Monday, May 23, 2011

Joey Verma and Donnie McWhirter

Joey Verma is the guy that was charged with the murder of Britney Irving. Even before he was arrested the media claimed he had associations with the Independent Soldiers who as we all know are not independent. They are a Hells Angels puppet club.

Here are a few pictures of Joey and Donnie McWhirter AKA Blaze. We refer to him as Napoleon Dynamite for posing with an Independent Soldiers t-shirt and a 50 Pound barbell on his bench. They look kind of cozy. No I'm not implying they had any kind of homosexual relationship. I'm just saying that they look like friends not enemies. I'm not sure where this one is taken but the palm trees would imply it was a vacation.

In fact Joey had many friends in town. He was a Hells Angels associate. Witnesses claim they would see him with Hells Angels in public. April 6 2010 Joey was charged with robbery and murder of Britney Irving. Murder maybe but robbery, that doesn't make sense. The trial is scheduled to go on until January 2012.

The media claims Britney Irving sold pot to support her Oxycontin habit. The media reported that before Britney was murdered the grow op she lived on (which witnesses claim was run by the Hells Agnels) was busted.

Some claim that Joey ripped her off and killed her. Nope. Doesn't make sense. If he ripped her off, he would have ripped the Hells Agnels off which wouldn't be very bright. If he had done that he would have left town but he didn't. He was walking around town doing business as usual when he was finally arrested.

Someone claimed they thought Britney was the rat that got her grow op busted. Nope. Why would she do that. Not only was she not the type, they had nothing on her which would have put pressure on her to cut a deal.

Another person claimed she owed money so they did her in. Now that makes sense. Michael Plante worked the door and the Orange number five in East Van and sold pot for the Hells Angels. When his grow was robbed they charged him double and threatened his life. When he finally paid up it was back to business as usual. It was all about the money.

Some people would say, why would they kill someone who owed them money? They wouldn't get their money back. The answer is simple. To send a message to everyone else. The same reason they have been pushing Native women out of windows in East Van for drug debts. It sends a very clear message to everyone else and lets them rule with fear.

I know we all want to pin Britney's murder on Dale Habib because he is dirty and he got off when charges were stayed in the Kunts murder. Yet even if Dale's finger puppets are indeed debt collectors for the Hells Angels, he would have had to have been acting on orders from someone else. The same with Geoff's murder.

No doubt Dale has information about these cases, and no doubt he is being less than honest about the information he does have, yet both these murders are bigger than Dale Habib. I believe they are tied to the Hells Angels. After all, wee Napoleon Dynamite was a Hells Angels associate too. So here we have two different Hells Angels associates who were friends with the person who has been charged with robbing (Bullsh*t) and murdering Britney Irving. Drink up ya dirty bastards. No lie can live forever.


  1. Blaze....this nimrod wants to be a bad ass gangster so bad it's comical. It's kinda like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where the little dog is bouncing around the big dog.....I've seen this knob running around in Kelowna when I'm up there visiting. I hope they don't allow him to spawn cause the gene pool ain't that deep......

  2. His daughter is very cute. She takes after her mother.

  3. Todays letter is C for common sense. Both you two, figure skater,and agent lomnop. No? agent lomop how about you figure skater no? Lets talk technology?? Common sense is not your strong point, so pay attention. Technology is improving minute bye minute ,some where in the world some one is figuring out how to find your signal, or a way to over ride your fire wall. You,ve made comment's about messages of threat's towards your daughter , and family. Come on COMMON SENSE is a big one here. You talk shit about dons daughter trying to insult him???? Grow up! Agent Katie you know better ,but give them what they want hey?? Ya right you gona get what you need cause why YOU DIDN'T USE COMMON SENSE!! ,and you figure skater!! Don I watched fight a few times,and that man is talented. With his martial arts,so ya he is THE big dog no argument's ,and what guy who can don't run around Kelowna in there truck looking good??????? What you pull up in your smart car with your flower on the dash and gave him a dirty look maybe a finger?? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who's the shit talking nimrod??? Your ego getting in the way so you roll up the window ,and start mouthing him off as he drives away. Come on figure skater

  4. I have never said anything bad about Blaze’s daughter however I most certainly wouldn’t refer to Blaze as a fighter. If you are then you are perpetuating the drug dealing bully persona and should be ashamed of yourself. Which is it? He left the lifestyle or he’s a drug dealing bully with a sexual assault charge?

  5. wont post those others hmm katie ?? let's talk

  6. Just give me a shout. My e-mail is on my profile.

  7. While Kelowna is a beautiful place, it seems to have quite a few toads/loosers. There is an ancient saying: 'The love of money is the root of all evil." Murdering unarmed men and women over drugs and money is not just low, it is f***ing evil!


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