Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saint Mary’s criminal fantasies and their sexual harassment

Saint Mary’s university in Halifax is in the news. An offensive video was posted online of a group of student orientation leaders singing about having sex with underage girls without consent. Rape is nothing to brag about or joke about. These were student leaders teaching a song and chant to first year students at their orientation. It was a criminal act.

The video shows them chanting “Y is for your sister. O is for oh-so-tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that a--. St. Mary’s boys we like them young,” What’s worse is there are girls with them singing it as well .A bunch of Karla Homolka wannabes. This isn’t just disturbing, it’s disturbed. What have we come to as a society?

What’s more shocking and outrageous is the University’s response. Oh they are going to give some of those student leaders a sensitivity training course. That is offensive and illegal. Tell me, what is the first thing you are taught in your sexual harassment training at work? That sexual harassment is illegal. That the employer is obligated to act on sexual harassment complaints because if they don’t they will be legally liable for the unlawful conduct. Giving those psychopaths a sensitivity training session telling them what they did was illegal and the only consequence they will face is a slap on the wrist course they get to joke about? That does not in any way fulfill their legal obligation as a University to protect other students from unlawful sexual harassment.

They were chanting about raping underage girls for God’s sake. One of the news outlets on TV cited some parents concerns they expressed on Saint Mary’s facebook and said clearly you don’t understand the seriousness of the offense. Clearly they do not. That is why they must face a class action lawsuit for sexual harassment. Since they have failed to kick out those students from the University they are now legally liable for their unlawful conduct and the University should stop getting government funding.

The University can recover from this. If they fire all those student leaders and kick them out of that University. All of the ring leaders need to be kicked out of that university permanently. People on the fringe should get expelled and sensitivity training. They need to fire all those student leaders and not let them hold leadership positions at the university ever again. It is shocking that this action isn’t automatic. That’s why a lawsuit is necessary. Just like with the RCMP. The RCMP failed to address the ongoing issue of sexual harassment. That is why they are now facing a class action law suit. Now it’s the University’s turn to go to court.

Giving them sensitivity training is offensive. In essence you are telling them you little rich kids can break the law all you want. You’re getting this talk because you got caught. Don’t video tape these things in the future and post them online.

Jared Perry, the guy in the picture above, needs to be expelled from that university permanently. That should be automatic but there’s more. All of those kids need some time with Dr. Phil. It’s not a matter of being swept away in the moment saying well everyone was doing it. It’s about accepting responsibility for one’s conduct. Something they should have learned long before university. If they don’t learn conduct has consequences in University then all their education is meaningless.

Joking about raping under age girls. That is nothing to joke about. It is fantasizing about a criminal act. Just like Jim Brown. The fact that he and Don Ray are still working for the RCMP proves they don’t care at all about preventing sexual harassment at the work place. Just like Saint Mary’s University doesn’t. Shame on them and shame on us for letting it happen without legal consequence.

These are a bunch of Paul Bernardos and Karla Homolkas. Clearly none of them understand how serious that is. Having new first year university students listen to them chant about raping underage girls is sexual harassment and the University is legally liable for it.

Jared Perry stated that the cheer was repeated in the “heat of the moment”. No it wasn't. "This is his second year as student president. He said he has been repeating the chant since he first came to the Halifax university in 2009 – and never thought anything about it. He has never received any complaints about it." He's been doing it for two years and never thought anything about it. Now all of sudden he feels sorry for it and admits it was a mistake. That's only because he may face discipline over it. Not removing him from that position and that university is illegal. He's been doing it for two years and has no real remorse. The University has been breaking the law for two years.

Resigning and running again in a by-election is not a consequence. As long as Jared Perryis a student of that University, the University needs to be sued for sexual harassment. It's that simple.


Update: Saint Mary’s University has suspended one of its students after the 24-year-old Halifax man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. He was her soccer coach.

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