Wednesday, March 31, 2021

AstraZeneca, RNA, DNA and GMO

Pharmaceutical Technology is reporitng that "Several countries in Europe have suspended the University of Oxford / AstraZeneca (AZ) Covid-19 vaccine completely or partially after several suspected deaths were reported due to blood clotting following vaccination. The countries that have banned the use of the vaccine following similar reports of blood clots include Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia."

The Daily Mail is reporitng that "An Irish health chief has called for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be suspended following reports of serious post-jab blood clots in Norway and the death of a teacher in Italy." Germany has haulted the AstraZeneca vaccine in people below 60 years of age.

The Irish Times is reporitng that "A survey last week suggested that nearly a quarter of Germans would be wary of accepting the AstraZeneca jab." OK so let's do the math.

AstraZeneca is a large pharmaceutical company that stands to make a lot of money from their vaccine as do the others. They, like all the other large pharmaceutical companies have paid lobbyists in the government, medical community and mainstream media. The pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money. When they secure a patent on a drug, they jack the price up to inhumane levels. That's business. They murdered the Sherman's for going to court to break patents and offer affordable generic medicine.

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines use RNA which affects human DNA. There are conflicting schools of thought regarding the RNA vaccines. One school states that RNA adversely affects human DNA. The other school of thought adamantly denies that. The truth is, we don't know what it does because it's an experimental vaccine. Mustard gas was used during the war. It caused birth defects in humans. We don't know what RNA does yet. We are all guineapigs for their remapping of our DNA. They are even talking about using RNA in food.

The Canada Health Alliance opposes COVID-19 vaccination with inadequately trialed, experimental gene-modifying products. I like the reference to the GMO vaccine. That's what it is.

As I keep saying, I'm not an anti vaxxer. I support vaccine choice. Vaccine choice means having a say about what is injected into your body. Vaccine Choice Canada states that if there is a risk, there must be a choice. I agree. I'd take remdesivir in a heartbeat but these other experimental vaccines that cause blood clots and are genetically modified, I will refuse.

The PCR test is useless. We need to stop using it and get back to work. This fraud has gone on long enough. People have a right to earn a living and they have a right to choose what risks they will take. I choose to go to work and do business. That is my choice. We all have the right to make that choice. The government does not have the right to stop you from earning a living.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Kelowna RCMP releases identity of homicide victim more than one year later

The Penticton Western News is reporitng that "After a year with no meaningful updates, the Kelowna RCMP has released the identity of the man killed in Kelowna’s Upper Mission area back in March of last year." WTF? That is f*cked up. Are we going to have to wait another year before they release the identify of the person shot dead last Sunday in Kelowna? This is not acceptable.

29-year-old Amanpreet Bal was shot dead in Kelowna just before midnight on March 24, 2020. In 2016 he was busted for running a drug lab in Calgary.

Bonnie Henry Opposes Science

Bonnie Henry is a Freak. More restrictions? She has lost her mind and is an economic traitor to the nation. There are NO grounds for more restrictions. Dr Kulvinder Kaur and the Canada Health Alliance are the science as are Dr Simone Gold and the America's Frontline Doctors. Your lies have expired and so will you. Someone isn't listening to the people who pay her wages. Mike Farnsworth is a spineless weasel. We had hoped for much better from him but are sadly disappointed. People have the right to earn a living and exercise. I'll see you in hell.

Shutting down business kills social programs because it destroys tax revenue.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Freedom Rally in Kelowna March 20th

I see there are a few videos posted on bitchite of the Freedom Rally in Kelowna March 20th. There were a lot of people there. Didn't hear a word about it in the Mainstream Media.

Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec

CBC is reporting that "One model of mask distributed to Quebec schools and daycares may be dangerous for the lungs as they could contain a potentially toxic material, according to a directive sent out by the provincial government on Friday. Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for "early pulmonary toxicity" from the SNN200642 masks made by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer."
Only they weren't made in Quebec, they were made in Wuhan. A company in Quebec was importing them from China. That means other Canadian companies are also importing these toxic masks from China which once again causes us to question mask mandates and purchasing medical equipment from Communist China who launched this pandemic and sent England Covid tests that were contaminated with the virus. This fraud has gone on long enough.

It's time we follow the real science not the lies of the Chinese Communist Party who are in the middle of a Muslim and Buddhist genocide punishing anyone who speaks up against it.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Understanding Addiction: The quest for happiness

We've talked about sacrifice, we've talked about manhood, now we're going to talk about addiction. Bob Dylan wrote a famous song called Like a Rolling Stone. The video of the Rolling Stone's rendition of that song portrays a woman struggling with addiction and asks, How does it feel? To be on your own With no direction home A complete unknown Like a rolling stone?

Men struggle with addition just as much as women which Tom McDonald talked about yet women are preyed upon and exploited. They are used and abused then cast aside like an old shoe.
Diane Rock learned that the hard way. She was completely taken advantage of. Yet someone out there really does care about that daughter more than you can understand. Will Smith talked about the Pursuit of Happiness which is obviously everyone's quest. Unfortunately, not all roads lead to where we want to go. Some roads take us very far away from our desired destination. Once we take a wrong turn we need to get back on track. We need to keep moving forward.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Civilian impersonating a cop outside Kelowna

CTV is reporting that "Mounties are urging drivers to be vigilant after a man was pulled over by a fake police officer in B.C.'s Southern Interior. Authorities said the driver was headed along Highway 33 on Sunday night when a white pickup truck pulled up behind him in the Westbridge area, where there was no cell service. Red and blue lights then started flashing from the pickup's grill, prompting the victim to pull over to the side of the road. A suspect then approached him carrying a flashlight. Although the victim exited his vehicle briefly during the interaction, he managed to re-enter his truck and flee towards Kelowna." CBC is rpeorintg that a woman was also pulled over by a fake cop. Castanet cites a few similar cases and notes that 29-year-old Patrick Maguire has been arrested for impersonating a police officer in Prince George.

