Friday, March 22, 2013

Candlelight Vigil in Mission

Hundreds gathered in Mission last night to remember Rachel Pernosky, the 18-year-old mother found murdered this week. Rachel was last seen early Saturday morning at her Mission home. Her purse and cell phone were later found inside. A neighbor said she saw her just after midnight with a man outside her home. “She just looked like she was hanging out with a friend.” Rachel’s body was found Tuesday evening down a steep embankment in Chilliwack. Tragically she left behind a one year old son. This is what I mean about murder. Stealing a child's mother is horrible.

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  1. RIP Rachel.

    I hope there's a special corner of hell reserved for the kind of person who mindlessly deprives a child of his mother like this.

    We really need to get serious about disposing of the kind of people who damage the lives of others. Someone gets killed every day anyway, what's wrong with us making sure it's the right someone? Nothing. It's called JUSTICE, and it eliminates the possibility of recidivism.


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