Monday, May 30, 2011

Mountie shared crime data about the Hells Angels

Speaking of security breaches, the Vancouver Sun and the Province both ran a rather bizarre article coming gout of Ottawa today about a Manitoba Mountie. Seemingly an RCMP officer did some unauthorised security checks on his wife and the Hells Angels. He claims he didn't share the information with the Hells Angels but he admitted he shared the information with his wife. Who, get this, is a Hells Angels Associate.

It gets weirder. The reason he got caught was because his wife was crossing the border and admitted to a customs agent she had former business dealings with an outlaw biker and admitted she still visits him in prison. I kid you not. US customs fond out her husband was an RCMP officer and they checked what kind of criminal database enquiries he made. Turns out he was looking at info about his wife and the Hells Angels.

Giving the guy the benefit of the doubt it's remotely possible he was checking his wife's criminal history. That is something I'd likely do myself since they just met in 2009. If she admitted to a customs agent she had previous business dealings with a Hells Angel then she must have admitted that to her husband as well.

The police and US customs would be in a better position to determine what kind of information he was looking at which would more likely answer the why but the flaming question is what is an RCMP officer doing married to a women who is a Hells Angels associate and currently visits a Hells Angel in prison. If that is not a flaming red flag, I don't know what is.

If her friend is in prison then it's most likely part of the Zig Zag Crew bust that was all drug related and involved Sean Wolfe among others. Saying that she had business dealings with drug dealers in the past and still visits a drug dealer in prison is somewhat concerning.

It's reminiscent of Ian Grant who was caught with confidential RCMP documents about the Hells angels and all of their rivals in his home. Ian Grant was from Manitoba. The article in the Sun goes a bit further to explain the officer claims he did the checks to protect himself and the force. Sharing the information with his wife could have been more like confronting her with her past.

There is a big difference between checking out if the women you just met and are going to marry has a criminal past compared to giving the Hells angels confidential information as was found in Ian Grant's home.

One would think that if he found 185 documents about his wife and the Hells Angels then that might be a bit of a red flag. Her continued friendship with a Hells Angel in prison certainly is.

The Source

Randy and Trevor Jones are twin brothers. They have both been implicated in a huge cross border Hells Angels drug ring bust. Yet this Hells Angels drug ring bust is not long after the recent one that was busted involving Robert Shannon and Hal Porteous.

First, let's examine the recent bust implicating the Jones brothers. It was a huge cross border drug ring that involved bringing 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of marijuana from Canada through Surrey and distributing it across the United States every month. It also involved bringing 100 to 200 kilograms of cocaine from Mexico through California and into Canada through Surrey every month.

The Source of the marijuana and the destination for the cocaine was a Hells Angels strip bar in Surrey which Trevor Jones and his brother Randy own and operate. Although the US Indictment has seen numerous arrests on the American side of the drug ring, there has been no arrests whatsoever that has touched the source or destination of the drugs on the Canadian side of the border.

The Hells Angels still control all the grow ops that produced that much pot every month and the Hells Angels still control all the dealers that sold that much crack in Canada every month.

The same drug ring that involved Robert Shannon continued involving another mule and will continue to do so. Mules are easy to find and easy to replace. To stop the problem we need to find the source.

Since this latest bust is out of Seattle, it causes us to reflect on another DEA operation out of Seattle that was prevented from happening by Richard Barszczewski. US officials had a boat loaded with 5,500 pounds of cocaine headed for the Hells Angels in Canada on the BC coast back in 2001.

Initially the Canadian RCMP had an informant that was going to help them get a large Hells Angels drug bust. Richard Barszczewski said no. He didn't want to pay the informant. Yet that is what it takes to bring down organized crime. They paid Michael Plante and Agent 22 which was very effective at shattering the false claims of the Hells Angels' innocence.

Yet it goes deeper than that. It wasn't just the fact that Barszczewski didn't want to cough up the money for the informant. The US DEA had intercepted the boat loaded with cocaine. They were willing to follow the boat to the Hells Angel source in BC that would receive the boat load of cocaine. The RCMP said American police can't come into Canadian waters with guns and the Americans said we are not going on a drug bust without our guns. So it never happened.

Now I'm the first one to express concerns about US law enforcement coming into Canada with guns. Yet the motive of Richard Barszczewski for preventing any Hells Angels from being arrested is clearly suspect. As was his subsequent promotion to the military.

We know the US military is helping cultivate and harvest opium in Afghanistan. We know that the Hells Angels have been caught selling heroin to prostitutes in Vancouver. It really makes you wonder what the source of that heroin really is.

Fox News claims the US military is helping cultivate and harvest opium so that money doesn't go to the Taliban and promise that they will try and intercept the heroin "somewhere" down the line. Are they really? Or are they just intercepting heroin shipments from the competitors that go to fund the Taliban as they let the shipments that fund them through.

Speaking of Seattle, lets ask why Chuck Pillon was fired from the Seattle PD for putting pressure on the crack dealers and for complaining about the police chief's complacency in allowing the crack dealers to continue. Every time a police officer started putting pressure on the crack dealers, they were transferred and put behind a desk. That was back in the /80's.

Catherine Austin Fitts claimed Gary Webb's book, The Dark Alliance was meticulous. She said as a former government official working within the Bush Administration, his book rang true. Yet he was attacked and slandered for it to his grave.

Clearly the CIA and the DEA are two separate organizations that sometimes have conflicting objectives. Judge Bonner was a former DEA agent that complained about the CIA bringing huge amounts of cocaine into Florida. The CIA adamantly denied it over and over again. Then Judge Bonner went on 60 minutes and documented everything. Finally the CIA admitted they had done it but claimed that was the only time and it was a mistake.

Yet we know from the documentation of Mena Arkansas which was tied to Bill Clinton as well as the Bush Administration, it wasn't the only time and it wasn't a mistake. The VPD were concerned about setting up an under cover operation to infiltrate the East Vancouver Hells Angels. They were concerned that the security of the Attorney Genera's office was compromised. Indeed those concerns have merit but it's not just the CIA. Military intelligence has been trafficking arms and drugs for years.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A ton of pot and 200 kilograms of cocaine a month

U.S. law enforcement agents allege Hells Angel associate Trevor Jones was the Canadian “boss” of the drug ring alleged to have distributed up to a tonne of pot and 200 kilograms of cocaine a month for several years.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeffrey Backhus and Vincent Lombardi asserted Stuart and his associates delivered marijuana to California, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia and New Jersey, and returned cocaine to Washington in an effort to smuggle it into Canada. “Jacob Stuart has been involved in drug trafficking for approximately 20 years.”

1,000 to 2,000 pounds of pot per month coming from Surrey and distributed across the United States and 100 to 200 kilos of cocaine per month coming back into Canada through Surrey. That is a large operation. It kind of concerns me when we hear Eric Sandberg tell a fellow Hells Angels associate from the Zig Zag Crew they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey.

It kind of reaffirms concerns about the Hells Angels violent bid to take over the production and sale of pot in BC. Once again, I personally don't see pot as the problem despite the huge volume this ring was involved with. The problem I see is paying for all that pot with cocaine to be sold as crack in Canada. That is the problem. It wrecks havoc on our society.

One can speculate on who ultimately profits from the sale of all that cocaine, yet the fact is, that's a lot of money. At 5:00 Catherine Austin Fitts said she was speaking to a group of spiritually minded concerned citizens and she asked them, if she had a big red button that would stop all the money laundering from all the illegal drug sales who would press the button?

