Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fort McMurray drug scam

August 2017 the Edmonton journal reported that "A Fort McMurray man will spend more than five years in prison after an investigation into a drug trafficking network ended with police seizing more than $1 million worth of drugs in 2015. During a Wednesday morning court appearance, Justice Kevin Feehan sentenced Paul Ohelo to serve three years and six months for trafficking cocaine and five years and six months for trafficking fentanyl. The sentence is to be served concurrently, minus a day in custody in lieu of time served."

"According to an agreed statement of facts, which Ohelo accepted, an undercover police officer and civilian agent bought thousands of dollars worth of fentanyl and cocaine from the trafficking ring during five separate occasions in 2015. Ohelo delivered the drugs to the undercover individuals and also collected their payments during the transactions. The same court documents indicate two other individuals — Patrick Felix and Spencer Brown — negotiated quantity, delivery terms and pricing with the undercover duo."

The question is, how did Patrick Felix and Spencer Brown, the ring leaders of the operation get off Scott free? Something smells pretty fishy about this one. “Felix and Mulley are accused of being the central figures in cocaine and fentanyl distribution networks that was based in Fort McMurray, but also had connections to Edmonton, Calgary, and British Columbia.”

Monday, November 12, 2018

Fatal shooting in Abbotsford, shootings in Surrey and White Rock

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A 19-year-old man has died following a shooting that occurred this afternoon in the area of Ross and Simpson roads in west Abbotsford."

Drive-by shooting in Fleetwood

The Peace arch News is reporting that "Surrey Mounties investigate drive-by shooting in Fleetwood. It happened Monday afternoon in the 8000-block of 153A Street. Police say no victim has been located."

18-year-old to hospital after shots fired in White Rock

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police are investigating after a young man was shot early Sunday in White Rock. Staff Sgt. Daryl Creighton confirmed the incident happened just after midnight. Police responded to “multiple complaints of shots fired” in the 15500-block of Columbia Avenue, Creighton told Peace Arch News Monday morning. “Police responded and found evidence of a shooting, however no victim was located. While patrolling the area, police located the 18-year-old, male victim several blocks away.” The victim was taken to hospital."

Fatal Shooting in Surrey Friday- Doug McCallum nails it

The Outlaw King

The Outlaw King is now on Netflix. It chronicles the struggles of Robert the Bruce after the murder of William Wallace. Braveheart was epic but the Outlaw King is very well done. It shows the struggles against oppression and the challenge of uniting a house divided against itself.

The name Watson means son of Walter named after Walter Buchanan. The Buchanans were loyal to Robert the Bruce. They descend from the OCahans of Derry, the town I loved so well.

I'm not much for royalty but I like Charles. I think he has class. Like it or not, he is part Irish.

The Stone of Scone came from Ireland. Fergus Mór brought it to Scotland with him.

Soundtrack - Outlaw King - Land O The Leal (Leal means loyal, faithful)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Futility of Complacency

Yesterday I came across an article that was trying to remember the noble sacrifice of a soldier in the First World War who died minutes before the cease fire. The article came to a disturbing conclusion and cited the futility of conflict. The whole point of Remembrance Day is not to remember the futility of conflict it is to remember the nobility of conflict. It is to remember that our freedom was bought with a price and to express gratitude for the sacrifice made on our behalf.

I would like to clarify that I have a profound respect for the journalist than penned that article and I will state that we are simply looking at different situations from different perspectives. Stopping Hitler was the right thing to do. Stopping Stalin and Mao is the right thing to do. However, there are many other conflicts that are not so noble and are in essence futile as in a waste of time.

The journalist's experience isn't with the First and Second World War, the journalist's experience is with subsequent wars in the Middle East which some could liken to the former conflict in Northern Ireland. Catholics and Protestants fighting each other over religion is as insane as Jews and Muslims fighting with each other over religion. It is a contradiction of terms. Orlando Bloom said it well in the movie Kingdom of Heaven. Defending Jerusalem isn't about defending a landmark, it's about defending people who live in that landmark regardless of race, colour or creed. It's about protecting people who cannot protect themselves. That is the oath.