Manhood - Men in the Hood

We've talked about hard work and sacrifice. Now I want to talk about manhood. Men in the hood. The Bacon brothers are neither. They're not men and they're not from the hood. They're from their parent's basement in the suburbs. Obviously, we all have different definitions and measurements for manhood. Elton John wrote the song The Measure of a Man for Rocky 5.

I'm sure we can all agree, the character Rocky Baloa was all man. Rocky 5 was a profound turning point for the boxer. He had just won the most significant fight of his life but he was physically injured. He comes back to find out that his accountant had ripped him off and he was broke. Unable to get a boxing licence because of his injury he returns home to the hood where it all began. He feels humiliated but he maintains the respect and admiration of his neighbours. Money can't buy respect. He meets and trains Tommy Gun who tries to take the shortcut to fame and fortune betraying Rocky in the process. Rocky carries on with his dignity and self-respect.

When I was young, I used to work in the kitchen at a European restaurant. Chef would joke and say Real men don't eat quiche. We were like WTF is quiche? Then we'd catch him eating some and he'd say Arrr, this isn't quiche. This is scramble egg pie. We'd laugh and say well that's OK then. I'll remix that old saying and declare Real men don't live off the avails.

There's nothing manly about taxing prostitutes. The thought forces us to declare Get a Job. Most of the HAs do have jobs and over all I'd say fewer HAs beat their wives than cops. In fact I think HAs beating their wives is very rare. I think they'd mistreat a prostitute in a heartbeat but over all I think most treat their wives better than most cops do. That's a separate matter all on its own. Suffice it to say that beating women is not manly. However, getting beaten by a woman is not manly either. It's far more rare, but it does happen. It's more common for a woman to brow beat a man and that's not manly either. Successful relationships are built upon mutual respect.

Deadbeat Dads are not manly. Yet I realize some take a back seat role in raising kids because the mother is so toxic they just walk away in frustration. That is sad because the kids are the ones that suffer as a result. Yet sometimes no Dad is better than a bad Dad and visa versa.

When I think of manhood, I think of putting your kid's needs above your own. My father once said sacrifice was simply the joy of parenthood. He was a successful man. When I think of manhood, I think of the poem Desiderata. Yet it goes beyond that. Selfishness and greed are not elements of manhood. Sacrifice and selflessness are. When I think of men in the hood, I think of men who do what it takes to protect the kids from the evil that surrounds them.

Recently a couple of Real Estate Agents on Vancouver Island were accused of sexual assault. They denied it. One said I have younger sisters. I would never want that to happen to them. Really? Can we all see it in that light? Rape is not manly and 50 Shades of Grey is deranged. S&M is not erotic. If you think it is, I can't help you. Christian Grey is not a man. He's a freak.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Journalist tortured by the CIA in Colombia

France 24 is reporitng that "The Inter-American Court of Human Rights on Wednesday ordered Colombia to immediately protect a journalist who has accused the state of complicity in her kidnapping, rape and torture two decades ago. Now 47, Bedoya suffered a 16-hour ordeal after she was seized by right-wing paramilitaries from outside the La Modelo prison in Colombia's capital Bogota, where she was investigating an arms trafficking network. She claims the state, including an influential police chief, was complicit in her abduction. Bedoya says she has since suffered two decades of persecution, intimidation and constant threats."

OK let's look at the obvious. She was investigating arms dealing in Colombia and was seized by right wing paramilitaries. Colombia has FARC and the ELN. They are left-wing paramilitary organizations. That's it. They have a corrupt government complacent in the drug trade fueled by the CIA ever since Iran Contra and FARC/ELN. So when the journalist was investigating arms dealing in Colombia, she was investigating the CIA. When she was kidnapped by a right wing paramilitary organization, she was kidnapped by a CIA shell company. Just sayn.

Gary Webb was right. The CIA was responsible for the US Crack epidemic in the /80's. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that the CIA was transporting cocaine from Colombia into Panama then into the United States in Operation Watchtower and that Col. Tony Noriega worked alongside CIA Agent Edwin Wilson supervising that drug network before Noriega became president. The CIA used and screwed Manuel Noriega, Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet.

The older brother's sacrifice

Today I'm going to tell you a jackanory. A story about two brothers. Since some anal misfits claim the story is fiction, I will tell it as a parable because the anal misfits are clearly missing the point.

Once upon a time there were two brothers who shared a dream. They both wanted to become artists but they couldn't both afford to go to art school. So the older brother said to the younger brother, I'll go to work and put you though art school. When you fininsh school and start painting, you can put me through art school. So the story begins.

The older brother did physical labour while the younger brother practiced intently at art school. After many years of hard work, the younger brother finally graduated and started making money from his paintings. He said to the older brother, I'm ready to return the favor and put you through art school now. Unfortunately, the years of manual labour had taken its toll on the older brother and his calloused hands were unable to hold a paint brush so to memorialize the sacrifice, the younger brother painted the older brother's hands.