Out of a hundred people present, only one person said they would press the button. She asked the other 99 why they wouldn't press the button and they said, we don't want our taxes to go up and our mutual funds to go down. Yet Catherine Austin Fitts explains that the tapeworm economy is extracting all that money from the system and leaching off of it. If we change the way we view the system we can change the way we are being exploited by it. We can actually make money by pushing the red button.

The Californian prison system is a clear example of how the direction that Stephen Harper wants to take us is not fiscally responsible nor is it morally responsible. Decriminalize pot and deal with violent crime and hard drugs. It really is that simple.

This cross border drug bust has not pushed the big red button. The Hells Angels still use violence to control all the grow ops. The Hells Angels are still bringing huge amounts of cocaine into Canada to be sold as crack. Arresting Robert Shannon didn't stop anything. After an arrest is made the Hells Angels just find another mule. Skeletor, Weird Hal or the Walrus, it really makes no difference. White collar criminals profiting from dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

What we need to do is set up some licensed medicinal grow ops that are not controlled by the Hells Angels. When the Hells Angels use violence to take them over, the gang task force need to enforce the law and protect those medicinal grow ops from being taken over by that criminal organization. That is the first step.

If affiliation with the Hells Angels makes one not fit and proper to hold a liquor license, then it makes one not fit and proper to hold a medicinal grow op license as well.

The Ontario supreme court decision did not say it's time to legalize pot. It said that many people have prescriptions for medicinal marijuana. Accessibility for fulfilling those prescriptions isn't happening. Especially when we allow medicinal grow ops to be controlled by a criminal organization.

People say if pot was legal the Hells Angels would lose their monopoly. Not necessarily. Medicinal grow ops are legal and the Hells Angels control them. The first step in cleaning up the mess is breaking the Hells Angels control of medicinal grow ops.

Randy Jones and his brother Trevor implicated in cross border drug ring

Well Kim Bolan does it again. She finds the court documents that names Trevor Jones, Randy's brother as the origin of the pot for the massive pot and cocaine drug ring recently busted in Seattle. Court documents claim he is the owner of Tbarz even though Russel Peters seems to think Randy is. Trevor is listed as the agent while Gladys' name is on the land title. Randy was the registered owner of the T barz domain name until we went public with that info and he changed it over to Gladys. Let's give it up for the Walrus. He is the egg man. Coo coo ca chew. See how they run like pigs from a gun. I'm crying.

Interesting to note that in the comic series the Archies, Gladys Jones was Jughead's mother. I guess if Randy is the Walrus then Trevor must be Jughead. Then again Randy does look like a cowboy. I guess they'll call Tbarz the YMCA now.

“We believe that during this and the previous trip, Lamar was delivering money to Trevor Jones, which the Stuart drug trafficking organization owed for marijuana obtained from the Jones brothers,” Winger testified in a court document. "From the Jones brothers" - plural. That would implicate Randy as well as Trevor.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

California Courts order release of 46,000 inmates

This case is another example of bizarre. It resembles something out of the Twilight zone. It is a clear example of a prison system that is not working and a judicial system that completely oversteps it's jurisdiction.

We know the prisons in California are seriously over crowded. Three to a bunk is bizarre. We know that privatizing the prisons, which was a huge conflict of interest has miserably failed. Yet when the courts order the government to release over one quarter of the prison population in two years, that sweeps the pendulum of absurdity in the opposite direction.

Justice Antonin Scalia, called the decision "staggering" and "absurd." It "takes the federal courts wildly beyond their institutional capacity," he wrote. I completely agree. Yet there is a problem and doing nothing about it is negligent. The court said the state's prisons had "short of minimum constitutional requirements" and "needless suffering and death" have resulted.

A privatized prison is mandated to make a profit. Private corporations have no moral conscience. Prisoners dying or not able to get adequate medical attention do not concern them. In fact, despite the over crowding, we see the rise of salaries. Lifeguards get 200,000 a year. The lowest paid is 100,000. A deputy sheriff can retire at 55 with 100,000 a year for life.

The problem is a person who is in on child support, DUI or some other non violent offense like smoking or selling pot, gets lumped in with everyone else. So how are we going to execute the release of one quarter of the prison population? Jesus Barabbas or Jesus of Nazareth? Someone who has committed a nonviolent crime or a convicted murder? You tell me.

Is the judicial system going to become like a trip to Vegas? Right after the trial is over and the judge has made his decision, let's roll the dice to see if the criminal actually goes to jail or walks away free. Absurd as that may seem, that is where we could be heading.

The logical response would be to set the nonviolent criminals free first. Everyone hates deadbeat Dads but bloody hell, garnish their wages don't send them to jail. Sending them to jail makes the innocent children suffer. How are they going to pay child support in prison?

There is a huge difference between selling pot and selling crack. The judicial consequences need to reflect that. Decriminalizing pot not legalizing it would be a logical medium which would let us fiscally address violent crime without raising taxes and bankrupting the system. Statutory release should be done away with. Inmates should be given the option of working to qualify for early release.

And this just in: California Accidentally Released Violent Inmates To Reduce Prison Crowding. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that nonviolent offenders should be the ones released first. Yet somehow the privatized prisons have a hard time understanding that.

Canada drops 240 bombs in Libya

Bullshit. 240 X $100,000 = $24 million. $24 million to bomb a guy after murdering his son because protesters took up arms against him. If I took an angry mob to Ottawa and started shooting at Harper I guarantee you the police would shoot back. The bombing of Libya is for their oil just like the Invasion of Iraq was.

Oh and dropping the HST temporarily for the referendum is bullshit too. Once the HST is in, no referendum will be able to stop them from raising it to whatever they want. The HST taxes things that are normally GST except. If it wasn't a tax grab the government wouldn't be spending so much money trying to convince us it's good for us. Democracy is good for us. Bullshit is not.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Hells Angels Drug Bust

Well roll out the red carpet for Russel Peter's pal Randy Jones. The U.S. has just busted a multimillion-dollar drug ring in Seattle involving Jacob Stuart who headed the American side of a drug distribution network that moved 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of marijuana and 100 to 200 kilograms of cocaine each month. According to charging documents, the primary source of marijuana was a Surrey, B.C., strip club owner linked to a British Columbia chapter of the Hells Angels.

Gee how many strip clubs in Surrey that we know of are linked to the Hells Angels? Let's see... there's T-barz. Russel Peters claims his pal Randy Jones owns that club although Randy has it registered in his mother's name. We know Randy is a member of the Hells Angels. It's hard to tell if the Dell and the Byrd are still open. Surely they're not referring to the wanna be G-Spot. That bouncer has been begging me to put him back on the gang member registry for years now.

So if Randy was the source of the pot in the pot for cocaine drug ring, is he being charged or just named in the U.S. indictment? Please advise. Hey if that strip club was the origin of the pot in a major cross border drug ring does that mean they can seize the bar under criminal org legislation? Looks like the heat is on.

"One of the most disturbing charges is that Stuart, along with Wolverton and others, were caught on wire-tapped cell phones planning the kidnapping of a female friend of an associate that had gone missing with a substantial amount of money."

Cobalt Mortgage sure set up Robert Wolverton's web site to be redirected to another web site in a hurry. Wolverton is Stuart's co accused. It's really sad. Robert and Jacob look like really nice guys who are going to take the fall just like Robert Shannon did and no Hells Angel will see a day in jail over it.

Here's a copy of the indictment. Seemingly they used planes to smuggle the weed into the States but sometimes smuggled it under loads of manure coming in from Canada.

"A total of 136 kilograms of cocaine was seized during the investigation. All of that cocaine was destined to be transported to Canada via this district. On April 28th, approximately 1,000 kilograms of cocaine was seized from various locations across the country pursuant to search warrants obtained as part of the investigation. Approximately 1,500 pounds of the cocaine was located in this district." (Page 4)

In one intercepted call, Stuart explained to an associate they could make $500 per kilogram flying cocaine from Southern California to Bellingham, according to the search warrant affidavit.

