Friday, March 1, 2013

Surrey Hells Angel meth cook in the news

Speaking of crystal meth in Vancouver, Surrey's Hells Angel meth cook is back in the news. The Vancouver Province is reporting the government wants to keep some money it seized from the Hells Angels through proceeds of crime legislation.

We remember Ryan. He’s that long time Surrey meth cook for the Hells Angels that also had meth labs in Vancouver and Abbotsford. Ryan was first caught making 6 kilograms of crystal meth in a Surrey apartment. In July 2005 he was caught in charge of a crew that was capable of making 15 kilos of crystal meth every ten days. In 2004 police seized 8 kilos of crystal meth from a lab Ryan ran in Abbotsford.

In 2008 Prosecutor Martha Devlin alleged in court that Ryan was cooking up crystal meth for a member of the Hells Angels, whose name had been banned by the trial judge.

This is another example of an over reaching and illegal publication ban by a corrupt BC judge. Publication bans are supposed to protect an individuals right to a fair trial not stifle the freedom of the press. They are only for evidence that was submitted in court when the jury wasn’t present. Evidence when the jury was present is fair game. They are also supposed to expire when the verdict has been rendered.

Thankfully, in another case not covered by a publication ban involving police informant Michael Plante, the one Kim Bolan made a special series and web site about, it was revealed that Ryan made meth for John Punko and Ron Lising. The court heard evidence claiming John Punko didn’t want Ryan making crystal meth for anyone but him. The picture of Ryan the police handed out in 2005 as part of an investigation into the East Vancouver Hells Angels.

In March of 2010, a blog reader recognized Ryan’s picture from the gang member registry on the Gangsters out web site. They said they were aware of a Hells Angels crack house in Vancouver run by a skinhead that looked just like Ryan and was also called Ryan. They had some disturbing tales to tell of women being held captive and disappearing leaving only traces of their ID behind similar to the Surrey House of Horrors and the Pickton farm.

The OMGU raided five meth labs in the Vancouver area run by the Hells Angels before Christmas in 20011. We know that Trent Willet, a former president of the Hells Angels Kentucky, Fulton chapter plead guilty to the distribution of crystal meth in 2009. Greg Domey, the former president of the Salem, Mass chapter and East coast president of the Hells Angels was sentenced to 20 years in prison under the "Drug Kingpin" statute for trafficking crystal meth in Massachusetts. Last June 21 Hells Angels and associates were arrested for trafficking crystal meth in South Carolina.


  1. IRA murderous scum, are in bed with another Mafia, how surprising:

    "Italian police have broken up a huge money-laundering scheme run by the IRA and the Mafia which has allegedly duped hundreds of holiday home investors across Europe."

    "The Real IRA and other groups are heavily involved in cigarette and diesel smuggling and need ways of laundering the illegal proceeds from such activity."

    "The Provisional IRA was said to be behind the £26.5m raid on the Northern Bank in 2004 and most of the proceeds have never been recovered."

    "The accused in the Italian case is said to have forged ties with the Italian mafia to funnel dirty money from the IRA’s criminal activities into holiday developments in the far south of Italy."

    "He (IRA -mafia liasion guy) allegedly poured tens of millions of pounds into a string of tourist complexes on the stunning Ionian coast of the southern region of Calabria, the heartland of the feared ‘Ndrangheta mafia." (Telegraph)

  2. Aside from being rather random, that was once again a sweeping stereotype. What about the UDA or the UVF? That’s like saying British scum for occupying a foreign land and taking all their grain during the potato famine or calling Winston Churchill scum for opposing the Nazis. Or calling the Founding Fathers scum for writing the Declaration of Independence. Which is I might add, is very similar to the Irish Proclamation of 1916. Calling any of those noble soldiers who died for asserting their rights in the Irish Proclamation scum is absolute nonsense.

    The “real” IRA aren’t the real IRA any more. It’s just the name of another splinter group. No doubt the initial cause has been on occasion tainted by a criminal element who believed the end justifies the means. Just like the CIA’s ongoing drug trafficking which is also inherently wrong. The Catholic Church and it’s bank has a long history of laundering money for the Mafia. That too is wrong. That doesn’t mean all Catholics launder drug money.

  3. That article states: Henry James Fitzsimons, 63, from Belfast, was "a subject considered by the British authorities to be close to the IRA, the Irish terrorist organization." Nicola Gratteri, described Mr Fitzsimons as someone "delegated by the IRA to recycle the proceeds of terrorist activities and to reinvest the financial resources of the movement."

    OK that just doesn’t make sense. What kind of proceeds are there from terrorist activities? You blow something up, it costs money. Gerry Adams is in the south. Northern Ireland has it’s own parliament at Stormont now. Things have changed. It’s not like it was in the 70’s or the 80’s. How about British trade minister “lord” Stephen Green? He was in charge of the HSBC when it was laundering drug money for the Mexican cartel. Should we call him lord scum now?

  4. Well, the usual laundry-list of any criminal group, cash from the *shebeens* (illegal drinking establishments), gambling, loan-sharking, protection monies, cuts from all drug-dealers & prostitution. Bank robberies, endless knee-cappings of anyone who doesn't pay up on time.

    But, to a terrorist sympathizer, like...?...Anything is justified;..."For The Cause", don't ya know, heh...

    One morning in Omagh; it was a sunny day...


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