The moral of the story is that of sacrifice. The older brother made a sincere sacrifice for the younger brother and the younger brother benefited from it. The older brother is a role model. Someone who put his brother's needs above his own. He was a sucess. He successfully put his younger brother through school. Yet the world wouldn't really see him as a sucess. That's why a friend of the world is an enemy to God. It is the principle of sacrifice that I want to expound on.

Sacrifice is something the yuppie drug dealers and gang bangers cannot comprehend. Their selfish world revolves around greed. It's like the Bacon trash. They trade girlfriends like hockey cards. They have no idea what love is because they don't love themselves. They need to surround themselves with material possessions because they have no self-image and no self-worth. The 81 world has it backwards. You go to jail for me and when you get your patch someone else will go to jail for you. It's just another Ponzi scam that falls short.
Alan Watts once said that the literal translation of the Greek word for sin means to miss the mark like an archer who misses his target. If our goal in life is to find joy, then to sin would be to miss that goal. It would be to indulge in activities that rob us of joy and lasting happiness.

Adam was told by the sweat of thy brow though shalt labour all the days of thy life and in this life ye shall have joy. Work is the means of all accomplishment. There is no joy in life without it. It is the basis for self-esteem and self-respect. Without hard work, we can't accomplish anything.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Jarrod Bacon released from prison again

The Toronto Star is reporitng that Jarrod Bacon "has been released from prison, with a warning he must finally stop lying to authorities, socializing with gangsters and importing drugs."

He was released before but returned to prison for parole violations. I'm not sure what kind of role he will play now in the local drug trade since there's a price on his head and he's such a heat bag. Maybe he'll join his brother Jamie in the rat pack since he's not able to peruse gainful employment. This little piggie went to market so he did and he ran all the way home.

Warlocks MC Canada

Seemingly the Warlocks MC in Canada, more specifically Fort McMurray, have made a break from their mother chapter in the US and created their own patch. They had a patch burning ceremony to celebrate their independence. I'm sure it's all legal cause I doubt the mother chapter registered the name or trademark in Canada. However, it is a blow to their credibility.
This is why the Hells Angels don't have any rivals in BC. In BC anyone who rides see the HAs as the real deal and anyone else as a wannabe or a trouble maker. We don't like wannabes and we don't want trouble. For the most part, people who ride aren't interested in selling drugs or pimping crack hoes. Those that are ride luxury cars not motorcycles. L&R has nothing to do with drugs and the sex trade. That's all about greed and betrayal. Everyone copies the HAs who say AFFA.

They change the anacronym to fit their puppet patch or their rival patch then as soon as they patch over, their forever disappears into a new forever making their new forever loyalty less likely.

For a bunch of broken men desperate for recognition and the praise of the world, there's an awful lot of drama in the MC world. I guess that's one of the reasons I was never a part of it. Of course I like to ride. It's just that all the parties with strippers and blow, it's all so fake.

These are bored men who never became responsible adults and parents. They aren't role models. Their midlife crisis was a quest to be locked in Peter Pan's childhood forever. They never figured out that somewhere along the line they were supposed to grow up. They missed the point.

Murder charge in discovery of Burnaby body

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that "A person is in custody and facing a murder charge in connection with the discovery of a woman’s body in a Burnaby park last week. The body, burned beyond recognition, was found in the early hours of March 18 in Greentree Village Park near the main campus of the B.C. Institute of Technology. Carlo Castillo Tobias, born in 1999, has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of interference with a dead body."

Update: CTV is reporitng that the woman has been identified as Maria Loreto and that a 15 year old has also been charged in her murder. Police claim she knew the two suspects in her murder.

Tunrs out the 15 year od coaccused is female.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Crystal meth and GHB seized in Saskatoon

CTV is reporitng that "Three men are facing charges after Saskatoon police seized nearly five kilograms of methamphetamine following a drug trafficking investigation." Police also seized 2.5 gallons on GHB, date rape drug. This is what Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize. He wants to legalize rape. A 23-year-old man from Edmonton has been charged along with a 29-year-old from Surrey. Every province except BC makes drug busts. That is the elephant in the room.

Addicts need treatment but if they want it, they can't get it. That's because the government wants to profit from addiction instead of healing it. That is not the Portugal model. The Portugal model revolved around mandatory treatment not profiting from crime.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Kelowna Homicide Sunday Morning

CTV is reporitng that "Police in B.C.'s Interior are investigating a homicide and a shooting that left a woman with serious injuries just a few hours later. B.C. RCMP's Southeast District Major Crime Unit says in a news release that it has been called to investigate the circumstances surrounding a shooting and the death of a man near Highway 97 between Butt and Grizzly roads."

" reports police on the other side of Okanagan Lake, in Rutland, are investigating a separate shooting that sent a woman to Kelowna General Hospital around 6 a.m."

Global Lockdown Protest

Anti-lockdown protest in Toronto today from r/ontario

Video clips of Protests in London - Switzerland - Amsterdam - Japan - Serbia - Dublin

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Cats and Rats and Elephants - Update

Update: Turns out Neil's sentencing was put over until June 2nd in New Westminster. However, that doesn't change the fact that the convictions for the Surrey Six murder were set aside and the charges against Ali's killers from Edmonton were stayed by the Crown.

Turns out that the publication ban is pursuant to section 517(1) which just covers bail hearings.