Jeff Vanderzalm Kreater Custom Motorcycles

So Bill Vander Valm's son owns a motorcycle shop in Kelowna and witnesses claim they saw him hanging around the clubhouse. Isn't that interesting. "Come in and introduce yourself. It's all good. Even if you're bad."

Jeff claims he's never been to a clubhouse even though a witness claims they saw him there. Yet Jeff is hosting a Rock and Ride party this weekend in Kelowna. I guess we'll just wait and see if any Hells Angels show up.

Having a motorcycle shop in the Hells Angels retirement village with the invitation to come on in, it's all good even if you're bad. One would think if he was trying to stay away from the drugs and crime that he wouldn't make that kind of a blanket invitation.

White Boy Posse and the Hells Angels in Edmonton

The White boy Posse is a white supremest gang in Edmonton tied to the Hells Angels that sell drugs. Isn't it about time we stop blaming all our drug and gang problems on the minorities? The Hells Angels are the root of it all. In Edmonton they have a white supremest puppet club. Not surprising since Mom Boucher started his own white supremest club before he joined the Hells Angels.

Yet these racist drug dealers will sell drugs to people of different racial back grounds as long as they can make money off them. White supremacists using the Red Alert gang as puppets to make them money. What a scam. The Red Alert are slaves to white supremacists.

Mom Boucher befriended Gregory Wooley who formed the Syndicate which let the Hells angels profit from selling crack to all the crips in Montreal. White Supremacists exploiting a brother to make money. Imagine that.

This white boy Posse in Edmonton is pretty sickening. They use swastikas. Don't tell me the Hells angels have anything to do with honourable military service. We fought the Nazi's in the war. Promoting that cause here is a shameful disgrace.

The Hells Angels are the drug trade in Edmonton just like they are in Vancouver. They sure used Joey Verma and tossed him aside.

Big News: White Boy Posse members charged with murder and decapitation.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joey Verma and Donnie McWhirter

Joey Verma is the guy that was charged with the murder of Britney Irving. Even before he was arrested the media claimed he had associations with the Independent Soldiers who as we all know are not independent. They are a Hells Angels puppet club.

Here are a few pictures of Joey and Donnie McWhirter AKA Blaze. We refer to him as Napoleon Dynamite for posing with an Independent Soldiers t-shirt and a 50 Pound barbell on his bench. They look kind of cozy. No I'm not implying they had any kind of homosexual relationship. I'm just saying that they look like friends not enemies. I'm not sure where this one is taken but the palm trees would imply it was a vacation.

In fact Joey had many friends in town. He was a Hells Angels associate. Witnesses claim they would see him with Hells Angels in public. April 6 2010 Joey was charged with robbery and murder of Britney Irving. Murder maybe but robbery, that doesn't make sense. The trial is scheduled to go on until January 2012.

The media claims Britney Irving sold pot to support her Oxycontin habit. The media reported that before Britney was murdered the grow op she lived on (which witnesses claim was run by the Hells Agnels) was busted.

Some claim that Joey ripped her off and killed her. Nope. Doesn't make sense. If he ripped her off, he would have ripped the Hells Agnels off which wouldn't be very bright. If he had done that he would have left town but he didn't. He was walking around town doing business as usual when he was finally arrested.

Someone claimed they thought Britney was the rat that got her grow op busted. Nope. Why would she do that. Not only was she not the type, they had nothing on her which would have put pressure on her to cut a deal.

Another person claimed she owed money so they did her in. Now that makes sense. Michael Plante worked the door and the Orange number five in East Van and sold pot for the Hells Angels. When his grow was robbed they charged him double and threatened his life. When he finally paid up it was back to business as usual. It was all about the money.

Some people would say, why would they kill someone who owed them money? They wouldn't get their money back. The answer is simple. To send a message to everyone else. The same reason they have been pushing Native women out of windows in East Van for drug debts. It sends a very clear message to everyone else and lets them rule with fear.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Dark side of the Black Door

In court, witnesses give testimony which becomes evidence. I posted a bizarre story how one person claimed people claiming to represent the Hells Angels barged into the American Backpackers Hostel in Vancouver with guns drawn looking for a kid who was selling pot there. The witness claims they said they know the kid lives there and is selling pot in their area. They said the kid has to leave town and everyone there has to buy pot from them at the Black Door which is right across the street from the Amsterdam Cafe.

Then a blog reader admitted you can indeed buy pot from the black door across from the Amsterdam cafe which is run by biker types and that the police are well aware of it and let it continue. They only asked them to shut down during the Olympics so it wouldn't be so publicly visible but let them start up again right after the Olympics was over.

Now we have another tale from another tourist staying at the Cambie who claims he witnessed a couple guys who he was told were from the Hells Angels beat the tar out of a guy for selling pot in their neighbourhood which was in the exact same area. Here is the other witness' account:

"It was a few years back, in 2007. I was staying at the Cambie, very close to the Amsterdam Cafe. It was my first day in town, and after a few beers in the hostel bar with some fellow backpackers, I went outside with a couple of Aussies to smoke a joint. We were minding our business when a couple black guys who looked like crack heads came up to us and sold me some pot. It was the same quality and amount, but half the price as the "dealer" who was selling to the backpackers around the hostel."

2 seconds after the deal was done, the black guys started walking away and out of nowhere a door opens across the street and 4 large bad ass biker looking dudes come storming out asking me what they had just sold me. The black guys took off running and 2 bikers chased them as the other 2 stayed with me. They asked me how much I paid, have i ever seen them before, was I not happy with the prices or quality from their dealers, etc etc. They honestly seemed very interested in why I was not buying from their guy inside, more than they were mad at me for buying from the crack heads. After a few minutes of simple conversations, the other 2 guys returned and asked me to come around the corner with them. The 2 black crackheads were sitting on the curb almost in tears, begging me not to say anything. One of the bikers asked me to point out the one who actually sold the weed. I am not stupid, I immediately pointed him out, and he screamed "no no!! It wasn't me!!" He was terrified, and I soon learned why. One guy pulled out a small metal pole, and another a chain. They beat this poor guy almost to death. I felt really bad for him, and a couple times I even said "Ok ok that's enough".

After the beating they told me that in this city, things had to be done like this. They told me that this was their block and they protected all the backpackers and tourist from being able to come into this area. They said if it wasn't for them "this area would be controlled by niggers and crackheads". They told me that if I had any problems while I was in Vancouver they could come straight to me. They also gave me a handful of dime bags for free, but warned me to not by anything from any "nigger" again on their block.

The next day I told the Aussies, who had all been there for a while what happened and they told me that they guys were Hells Angels (which is why they took off on me). For Americans (I'm from the South) Hells Angels only exist in movies. I didn't even know they were real.The next few days I just studied everybody and everything. I spent all day everyday on East Hastings. I dressed in my oldest clothes and just tried to blend in. I have never been so curious in my life. I couldn't believe how drugs were just sold in the open like that. 15year old kids shooting heroin on the side walk became normal. I watched gangsters just go from a building into an alley way with a large backpack and then come out of that same alley with no back pack and all of the sudden seeing a line of addicts form in front of some 16 year old Indian kid...who had the back pack.

Two points. First, they beat the tar out of the two black guys for selling pot in their area. They weren't selling crack they were selling pot. Only they weren't working for the Hells Angels so they beat the life out of them.

If we buy pot from the Hells angels we are supporting that kind of violence. Normally pot smokers are pretty nonviolent and mellow. In fact they often care about the environment and have a social conscience. Supporting that kind of violence would then be problematic.

