do that. I don’t think Eileen agrees with my politics or the way I mock gang members. She’s like Surrey’s own Mother Teresa. Her heartfelt appeal touched Person X's heart and cracked the case wide open. It is sad that Harper used her misfortune to promote his own dishonest agenda.

The reason I quote what the other media outlets are reporting about Jamie Bacon and Corey Lal is that it confirms my original premise. They wanted to tax the Red Scorpions who were working for the UN at the time. As we now know, the Bacon brothers were working for the Hells Angels. Jamie Bacon’s tax was for the Hells Angels less his and his brothers cut.

Update: Although most of the publication ban has been lifted it appears that there is still a publication ban on the names of Person X and Person Y. Which is kinda weird since everyone knows who they are. Nevertheless, it appears that there is a publication ban on those names so we'll just refer to them as you know who during the ban. Cheers.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shooting at the Haney in Maple Ridge

The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are both reporting that two doorman were shot outside the Haney in Maple Ridge just before 2:00 AM Sunday morning. Two men were escorted out after a fight and one of them came back with a gun shooting at the crowd leaving the pub and hit two doormen in the legs. The owner claims the RCMP knows the man’s identity and that his friends are bar regulars. Police have yet to confirm if the suspect is in custody.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Accused tells witness to keep his mouth shut

The Daily Courier is reporting that “Joey Verma's text messages became increasingly hostile after his cousin told police their activities the day Brittney Irving disappeared."

"Jason Labonte, the Crown's star witness at Verma's murder trial, testified Verma asked him to drive up to a remote part of McCulloch Road and haul out his borrowed truck, which had become stuck in the mud. Weeks later, police found Irving's bullet-ridden body nearby.”

Joey sent his cousin whose nickname is Cutter a text that said: "You need to see me in person, Cutter. I need to know what you have said to these guys! I'm hearing things," Verma typed via BlackBerry. "I told you to keep your f***ing mouth shut, man!"

Weeks after helping Joey tow his car out, Verma told Labonte "I had to kill her." Later on when the media started mentioning Joey in Britney’s disappearance Labonte said "He just said not to worry about it. Then just before we parted, he gave me a hug and said if he's going down, everyone's going down." Dave Pickton said the same thing when Willy was charged. That didn’t happen either.

Another text messages produced in court between Joey and his cousin said “Well the longer you wait the more s*** you will be in . . . I was told at the gym by an official to tell you to shut the f*** up!” Gee, I wonder who the official was? Doesn’t sound like a hockey ref.

Britney Irving was shot in the back - Court Update

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Escaped Hells Angel found dead

CBC is reporting that René Charlebois, a member of the Hells Angels who escaped from prison on Sept. 14, was found dead in Quebec this morning. "Charlebois was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter and had been incarcerated at the Montée St-François Institution since 2003 for, among other charges, killing a police informant."

"Officers from the Sûreté du Québec's tactical squad were outside the Ste-Anne-de-Sorel residence around 1:15 a.m. to carry out an arrest warrant when, according to Radio-Canada's sources, they heard a gunshot. Const. Raphaël Bergeron of the Montreal police said investigators are looking into the possibility that Charlebois committed suicide."

Why on earth would he commit suicide after escaping prison? Unless he figured he was about to be arrested again and didn't want to go back. Bizarre. Doesn't sound like a happy and fulfilled life.

Witness intimidation at the Joey Verma Trial

This is astounding. I just received word that Joey Verma had a couple of supporters in court Wednesday that were staring down one of the witnesses testifying in court. One had tattoos on his face. They were staring down Joey’s cousin Jason Labonte while he was testifying. Jason is also scheduled to be on the stand again today. If that kind of witness intimidation can go on in court, one has to wonder what goes on outside of court.

When I was in Kelowna recently the jury wasn’t present for part of the trial I attended. That means what was said is under publication ban since the jury wasn’t present to hear it. I’m not going to break that ban because I understand the intent of it. However, I will record my dissent in that some of the facts presented during that application in my opinion the jury should be made aware of. It relates to the character and the credibility of the accused.