Here's one for the rabbit hole. Ace Ventura is reporitng that Edmonton Hells Angel Neil 'Nitro' Cantrill's sentencing was March 16, 2021. Gangterism out is not me. That's Ace Ventura from Neer Do Well. Gangsters out is me, Dennis Watson. You can tell the blogs are run by two different people. I support Trump now and he hates Trump. OK so let's follow the spider web.

As Ace Ventura reported "Hope resident Richard Houle grew pot for Neil Cantrill for over a dozen years. When Houle told Cantrill in Dec 2014 that he wanted out of the business, he didn’t think there would be a problem. There was a problem in Aug 2016, when Houle was grabbed by Cantrill, his son Stephan and associate Robert Lowry. Houle was brutally beaten and told he would have to sign his house over." Nothing really surprising there.

However, lets pause to point out that Richard Houle from Hope, BC grew pot for an Edmonton Hells Angel for many years. Kinda like how I said the Edmonton Hells Angels were the ones that hired the Brother's Keepers to bring violence to Surrey and later hired the Driftwood Crips after they killed Ali. The Brothers Keepers respected Ali. The 8151 robbed him and killed him.

The Hardside chapter had become its own chapter but they were more like a puppet club than a real club. They had Chad, Ali and the Duck Dynasty Decoy. They answered to Haney and Edmonton got the drug profits. No doubt Ali complained about that so they capped him. The Brother's Keepers wouldn't do it so they had to get a couple of yahoos from Edmonton to do it and the PoPo dropped the charges against them. All in a day's work.

So Richard Houle in Hope, BC grew pot for Neil Cantrill for many years. He wants out and they kidnap him and tell him to sign over his house. July 17 they were found guilty in BC Supreme Court on charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement and extortion. So why haven't we heard about the sentencing?
The publication ban is not new. The Chilliwack Progress reported on it back in June. A publication ban on the sentencing would be unprecedented. The only logical reason I can conceive of for a publication ban on the sentencing is that they received a suspended sentence just like the Murphy Twins, Jamie Bacon and the Surrey Six killers who are now working for the police.

Those are the cats and rats. We are now left with the elephant in the room. The purpose of a publication ban is to protect witnesses and to make sure the accused has the right to a fair trial. When the trial is over the publication ban expires. Something very shady is going on here.

Kim Bolan was the first one to report on the Rat out your rival program the compromised BC Gang Task force introduced along with their ridiculous Free Hugs poster campaign. These dirty deals they are making to keep Hells Angel drug dealers out of jail doing business on the street are abominable. That is the elephant in the room.

Blair White addresses conversion therapy

Once again Blair White addresses a sensitive topic and makes a lot of sense. Personally, I'm not sure why it would be a controversial subject. When asked her position on conversion therapy, Leslyn Lewis stated that she did not believe anyone should be forced into anything but people should be allowed to go to therapy if they choose. That I agree with and makes perfect sense.

Shock therapy is never a good thing. They used that at Riverview and it always does more harm than good. Beating someone is not acceptable. By the sounds of it, there are problems with some of these conversion therapy clinics partly from ideology and partly from corruption just like many addiction treatment centres that are simply flop houses for addicts to do drugs and be exploited.

Someone being sexually assaulted at a conversion therapy clinic is not acceptable and is a bit Dr Phil. People who do that to patrons need therapy. When I say therapy, I don't mean they need to be sexually assaulted. I mean they need to talk about their feelings and understand what is acceptable conduct and what is unacceptable conduct. Raping someone at a clinic is unacceptable. Raping anyone is unacceptable. Period.

I agree with Blair White in that what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. They key words are consenting adults. When a man rapes a little boy or girl, that is wrong. When a man rapes a man or woman that is wrong. There is an absolute truth there. My personal preference is straight up heterosexual. That's me. Yet the reason why I respect Blair White and Brandon Straka is because you don't have to be heterosexual to support low taxes or civil liberty.

Blair White addresses Milo Yiannopoulos coming out as straight. I didn't know who he was and don't really care. Live and let live. I don't support his position on Islam. I believe in religious freedom. I support Blair White and Brandon Straka because they are both smart and sincere.

Therapy is where you go to talk about your feelings and for the most part be validated. If you like to rape children or adults, then I do not believe those feelings should be validated. If you have a different sexual preference, you are free to talk about those feelings in therapy. Yet it should be done in a safe, positive environment not a toxic negative one. A lot of therapists, especially those who follow Freud, do more harm than good. Choose wisely who you listen to and use your brain.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Homicide in Richmond linked to burnt out car in Surrey

This morning the news said the police found a burned-out car on 194th Street and 16th Avenue. As soon as they reported that we said who'd they shoot? Now the Vancovuer Sun is reporting that "On Thursday around 4 a.m., firefighters were called to the 22000-block of Rathburn Drive in Richmond to deal with a house fire. Once the fire was extinguished, investigators combed the charred site and found two people dead inside the home. Few details were released but investigators said circumstances led police to classify the deaths as homicides."

"At this time the two victims have not yet been identified, said Det. Lara Jansen of IHIT. Jansen also said that a burned black BMW SUV was found a short time later, abandoned near 16th Avenue and 194th Street in Surrey, and is believed to be linked to the double homicide and fire in Richmond." Yeah, that's what we thought. CTV posted a news video.

Update: CTV is reporitng that IHIT announced the victims were brothers Chaten Dhindsa, 25 and Joban Dhindsa, 23. Both were known to police. Sounds like they were low level drug dealers that set up shop in Surrey and were capped by the red and white with the assistance of the CFSEU.

