Saturday, July 6, 2024

Northern Ireland election Results

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that "Sinn Fein now hold the most Westminster seats in Northern Ireland after the DUP suffered three losses. Jim Allister claimed a shock victory over Ian Paisley in North Antrim by 450 votes. He declared that a 'political earthquake of seismic proportions' had taken place. It marked a difficult night for the DUP, with Lagan Valley also lost."

I'm a little bit confused. Sinn Féin becomes Northern Ireland’s biggest Westminster party. Westminster? What happened to Stormont? I thought we had that historic change where Northern Ireland is now governed locally out of Stormont not out of Westminster in England. I'm going to have to research this a we bit.

"Voters turn against DUP which loses North Antrim seat held for over 50 years by Ian Paisley and his late father." Too bad, so sad. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I agreed with the DUP's position on Brexit, But Ian Paisley Sr. was a dick. No offense. "Ulster says No. Ulster says No. The Pope's the AntiChrist." Ian Paisley Sr was hateful, intolerant and promoted division.
People can change but burning the tricolour all those years was offensive. The tricolour is green, orange and white. Green represents Catholic, Orange represents Protestant and white represents Peace between the two. The Irish Proclamation protects civil liberty by law. Ian Paisley Sr used the red hand of Ulster to claim Ulster says no to a united Ireland. Ulster says no to peace.

The conflict was obviously about being a part of England versus being free and independent. I support a free and independent Ireland but I realize in the north that ideal is problematic because half the people want to be part of England. The other half don't. The only thing that has changed really is now there are people who simply don't care. They just want peace.

The DUP lost three seats while Sinn Féin held their 7 so let's not misrepresent this. James Hugh Allister, the one that took Paisley's seat in Antrim, used to be a member of the DUP but founded a new party called the TUV - Traditional Unionist Voice. They still support being part of England so when it comes to a Unification or a Separation vote, it's still 8-7 in favor of England.

The recent sexual assault charges against Jeffrey Donaldson, the former leader of the DUP who recently stepped down to stand trial for rape and sexual offences are obvioulsy a factor in this.

The real problem that I see is the issue of Brexit. Sinn Féin, who I have always supported in the past, want to break off of England but join the EU and I'm like WTF? Why in God's name would you endure generations of hardships and spill all that noble blood to win freedom from England only to bow down and surrender to the EU. What are you thinking? Give your head a shake. Freedom is freedom and slavery is slavery. Don't win your freedom and then throw it away.
Why do I oppose the EU? Don't I want Europe to prosper?

Of course I do. I want Europe to prosper but I don't want to see them become slaves. I don't want to see anyone become slaves especially Ireland or Scotland. America has the US Constitution which protects civil liberty by law. Yet we have seen how that document is under constant attack. The same with Canada and the Charter of Rights.

The EU has no document that protects civil liberty by law. They need one. The Irish Proclamation protects civil liberty by law. That binds the Irish government but it has no jurisdiction over a European government. Joining the EU is a way for the Globalists to throw away the Irish Proclamation. Does the Irish Proclamation prevent the EU government from making laws in Ireland that violate civil liberty? I don't think so. That is something we need to discuss.

Think about it. Right before Brexit, Tony Blair ran to be the president of the EU. Ireland finally wins it's freedom from England only to bow down to Tony Blair in the EU? That would be insane. Tony Blair was behind the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie. We need to think this through.

Joining the EU is one step closer to the Globalist one world government run by Communism.


  1. Off topic a little, but along the lines of the bit about the pope. Leftist propagandists in the media see the divisions in the Church as an opportunity to continue pushing their Covid lies. It’s pathetic, and actually makes me laugh to think that they really see themselves as being important enough to control how people think. We all made our minds up years ago, and won’t change them without serious evidence to show us where we may be wrong in our thought processes. On the flip side, I think it’s very wrong that ultra-conservative people are calling Pope Francis the Antichrist. It’s vile rhetoric, and it’s right, imo, for the Catholic Church to deal with it accordingly as being dangerously schismatic.

    1. Indeed. When I was young there was a guy on the radio called the Bible answer man. He was the most ruthlessly intolerant person I ever listened to. Anyone who didn't believe his narrow and false doctrine was of the devil. That was ridiculous. Likewise, Ian Paisley Sr preached hate. In that sense he was an anti Christ.

      When I was in Ireland a Catholic told me about an oral prophecy that claimed the anti Christ would one day sit on Saint Peters chair IE become a Pope. I was a bit confused hearing them say that. I was like where is that from?

      Some antisemitic misunderstand the term in Revelations that makes reference to the synagogue of Satan. John was referring to religious hypocrisy. That could apply to any religion including branches of Christianity. When I was young I saw a preacher on the TV holding a trumpet marching around an altar of money telling people to donate. It freaked me out. I was like I'm going to change the channel before that guy gets struck by lightening. I thought that was very blasphemous.

      You make a point of uniting Christian sects and I agree with that. I take it one step further. All religions teach people to have morals and do good. We need to embrace that. We don't need one all inclusive religion. Singling out single religions and banning them is wrong and dangerous because it leads to Communism as does adopting a State religion.

      When you adapt a State religion you ban all religions but one. Then you ban that last religion and mission accomplished. People can say who cares religions suck. The problem is, as soon as they start taking away religious freedom they take away all your other freedoms as well. The right to move, the freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial. Civil Liberty isn't just religion, it's everything.

  2. I agree freedom of religion is the only way. I don’t think ‘one religion’ is even remotely possible. Historically, religion has always been diverse and somewhat regional, or consisted of regional divisions. The internet, however, has led us into a new era in which it is far more common for things that were once confined within national borders go beyond borders. Religion has already done this before the internet largely due to the printing press, and television, but now ideas spread instantly within the public domain, and with little effort. This is where globalism starts to get interesting. Ideally it would be great if people of all religions could just settle upon respecting one another’s differences, not trying to force others to conform to one’s own way of thinking, and find common ground in that which we can all agree upon as being morally sound behaviour.

    1. I believe that the real anti Christ, whoever that will be, will perform miracles and create a single State religion that will persecute all other denominations and religions. That's why I push the freedom of religion and oppose a single State religion.


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