I will admit that there have been subsequent conflicts after the First and Second World War that were less noble. Invading Iraq for their oil, invading Afghanistan to build an oil pipeline and restore the opium production was anything but noble as with the desecration of Muammar Gaddafi. In those conflicts we were on the wrong side.

It's easy for us to get stuck in the past and focus only on the First and Second World War asking how could the Germans let Hitler gas all those Jews? The answer is simple. Just like George Lucas so eloquently portrayed in the Star Wars saga, Hitler used false flag attacks to con the German people. We in the West are on that same road today.

Our apathy in Burma has lead to our complacency over our own current situation. When the RCMP publicly declare that they have stopped investigating organized crime, that means they have become culpable in it. That is what we now need to address. Lest we forget.

Likewise, fighting a war for the right to keep slaves was not noble. Opposing slavery was. Abraham Lincoln Instructs Ulysses Grant. Abraham Lincoln The Gettysburg Address

Friday, November 9, 2018

Fatal Shooting in Surrey - Doug McCallum nails it

CBC is reporting that "A 22-year-old man is dead after a shooting in the Newton area of Surrey, B.C., early Friday. Police were called to the 14200 block of 70A Avenue in Newton after someone called 911 just before 1:30 a.m. PT. Officers discovered a man lying on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds. Attempts were made to revive the victim but he was pronounced dead on scene. The shooting happened within a block of Georges Vanier Elementary School."

Doug McCallum nails it

CBC is reporting that "McCallum released a statement Friday saying the death is 'yet another example of the ongoing trauma and fear that are being inflicted on the communities, residents and families of Surrey.' The recently-elected McCallum ran on a platform of eliminating Surrey's RCMP force in favour of an independent municipal police force. In his first council meeting Monday, McCallum put forward a motion to create that force. The mayor said he's dismayed by the resistance from provincial officials and urged Premier John Horgan to remove roadblocks to help the transition proceed."

"In response to McCallum, Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr of the B.C. RCMP released a statement saying his comments risk undermining public trust and confidence in Surrey's current police force. 'With a homicide of this nature, people are already reluctant to come forward. Any erosion of public trust and confidence challenges our ability to solve complex cases with assistance from people who are often reluctant to participate in the first place.'"

Erosion of public trust? AYFKM? What trust? People report Hells Angels drug trafficking to Crimestoppers and the RCMP won't do anything about it. That is what people are telling me. The RCMP is compromised. They are assisting the Wolf pack's drug trafficking in Surrey.

"Butterworth-Carr emphasized the Surrey RCMP and IHIT, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, would continue to work diligently to maintain public safety." That is a lie. IHIT is trying to solve murders after they happen but the RCMP is doing nothing to prevent them by confronting organized crime. That does not protect public safety.

Bob Paulson admitted in his exit interview that while he was in charge of the RCMP federally, he took almost every officer off organized crime and put them on that ridiculous terrorist creation task force mandated with terrorist quotas. The RCMP have publicly admitted that they have absolutely no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime so give the job to someone who will.

As for the Province, when the RCMP task force investigated money laundering in BC Casinos the BC Liberal government disbanded the RCMP task force. When the OMGU proved Pat Fogherty wrong and made two huge Hells Angel busts in Kelowna, the BC Liberal government disbanded the OMGU. You can't get any more corrupt than that.

Right now the BC NDP is sounding a lot like Donald Trump and Alex Jones. They're just controlled opposition full of sound and fury but doing nothing. Where is the OMGU? Why have they not brought it back? Failing to do so makes them culpable in that criminal negligence. The NDP have started to talk about money laundering in BC Casinos but they are approaching it from the wrong angle. All the RCMP want to do is seize the proceeds of crime. They don't want to stop drug trafficking. They just want a cut of the business. That is not the New York model.