If the defense can go overboard bringing up completely unrelated events from a witness’ past then the prosecution can bring up totally relevant things from the accused’s past while he was in prison waiting trial. Failing to tell the jury that is a breach of justice.

Update: On Tuesday, the day before Schrader and another guy were staring down the witness in court, two different men appeared to be staring down the jury while the undercover cop was testifying. The jury filed a complaint and the judge noted they were no longer in court when the jury reconvened. This brazen arrogance is astounding. He shot a girl in the back for God's sake.

Another body in a car found in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that a man’s body was fond in a car parked at Morgan Crossing early Wednesday morning. For some bizarre reason Staff Sgt. Rob Parker said there was "no indication of this being anything the community needs to worry about." Shortly after 9 a.m., Surrey RCMP said in a news release that "police do not believe the death is suspicious or that there is any risk to the public." Unless the guy had a heart attack, that is sounding like the suppression of crime statistics. If deemed a murder it will be Surrey’s 19th for the year. Well above the annual average and rapidly approaching the most ever for a single year.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A slow and painful death

Before I move on and update the status of two more clowns I want to pause and reflect on some ridiculous statements a heckler recently sent me by e-mail. The subject of the e-mail was I think you’re wrong. Then he goes on and on about me being a rat and concludes with “I hope you die a slow and painful death.” So which is it? I’m wrong or I’m a rat? Those are two very different accusations.

I claim the Hells Angels and the Whiteboy Posse sell drugs and commit murder. The evidence supports that conclusion. Just ask Bob Roth. So if I’m right and the real concern is that I’m ratting them out then that delusion needs to be addressed. People who sell crack, commit murder and steal cars are rats. Not the people who report them to the police.

The point I want to address is the please help me Dr Phil desire that someone, anyone, dies a slow and painful death. Why would anyone wish that upon anyone? It just isn’t healthy. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. The people I write about in my blog are drug dealers. I don’t want anyone to shoot them. That’s the Belfast way. I’m simply following the rules of engagement. In times of war you warn your enemy before you fire upon them. That gives them the opportunity to stand down before they get killed.

In my case I’m simply warning the drug dealers before I report them to the police. I don’t want anyone to shoot them. I want them to stop. I want them to wake up and smell the coffee and take a look at what they are doing to other people. After all that’s what it’s all about. As ye sow so shall ye reap - the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Would you want to experience a slow and painful death yourself? Then why wish that on anyone else?

Life doesn’t end a death. Like it or not all of us are going to have to accept responsibility for our choices and how those choices affected other people. Call it karma if you will. We will experience the pain we have caused others. That’s reality. People can say oh I don’t believe that. That’s fine. When you die and you’re still conscience of what’s going on around you then you will realize your beliefs were wrong. This life does have a purpose. Slinging crack and stealing cars is not it.

I really hate liars. People who sell crack and steal cars but lie about doing so. That is Neanderthal low life. These childish rants about someone being a rat for reporting a crack dealer to the police is so juvenile it’s impossible for me to believe anyone still believes that now a days. It’s just a phrase that comes out of a bully’s mouth to try and scare people into silent submission.

Regardless, no lie can live forever. Like the Reaper says, you can pay me now or you can pay me later. One day, like it or not we will all stand accountable for our own choices. Martin Luther King was right. Anyone can be great because anyone can serve. These shallow selfish lives all these clowns are obsessing over is so pointless. There is no joy or happiness in that.

When I was a kid I used to read Alan Watts. He was into Zen. He made a profound statement about Christianity that stuck with me. He claimed that the literal translation of the Greek word to sin was to miss the mark. If our goal in life is to find true happiness then to sin would be to miss that mark like an archer misses his target. I firmly believe people are free to choose. I just think these half wits are really missing out on a much more rewarding life someone else had planned for them. We just need to open our eyes and wake up.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Dirty Few MC

We know the Whiteboy Posse in Whitecourt, Alberta made big news when they shot a sheriff in the hand trying to escape custody after being charged with drug trafficking. The Whiteboy posse also made big news when they decapitated someone in Edmonton for a drug debt. The Whiteboy posse sold drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels.

