Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Life, Death and Beyond the Grave

I attended a funeral today and once again it helped me put things in perspective. This is someone who lived a wonderful life and died of cancer. She taught my son an ancient Vietnamese instrument called the Dan Bao. This piece she is performing is called River of Memories. A fitting reflection at the end of a positive life. Today a scripture came to mind about the space of time we have been granted between life and death. Previously I've talked about the poem called the Dash but today I'm looking past that and I'm reflecting on what's beyond the grave.

I don't believe life ends at death. I'm not big on religion but I am big on morality and on promoting positive things. I believe in the restitution of all things in that as ye sow, so shall ye reap. I heard someone at the funeral said she embraced the Falun gong faith which is very positive.

The scripture that comes to mind states: "And we see that death comes upon mankind, yea, the death which has been spoken of by Amulek, which is the temporal death; nevertheless there was a space granted unto man in which he might repent; therefore this life became a probationary state; a time to prepare to meet God; a time to prepare for that endless state which has been spoken of by us, which is after the resurrection of the dead."

Before we die there has been a space of time granted to us that we may repent or more simply put - change. "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." One of the purposes of this life is to grow up and become a man. To put away childish things. To be positive and to shun evil.

So if we promote evil then we live with evil. The problem is, wickedness never was happiness. There's no joy in evil. Greed and selfishness hinders our growth. For me it all comes back to the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. That book was an inquiry into values. Not religion but morality. As Rob Roy said honour is something no man can give you and no man can take away. Be true to yourself. Don't be fooled by the mob.

When you get old you want to be able to look back and say I did something positive. It's like Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. No one wants to look back or have everyone see you were a dick to Tiny Tim because that's not something to brag about. These mental midgets running around like clowns have completely missed the point. As Lawrence said, it's not all about you. So get over yourself. Find something better to do. You'll feel better about yourself if you do.

Music can be a powerful influence for good or evil. Choose wisely. As you sow, so shall ye reap.

Now I want to talk about how this relates to Tommy Robinson and the sacred hoop. I've already expressed some of my concerns about Tommy Robinson. He's an extremist and I don't support him. Kinda of like Chris Sky. Chris Sky says many things that I agree with. However, he also says many things that I don't agree with. Some of which are really offensive. Chris Sky is a racist and a Holocaust denier. I am not. The reason I oppose the genocide in Gaza is because I also opposed it during the Holocaust. Well, my father and my grandfather did during the wars.

I see Tommy Robinson and Chris Sky as Agent Provocateurs. Andrew Tate as well. I don't want to hate, I just want to separate myself from people that have strayed a little too far from centre on either side of the spectrum. As I said it all comes back to the circle of life. Draw a line in the sand and call that democracy. The further you get away from that line to the left or the right, the further you get away from democracy and the closer you get to Dictatorship.

Tommy Robinson hates Muslims, Chris Sky hates Jews. I don't hate either. I support the freedom of religion as defined in the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. Those documents protect civil liberty by law. Agent Provocateurs use distractions to erode our civil liberty in a sinister attempt to destroy the Constitution. They are not oath keepers, They are domestic enemies of the constitution.

The Muslim thing is a huge distraction. It is a Red Herring. Religion isn't the problem, Communism and immorality is the problem and the WEF's brand of Communism is the worst. Communism and immorality are two different things. You can have a moral Communist and an immoral Christian. Immorality and Slavery are the two largest obstacles at this time.

In Metro Vancouver we have seen Sikhs and Muslims speak out for parents rights in schools opposing gender misrepresentation among children. Sikhs and Muslims are our allies. They support morality and oppose the WEF's twisted brand of Communism that persecutes religion and turns consumers into slaves. When they see Muslims and Christians united in support of parental rights and family values, Agent Provocateurs come in to disrupt that.

Now I completely understand that France wants to be French, Germany wants to be German and Switzerland want to be Swiss. I get it. In Canada and the US it's different because we are all immigrants. Even First Nations. Some believe the First Nations people came here over the Alaska land bridge. Other oral histories suggest another theory. The bottom line is everyone here came from somewhere else and somehow we need to figure out a way for us to all get along.

Greed is the primary cause of most wars. People don't want to share. For the most part it's because the large corporations don't want to share the profits from the oil revenue. Most wars now are not about justice, they're about maintaining the Saudi oil monopoly and making consumers slaves to that monopoly. It appears that Venezuela has started to prosper again magically right after they agreed to let the American Oil Companies have their oil. The CIA's destabilization of that economy successful achieved it's objective.

Venezuela exported all their criminals and everyone who wanted a free ride without working and now they are left with a great country. Now we are left to deal with the criminals and those who refuse to work. Canada and American has been built by hard working immigrants. I support immigration. I don't support mass migration of criminals. Countries opening up their prisons and sending all their criminals here with no record checks is a recipe for disaster.

As for the Muslims, in Surrey the young Muslim girls that start wearing hijabs have really raised the bar morally for the youth here. Surrey was known for immoral Surrey girls along with white trash crackheads and thieves. Immigration has really helped Surrey be better.

The sacred hoop is where all the races of the earth work together for the common good. That's the way it's supposed to be. In the US they have the American Melting Pot and north of the 49 we have the Great Canadian Mosaic. I prefer the mosaic model myself. Celebrating our diversity is a good thing. We've had a troll on here in the past denounce multiculturalism. That is Anti American and Anti Constitution. Multiculturalism is what the Constitution and the Charter of Rights aspires to. Haters of multiculturalism are haters of freedom. Mind how ya go.


  1. We all have an exit interview coming. Anyone who doesn't fear that is a fool. "God-fearing".

    1. I suppose but after this life everyone will know what we are. No more secrets or lies.

  2. What going on in Kamloops??The guy the RCMP posted pictures of and warned people about was shot. Nuthing like the corrupt RCMP posting pictures of people they want gone... They said 2 crime groups are at war? Who are these groups?

    1. Yeah I don't know I'll have to look into it. Redd Alert was there a while ago. Before that the Throttlelockers were trying to briefly make a come back there. After that there's been a couple of smaller groups go at each other for a while.


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