I'm not saying don't let anyone sell pot I'm saying don't let the Hells Angels use violence to control the drug trade. Which I realize is somewhat problematic. They could bust the black door which they likely should, yet if pot no longer becomes available, then everyone is gonna be upset and is likely why nobody says anything.

The Hells Angels aren't protecting anyone from crack heads. The Hells Angels are the biggest suppliers of cocaine in the country. The Zig Zag crew paid money to the Hells Angels for protection so they could sell crack. The Hells Angels promoted and profited from that drug trade.

The only difference is in East Van they help the police contain the crack dealers to a certain area which makes the police's job easier. If the Hells angels will beat the tar out of a crack head for selling crack in Gastown then that makes it much easier for the police. Yet the hells angels are the ones profiting from the sale of crack at Oppenheimer park. Sure it looks cleaner now because it's done more discreetly but look at the violence the Hells Angels use on rival drug dealers and the violence they use on addicts who have debts. That kind of violence forces addicts to commit crime to pay their debts. That kind of violence is wrong and is exactly what we support when we buy pot from the Hells Angels.

BTW the reason this doesn't happen in the States is because they simply wouldn't put up with it. They would get a 12 year old kid to shoot the big bad biker dead. The kid would be a young offender and the problem would be solved.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Graham Maryancik

Back in 2002, a meth lab was busted in Kelowna on Postill Drive. Five locals were charged: Chet V. Keller, Wesley V. Crandall, Russell J. Penner, David Tarasenko and (Graham) John Maryancik.

Turns out that meth lab was a "major production" point for the Valley and all of the accused had connections to the Hells Angels. Yet the prosecution of the trial went amiss and the first two charged got off completely. Turns out one of the key witnesses was shot and killed by the police.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dark Side of Insite

There has been a lot of press about the joys of insite as we approach the supreme court's decision about the government's appeal to close it down. I will admit that saving lives is a good thing. Yet in all fairness we need to discuss the dark side of insite if we are going to fairly address the issue.

My personal problem with insite and needle exchanges isn't the fact that they exist. It's the social problems they create. Selling crack is against the law. Yet when we open up a needle exchange or safe injection site we then allow drug dealers to sell crack and everything under the sun openly and publicly. In fact the amount of drug trafficking goes up not down.

We want to help the addicts by reducing the risk of overdose yet in doing so we create more addicts. Sure a handful will enter a detox program but look at the huge number of more addicts we create by making the drug so accessible. Not to mention how hard we make it for addicts to quit when the drug is so accessible and everywhere they go dealers are pushing it in their face.

I will admit, cleaning the allies and having a nice clean place to inject heroin or inject cocaine looks nice. It almost looks compassionate. As long as you don't look at the dark side and deny it exists.

Anyone with a brain will agree that the huge exposure insite is getting, there is a huge amount of money to be made from the illegal drug trade it promotes. Extremists would then claim the next step is to legalize all drugs. Yet that would be irresponsible as would promoting an illegal drug trade.

So here we have a safe injection site in East Vancouver that has greatly increased not decreased the amount of drug trafficking in the area. Let's pause for a minute and ask ourselves who is profiting from all this misery? Who are the ones making the big bucks from supplying the drugs to be injected there? It is the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels control the drug trade in East Vancouver. They are so ruthlessly violent the people in East Van are too afraid to mention their name. The name Hells Angels is then replaced with the acronym the boys, the big boys or not even repeated out of fear.

Kind of like the fear Tony Terezakis instilled on behalf of the Hells Angels in the American hotel and the Cobalt. Kinda like the fear that Juel Stanton instilled for the Hells Angels in the Ivanhoe. Which was reinstilled when they even killed Juel Stanton which made the fear and uncertainly of their brutal ruthlessness skyrocket.

Kinda like the fear that would generate enough public outrage to hold demonstrations for Ashley Machiskinic's murder when the police tried to claim it was a suicide.

Kind of like the fear generated by the Surrey House of Horrors or the Prince George torture chambers. That is the dark side of Insite. If that kind of drug related torture exists in Surrey and Prince George, we know it exists in East Vancouver. The Pickton farm was just one example.

So there are clearly pros and cons of keeping Insite open. Preventing over doses is a good thing but increasing the number of addicts is not and supporting the kind of torture and abuse addicts are experiencing is socially irresponsible. The methadone program has good intentions. Yet when we refuse to reduce the dosage for people on the program those good intentions fail.


On the subject of Insite John Ferry from the Vancouver Province wrote a good editorial called: Addicts need more than a clean needle. "On the other hand, former longtime heroin addict Barry Joneson wants Insite shut down. He's saddened people don't seem to understand you have to confront addiction, not coddle it."

Which kinda brings me to my statement doctors don't prescribe alcohol to alcoholics. James Coulter said Clay had a very big heart. I will never forget how he helped me get out of addiction.

We don't want a safe injection site in Surrey.

Prince George Torture Chambers

Speaking of the Surrey House of Horrors, let's not forget the Prince George Torture Chambers the police found. Through the media the police have told us A) that the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George and B) that they found crack houses with addicts chained in the basement who were tortured for drug debts.

Now the Hells Angels will cry like babies and claim the police are liars but we can confirm the allegations with other sources. We know that the Renegades are a Hells Angels puppet club that sold pot and oversaw the Crew that sold crack for the Hells Angels in Prince George. After getting bad press for cutting off fingers for drug debts the Crew faded away and they became the Independent Soldiers who run crack shacks for the Hells Angels in Prince George.

Then came the GTS. Kim Bolan discovered a GTS leader striking for the Renegades in their company wearing their rocker. That would pretty much document the Hells Angels connection to the GTS as well. Ricky fat ass liar can cry all he wants but the subsequent gang rape by GTS members in the Renegades clubhouse would reconfirm that association as well. No publication ban on naming the charge bitch.

Now the police claim they did find crack houses in Prince George where addicts were imprisoned and tortured for drug debts. Let's compare that with the reality tv series produced by the deranged Tony Terezakis.

Tony was a Hells angels associate who sold drugs for the Hells Angels in the American Hotel and the Cobalt. He admitted to that and plead guilty after he was caught. Yet he also had a huge amount of videos he made of him beating crack addicts for debts. Tony claimed he was just making a reality tv show.

The scenes in his movie were all staged, he claims. The alleged assault and confinement victims, including Tommy, consented to play hapless punching bags. Terezakis described them in court this week as actors peforming "stunts." They are beaten, spat upon, smeared with feces.

Terezakis insisted they were all compensated, usually with drugs. Tommy was paid in heroin. In fact, Tommy earned a little extra, Terezakis recalled, because his scene involved violence. The pay scale moved up or down, depending on the beatings the men took.

While there's nothing amusing about the abuse he dishes out on video, he laughed when describing certain scenes in court. It's hard to decide what's more sickening: his cruel depictions of violence and degradation, or the sight of him watching, a smile on his face.

That's kind of a good point. Here's a deranged subhuman who enjoys seeing addicts beaten to a pulp. Kinda like they were doing in the Surrey House of Horrors and in the Prince George torture chambers.

One of Tony's co accused, Andrew Goosen, was sentenced to drug trafficking and assault. The judge concluded "There is little, if any, evidence that Mr. Goosen took any steps in the drug trafficking without Mr. Terezakis' specific direction,"

There are two points in the Goosen case. One is that he sold drugs under the direction of Hells Angels associate Tony Terezakis. The other is that he plead guilty to an assault he was filmed performing in the "Reality TV Show."

