Monday, March 11, 2013

The rise and fall of Preston Manning

It was nice to see Preston Manning interviewed on television recently. He was the Dalai Lama of the conservative movement in Canada. Before everything went wrong that is. It was nice to see him photographed with the one and only Ron Paul. Preston Manning used to be like Ron Paul, until he dropped the ball.

I saw a short clip of one of his interviews where he said two profound things. Reflecting upon the /90’s when the Reform party swept the west he was asked if things have changed since then. Manning’s first observation was that they took a firm stand on balancing the budget and reducing the debt back then and were considered quite radical for doing so at the time. Now he observes that every party talks about balancing the budget and reducing the debt so that is progress. Yet talking the talk and walking the walk are two very different things.

Manning also made a profound statement. He spoke in favor of the environment and said being fiscally responsible is being environmentally responsible. The idea behind balancing the budget is to save something for the next generation. Here Preston Manning is applying that same principle to protecting the environment.

He admits it’s a tough sell within the current party and many defensively raise their hands at the thought suggesting there is still some work to be done to convince the new party that protecting the environment is being fiscally responsible. In fact, Stephen Harper has done the exact opposite.

As we remember, the Reform Party completely swept the West coast and won almost every seat. The movement stopped dead in Ontario where many saw it as a separatist party which was not true. Reform’s position was if Quebec wants to separate, let them. The sky will not fall. Ontario couldn’t grasp the idea and stood apart. That’s when Reform saw they had gone as far as they could go and needed to make some new alliances if they were to take Ottawa. Or restore some burned bridges.

This famous quote from the past is the ultimate historic deception from Brutus himself: As party members gathered in Saskatoon, policy director Stephen Harper told the assembly they must set aside their fringe status and take the fight to Parliament Hill. "We are not here to fight Preston Manning," Harper told the party's grassroots. "We are here to help Preston Manning. We are here to fight Brian Mulroney and Jean Chr├ętien and Audrey McLaughlin."

How on earth could Stephen Harper make that statement with a straight face? Clearly his masterful deception meant he was going places. Remember Harry Potter? Remember Tom Riddle? Rearrange the letters in Tom Riddle’s name and you get Lord Voldemort. Well, Stephen Harper is Brian Mulroney. Suggesting at one time he was mandated to fight him when he has done everything in his power to mimic and embrace him reveals the neo con implant.

It really comes as no surprise. Preston Manning’s original quest was to balance the budget to save social programs not destroy them. Preston Manning challenged us to look beyond the left and right and see issues not stereotypes. The slogan was unite the bright. Only the staff made a typo and printed unite the right so they decided to run with it. They merged with the very Mulroney neo con they originally set out to oppose and under Stephen Harper’s leadership became just like him.

We saw Preston Manning rise. He fell when he embraced Stephen Harper’s con. He fell when he continues to embrace that deception in an attempt to unite the right knowing full well that right is no longer right. Preston Manning fell when he embraced Harper and Christy Clark’s pee wee Herman advisor that is obsessed with spending tax dollars on advertizing to convince voters how to think when Reform promised to poll voters to create policies not brainwash them like big brother. Indeed great has been the fall there of. Stephen Harper is no Ron Paul. He is the exact opposite. Corporate communism has been revealed and we are now funding China’s military expansion.


  1. Preston Manning was right, the whole Left/Right thing is a sham anyway. Too bad he didn't stick to his guns.

  2. Sadly, uniting the right created a knee jerk reaction in the left and just polarized politics further which was the exact opposite of the original quest.

  3. Preston Manning didn't fall. He just won the last ficking election (via Bum Boy Harper). Where do you live? What planet? -
    Preston Manning on election night last year - CBC - a little tipsy, "Well, we finally won!!"

  4. Here's a fascinating, real-life conspiracy;

    A British secret agent, computer-whiz was found dead inside a suitcase, which the British tell us he put himself into (!):

    The Death of Gareth Williams: (Wikipedia):

    "Gareth Williams (born 26 September 1978) was an employee of GCHQ seconded to the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6) who was found dead in suspicious circumstances at a Security Services safe house flat in Pimlico, London, on 23 August 2010. The inquest found that his death was "unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated". The police investigation is continuing."

    It's that damn Putin again, he's assassinating people in the UK a lot. (Litvinenko, etc.)

  5. That's exactly what I mean. Stephen Harper has broken every Reform Party value known to man. Fiscal responsibility. Nope. Bank bailout, insider trading jets. The list goes on. Polling voters opinion. Nope. They do the exact opposite. HST commercials paid for with tax dollars trying to convince us how to vote. Attack adds when there is no election. Firing whistle blowers. Warrantless surveillance. The list goes on and on. Preston Manning "fell" when he changed everything Reform stood for and embraced Brian Mulroney all over again in the person of Stephen Harper.

  6. "Vaughn Palmer: How did a $6-million loan to two ex-government aides magically vanish?"

    (van Dongen) "...citing a document that appeared to challenge the official story. The MLA had obtained, through his intervention in one of the courtroom proceedings arising out of BC Rail, a copy of one of the actual legal indemnity agreements, concluded on July 22, 2005 and signed by the then deputy minister of finance Tamara Vrooman."

    "It committed the province to pay all of the legal bills for the accused but it also flatly stated that “each amount paid constitutes a loan to the indemnified person.”

    "Van Dongen: “The funds advanced were in the form of a loan. Now, when someone gets a loan from a credit union or bank, that sets up a debt. That sets up a liability. That establishes a legal obligation from the borrower to the financial institution."

    “So starting in 2005 this government advanced public funds by way of two loans to two political staff, and by October 2010 Basi and Virk had accumulated a debt to the province of $6 million — a $6-million loan.”

    "His point being that the money advanced to Basi and Virk for their legal bills was recognized in writing as a debt or obligation to the government from the outset, not just once they pleaded guilty."

    "Could the government explain how “two loans, two debts totalling $6 million” were “magically wiped out” without the necessary cabinet order?" (VSun)

  7. The BC Rail rabbit hole just never ends.


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