81 hand grenades seized in Ontario Biker Bust

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The provincial biker squad says it has dismantled four criminal networks in southern Ontario that were selling illegal firearms, including fully automatic machine-guns, dozens of hand grenades, grenade launchers cocaine and marijuana. Two bikers connected to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in London, Ont., were among the 10 suspects hit with 268 charges from the eight-month investigation called Project Weaver."

"Police said they seized 31 illegal firearms, 81 hand grenades, two grenade launchers, three explosive devices, 10.85 kg of cocaine and 216 lbs of illegal cannabis, five lbs of hashish, more than $10,000 in other illegal cannabis products, 36 lbs of psilocybin, 715 grams of MDMA, $127,757 in Canadian currency, $2,106 in U.S. currency, eight vehicles and a probationary-level Outlaws Motorcycle Club vest."

Although the article does not say what the other four criminal groups were, the Outlaws have always had far more credibility in Ontario than the Hells Angels in Ontario. Quebec HAs are rock solid. 81 hand grenades is rather shocking. One would think those were from Quebec but in Quebec they normally use dynamite. I have no idea where they would get 81 hand grenades from. Thre article said it didn't come from the Canadian military which is what we would normally expect. Perhaps it was the US military. It must have been a sting.

This is an example of an illegal firearms bust. None of these firearms were legally obtained. No one legally buys machine guns and grenades in Canada. This article shows us two things. Ontario still has a Biker Enforcement Unit and still makes drug busts. BC does not.

The BC Liberals did away with the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit and the BC NDP never brought it back making one no better than the other. The BC NDP just want to profit from crime which makes them no better than the Liberals.

"Wade said the probe highlighted that criminal groups are still involved in the cannabis trade, even though it has been legalized. Criminals can reap significant profits by ignoring Health Canada quality guidelines." Since pot has been legalized there is no such thing as illegal pot just unlicensed pot. No one care about unlicensed pot or black market cigarettes. These do not destroy communities like crack, fentanyl and crystal meth do.
The National Post is reporting that Ryan (Big Red) Daigneault and Jayme Hill are among those arrested. They must have said hey do you want 81 hand grenades and they said sure.
In fact, there is no reason other than military applications to manufacture hand grenades and grenade launchers. There is no practical application of grenade launchers on the street which makes this bust suspicious. I can tell you right now where they came from. They came from CSIS, the CIA or the RCMP. This was a sting.

If organized crime wants to burn out a business, they will use a petrol bomb. A hand grenade isn't going to blow up a building. In the Quebec gang war, they used dynamite. Back in Belfast they would fill an old car full of fertilizer and diesel fuel. Grenade launchers are more of a toy since they have no practical application on the street. It's very difficult to aim a grenade launcher. You need to make calculations and test shots.

I have a friend who bought a black powder cannon from the States. I was like WTF are you going to do with that? Fire it in the bush. It's just a toy. Seemingly they're not regulated. Sure enough he shows me a video on his phone of him and a buddy firing this thing off in the bush. It took trial and error to know how much powder to use. To save money on ammo the just fill old paint tins with concrete. Aiming a grenade launcher is like aiming a black powder cannon. It's very hard to do.

If you're at war and you are firing at enemy lines, well sure. That simply is not practical on the street. Back in Belfast they would use rpgs. For real. Those ya just point and click. Ya see a big military fortress like something out of Mad Max, you aim the rpg and pull the trigger. That has a practical application. Grenade launchers don't. So that means these hand grenades and grenade launchers came from CSIS, the CIA or the RCMP.

I'm certainly not hating on the BEU. They get sh*t done. Bob Deasy was the real deal. However, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out where they came from. It's just like the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud. Jon had no idea how to make a pressure cooker bomb and neither do I. The RCMP had to provide him with them. He casually mentioned you know if you want these things to work you need some C4. So they showed up with some C4 and he sh*t his pants.

It's just like the Toronto Via Rail fraud. Those kids did not have access to those kinds of explosives. The RCMP gave it to them. Just like CSIS and Air India. If CSIS hadn't given them the explosives, the Air India bombing never would have happened.

So in this case the RCMP agent says to the Outlaws, hey you want 81 hand grenades? They were like f*ck off. You can't get any hand grenades. He was like, yes I can. Complete with grenade launchers. Do you want them? Thinking he was full of sh*t they said yeah I want them. Mostly to shut him up or see if he could actually get them or not. Again if the police agent hadn't provided them, they wouldn't have been able to acquire them.

The BEU have been targeting this big Red guy for quite a while. I'm not saying the BEU set him up, I'm saying the RCMP did because that's the way they roll. FBI foil FBI plot only this time it was the RCMP's over funded terror squad. If they found the millions of dollars they lost from their budget, tax payers would be much better off. Losing that much money is organized crime.
You can't walk up to someone or drive up to someone in a car and throw a hand grenade out the window. If you do, it will bring a lot of attention to you and you'll get caught. Remember this Mac10 with the huge silencer they pulled out of the Fraser River in 2009? This is the kind of firearm they use in a gang shootings. The silencer is to make it quiet so they don't attract too much attention. This is not a legally obtained firearm. Mac10's are illegal in Canada. You can't buy one with a firearm license so it wasn't supplied by a legal gun owner.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cameron Ortis withstands yet another slander attack

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. So we see in the case against Cameron Ortis. Post Media Trash is reporting that "After Ortis took over the RCMP's National Intelligence Coordination Centre, staff said they faced harassment and inappropriate and demeaning comments, causing morale to plummet." That is a bold faced lie. This whole bullsh*t article is trying to blame Otis for the years of sexual harassment at the RCMP which is absolutely ridiculous.