Emphasis on seizing the proceeds of crime is the corrupt LA model during the time of Freeway Ricky. The DEA stopped trying to disrupt street level drug trafficking, they just focused on seizing the proceeds of crime while the various DEA agents were pocketing finder fees of their own. This is why we need a Mollen Commission in BC. The RCMP are compromised and the BC NDP are complacent in that fact making them criminally culpable for the escalating violence resulting from street level drug trafficking. The NDP just want to tax the drug dealers like any other big corporation without stopping them or interfering with their business.

Surrey is ready for the New York model. With or without the RCMP or the BC NDP. Maybe Surrey has to hire private investigators and form it's own task force to investigate RCMP and Provincial government corruption. Evidently, if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

Maybe Doug McCallum can hire a private investigator to find out where the billion dollars a year the RCMP loses from it's terrorist budget every year goes. Think of the number of schools and hospitals we could build with a billion dollars a year. Losing that much money from your budget every year is organized crime.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

3 Bacchus MC members sentenced for extortion

CBC is reporting that "Three Nova Scotia members of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club have been sentenced to jail terms ranging from 18 months to three years on charges of extortion and extortion as members of a criminal organization." Patrick James is the flaming idiot with bad ink.

The punk ass b*tches were threatening a guy for starting a chapter of the Montreal-based Brotherhood Motorcycle Club in Nova Scotia. Buttkiss has NO right to tell any non criminal MC they are not allowed to form. These are the f*ck ups that did the same thing to a couple of senior citizens at a Tim Horton's in New Brunswick for starting a non criminal Christian MC. These guys are complete losers. Cover that tacky sh*t up with some real ink will ya. Hillbilly.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

State of the Circus: Canadian and American Politics

There is no question that the polarized political extremism in the United States has become a circus side show of division and deception. Right now there is no union. There's just cult like extremism on both sides of the fence. Crossing the border now is like crossing over into the Twilight Zone. Right now the only person making sense south of the 49 is Rachel Blevins.

I have to admit the Democrats ran a smart campaign during the recent midterm election. They put Obama in the forefront and hid Hillary completely. That was wise and successful because Obama is respected while Hillary Clinton is not. However, let's recap the obvious.

Obama used executive privileged to hide Hillary Clinton's involvement with Operation Fast and Furious. Under the direction of the CIA, the ATF were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. Hillary Clinton was the author of that operation.

Hillary Clinton supporters are defiantly blind to that fact. There's a long list of atrocities that Hillary Clinton has been involved with. Selling weapons grade uranium to Russia for nuclear missiles is one but there's more. She was also selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar who in turn were supplying ISIS. Hillary Clinton's supporters are defiantly blind to those facts.

However, Trump fans are equally blind. Hillary Clinton supported a CIA coup in Honduras but so did Donald Trump. Donald Trump supported election fraud in Honduras. Honduras has been a central hub in the CIA's drug trafficking network since Iran Contra. The coup in Honduras and the election fraud was to support the CIA's drug trafficking network. The president who committed the election fraud was very unpopular with the people because he was taking money from hospitals and medicine and putting it in his pocket. His own brother was hiding in the US from cocaine trafficking accusations and Donald Trump still backed the election fraud. In return for doing so, the CIA's drug president spoke in favor of moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Hillary Clinton supplied ISIS through Saudi Arabia and so is Donald Trump so nothing has really changed. Trump supporters are defiantly blindly to those facts. When push comes to shove Donald Trump is simply controlled opposition just like Alex Jones. He is a circus side show promoting the Pentagon's trillion dollar fraud just like the Democrats. Nothing has changed.

Canada's Political Circus

Canada is most certainly no better than the United States. We are different but we are similar and have started down that same road of division and deception. The alt left is no better than the alt right. We need to shun extremism. Justin Trudeau recently made reference to the demonizing of political opponents. Although he is right about political diversity, it's hard not to demonize such bizarre extremism on either side of the fence.

I am somewhat relieved that Justin Trudeau has agreed to support Surrey's choice for transit instead of forcing LRT upon us against our will. Even former LRT advocates on the Mayor's council realize you can't force LRT upon a city who clearly doesn't want it. Now we are finally starting to make sense. Before the last election we weren't. Linda Hepner was bound and determined to steam roll ahead against the democratic will of Surrey. As a result, her fail army was wiped off the planet at the last election. Good riddance.