There’s another Hells Angels puppet club in Whitecourt associated with the Whiteboy posse called the Dirty Few MC. These guys actually ride motorcycles. I understand that the Dirty Few MC has chapters in Parkland, Whitecourt, Drayton Valley and just patched two members in Bonnyville.

Dusty Blades on the left appears to be involved with the Drayton Valley chapter.

Travis A Wilson on the left appears to be involved with the Whitecourt chapter.

This is Travis posing with another Hells Angels supporter.

The Dirty Few are sporting support 81 Westridge diamonds on their vest. 81 Westridge is the Edmonton Hells Angels.

Travis Wilson posing with the deranged Shane Bunting.

Travis is also friends with HA Terry Eide on the left from Calgary.

Justin Puppetz appears to be involved with Drayton Valley.

DFMC member Miguel Argueta claims to live in Sylvan Lake. That’s where a murder occurred last June tied to a Hells Angels puppet club called the Malicious Crew. Once source claims he used to be known as Michael when he lived in Fort McMurray. Michael Argueta “ratted” out a friend for murder in Fort McMurry.

Argueta claimed Dax Mack confessed to murdering Robert LeVoir. Dax Richard Mack, Robert Levoir and Michael Argueta went hunting on land owned by Mack’s father on November 6, 2002. Only Mack and Argueta returned. Levoir had been shot and killed. I don't uppose he too was shot in the back by someone who he thought was his friend.

Evidently Robert LeVoir had a cocaine addiction and a drug debt. If three guys go on a hunting trip, one gets shot and two guys return, it’s hard to conceive that one of those guys committed the murder and the other guy didn’t know what happened. In the trial Mack claimed Argueta committed the murder and that he claimed he did to under cover police because he thought he was being recruited for a criminal organization.

1.3 tons of cocaine seized in France

On September 11th police seized 1.3 tons of cocaine from an Air France cargo flight outside Paris that came from Venezuela. Spanish, British and Dutch police helped with the investigation and several members of a criminal organization have been arrested.

The cocaine was stored in 31 suitcases checked in by passengers who didn’t board the plane, Journal Du Dimanche reported. The second seizure was from a truck destined for Luxembourg from the eastern part of France, the newspaper said. 50 kilogram "suitcases" on a cargo plane.

Gee I wonder what criminal organization, the Hells Angels or the CIA? Air France is cooperating closely with the Interior Ministry, which has requested maximum confidentiality in this investigation. Why would they want that?. Valls said four tons of cocaine has been seized in the country since the start of the year. It’s amazing how much cocaine starts getting seized after Sarkozy leaves office.

November of 2010 111 kilos of cocaine was seized in a flat near Sarkozy’s home. The flat belonged to Princess Norah Bint Abdulaziz, a Saudi Arabian Princess, who is said to have known nothing about what was going on and visits the flats for no more than two weeks a year.

Those arrested included two French nationals, an Iranian, and a Venezuelan, are believed to have broken into the £2million flat because its owner is never there. "It's certainly rare to find this in a flat," said Mr Flaesch. "A big cartel was clearly involved in bringing such a quantity of drugs to France and it would have the ability to distribute it after that." Things that make ya go hmmm

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stop giving heroin to addicts‏

It is no secret that I have huge concerns with the Harper government's bizarre inconsistencies. However, this is one statement I finally agree with. Fred DeLorey the Director of Political Operations for the Conservative Party of Canada just sent out a simple but factual e-mail about tax dollars buying heroin for addicts. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, stand with any man when they stand right and part with them when they go wrong. On this issue, they finally have it right.

Here we see the insane "pilot project" at Insite the not very safe injection site taken to the logical extreme by corrupt medical officials and another bogus online poll. Doctors want to be able to prescribe heroin to addicts. God help us. Will they prescribe alcohol to alcoholics and make tax payers pay for it? This is insane and has absolutely nothing to do with the promotion of health, it is the destruction of health. It's not harm reduction it is harm mass production.