Cameron Ortis was a civilian with a PhD who took over the RCMP's National Intelligence Coordination Centre in 2016. The sexual harassment in the RCMP was well entrenched by the time Bob Paulson took the helm in 2012. Bob Paulson failed to address it because he was part of the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callen who promoted swingers and sexual harassers like Bill Fordy who performed the dance of the flaming asshole naked in front of male and female staff. Bob Paulson went on a "fishing" trip with Criag Callen and Bill Fordy at the lodge at the other end of Pitt Lake while his most recent wife was pregnant.

The first class action settlement for the RCMP sexual harassment court case was in 2016, the same year Cammeron Otis assumed his position. That means the sexual harassment at the RCMP was well under way long before he became involved. Blaming him for the previous culture of harassment is a bold faced lie with malicious intent. It is simply not true.

Cameron Ortis obviously had nothing to do with the abusive sexual relationships that went on between trainer and cadet at Depot. Blaming him for that is nonsense.

We now have to ask ourselves why would the RCMP make up such a ridiculous lie and why would Post Media Trash print it? It is all very reminiscent of when Chris Horsely threatened Jeff Buziak in Calgary. Horsley told Jeff that if he didn't back off his blog and public campaign to help solve his daughter's murder Horsely would destroy Jeff's reputation publicly. These slander campaigns are all too familiar of any and all intelligence operations.

I called bullsh*t in this case on day one when they first charged him with selling confidential information to Communist China. I said no way. That did not happen. Then we saw them change their story. That's what liars do. They change their story. Actually is was the CIA.

Then they claimed is wasn't China it was for an Al-Qaeda based narco-terror banking network. Again I cried bullsh*t! The CIA is the narco-terror banking netwok. Just look at the BCCI.

After that they said it was Phantom Secure. I missed that one but I'm sure as hell glad they brought it up. Phantom Secure was a Canadian cell phone company that made encrypted BlackBerry cell phones for anyone who wanted them. Gang members and drug dealers jumped at the opportunity because the police couldn't hack their communications.

After they got busted, they were forced to work for the police. Even I knew about that at the time. If Cameron was senior RCMP intelligence, he would have known that Phantom Secure was working for the RCMP. If he was dirty, which he was not, he would not have sold that company intel because he would have known they were working for the police. Once again their lie fails the test of beleivability making their ever changing slander campaign suspect.

Here's the kicker. Phantom Secure was working for the RCMP. The Gang Task Force had copies of Larry Amero's encrypted BlackBerry messages implicating him in several local murders. The CIA drug trafficking kingpins of the world wouldn't let the RCMP use that evidence because it would implicate some of their clients. So instead, the US authorities charged Phantom Secure (the ones working for the police) in the US and Dr. Kim ran with it. That's just like charging Freeway Ricky while letting Blandon off Scott free.

So now that Jamie Bacon and the Surrey Six killers
are working with the police to rat out rivals, where does that leave Gumby? The police are withholding evidence against him for several local murders. There's no telling how low they will go next. I thought they had reached the bottom of the barrel but they keep surprising me. Stay tuned. No lie can live forever. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

We can't see the stars without darkness. When night falls, stars shine.

Woman shot dead in the DTES

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a woman was shot dead in the Arco Hotel in East Vancouver. A witness claims that the woman was struck by two rounds fired through a door.

CBC previously ran a report on Atira-managed building's stating they were all crack shacks and brothels and that nobody does anything about it. Exactly. That is the root of the problem.
Update: CTV is reporting that "Shania Paulson, 24, was shot inside the Arco Hotel on West Pender Street just before 4 a.m., Vancouver police said in a news release Thursday."

Sunday, March 14, 2021

The murder of Sarah Everard

The Indian Express is reporting that "The disappearance and death of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive from South London, and the arrest of a police officer accused of murdering her, has sparked a national outcry in the United Kingdom over violence against women. On Tuesday (March 9), the police made two arrests—the first was a 48-year-old police constable, Wayne Couzens, on suspicion of kidnapping, and the second a woman in her 30s on suspicion of assisting an offender."

Sky News is reporitng that "The details came at the initial hearing for a Metropolitan Police officer accused of the kidnap and murder of the 33-year-old marketing executive. Wayne Couzens appeared in person before Westminster Magistrates' Court on Saturday following his arrest on Tuesday. The 48-year-old was remanded in custody and the case will next be heard at the Old Bailey on 16 March."

Sarah Everard and Constable Jasmine Thiara - both murdered. The only difference is that in Canada, Jasmine's murder will never be investigated. I believe in law enforcement. That's the problem. I believe the law should be enforced. Lawful assembly is a sacred right protected by law. The tragic truth is the Police Have a Much Bigger Domestic-Abuse Problem Than the NFL Does. Research suggests that family violence is two to four times higher in the law-enforcement community than in the general population. The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence.

The Daily Mail is reporitng that "Judge Luckraft said a plea hearing would be held on July 9 at the Old Bailey and a provisional date for a trial - which could last up to four weeks - was set for October 25." The Guardian is reporting that "On Friday he was charged with the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard following a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service, which decides on whether the evidence gathered by police merits the bringing of criminal charges."