The next question is how can the federal government force a pipeline on BC without our consent? The pipeline is not the problem. The terms and conditions of the pipeline is the problem. Rachel Notley is a raging lunatic that needs to be replaced. Alberta needs BC's consent to proceed.

Another RCMP false flag attack in Alberta

Global is reporting that "An explosion led police to a car packed with explosives and a man with severe injuries in Sherwood Park Tuesday night, Global News has learned. The 21-year-old man died of his injuries, RCMP confirmed in a Wednesday afternoon news conference. Police sources said the incident is not believe to be a national security event, but said motive was not yet known." AYFKM? Every crime has a motive.

After Surrey finally decides to get rid of the compromised RCMP, they launch another ridiculous false flag event in Alberta to justify their existence. You can't ever justify taking everyone off of organized crime and putting them on a Terrorist task force mandated with terrorist quotas. Nor can you ever rationalize losing billions of dollars from your already inflated budget every year. Losing that much money is organized crime. GMAFB.

The RCMP's terrorist creation task force is reporting that "RCMP identified the man Thursday in a news release as Kane Kosolowsky. He was discovered in the parkade in between the pair of blasts suffering from a gunshot wound. He later died in hospital. Police have said they were not involved in Kosolowsky’s death and that no other suspects are being sought." Yeah right a white kid commits suicide after loading a car full of explosives. BULLSH*T!

"Mounties have not identified any motive for the attack." Actually we have. The only motive for the attack is so the RCMP can justify their inflated terrorist creating budget and their losing billions of tax dollars every year from that budget. That is the only motive for this attack.

Just so we are clear, the previous terrorist event in Edmonton was orchestrated. The RCMP was holding a terrorist training seminar in a hotel at ground zero when the orchestrated event occurred. A blog reader was staying at the same hotel and contacted me about it.

Lest we forget: Catherine Bruce Slammed the RCMP Terror Squad.

Where the heck’s that $3.1-billion? Where’s the fury?

Canada can’t account for $3.1 billion in anti terrorism

Bill Tieleman on RCMP Terrorist Quotas

Update: "It's so out of his character. Kane was a really, really good kid."

Was it really a self inflicted gunshot wound?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

US Election Results - Final

The Democrats take the house. They gained 26 seats in the house but lost two seats in the Senate. The Republicans maintain the Senate 51 to 45.

In the 2014 midterm election under Obama the Democrats lost and the Republicans gained 8 seats in the Senate and 13 seats in the house.

Update: State of the Circus: Canadian and American Politics

Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa

BJPenn.com is reporting that "Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. will soon collide with kickboxing wunderkind Tenshin Nasukawa, sources have confirmed to BJPENN.COM. This blockbuster fight is expected to occur at RIZIN 14, inside Tokyo, Japan’s hallowed Saitama Super Arena on New Years Eve." Interesting.

Floyd Mayweather is still willing to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White says it has to be in the octagon so he can get paid but Maywhether says it's up to Khabib if he want to cross over for a bigger payday. Mayweather against Khabib in the boxing ring, that's what I'd like to see. Dana White and the UFC are having a credibility meltdown.

Explosion at New Westminster drug lab

The New Westminster Record is reporting that "Cleanup of a clandestine drug lab that was discovered after an explosion at an apartment building Sunday afternoon is expected to continue for most of today, according to New Westminster Police. Firefighters were called to the scene following reports of an explosion at an apartment building at Carnarvon and Elliot streets around 1 p.m. on Nov. 4. One person was arrested at the scene and remains in custody at this time."

Looks like the only time the compromised BC Gang Task force will make a drug bust these days is if the fire department find it for them. Sources claim this drug lab was run by the Hells Angels. Who owns that apartment complex anyways?

Kelly Hayes from Global is reporting that " Officials say they’ve wrapped up their investigation dealing with a Trinity Valley Road property and confirm it was a meth lab. Police raided the property near Enderby earlier this month following reports of shots fired. A HazMat team was called to the scene after officials discovered a “significant quantity of hazardous material” on site. Officials say the material was being used to make crystal meth. Police say that after spending six days on the property, all the hazardous material has been removed. A total of five suspects are facing charges. All have been released on bail."