Terezakis also described a rehab "program" he ran for Vancouver prostitutes, to whom he cloyingly referred as "the most vulnerable in our society." He supplied them with daily doses heroin, his way of "weaning them" off the drug.

Now we have another direct connection between the Hells Angels selling heroin to prostitutes in East Vancouver and the violence associated with maintaining that business. Tony Terezakis was convicted of selling heroin as well as cocaine for the Hells Angels. That kind of puts a dark twist on what our tax dollars are really supporting at insite.

Nevertheless, looking at the insane and deranged case of Tony Terezakis in East Vancouver, I'm more likely to believe the police when they describe the torture chambers they found in Prince George than the Hells Angels who deny they exist.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Surrey House of Horrors Revisited

I've talked about the Surrey House of Horrors before yet I think it's important to follow up on these stories lest they be forgotten forever. The Surrey House of Horrors was a crack house in Surrey

Sex trade worker Annette Allan was found dead dumped in the Fraser River back in 2001. Police say she was murdered at the Surrey House of Horrors crack house. Sex trade worker Yvonne Boen's DNA was found in the same crack house as well as on the Pickton farm.

The crack house was at 13832-108th. It was built in the 1940's and has since been torn down and a new house stands in it's place. I wasn't familiar with the famed crack house at the time but I do remember a house fire a few doors up the street. I don't know if it was a meth lab or not but I do remember seeing graffiti on the house that said "Hells Angels Pimp Whalley Girls."

Joseph Francis Legassie, 38, of Surrey was originally charged with the murder of Annette Allan at the Surrey House of Horrors but that charge was dropped and replaced with the lesser charge of unlawful confinement.

McPherson told the court Legassie is not accused of actually locking her up, stabbing her or killing her, but having consented to the stabbing. Because of his "unique position" as the person running the shack, McPherson said, Legassie's actions and lack of actions made him a party to crime.

We know that the court was told the East Vancouver Hells Angels hired contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith to kill Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey. Smith said a man he called Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits." Paul Soluk was killed in 1999. Note that this connection documents the East Van Hells Angels involvement with Surrey crack houses.

Forum blogger Greg Carr claims at the time there was a vehicle with the plate number 2641-HA parked at a house without a posted address between 13710 and 13734 108 Ave in Surrey. That's awfully close to where the Surrey House of Horrors was. Carr seems to think Hells Angels lived there at one time. It's relatively close to Gus' shop and the Shadow club as well.

It seems as though Annette Allan was falsely accused of being a rat too. Either their paranoia is delusional or they have no creativity whatsoever in making up reasons for killing people.

In early summer 2001, Juel Stanton, his brother Norman and two other associates allegedly took control of a Whalley grow operation, forced the owner to work for them and then severely beat him. The men also allegedly forced the owner to reveal any other grow-ops he knew about. Somehow that act was twisted to become they beat up someone for stealing from a Hells Angels grow op. Taking over an existing grow op is very different that beating up someone for doing a grow rip.

In that case Juel got off but his brother was convicted. RCMP said the case was an offshoot from a separate investigation about several homicides at a notorious crack house on 108th Avenue called "The House of Horrors." Somehow they were related.

So are Juel Stanton's missing associates being hunted down for getting carried away and taking over other Hells Angels grow ops or because they know enough to implicate Giles as the ring leader of their plot? Please advise.

Kerry Ryan was connected to John Punko as well as Ron Lising and Randy Potts. Is Giles going to betray all of them like he betrayed Stanton? Is anyone going to fess up that Giles knew about it all along? Oh wait, someone already did. That's why heads have started to roll.

And let's not forget how Hells Angels associate Eric Sandberg told Agent 22 when he visited Vancouver that he could get the agent any kind of gun he wanted and that "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. They were both Hells Angels associates.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

John Punko and Juel Stanton

Is John Punko slated for termination next? Why would they do that? Before they make up another bullshit excuse like they did for Juel Stanton, Geoff Meisner and Britney Irving lets find out the real reason.

OK maybe they didn't make up a lie about Britney. Maybe they really were dumb enough to think she was the rat for the Hells Angels grow op she lived on that was busted. She didn't obviously but it is possible they were dumb enough to think she did. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say Britney was a mistake. Yet blaming Joey and saying if Joey did it he's no longer our friend is bullshit as well. Only a rat would do that.

Geoff did not steal a large shipment of pot from the Hells Angels. That didn't happen. Nor did he steal someone's cocaine and pocket the profit. That isn't what happened. We really need to stop and question these lies before we blindly believe them. Like how they claimed Joey Arrance raped someone's girlfriend. That didn't happen either. Even if he did, which he didn't, that wouldn't justify murdering his girlfriend's mother. That was really messed up.

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. So too with the Vancouver gang war. Murder and betrayal justified with lies. False statements. Someone said Juel Stanton was involved with the Pickton murders and that's why he was killed. They claimed his death ended the Hells Angels connection to the Pickton murders. Bullshit. First, I don't think he was personally involved and second, that in no way ended the Hells Angels involvement in that case.

Piggy Palace was a Haney Hells Angels hang out. That's the chapter than run the Maple Ridge grow ops where dead bodies have been found. The Hells Angels involvement in that case was not limited to one person. Even Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate.

So my next question is, why would they lie about Stanton like that? Make up some bullshit reason for killing him so no one questions it. Perhaps. That's worked many times before I suppose. Yet you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Some said Stanton was too violent and was beating up crack addicts for drug debts in the Ivanhoe. That's exactly what Tony Terezakis did just up the street at the American Hotel and across the street at the Cobalt. Only Tony actually filmed himself doing it. That wasn't very bright.

Juel Stanton and his brother were robbing grow ops and taking them over for the Hells Angels. They were on company business. Betraying him like they did was somewhat bizarre. Stanton was a scrapper. Kinda like Punko. They were rough and tumble the real deal. They weren't these plastic Merle Norman eyebrow man purse wielding fairies.

Stanton's charges weren't significant. Punkos are. Since Punko's conviction was overturned they might well kill him just to avoid getting criminal org status in BC for the first time. Wouldn't that be rat like.

Someone claimed that Stanton answered to Giles and that Giles was the one that ordered the end to his own soldier. They claimed there was a disclosure in Stanton's trial that proved to be quite enlightening and perhaps even made the police look bad. I suppose a lot of people didn't want that disclosure made public.

It revealed things about Stanton that Bryce didn't even know but Giles did. That was kind of the shocker. We all know that everything in the Hells Angels is on a need to know basis, but why would Giles keep secrets from Bryce? The source claims after that disclosure it was kinda hard for Bryce to trust Giles. No doubt. I sure wouldn't trust him or anyone else that so warmly embraced the Lennoxville Massacre.

Someone else claimed that they killed Stanton because he was taking over grow ops owned by other Hells Angels in other chapters. Yet that doesn't really make sense. Why would he do that? Unless Giles was trying to move in to other areas owned by other chapters without telling Bryce and then had Stanton killed so everyone would think Stanton was acting on his own not under Giles' direction. Wouldn't that be a conspiracy. There are lots of theories about why they killed Stanton. I don't accept the official version.

Charges in 2008 Dudley-McKay Murder

I am relieved to hear that charges have finally be laid in the Dudley-McKay Murder. It was a tragedy that Lisa was left dying in her home after reports of shots fired were made four days earlier. Keep in mind the person that called it in didn't dial 911 they called the non emergency number first as they weren't completely sure it was gunfire they heard coming from the house. The officer investigating the call did make a mistake which I'm sure will haunt him for the rest of his life. A real tragedy indeed.

We do need to remember that the police officer wasn't the one who shot her. That point seems to have been missed. The police said at the time it was a targeted shooting. They have arrested a suspect and said the motive will come out during the trial. Along with motive would be affiliation. If it was a targeted murder there had to have been an affiliation tied to the motive.