Canadian Doctors Speak Out: Fear Not

Canada Health Alliance: "As medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners from across Canada whose common goal is to protect the rights of our patients, our first task is stopping the COVID-19 public health policy damage."

"Our objective is to counter the misinformation, censorship, and coercion that is being used by Canadian public health 'experts', government agencies and our elected government representatives to target Canadians during the COVID crisis."

"These coercive measures have been used to ensure acceptance of health policies that have undoubtedly caused physical and psychological harm, with no apparent health benefits. This damage, whether intentional or a result of incompetence, has involved individuals, families, communities, provinces, and the entire fabric of the Canadian nation

Moya Greene - the cat came back

CBC is reporting that "The interim report from the premier's economic recovery team will not be ready by the original Sunday deadline, according to Moya Greene, who heads the task force." WTF? The cat came back? Awk what about ye? I see you're still wearing the living room drapes. It's no wonder mental health is her charity of choice.

Let it be known that Moya Greene is not a Conservative nor is she able to balance a budget. She is not good at business. She is an axe murderer. That's all she does. Oh the stories I could tell...

CBC is reporitng that "Liberal Leader Andrew Furey is alleging 'misinformation' about an impending report from his economic recovery team report, and his political opponents are accusing him of flip-flopping on his intentions to consult the public on its recommendations. On Twitter on Saturday afternoon, Furey said he wanted to address the misinformation out there about the report from the team, led by Moya Greene. 'Damn Moya Greene is not the premier…. The recommendations that Damn Moya Greene and her task force will put forward are just those - recommendations,' Furey said in the tweet. Everyone will have the chance to have a say and we will table that final report in the House of Assembly." Is she still living in Fulham?

I met Moya Grene once when she was hired to privatize Canada Post. NOT. She was speaking in Vancouver and I was standing outside with a sign that said "Save the Dream Stop Moya Greene. Don't let a Banker Derail Canada Post." When it was over her car drove past and she tried to heckle me. She rolled down her window and yelled out "Hey, what do you have against bankers?" I smiled stepped forward and yelled back "How does not picking up the mail on Saturdays increase business revenue?" She thought about it for a second then motioned for her driver to move one. Yeah, that's what I thought. She had nothing to say because she has no idea how to increase business revenue. She's a one trick pony. All she does is slash services and slash jobs. That is what she is paid to do. She has no idea how to build business. Just sayn.

Moya Greene is the reason we have Newfie jokes. Newfoundland is a wonderful place but people like Moya Greene give Newfoundland a bad reputation. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Paying for her advice is foolish. That old grey mare was put out to pasture for a reason. Leave her there. If she is still living in England, she should not be advising us on anything.

Delay of interim Greene report casts doubt on its validity, says former team member

CBC is reporitng that "The president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour has resigned from Premier Andrew Furey's provincial economic recovery team, calling it window dressing without collaboration or transparency." No kidding. When Moya Greene tried to kill CUPW she was anything but transparent. She said anyone who disagreed with her was stupid yet she was the one running around wearing the living room drapes. Buyer Beware.

Marvin Hagler dies unexpectedly at age 66

DAZN is reportig that "The sporting world was left stunned Saturday night as the news of Marvin Hagler’s death at the age of 66 sent shockwaves through boxing. “Today, unfortunately my beloved husband 'Marvelous' Marvin passed away unexpectedly at his home here in New Hampshire,” his wife Kay Hagler announced on Facebook."

The Gateway Pundit is reporitng that "Thomas 'Hit Man' Hearns asked supporters for prayers on Saturday for Marvin Hagler saying Marvin was in the ICU days after taking a COVID-19 vaccine."

World Boxing News reported "Former middleweight rival Thomas Hearns has claimed Marvin Hagler’s death at the age of 66 was linked to the coronavirus vaccine he received recently."

The New York Daily News is rpeoritng that "A Boston doctor has detailed the harrowing experience he suffered in having a severe allergic reaction after receiving his first dose of Moderna’s COVID vaccine Thursday. Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh is the first person to report such a reaction to the Moderna vaccine, CNN reported. At least six people had similar reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. Sadrzadeh’s heart rate spiked and his blood pressure tanked, he told CNN. He used his EpiPen, and his colleagues at Boston Medical Center took him to the emergency room."

23 people died from the vaccine in Norway. No one has died from remdesivir. Norway reports blood clots in young people with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Denmark, Norway, Iceland temporarily suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine but circus freak Bonnie Henry says it's just fine.
Update: Marvin Hagler’s wife states that he died of natural causes. What was the cause of death? A blot clot? When did he get the vaccine? I'm not an anti vaxxer but if he did have an allergic reaction to the vaccine like many others have, then denying that to apease the Corporate media is pretty abominable. Just sayn.

The thing that I find so outrageous is how rude his wife is being to his children and the rest of his family. It is suspicious. People have expressed concerns about Marvin's allergic reaction to the vaccine that caused his hospitalization. His current wife, who is not the mother of his five children, insists that the rest of the family don't know how he died as she was the only one present when he took his last breath. Then she had the audacity to say there won't be a funeral because Marvin didn't even like his family. That was cruel and ofensive. He didn't like his kids or she didn't?

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dr Kulvinder Kaur faces fear with logic

ER Doctor - "We're Being Deceived and Manipulated"

Dr Mark Trozzi states that "There is only one courageous honest doctor in Ontario, who takes the Hippocratic Oath seriously. Both in my regular ER and my 'COVID-19 designated' ER, there were almost no patients, and almost no work. I had multiple long ER shifts without a single patient." "I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19. My research into the PCR test has convinced me personally that it is misleading, manipulatable, and being used to drain endless taxpayer's money and future debt, to dramatically enrich the very criminals running this scandal."