No taxpayer in their right mind supports spending tax dollars on heroin for addicts. That online poll is fraudulent. It is corrupt members of the medical and pharmaceutical community pushing this insane agenda so they can make money off the prescriptions. Their abuse and mismanagement of the methadone program is bad enough. Now their greed is taking them to the realm of absurdity. We can't afford an MRI but we can spend tax dollars on heroin. That is wrong. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see it.

CTV is reporting that Health Minister Rona Ambrose is slamming her own department's decision to provide heroin to certain addicts under a special access program and insisting it won't be allowed to happen again. However, the department has just approved an application that would allow addicts to use heroin -- a decision with which Ambrose clearly doesn't agree. "This decision is in direct opposition to the government's anti-drug policy and violates the spirit and intent of the special access program," she said in a statement.

Libby Davies claims that "Medicalized heroin maintenance has been used very successfully and in places like Europe is seen as part of treatment." Wrong! The Amsterdam model has failed. Of all people, Libby Davies should see that the DTES model has also failed miserably. We are murdering people with tax dollars. Injecting poison is not safe. Turning human beings into zombies is not compassionate and does not promote heath. This is where the NDP completely fails in it's duty to address the drug violence that is preying on and exploiting the poor and the homeless.

This is the E-mail from Fred DeLorey which I totally support:

"Drug addiction is a very serious problem in our communities. Drugs like heroin tear families apart, promote criminal behaviour, and destroy lives. That’s why our government has focused on stopping illegal drug use and treating addicts in a safe way. But drug treatment programs should be focused on ending drug use – not giving illicit drugs to drug addicts. That’s why I was shocked to learn today that Health Canada approved funding to give heroin to addicts – against the wishes of our elected government. We’re going to take steps to make sure this never happens again – but we need your help."

"If the NDP or Liberals are elected in 2015, you can bet they would make this heroin-for-addicts program permanent. We can’t let that happen. We’ll keep fighting to keep our streets and communities safe, but we need your support. Will you stand with us? Add your name here:"


Fred DeLorey Director, Political Operations Conservative Party of Canada

This program is illegal. They already abuse the methadone program by refusing to decrease doses. It's a huge money maker for the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession. In contrast, an ex-heroin addict reveals how drugs nearly killed her. Now she is giving back to society for helping her kick the deadly habit. Tax funded drug rehab programs need to support programs that help addicts get off drugs not perpetuate the problem with more drugs. That is the four pillars.

Surrey's 18th murder this year

The Surrey Leader is confirming reports from ScaBC that someone was shot and killed in Surrey 4:00 PM Friday at 145 A Street and 81 A Avenue. This one appears to be a domestic dispute. The last body in the park was not. Although that victim has a long list of charges over the past 10 years, Kim Bolan is reporting that she has a source claiming he was a low level drug dealer. Yesterday’s shooting appears to be Surrey’s 18th murder for the year.

Last month Surrey broke 15 murders for the year which surpassed the annual average of 14 and we’re just past half way through the year. Kinda hard to suppress those statistics. The Surrey Leader claims the most murders Surrey had in one year was 21 back in 2005. Two years before the Surrey Six. That was even higher than during the Vancouver Gang War which peaked in 2009 but is still continuing.

In the summer of 2012 my theme was the Kelowna Summer Jam. A spotlight on crime in Kelowna. Thankfully the police also put the heat on in Kelowna that summer which resulted in the Hells Angel drug bust that finally took down David Giles as well as a stolen car, bike and boat ring tied to the Hells Angels exposing those rats for what they really are. Now I want to spotlight murder. We’ve talked about murder before and we’ve talked about how the Hells Angels are murderers. Reporting a murder to the police is not being a rat. Failing to do so is. Murderers are rats. Anyone can pull a trigger on a gun and in the case of the Britney Irving murder, shoot a girl in the back. We need to address the social significance of murder.