No names of those arrested for a massive drug lab that was likely supplying the crystal meth epidemic in the Parries. Things that make ya go hmmmm...

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Heart of the City Festival

I'm just back from attending the final event for the Heart of the City Festival in the DTES. It was a concert and dinner at the Ukrainian Hall at 805 East Pender. I have to admit is was awesome.

The politics of Surrey and the DTES are very different but I certainly do respect the cultural heritage of the DTES. The Ukrainian Hall has been a vibrant part of the DTES history. In the 1930's it was set up as a field hospital for the wounded when the police attack protesters.

Kat Norris, the presiding elder for the festival set the evening off with a magnificent speech and song on her drum. It was wonderful. She mentioned that she was a residential school survivor and explained how her mother was told her kids had to go or she would never see them again. We now know some of the horrors that existed within the residential school system that was forced upon First Nation kids and we respect her for overcoming that hardship.

This year the festival's theme is Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope. The highlight of the event was the Soujourners. They were well respected, well received and were given a standing ovation. They set the place on fire. The perogie dinner afterwards was pretty awesome as well.

Manitoba confronts illicit drugs, BC doesn't.

The Manitoba Post is reporting that "Illicit drug use presents an urgent and growing threat to our community and public health. Illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ketamine continue to be a risk to the safety and well-being of all citizens. Addiction, property crime, and acts of violence are often a result of the drug subculture. In order to combat the current crisis, the Winnipeg Police Service has implemented an Illicit Drug Strategy that includes elements of enforcement, intervention, awareness, and education.'

"One of the primary goals of the WPS Organized Crime Division is to disrupt the illicit drug market through enforcement. The Organized Crime Division initiated Project Riverbank in early 2018. This investigation targeted a sophisticated criminal drug network that supplied a variety of illicit drugs through a supply chain across the western provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba." To make a long story short, they made a drug bust.

"The combined value of drugs, property, and cash seized is approximately $2.7 million. (Drugs seized - $899,260; vehicles seized - $1,408,500; cash seized - $378,740.)"

"The following 10 adults were arrested and charged with a total of 156 criminal code offences related to conspiracy and trafficking of a controlled substance, firearms, and proceeds of crime."

39 year-old Mohammad Shakil Khan of Vancouver, BC

24 year-old Mason Joaquin Burg of Winnipeg, MB

70 year-old Allan Ronald Rodney of Surrey, BC

32 year-old Shontal Vaupotic of Surrey, BC

29 year-old Herbert Mejia-Orellana-Delgado of Edmonton, AB

30 year-old Daniel Jason Finkbeiner of Winnipeg, MB

32 year-old Lisa Dawn Hallson of Winnipeg, MB

32 year-old Amanda Marie Borges of Winnipeg, MB

33 year-old Darci Ann Geiger of Winnipeg, MB

22 year-old William Junior Fuller of Winnipeg, MB

This report is very significant for two reasons. Listen to the wording of the first two paragraphs quoted. It doesn't sound like Post Media News because it isn't. "Manitoba Post the province's independent and locally owned home for news, sports and entertainment."

That explains it. Manitoba Post is independent from Post Media News Propaganda. The writing style of the first two paragraphs is very distinct. It is very simple, direct and truthful. You don't read that in Post Media News. e solution to gang violence in Surrey is simple.

They are spelling it out for us which ties us to the second reason this report is so significant. Manitoba is confronting the illicit drug trade, BC is not. I'm not talking about illegal pot because now that pot is legal there is not such thing. In BC all they are concerned about is eliminating competition in the legal pot trade. They don't make hard drug busts any more ever since the Kelwona Summer Jam when the OMGU was disbanded.

The police are *supposed* to try and disrupt the illicit drug trade. I'm not talking about pot. I'm talking about crack, crystal meth and fentanyl. The police need to focus on those harmful drugs and get them off the streets. Right now in BC they aren't even trying to do that. All they are trying to do is collect user fees for letting it continue as they focus on seizing the proceeds of crime.