Blaire White interviews a Teen De-transitioner

I have a huge respect for Blaire White. She is a conservative transgender activist who stands up to bullying and makes a whole lot of sense. She is perfectly happy in her transition and last year interviewed someone who regretted their transition. She raises a valid concern about children making this life changing decision before they are ready.

The Three Deadly Ps - Power, Popularity and Praise

I was going to simply link to this one in a previous post but I couldn't find this sermon online so I will cite just what the three deadly Ps are. We have all heard about the seven deadly sins and the seven Christian virtues. Well the three deadly Ps are: Power, Popularity and Praise. We should not seek after these things because a friend of the world is an enemy to God. If the world is evil and the world speaks highly of us, then we must also be evil. So let's break it down.

The quest for power is not good. People who covet power never want it to do good, they want it to control others. People who want to be popular and seek the praise of the world tend to have low self-esteem and a poor self-image. They are externally defined.

Someone who is internally defined doesn't care what the world thinks of them, they only care about what they think of themselves. They care about doing what's right and about living by thier own code of conduct. People who are externally defined need others to tell them they have worth and tend to do what other people tell them to do.

Looking to our role model, Isaiah said " He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." Tom MacDonald said if Jesus came today, he would be cancelled.

Mortal Combat - Kigurai

I have a copy of Clay Roueche's print of a Samurai locked in combat with a tiger on my wall. I look at it when I'm lying upside down in my inversion table. I was always intrigued by that painting. The artwork is flawless but the message is profound.

At first I thought it was a bit wishful thinking like some of the more unrealistic martial arts movies of people flying through the air running on leaves and branches. Yet I saw a guy at the gym yesterday who was practicing his jumping skills and it sure looked like he was flying. However, if we step back and pull out a .44 or a .308, that invincible enemy is soundly defeated.

For me it symbolizes being locked in combat with an impossible foe. We all have our own demons to face. It fittingly illustrated Clay's struggle with the legal system in prison. He faced two years in solitary and wrote an inspiring book of empowerment. He gets out of solitary and he paints amazing prints of dragons and phoenixes. He befriended and interviewed martial arts legend Dennis Alexio while in prison. He hired people to set up a website for him and sell his artwork online. Basically, he was thrown in a pit, struck a match and lit a candle. The light from that candle illuminates far beyond his prison cell for the world to see.

Yet this samurai locked in combat with a tiger is inescapable. He calls it Kigurai which is the Japanese word for pride but in Kendo it has a deeper meaning. Kigurai is not arrogant, it is confident. Like in the song New York which says "I'm not cocky I'm confident, so when you say I'm the best that's a compliment." Sadly, Bill DeBlasio has flushed New York down the toilet.

Clay states that "Kigurai essentially means an aura of strength that commands respect. A person that radiates kigurai has an air of nobility and grace, the type of person whose very presence sends shockwaves through the room. The man that possesses true kigurai lets his actions do the talking for him, like this Japanese art print of a samurai fighting a tiger."

As I said in my previous post, arrogance and confidence is different. Confidence is faith derived from self-respect. Arrogance is fake and is derived from a poor self-image. Somone who is arrogant surrounds himself with material possessions and needs those to tell him he has worth. He needs to have more than his neighbour because he is insecure. Kigurai is not boastful.

So when I look at the Samurai locked in combat with a tiger, I think of the All Blacks haka. One of the original translations refers to an ancient time when a group of Maori warriors were greatly outnumbered. One of them yells out we're gonna die. The teams responds we're gonna live. This is repeated then the conclusion is, live or die were gonna fight. To me that is what this painting represents. For we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.

I'm not interested in resting my soul in the kingdom of God but I am interested in conquering the enemy of all righteousness. So like the New Zealand All Blacks, live or die I will fight because as long as we fight, as long as we resist evil, we win. We die free.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Before honour is humility

Solomon once said before honour is humility. At first reading I said no it's not. Honour is above all else. To thine own self be true. Although I still struggle with the meaning of that statement, I think he's referring to worldly honour. The praise of man which is something we should not seek.

In the movie Braveheart Robert the Bruce's ailing father said "Admire this man, this William Wallace. Uncompromising men are easy to admire. He has courage, so does a dog. But it is exactly the ability to compromise that makes a man noble."

In the movie, Robert the Bruce's father was a bit of a sleazebag. He was a politician not a soldier. I don't believe we should ever compromise our principles. Yet I do believe that sometimes in life we have to compromise. It's like the serenity prayer. God grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference. Wisdom, courage and serenity or in other words humility.

Paul wrote two thirds of the New Testament. He once said "lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure." Three time she asked God to remove the thorn and three times God said no.

In Hebrews Paul said "But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons." In other words, everyone experiences trials. The son of man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he? If we don't have trials, then we aren't children of God we are children of someone else - bastards. Paul concluded when I am weak, then I am strong. God gives men weaknesses that he may be humble and if man humbles himself God can help him turn his weaknesses into strengths.

They say pride cometh before the fall. Arrogance isn't pretty. Yet arrogance and confidence are two different things. Confidence is faith while arrogance is thinking we are better than others. It's the act of comparison. Humility doesn't mean self-hate. It means recognizing our limitations.