Joey Verma getting a VP tattoo and recruiting for the Kingpin Crew in prison was astounding. Kinda like in Rome how pride cometh before the fall. How can anyone be accepted for shooting a girl in the back? How can someone use that sleazy event to try and build their standing and acceptance in the underworld? That’s like bragging about being a pedophile. It’s wrong, even in the eyes of criminals.

Back in the day people tended to turn a blind eye when the Hells Angels would kill someone for being an informant or for stealing from them. Now those excuses have become so over used people are starting to see through the brazen lies. This whole idea of someone owing a debt to the Hells Angels because a shipment they delivered or a grow op they were on got busted. Especially when like in Haney where the Hells Angels have been accused of ripping off their own grow ops. That puts everything in a completely different light.

Like when the Ontario Hells Angels killed Bekim Zeneli from their own puppet club to take over the Thompson drug trade perhaps? Sean Heickert owed Zeneli $3,000 when he killed him and took over the local drug trade. That is a rat. There’s no way around it.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that two men are finally being charged in a 2004 murder after the charges against them were originally stayed.

IHIT has their own tips line you can call at: 1 - 877- 551 - IHIT (4448) The Surrey Leader is reporting that you can also send IHIR tips by e-mail at:

Speaking of murderers, Sylvain Maheu is wanted for murder. He is a suspect on a 2010 shooting on Joliette street in Montreal. Maheu is with the Hells Angels. He was a striker back when Stephen Falls, and Paul "Fon Fon" Fontaine were with the HA puppet club called the Rockers.

David Carroll is obviously another Hells Angel wanted for murder. He is suspected of having caused the death of 13 people, of attempted murder, of conspiracy to commit murder, and of participation in gang activities, conspiracy, and drug trafficking.

Jean Yves Tremblay along with 25 other accomplices, is a suspect in a multiple murder that occurred in Lennoxville, Quebec in 1985 when five members of the Hell's Angels were murdered. That would be when the Hells Angels betrayed and murdered their own. Again.

A Salute to Adrian Dix and John Cummings

Adrian Dix is stepping aside as the Leader of the BC NDP just as John Cummings has.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Abbotsford tests the New York Model

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the Abbotsford police launched a crackdown targeting cocaine and heroin traffickers in Abbotsford's downtown core. Seven women and three men, ranging in age from 28 to 52, were picked up following drug purchases by undercover officers cruising city streets, laneways and parking lots.

All 10 suspects are well known to the department. Abbotsford police say the 10 people have been involved in more n 1,200 interactions with officers since 2005, with 146 charges recommended against them. Well done. That’s like the VPD targeting prolific offenders. This is the New York Model. Letting crack dealers sell crack in public is not the New York model. It’s that simple.

When Godzilla was first elected Mayor of Surrey she held a dramatic crime prevention meeting. She even had someone speak about the New York model. That’s as far as it went. Instead of harassing the crack dealers they harass the crack addicts. Putting a fence up around the Front room so the public don’t see the addicts doesn’t solve the problem. The crack dealers that sell crack in front of the Front Room are predators. It would be an easy task to identify and arrest them. When that isn’t being done it makes the public wonder who’s getting paid by who?

Evidently they have the same problem in the York City Pennsylvania. One local business owner was so fed up with the police not doing anything when he reported crack dealers to them he put up this sign instead. No doubt we could have one up in front of the Front Room in Surrey as well.

It’s the same problem in the DTES. The police are spending a great deal of time and energy targeting the homeless and giving them jay walking tickets while right beside them is a crack dealer selling crack and the police do nothing about it. That is disproportionate.

Kicking the cat is not the New York model. There is no reason the police can’t arrest the crack dealers at Main and Hastings. None. That is what they should be doing. Those drug dealers are predatory. They give homeless crack then beat the life out of them or push them out of a window for payment.

The police need to target the drug dealers not the addicts. It’s that simple. Without doing that we are all just wasting our time. In fact they should put undercover cops at Main and Hastings to pretend to sell crack. See how fast the Hells Angels enforcers come to stop them. Those are the predators we need to target.