One anonymous reader on Kim Bolan's blog claimed the suspect is a member of the Renegades who are a Hells Angels puppet club in Prince George. That would be unconfirmed hearsay at this point yet all leads are worth investigating. The news claims the suspect was from Surrey.

Guthrie didn't ride a Harley he rode a sports bike. Yet Hells Angels were said to have attended their children's fundraiser in 2009. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Hells Angels attending a funeral or a fundraiser. Unless of course it's for someone they had killed. That would be somewhat bizarre.

Another body in the Lake

Speaking of getting back to reality, another body was found in the Okanagan lake at Kelowna today. The last one found under the dock at the marina was Catherine Hayley Wright. Foul play was ruled out by the corner. Perhaps they're claiming it was a suicide. I don't understand how someone can jump off a floating bridge in an attempt to commit suicide. I don't think that's high enough off the ground to do the trick. Strange things did go on at that marina.

There was a drug bust there that resulted in BC's first successful criminal organization charges. They were selling drugs out of that marina on behalf of a criminal organization. The court didn't actually name the criminal organization but we know that drug ring did bring cocaine to the Hells Angels clubhouse in Kelowna.

We know that Geoff Meisner is still missing. So is Aaron Derbyshire as well as a few others. Not all appear to be gang or drug related but the number of missing people is disturbing.

On a strange note, New York Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard has been found dead in his apartment. Derek was 28.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to Reality

Although May appears to be political corruption month on the gangsters out blog, it's time to return to our primary focus and that is the Vancouver Gang War. Political and white collar corruption does affect us. Looking into the vortex of coruption as described by Al Martin can indeed be overwhelming. Yet there are simple wrongs that stare us in the face every day in our own communities. Two names I will cite that have connection to the Hells Angels and the crime that plagues our smaller cities are Russell Penner and Ryan Chappie. What concerns me is the iron grip the Hells Angels have on the drug trade in East Vancouver and their subsequent liability for the drug related violence there including but not limited to pushing Native women out of windows for drug debts. What concerns me is how this absolute control of the drug trade in Prince George has resulted in a great deal of drug related violence including but not limited to a gang rape at a Hells angels puppet clubhouse and the murder of a former associates girlfriend's mother who was wheelchair bound and burned to death in her own home. These evil acts will not continue noticed. They tie in with the murder and betrayal of Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner in Kelowna. The ultimate liability for the violent betrayal of former associates is clearly the Hells angels. It started with the Lenoxville massacre and it never stopped. Hells Angel Jeff Lynds confessed to murdering Randy Mersereau with a gun provided by the Hells Angels. That confession has opened the door to the investigation of Rusty Hall's betrayal and murder. Murdering a brother, then denying it and attending their funeral is the lowest kind of rat there is. Reporting a murder to the police is not being a rat. Turning the other way is.

Oil Companies suing the government

With all this talk about the government suing the oil companies over the price of gas let's take a peak at times the oil companies have sued the government and why that makes over reaching trade agreements so dangerous.

Recently, Alaskan oil companies have sued the government for handing too much land to polar bears. I kid you not.

The thought is rather absurd. A democratically elected government can make parks and protected habitat all it wants. Yet not when we hand over those democratic rights over to tribunals in over reaching trade agreements like NAFTA, TILMA and the NAU.

Two U.S. oil companies are suing Canada for $60 million under NAFTA’s Chapter 11, because the Newfoundland government is demanding that part of their research and development (R&D) budget be spent in the province.

The Council of Canadians explain that under NAFTA’s Chapter 11, foreign investors sue governments over public measures like environmental protection, public health protection and the delivery of public services if they interfere with their profits. These cases are not adjudicated by Canadian courts, but by secretive trade tribunals.

This does not give any consideration to the country’s laws, commitments to social programs, and environmental, labour or human rights. By giving foreign investors the right to claim damages when government measures interfere with profits, NAFTA has empowered private tribunals to resolve public policy disputes. The result is that foreign companies may use NAFTA freely to challenge public policies and laws they oppose.

So what happens when a corporation sues the government under NAFTA and loses? It rewrites the agreement so that it will win next time. That is what we see with TILMA and the NAU. TILMA is a trade agreement between the provinces that makes it illegal for any level of government to create a law that will inhibit a corporation's ability to make a profit. The same with the wording of the NAU. Oh I mean the security prosperity partnership.

If we want to create a law that protects the environment, we can't. We just signed away that right. So when a private company wants to make a profit by dumping nuclear waste in Canada they can sue us if we try and stop them because protecting the environment would inhibit their ability to make a profit. I kid you not. These are serious issues being signed away in back rooms as we sleep.

Government intervention in the rising price of gas

In the news we hear both the American and the Canadian governments are summoning the large oil companies to explain why the price of gas is so high at the pump when they are making billions in profits and get billions in tax exemptions. Well isn’t that ironic?

First we create a giant blood sucking monster mandated to rip people off, then we act all surprised when they do what they are mandated to do. Rip people off and make more and more profit. It is a theatrical production to appease voters and play Pontius Pilate.

The price at the pump at mid-week had risen nearly 6% in less than 72 hours, while crude oil prices had fallen by nearly 14% in the previous 10 days.

Private corporations only care about one thing – profit. They are mandated to not only make a profit but to always increase the amount of profit they make to meet the ever increasing demands of the shareholder. Corporations don’t care about consumers. The only time corporations care about consumers is when supply and demand says the consumer can go somewhere else which would reduce their profit margin. When there is a monopoly on the market that is not publicly accountable, consumers don’t matter.

In a sense there isn’t a monopoly on the oil market, it’s just that the big oil companies have ganged up on the consumer. When we had a gas war supply and demand reduced the price of gas at the pump. Now the gas war is over. Some companies will automatically set their price of gas at a few cents below what everyone else is charging. Everyone else just accepted that and kept charging more and more so the companies that would undercut them were only under cutting them by a marginal amount.

In 1911 the Supreme Court stepped in when the Rockefellers tried to buy up all the oil companies and create a monopoly. They introduced legislation allowing smaller oil companies to exist. Which in essence just paved the way for all the oil fraud the Bush family were so entrenched in.

Yet when the large oil companies are making so much excessive profit and they refuse to reduce the price of gas at the pump, then it is with merit to discuss government intervention. Oh but can a government intervene in a private market? They can when they rip people off. There are two avenues to go.

We can’t sue them and take them to court because they haven’t broken any laws. We could create a law to force them to drop the price of gas at the pump and start paying some corporate tax. The other avenue would be to nationalize the oil industry. Wouldn’t that be extreme? Look at how they slandered the Mexican president who nationalized their oil. They slandered him to his grave and beyond. Yet the Mexican people have benefited from his efforts.

Nationalizing the oil may sound extreme, but look at all the good that could be accomplished. Fair prices is one thing but think about the number of schools, hospitals and mri scans some of those profits could pay for? Certainly we don’t want to overburden the private sector with excessive corporate tax. Yet if the large corporations are making large profits, then they should be paying some tax. Not taxing the large corporations but taxing individual families is unjust. Natural justice declares that everyone does their civic duty and pays their fair share of tax. This is how we balance budgets. This is how we pay down the debt. This is how we build schools and hospitals. This is how we provide social programs like universal healthcare.

The Financial Post claims There's not much any government can do to control the price of gasoline at the pumps. That's not entirely true. All the payday loan companies, although privately owed are all subject to the laws in place. In BC the maximum they can charge for a payday loan is 23% so that is exactly what they charge. They charge 23% for a two week loan which is really 46% per month but we won't get into technicalities. Much.

