Friday, July 5, 2024

Dirty S Shooter arrested in Prince George

The Dirty Newz is reporting that one of the suspects in the murder of Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, aka Dirty S over in Montreal were recenelty arrested in BC. The Dirty Newz is reporting that the alleged shooters are with the 24 gang in Laval. Laval is totally Red and White.

La Presse is reporting that the 24 Gang is an ally of the Flamehead Boys (FHB) of Laval-des-Rapides. Frederick Michel, a member of Laval’s 24 Gang was shot dead outside a gym in Laval April 4th 2024. Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, aka Dirty S was shot dead May 14 2024.

The Dirty Newz is reporting that "The first suspect arrested was named William Beauvais-Bazile, a 25-year-old which was apprehended in St-Jerome, nearly half an hour to 45 minutes away from the island of Montreal. Beauvais-Bazile, as of mentioned, was linked to Laval’s 24 Gang. A second arrest had been made, this time, thousands of kilometers away from Quebec, in the town of Prince George located in the province of British Columbia. This suspects name was Romuald Surin, a 31-year-old man that went by the nickname ‘Buck’. Also claiming allegiance to the 24 Gang, being a native of the Saint-Francois borough of Laval."

CBC is confirming the PG arrest. Prince George is also Red and White. This arrest comes not long after Damion Ryan and the Cub Pack rolled on Zone 43 which was part of Damion Ryan's most recent plea deal with the PoPo. The Cub Pack hired Zone 43 to keep the Redd Alert split under control. Then once again, the rolled on Zone 43 just like they rolled on the Driftwood Crops they brought in to kill Anees Mohamed. As soon as Damion Ryan was nailed open the US indictment, he gave the Area 43 guys up.

When are you guys going to wake up and smell the coffee? Damion Ryan is in bed with the PoPo. He has people rat out the shooters he hires so the police get a bust and he can keep selling drugs. That's his MO. He keeps doing a Rick roll on the people he hires.

I liked Dirty S. He was a good guy that fell into the same trap. Shooting people for a pair of sneakers or a Rolex is dumb. Guys like Damion Ryan bait you guys with money then betray you to the cops so he can keep making money. He uses you and casts you aside like an old shoe.


  1. Buddy they will shoot you for less than shoes or a watch these days. You could get killed just for making a popular music video.
    Idk about Montreal but in Toronto the homicidal jealousy is out of control. Successful black people have always complained about crabs in he bucket but now just the tiniest bit off success makes them a target.
    It’s really sad

    1. Indeed, jealousy ranks right up their with greed and betrayal but it's not just the black community. The white trash Cub Pack will bribe a brother then stab him in the back faster than you can say Naseem Mohammed.


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