Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cameron Ortis withstands yet another slander attack

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. So we see in the case against Cameron Ortis. Post Media Trash is reporting that "After Ortis took over the RCMP's National Intelligence Coordination Centre, staff said they faced harassment and inappropriate and demeaning comments, causing morale to plummet." That is a bold faced lie. This whole bullsh*t article is trying to blame Otis for the years of sexual harassment at the RCMP which is absolutely ridiculous.

Cameron Ortis was a civilian with a PhD who took over the RCMP's National Intelligence Coordination Centre in 2016. The sexual harassment in the RCMP was well entrenched by the time Bob Paulson took the helm in 2012. Bob Paulson failed to address it because he was part of the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callen who promoted swingers and sexual harassers like Bill Fordy who performed the dance of the flaming asshole naked in front of male and female staff. Bob Paulson went on a "fishing" trip with Criag Callen and Bill Fordy at the lodge at the other end of Pitt Lake while his most recent wife was pregnant.

The first class action settlement for the RCMP sexual harassment court case was in 2016, the same year Cammeron Otis assumed his position. That means the sexual harassment at the RCMP was well under way long before he became involved. Blaming him for the previous culture of harassment is a bold faced lie with malicious intent. It is simply not true.

Cameron Ortis obviously had nothing to do with the abusive sexual relationships that went on between trainer and cadet at Depot. Blaming him for that is nonsense.

We now have to ask ourselves why would the RCMP make up such a ridiculous lie and why would Post Media Trash print it? It is all very reminiscent of when Chris Horsely threatened Jeff Buziak in Calgary. Horsley told Jeff that if he didn't back off his blog and public campaign to help solve his daughter's murder Horsely would destroy Jeff's reputation publicly. These slander campaigns are all too familiar of any and all intelligence operations.

I called bullsh*t in this case on day one when they first charged him with selling confidential information to Communist China. I said no way. That did not happen. Then we saw them change their story. That's what liars do. They change their story. Actually is was the CIA.

Then they claimed is wasn't China it was for an Al-Qaeda based narco-terror banking network. Again I cried bullsh*t! The CIA is the narco-terror banking netwok. Just look at the BCCI.

After that they said it was Phantom Secure. I missed that one but I'm sure as hell glad they brought it up. Phantom Secure was a Canadian cell phone company that made encrypted BlackBerry cell phones for anyone who wanted them. Gang members and drug dealers jumped at the opportunity because the police couldn't hack their communications.

After they got busted, they were forced to work for the police. Even I knew about that at the time. If Cameron was senior RCMP intelligence, he would have known that Phantom Secure was working for the RCMP. If he was dirty, which he was not, he would not have sold that company intel because he would have known they were working for the police. Once again their lie fails the test of beleivability making their ever changing slander campaign suspect.

Here's the kicker. Phantom Secure was working for the RCMP. The Gang Task Force had copies of Larry Amero's encrypted BlackBerry messages implicating him in several local murders. The CIA drug trafficking kingpins of the world wouldn't let the RCMP use that evidence because it would implicate some of their clients. So instead, the US authorities charged Phantom Secure (the ones working for the police) in the US and Dr. Kim ran with it. That's just like charging Freeway Ricky while letting Blandon off Scott free.

So now that Jamie Bacon and the Surrey Six killers
are working with the police to rat out rivals, where does that leave Gumby? The police are withholding evidence against him for several local murders. There's no telling how low they will go next. I thought they had reached the bottom of the barrel but they keep surprising me. Stay tuned. No lie can live forever. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

We can't see the stars without darkness. When night falls, stars shine.

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