The point is the government can create laws and intervene when private companies get carried away with greed. Standard Oil was the largest oil refiner in the world until it was broken up by the United States Supreme Court in 1911.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pension Theft

Front page of the Globe and Mail today had the headline Pensions. The article quotes some numbers and then comes up with a very disturbing conclusion. They say that more than half of the country’s pensioned workers are in jobs in the civil service or at government-funded institutions such as universities and hospitals.

They then proceed to claim "While job losses in hard-hit sectors have helped to drive down the number of employees with pension plans, many companies have also looked to cut costs by eliminating so-called defined benefit plans – which pay the worker a guaranteed income upon retirement – for new employees at least."

They are claiming that since the number of Canadian workers with pensions have decreased in the private sector compared to the public sector companies are trying to eliminate pensions to cut costs and imply that public sector employees should consider also taking the roll back to their pensions.

That's like saying there's a bank robber loose and since he has robbed half the banks, everyone else should give up their savings too. Pensions are sacred. The Corporate trend of eliminating pensions to cuts costs is a clear example of how fucked up our society has become.

Aside from the fact that they fudged their numbers. “It comes back to an employment story more than a pension story,” said Paul Forestell, senior partner at pension consulting firm Mercer. “Jobs disappeared, so there are fewer people working in manufacturing in the private sector. It’s not necessarily that [pension] plans disappeared, there’s just less people employed there.”

Yet in October of 2009 the Globe and Mail ran another article entitled Bankrupt companies, pension promises destroyed. That article states that there are 17.6 million people in the Canadian work force and that 11 million Canadian workers are without pension plans. That is not a good thing. We should be encouraging pensions not discouraging them.

Yet the Globe and Mail have just run another article about pensions entitled: Messing with politicians’ pensions can have unintended consequences.

They claim that messing with a politician's pension is taboo. Then why is it fair game to steal everyone else's pension? Answer: It's not. Canada’s aging work force hasn’t saved enough to retire. Pension benefits are being slashed, employees are working longer, the elderly are selling their homes and going back to work. This is not a good thing. Trying to encourage companies to steal pensions to cut costs is just plain wrong.

Huntsville and the Vortex of Corruption

Huntsville, Alabama and beside it Redstone Arsenal is a large hub where military weapons are manufactured. Al Martin calls it Corruption City, USA. (page 362) Martin describes how an investigation team was sent in to Redstone with some accountants and found there was a great deal of missing material and no record of any payments to account for the losses. Martin claims the "discrepancy" at the Huntsville military complex was $16 billion.

Shocking as this allegation is, it clearly falls within the realm of believability when we hear the warnings from Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11. On that day he said the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion dollars. Trillion. That is a huge amount of money and as we all know where ever there is that kind of money to be made, criminals will kill for it.

Martin claims the heart of the scheme was to sell military weapons to embargoed countries through a variety of artifices and cut-out nations. We've already talked about Trans World Armaments of Montreal tied to Brian Mulroney which was used in Iran Contra to ship arms to Nicaragua.

Ya see there's two things on the table. One is selling military weapons to both sides of a conflict to simply make a profit for the military or for the Corporations that manufacture the weapons. The other is stealing from the military to simply make a profit for oneself. The latter would explain why so much money has gone missing. People in positions of trust are stealing from the military to line their own pockets.

It's kind of hard to rationalize how stealing from the military is somehow done for God and Country. One could, in a very twisted way, rationalize selling cocaine out of Mena Arkansas to help supply the Contras in Nicaragua with weapons with an end justifies the means argument. They could claim they are doing that bad thing to fight a greater evil, which is the threat of Godless Communism.

Yes it is very twisted and insane, yet there is a fragment of a rationalization one could theoretically cling to. Yet there is no fragment of rationalization to cling to when you are stealing arms from the military and selling it to embargoed countries to make a profit for yourself and line your own pocket with stolen cash. Stolen tax dollars. That act isn't even conflicted. It is outright theft.

Of course the criminals in charge say the answer is to privatize the military and remove all public accountability whatsoever so the public never again hears a number of how much money is missing from military spending. Thus Blackwater and the private Corporate Mercenary Army was created and the Clone Wars have begun.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bin Laden's death fuels conspiracy theories

The Vancouver Province recently ran an article by Les MacPherson about how Bin Laden's death has fueled conspiracy theories. The first conspiracy theory he addresses is the thought that Osama is still alive. To that charge I'd have to agree with his claim that it would be highly unlikely for President Obama to risk the embarrassment of announcing Osama's death if he was still alive only to find a new video from a living Osama. I just don't think Osama had anything to do with 9/11.

The article states that posting pictures of a dead Osama wouldn't matter because Conspiracy theorists would only claim the photos are faked. The shadows aren't right, they would say, just like they say about the thousands of photos and miles of video footage of astronauts on the moon.

Yes photos can be easily faked and yes they can make pretty realistic masks of anyone. However, comparing that to claims of the moonwalk being faked is quite a stretch. After all the original bin Laden "confession" video didn't look anything like bin Laden. It wasn't a matter of the shadows not being right. It was simply a matter of being an entirely different person in the video.

"Conspiracy theorists, however, by definition, can never be convinced. They'll say bin Laden won't be appearing in any more videos because he's in on the conspiracy." Well that's a possibility. Everyone else in bin Laden's family were extremely cosy with the Bush family and donated millions to their political campaigns and oil fraud company. Osama was at one point a CIA asset.

Nevertheless, MacPherson goes on to state: "It is the malignant nature of a conspiracy theory that all evidence confirms the theory. If there is no evidence whatsoever, the theory concludes it is too perfect. That's why people still insist that 9/11 was an inside job, that Oswald didn't shoot JFK, that an alien UFO crashed near Roswell, N.M. No amount of evidence can ever put to rest these enduring myths."

This is where I start to gag. MacPherson uttered the forbidden thesis, that some think that 9/11 was an inside job and that no amount of evidence can ever put to rest these enduring myths. The video of the assassination of Kennedy clearly shows he was shot from the front not the rear as claimed in the Warren Commission report. UFO's don't concern me but 9/11 does.

The most outrageous conspiracy theory I have ever heard is the claim that the third tower in New York fell due to heat and fire. That is not scientific. It defies reason. No planes hit the third tower. Other buildings closer to the twin towers withstood the impact of falling debris. The third tower collapsed into it's own blueprint at free fall speed just like a controlled demolition. They knew it was going to collapse before it fell. Larry Silverstein said they pulled the building.

To claim that the third tower fell in New York due to heat and fire is absolute nonsense. To claim that all the scientific evidence proves the third tower fell due to heat and fire is simply a false statement.

I could go into details about the numerous scientific flaws with the official story behind 9/11 and likely will. Yet the simple irony I find is why would Larry Silverstein buy the Twin Towers right after the Port Authority lost the court case to have the insurance companies pay for the asbestos removal they had been required to perform. Why would a businessman buy the twin towers knowing he had to pay for the removal of asbestos in the towers? That defies reason.

He sure profited from the disaster though. He sued the insurance company and claimed that since two planes hit the towers that constituted two terrorists attacks not one and demanded to be paid twice the maximum value of the insurance policy. He paid his mortgage and doubled the value of his investment as a result of the attack based on an insurance fraud.

Let's say I had a car worth $20,000 and I insured it for it's full value. Then let's say I get in a three car collision. Two cars run a red light and hit me from both sides. The fact that two cars hit me is not relevant. I had one car and I insured that car for it's full value. ICBC would not pay me twice the value of my car. Yet that is exactly what Larry Silverstien did. He insured the Twin Towers against a terrorist attack for the full value of the towers and was then paid out twice the value of the towers. That in my opinion is another example of insurance fraud. That's a fact, not a conspiracy theory.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Double Scam and the Texas Bank Robbery

We've heard of double dipping but a double scam is something rather new. I'm not talking about a card trick. I'm talking about a stock swindle. We've talked about the Bush family's involvement with oil fraud.