Body found in Surrey Park

The Vancouver Sun as well as the Surrey Leader are confirming reports from Scan BC that a body was found in a Surrey park today. A man’s body was found by a jogger around 7:30 AM in Joe Brown Park, located at 123 Street and New McLellan Road in Surrey near Colebrook Road.

The Vancouver Province is confirming reports from Scan BC about another dead body found in Vancouver. A man’s body was found in a gay bathhouse known as the Red Door Bathhouse in the 1200-block of Granville. It is being investigated as a “sudden death.”

The body in Surrey has been identified as Ezar Ahmed Khan.

The Quebec Charter of Values are not Values

Speaking of defending civil liberty, the Parti Québécois has introduced a spin on the Canadian Charter of Rights and is referring to it as the Quebec Charter of Values. It most certainly is not a set of values ascribed to Quebec. It’s a set of values attributed to the Parti Québécois. It is a racist document that violates civil liberty and the foundation of the French Revolution itself. Racism is not a value. Banning religious freedom is not a value. It is slavery and oppression.

Ironically, Stephen Harper’s government claims it’s illegal. It is but they are the last people on earth to point that out. They threw away the Charter of Rights themselves when they passed bill S-7 the “Anti Terror” bill. That too was illegal. The motto of the French Revolution was Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The exact opposite of the PQ’s Charter of Racism.

Pictures from the 9/11 Memorial ride Peace arch

I found my memory card from the 9/11 Memorial ride at Peace Arch and have posted the pictures on Flickr. As I said previously it was a positive non political event. Yet I still have two passionate concerns. We cannot let anyone use the 9/11 tragedy to rationalize doing away with the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. Civil Liberty is important. You can’t protect freedom by doing away with it.

My other concern is the obvious. We need to open our eyes and look at the manner in which all three towers collapsed. They fell at freefall speed into their own blueprint just like a controlled demolition. The only way that can happen is if the load bearing beams are simultaneously blown out. That is what the science declares. Heat and fire did not do that.

I’m sorry brethren but 9/11 was an inside job. Someone had to have planted those explosives on the load bearing beams before any planes entered the picture and I can tell you right now it wasn’t Al-Qaeda. If we are going to remember 9/11 we need to remember Air India, Operation Northwoods and the USS Liberty. Mark my word.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Double shooting in Terrace

There was a drug related double shooting in Terrace on Saturday afternoon that left one man dead and one woman wounded. The fatality was 27-year-old Eric Maurice Cardinal who was the subject of a police plea for help earlier this year, and was wanted on assault and theft charges. Police have arrested 29-year-old Travis Leslie Stephens in the murder who is also known to the police as well as the victims.

Hells Angels open retail store in Toronto

The Hells Angels have opened a new clothing store that sells support your local organized crime shirts in Toronto. Aside from being a slap in the face of public safety and law and order, it might be good news for the embattled Mayor of Toronto. At least this way Rob Ford won’t have to sneak around any crack shacks to fill his pipe. Now he can just go to the mall. They’re gonna have to change the name of the store from 81 to Authorized Ford Dealer like the Surrey Shirts declare. It's pretty sad when we let murders and crack dealers operate freely in public.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Penticton Man arrested with firearms and GHB

Kelly Hayes, now from Global is reporting that “a prolific offender in Penticton named Andrew Robert Hardenstine was arrested last week outside a Roy Avenue apartment complex where police seized guns and drugs. Hardenstine attempted to flee and tried to maneuver the motorcycle around an unmarked police car, however he collided with it and was knocked down."

“Police seized a semi-automatic rifle from Hardenstine’s backpack. They also seized a loaded handgun, several rounds of ammunition and a bottle containing the so-called date-rape drug GHB. A search of Hardenstine’s apartment turned up a large quantity of GHB and some methamphetamine. The motorcycle he was riding (KTM enduro) was reported stolen from McLure.”

Hells Angel René Charlebois escapes from Laval Prison

Well these guys are just consistently in the news for being on the wrong side of the law. Evidently Hells Angel René Charlebois escaped from a minimum security prison in Laval on Saturday night. He was serving time for murdering a police informant.