Enforcement is a fundamental principle in the New York model and it one of the crucial elements in the four Pillars program that the extremists threw away which launched harm promotion in BC.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Drake plays the race card at a BC Casino

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A Vancouver casino says it categorically stands against racism after Drake accused it of profiling him. In a post on Instagram, the Toronto rapper called Parq Vancouver the worst run business he has ever witnessed. He says the casino did not allow him to gamble, despite his providing everything they originally asked him for."

Let me explain something to you. BC Casinos are the epicenter of money laundering from organized crime. Drake posted pictures of himself in Hells Angels support gear. He was making a statement. That makes him a prime suspect for money laundering. He is publicly promoting the Hells Angels drug trade and that is why his friend Smoke Dawg was murdered. It's got NOTHING to do with race. It has EVERYTHING to do with promoting organized crime.

I really didn't want to go there because I really liked Drake but Drake has gone down a dark road that leads to the wrong place. That is not a place you want to visit let alone end up. Promote good, don't promote evil. Just live your life and stay away from the red and white.

When Drake wears HA support gear he is publicly declaring that he supports the murder of Ashley Machiskinic and Janice Bryant. I do not. Drake is clearly on the wrong road.

Friday, November 2, 2018

MC Drama

I don't give a rat's ass about celebrity gossip. Recently I gave a shout out to Ben Affleck because I thought celebrity gossip had no place in real news. If you want celebrity gossip, watch TMZ. That's their thing. That sure as hell ain't my thing. You won't find it here.

Likewise, I don't give a rat's ass about MC drama either. Recently I made a post about the Rock Machine after Suat Erkose shared private text messages calling out the former world president of RMMC. Suat is obviously a clown and RMMC Europe is splintering into fragments to get away from him. Private text messages are private. As soon as you post private text messages, no one is going to text you because they won't trust you. The Hells Angels just don't do that.

This is why the Hells Angels don't have any rival MCs in BC. Everyone who rides a motorcycle in BC recognizes that the Hells Angels are the real deal and everyone else is a cheap imitation. The Outlaws, Mongols and Bandidos are legitimate but they don't exist here. The Mongols are huge in LA but there just isn't the Latino population here to warrant it. I don't think any of those groups will ever take root in BC because the only way they could get recruits is from former HAs who have been kicked out or loser wannabees that never made the cut. People who ride motorcycles in BC just want to ride motorcycles. They don't want to sell drugs or pimp crack hoes. It's the young plastic Millennials that want to sell drugs and they don't even ride motorcycles.

Nevertheless, these social media MCs are a complete joke. I once saw a statement online by a member of the Hells Angels when asked how someone could join his club. He simply said if you have to ask, it probably isn't for you. In other words they operate by local reputation. If you know anyone in your community you will know who they are and how to contact them. If you don't know then it simply isn't for you and that is a good thing. Staying away from them is wise.

Where's Waldo?

Blaze has been posting on my blog again. I don't know if he is posting from prison or if he never went to prison but I do know it is him. He's easy to read. He has the mentality of a child. Blaze is never able to keep his mouth shut. That makes him untrustworthy and unreliable. When he was in court he admitted that he posted false information on Kim Bolan's blog to throw the police off. Now he's trolling for the Teletubbies. Which is further evidence that gang enforcement in BC is compromised. That is why we need a Mollen Commission in BC.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Justin Trudeau meets with Doug McCallum

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down briefly with the incoming mayors of Vancouver and Surrey today to discuss the top issues in BC’s two largest cities.

"Asked if the federal government would spend any additional money in Surrey to build a SkyTrain line, Trudeau said: “Our approach on infrastructure projects has never been that Ottawa knows best. We always have believed that working with folks on the ground, locally elected representatives who tell us and who know best what the needs of their communities are.”

Maybe there's hope for Justin Trudeau after all. That is consistent with what Wake up Surrey reported and a direct contradiction from what Harold Munro reported during the election and right after the election. I guess in the end, truth does prevail.