Donors would invest in the fake oil field. They would be paid half their investment in the limited partnerships before they became insolvent. They got to write off the other half of their investment on a 2:1 leverage basis, which was perfectly legal under the lax laws at the time. The net effect was that they came out whole on an after tax basis.

That scam defrauded the American people out of tax revenue because the investors wrote off the loss in their fake company which meant a reduction in tax revenue to the government which had to be recovered from the average citizen.

The double scam is the same thing twice over. Al Martin used the following example: "I will use MCorp as an example, wherein a corporate artifice could be formed by Jeb Bush, let's say. Money could be borrowed from MCorp. The money would then be used to short (sell short, in other words) MCorp's stock. When the stock plummeted, the shares would be bought back at a large profit, and the original load itself would be defaulted on through the marginal, corporate entity that originally borrowed it, which most likely existed nowhere except in an attorney's file cabinet." (The Conspirators page 100)

I'm not sure I understand the selling short thing but I do understand defaulting on a bank loan through a fake corporation. BTW "In March 1989, when MCorp failed, is was the 36th largest banking entity in the United States. As the second largest banking entity in Texas, MCorp consisted of 25 banks, 86 banking offices, and 1 trust company, all located in Texas. The company had assets of $18 billion, and it's common stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange M. MCorp had a reputation as one of the most progressive banking entities, in terms of both technology and personnel."

"MCorp suffered two straight years of quarterly operating losses beginning with the fourth quarter of 1986. The losses stemmed primarily from an increasing amount of nonperforming assets and loan charge-offs. The oil industry in Texas and the Southwest had collapsed."

They lost their money due to scams. It wasn't that the oil market dried up, It was the oil fraud that milked them dry. The test run for the big one was in 1989 when the government dished out $2 billion for MCorp alone.

Al Martin claims that there were three major Texas lending institutions which were very prominent in the Iran-Contra fraud and were, in fact, taken down by the fraud.These were Texas American Bancshares, then chaired by Bobby Corson, Allied Bancshares of Texas, then chaired by the infamous Walter Mischer, and thirdly, MCorp. (page 99)

These were the three largest savings and loans and/or chimerical banks in Texas in the mid-1980's. The combined losses in these institutions totaled some $5 billion. By 1988-8, these banks were, in fact, insolvent.

Mischer and Corson were later investigated by various Congressional committees as to the nature of unrepaid Iran-Contra loans. In some cases, these were some of the few groups of institutions where the CIA was directly involved.

In fact, by 1989, it was determined that the CIA had borrowed for illegal, covert operations some $350 million from these three intuitions. It also failed to repay that amount. These banks were involved principally in fraudulent Iran-Contra related profiteering - realm estate loans, oil and gas ventures, illegal securities transactions, ect.

Al Martin gives another specific example of the double fraud. One that he claims he himself did under the direction of Jeb Bush.

"What I did (as a matter of fact, Jeb Bush introduced me to the loan with certain provisios about where parts of the proceeds were to go later on ) is that I formed a separate shell known as Mar-Tech Industries. I borrowed $85,000 from MCorp through Dean Witter. Through the account that Mar-Tech controlled at Dean Witter, I was able to short 10,000 shares of MCorp preferred at varying prices between $8 and $8.50."

"Within three or four months, M-Corp preferred shares had fallen in value to $3. I then covered my 10,000m shares between $3 and $3.50 a share making approximately $50,000 profit. I then proceeded to dissolve Mar-Tech and defaulted on the original $85,000 loan, after having made two interest payments."

"I now has $135,000 in total profits, as you loosely describe $85,000 illicitly obtained from a fraudulent bank loan, or a bank loan that I obtained under fraudulent circumstances, plus $50,000 garnered through the short sale of said stock, essentially using the bank's own money to short the stock and then defaulting on the loan. Others did this in much larger quantity than I ever did." (page 101)

I'm not reposting this information to teach people how to scam the banks. I'm reposting it so the banks will see how they were scammed and that the Bush family were directly involved in all this which makes George Bush's visit to Surrey very problematic indeed. We do not want him to defraud our banks like he did in Texas.

Not that stock scams are anything new to Vancouver. In fact that is the reason we don't have a stock market any more. 60 Minutes did a special on the numerous fake companies that would rise on hype then crash when the directors took off to Florida for the summer only to come back in 6 months to do it all over again. This kind of investment fraud destabilizes the market, our economy and destroys hard earned pensions which is absolutely not acceptable.

Bailing out the banks after they have been defrauded is another example of the double scam. First they steal from the bank, then they steal from the tax payers. These are the real criminals. They are the real enemies of the state.

It appears they did the same thing in Denver. Neil Bush was on the Board of Directors for Silvderado Savings and Loan. That collapse cost tax payers $1 billion. Another report claims it was more like $1.4 trillion. Federal regulators accused Bush of conflict of interest. He was never charged criminally but he was sued. They settled out of court for $26.5 million and had a republican fundraiser to help Neil cover his portion of the costs.

Get this, the S&L crash was a result of puring money into Neil oil fraud called JNB Exploration. Over a period of five years JNB drilled over 25 wells in four States and didn't find a drop of oil. Neil started the company with two former coworkers who made Neil president. That's when Neil became a director of Silverado Savings and Loan and approved loans over a million dollars for his two partners. Somewhat conflicted indeed. Neil Bush helped cause Silverado to crash and get a huge bail out while he kept getting huge salary increases along the way.

Don't forger George Bush's oil fraud culminated in Harkern Energy. In 1990 George Bush sold of a large block of shares in that company right before the company reported a larger than expected loss for the previous quarter which trigger a substantial drop in the value of the stock. Bush was accused of insider trading.

Before Harken Energy the company was called Arbusto Energy and defrauded the bin Laden Family just like Sarkozy defrauded Gaddafi. It was revealed that Jim Bath made a $50,000 investment in Arbusto on behalf of Salem bin Ladden, Osama's brother who later died in an ultralight accident in Texas. However, Bill White claims the court documents revealed that the $25,000 dollar investment in 1979 and the $25,000 investment in 1980 was just Bath's commission and that the Saudis had actually invested over a million dollars.

Bush later got $25 million from Osama's brother in law for another oil company. White claims the Saudis would give brief cases of cash to the lawyers who would in turn put the money in Bush Sr.'s campaign fund. They got around the law banning foreign political contributions by giving the money to lawyers which was then protected by lawyer client privilege. Well kinda.

Don't forget that all these banking scams were made possiible because the banks were deregulated. The Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980 (DIDMCA) had phased out a number of restrictions on banks' financial practices, broadened their lending powers, and raised the deposit insurance limit from $40,000 to $100,000 (raising the problem of moral hazard). Banks rushed into real estate lending, speculative lending, and other ventures.

In July 1982, Congress enacted the Garn–St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 (Garn–St. Germain), which further deregulated banks as well as deregulating savings and loans. First they deregulated the banks, then they defrauded the banks and bailed them out with tax dollars. That is a double scam alright.

Yet the banks benefitted too. Removing restrictions on interest charges Canadian mortgage interest rates increased from a low of 10.31% in August of 1978 to a high of 21.46% in September of 1981 which doubled a family’s monthly mortgage payments and caused many foreclosures. Mortgage rates have since subsided but credit card rates haven’t despite such a drastic drop in the prime lending rate.