One has to wonder what on earth he was doing in a minimum security prison for serving murder. This clearly raises public concern about all the other yahoos convicted in the mega trials for murder being placed in minimum security prisons. Charlebois is a close associate of Mom the back stabber Boucher and was a member of the Quebec Nomads. If you see him call 911.

Laval was the place of the Death Riders betrayal. That's how Mom Boucher and Biff Hammel got in the club. It’s on the North Shore. Members of the North Montreal Hells Angels based in Laval were murdered by their own people in the Lennoxville massacre. It's all about greed and betrayal.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Overview of Brittney Irving’s Murder Trial

This is a picture of the sunrise over Kelowna before court on Friday the 13th. I had a magnificent trip but the trial was really upsetting. Instead of making a million separate posts every time there’s an update on the trial, I will simply add it to the bottom of the post I have already started. I will add a link to that post on the web site and at the side of the blog under links so it doesn’t get lost.

In this post I want to give an overview of what I have seen in court so far. Like I said it is a very real struggle of good versus evil. Brittney’s brother took the stand and I have to admit I have a huge amount of respect for him. I totally support everyone’s right to a fair trial. Joey is getting that and has legal representation. When people talk about removing that right from an accused terrorist I respond with why on earth would we do that? Even Clifford Olsen has the right to a fair trial. That is an important part of a free and democratic society.

Joey has two lawyers. One is young the other is old. Both are sharp yet the old man’s cross examinations are absolutely painful and are completely dragging the trial off into the realms of intergalactic irrelevance.

Politicians have a thing called filibustering. They talk for hours and days on end just to drag on debate. It is painful to say the least. This lawyer is the master of filibustering yet it goes far beyond that. He is the devil himself. That’s what this trial reminds me of. Every witness takes the stand and this slimy lawyer gets in their face and brings up every piece of dirt from their past in a character assassination attempt to make the jury disregard the witnesses’ evidence.

Britney’s brother totally admits he has struggled with drug addiction for many years. His sister’s murder made it much worse. Yet despite his struggles, he has dusted himself off and has stepped up to the plate in defense of his sister. A very noble act. None of us haven’t done something in our past that we’re not proud of. All of us make mistakes.

There are two concerns that I have about the satanic nature of Joey’s lawyer’s cross examinations. The first is relevance and the second is filibustering. When he cross examined the forensic specialist I had to leave the room and didn’t return until it was over. It was too painful to watch. He went on and on asking a million completely irrelevant questions dragging it on forever. As a result they didn’t get through nearly as many witnesses as they had planed. He was successful in that.

I am reminded of back in the day when I acted as co counsel in an unlawful discharge case back when I did some labour law. The corporate lawyers were slimy. Their MO was predictable. They would go on and on and on asking the witness 50 million obscure questions until they were physically and emotionally exhausted. Then they would try and trip them up by asking confusing irrelevant questions when they were exhausted. After confusing the witness and tripping them up they would then shout out ah ha! You just said this this and this, but three days ago you said this this and that. You’re a liar. That means none of your evidence has any credibility whatsoever. That was their MO. I kid you not. I saw it over and over again. That is what Joey’s lawyer is doing here. He is a slime ball.

Not only that. Not only is he stalling the proceedings off at a completely irresponsible rate burning tax dollars with gasoline, he is also spending hours on end asking 50 million irrelevant questions so the jury gets bored to tears and completely forgets the important relevant evidence the witness did submit. This guy isn’t just doing this to Brittney’s brother, he’s doing it to every witness the crown puts on the stand. He is burning tax dollars and thereby committing welfare fraud.

I can even see the pain in the judge’s face. Most of the time her eyebrows are scowling like what the hell is this guy on about, yet she continues to bite her tongue in the rare event something this nutbar might say could possibly have some kind of relevance to the trial because she genuinely believes the accused has a right to a fair trial. Which is indeed noble. However in this trial I really think that lawyer is totally exploiting everyone - the judge, the jury, the court and the public purse.

Interesting how this picture from David Bowie's Cat People video looks just like Joey's other lawyer.

Updates to Britney Irving's Murder Trial

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Canadian Hells Angels busted in Spain - Update

Four Canadian Hells Angels have been arrested in Spain after allegedly smuggling 500 kilos of cocaine there from Columbia. One of the four Canadians arrested was on the vessel. One of the three men that met the vessel was a known member of the San Diego Hells Angles. These guys are crazy. Normally they get other people to do that kind of work so they don't get implicated. The Vancouver Province has posted a link to the YouTube video of the arrest.

Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Two full-patch members — Jason Cyrus Arkinstall of Mission and Chad John Wilson of Haney — were among the B.C. men arrested in a coffee bar by Spain’s National Police. The other B.C. men facing charges in Spain are Scott Smitna and Michael Dryborough, associates of the Hells Angels in Mission and Haney."

Kim is also reporting that Chad John Wilson of Haney is formally a member of the San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels. Previously it was reported that a member of the San Diego Hells Angels involved in this drug ring was arrested in Spain as well. Arkinstall has an extensive criminal record mostly for assaults in Kelowna and Surrey but was also charged with drug trafficking in Langley back in 2003. Those charges were dismissed. One of Arkinstall's associates was charged in a drug related murder in Cranbrook.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stephen Harper Protest in Kelowna - Update

I had a couple days off work and made it into town for the Joey Verma trial. I have a lot more to say and report about that but need a break because it was very upsetting. It’s such a struggle of good versus evil Speaking of which, I was able to attend the Stephen Harper protest in Kelowna today. I have a lot more to say about that as well but will start with two issues presented.

One issue that many locals had was about GMO – Genetically Altered Organisms. This is a huge issue with serious implications that are easily over looked by the public. We not taking about steroids to make food bigger or better. We are talking about food that is genetically modified with pesticides. I kid you not.

This isn’t jut someone spraying pesticides on a crop. This is someone injecting the pesticide right into the food itself. For example, BT is being injected into corn which is killing the bees. Killing insects is one thing but killing bees is another. When bees stop cross pollinating food stops being produced. The Council of Canadians were present as well.

There was even a brave young lady dressed in a seal suit. It was very hot. I was worried about her getting heatstroke. Evidently Harper is bringing back the seal hunt. Even when it is a dying business that is losing money and being subsidized with tax dollars because Russia, our biggest buyer of the product banned it. This is another example of bad business financially and morally. There are many more concerns people had with Harper in addition to my own but I will start with those two and try and enjoy some sunshine on my way home.

Harpers entrance certainly looked like a funeral procession. He was in the second car. They told all the protesters to go on the other side of the entrance so Harper wouldn’t see them. Pretty lame. I’ve posted some more pictures of the protest on Flikr. As much as I have my own issues with Harpers lack of fiscal responsibility and his contempt for civil liberty, it’s clear that most of the protesters there that day were local Kelowna residents upset by Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMO.

I had no idea what a huge and important issue this is. Genetically modifying food with pesticides that humans consume is absolutely insane. That is what we are talking about. These concerned citizens want all food that is genetically modified to be labeled as such since consumers do have a right to know what is in the food they eat and the products they buy.

The other valid concern they have is that they want to ban GMO foods altogether like many other countries have. I met with a local bee store and they confirmed that bee populations in Canada and around the world have been decreasing over the last four years and it is likely due to the genetically altered food that is killing them. Europe has banned GMO and their bee populations are starting to return.

I met Kevin Proteau from locals supporting locals at the anti Harper rally. Heidi Osterman from the True food Foundation was also there. These aren’t left wing kooks. These are local businesses concerned about Harper killing their industry. Small businesses in Kelowna pulling together to support free enterprise. That is what conservatives were supposed to do. Now Harper kills small business and promotes corporate monopolies which destroys the free market. That is a growing shameful list that's following Harper wherever he goes.

Kelowna Harper Protest on Flickr