Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hells Angels and the Finks in Australia

For those of you who don't understand the Hells Angels butt crack photo, I shall explain. Once upon a time there was a fine land down under filled with fine brave people like Rolf Harris, Steve Irwin and Mic Dundee. Their valor was tried tested and proven at Gallipoli.

There was a local biker club called the Finks. The Hells Angels came to their town and said support our tax and pay our dues or leave town. The Finks told them to fuck off. The Hells Angels bribed one of their members with a new Harley to cross over and defect. The Finks were pissed.

The Hells Angels showed up at a martial arts venue wearing colours with their new turncoat recruit and the Finks lost it. A fight broke out and the turncoat was shot. His name was Chris Hudson. This is a video clip of the fight that broke out. You can hear shots fired but you can't see who the shooters are.

Ever since then the angry Chris Hudson always carried a gun. Clearly steroids don't make you bullet proof. Not only was Chris Hudson a turncoat, he was a woman beater as well. He was seen beating his girlfriend in public and dragging her by the hair. A lawyer and a Dutch backpacker came to her aide. Hudson pulled out a gun and shot all three emptying the clip on the dying lawyer who was a father of three.

Earlier that same day he was seen at a club grabbing a stripper by the hair. A local confronted him and said that was not on. Hudson lifted up his shirt showing his Hells Angels tattoo and said, "Don't you know who I am? I am a Hells Angel." He then dragged the stripper out of the club by her hair, threw her to the ground and kicker her in the head while she was on the ground.

Some say the Hells Angels disciplined him by burning off his tattoo with a blow torch. Others say Hells Angels came to his trial, saluted him and visited him in prison. His father even went so far as to tell the media that he spoke with the Hells Angels and they still support him.

The butt crack photo is a screen clip from the original fight with the Finks where Hells Angels colors were ripped off a member's back and exposed a rather nasty butt crack.

I came across the story after reading the sheriffs blog in Australia which has been taken down. They may have shot the sheriff, but they didn't shoot the deputy.
The blog mentioned a case where a group of high ranking Hells Angels and associates kidnapped, gang raped and tortured a stripper on a pig farm for several days. It was a horrific tale where the victim was awarded compensation for her injuries but no one was ever tried or convicted despite the fact that everyone there knew who it was.

This is why people like to shoot the Hells Angels and blow their shit up. That kind of evil is not noble. Ned Kelly was a famous Australian outlaw. Yet there is no way Ned Kelly would allow that kind of horrific depravity to continue. Neither should we. Rat out the real rats and make this world a better place.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Salvatore Cazzetta

Salvatore Cazzetta is the leader of of the Montreal Chapter of the Hells Angels and was arrested with Burton Rice in 2009 for contraband cigarettes. Police claim they used the Rice compound to traffic contraband cigarettes and crack cocaine. What an interesting combination.

Turns out that Cazzetta was a founding member of the Rock Machine and only recently crossed over to join the Hells Angels a few years ago. Turns out that Cazzetta was friends with Mom Bouchard before Bouchard joined the Hells Angels.

They were leaders of a small white supremest biker gang called the SS. Interesting to know that the biker club that claims to have it's origin as a military squad in WWII has so many references to Nazis and the SS which is exactly what the military in WWII fought against. Barger's Filthy Few patch replaced the SS lightening bolts with the number 666.

Nevertheless, Bouchard and Cazzetta were friends in charge of their own white supremest biker club working towards membership in the Hells Angels. Then the Lennoxville Massacre set them on different paths.

In March 1985 the Hells Angels chapter in Lennoxville, about 90 miles east of Montreal, invited members of the Laval chapter for a party. When the Hells Angels from Laval arrived at the party, they were ambushed and shot in the head by Hells angels from Lennoxville. One source claims they thought the Laval chapter was squandering drug profits by consuming too much of the product themselves.

Cazzetta was pissed and saw the massacre as a betrayal and violation of the biker code. Bouchard, the convicted rapist didn't have a problem with it and joined the Hells Angels. Cazzetta didn't and helped form the Rock Machine.

Interesting to note that is was likely a similar betrayal that brought Cazzetta back to the Hells Angels. The Rock Machine fought the Hells Angels because the Hells Angels were bullies who taxed everything like Rome. Not only did the Hells Angels sell drugs but they said no one else can sell drugs unless you pay the tax and pay their dues.

The Rock Machine refused and stood apart from Rome like Sparta. Only the noble quest for freedom was replaced with the right to sell drugs and pimp women without paying taxes to the Hells Angels. Somewhat different than Sparta.
The Rock Machine's web site claims they joined with the Bandidos until a similar betrayal called the Bandido Massacre and are now small but separate once again.

Once source claims that the reason for the Bandido massacre was because the Toronto chapter was holding back the Winnipeg chapter from full membership and the Winnipeg chapter wanted to take over. The source claims that a deal was struck between the Winnipeg chapter and the U.S. Bandido leadership wherein if they were to murder the Toronto leadership, the Winnipeg leadership would take over.

Seemingly the Rock Machine rightfully saw this as a betrayal and violation of biker code and is why they have separated themselves from the Bandidos. Perhaps that event is what triggered Cazzetta's return to the Hells Angels.

Nevertheless, the Bandido massacre does not make the Lennoxville massacre right and it clearly appears to be a method of operation for the business operations of the politically driven Hells Angels.

Salvatore Cazzetta has a long history of drug trafficking. So now he sells drugs for the Hells Angels which clearly is a criminal organization whose primary business is selling drugs. He pays their dues and supports their tax. He has bowed down and bent over for Rome like most other political opportunists before him. He is not an enemy of the Rock Machine, he's just another disappointment.

Living the Dream has nothing to do with selling crack and refusing to let anyone else sell drugs, cigarettes or sex in your neighborhood while you profit from it yourself.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TBarz and the Hells Angels at the Junos

I am told that Tbarz in Surrey is owned by the Hells Angels. When Hells Angels associate Andrew Cilliers was murdered in Surrey, they held a memorial for him at Tbarz and patch members attended. Hells angels associate Len Pelletier cosigned the loan for Dru's Harley.

I am told that Whiterock Hells Angels Randy Jones was the original owner of Tbars. Sure enough he was the one who owned and registered the Tbarz domain name and used the e-mail tbarz81@hotmail.com to register it. After I posted it publicly they changed the registration to Gladys Jones which I am told is the name the land title is under. Who's Gladys - his mother?
Comedian Russell Peters said he goes to TBarz. He said his buddy owns it. Somehow I think he's referring to Randy not Gladys. Is Russell Peters going to host the next Junos again? Maybe he can tell us how wonderful the Quebec or Toronto Hells Angels clubs are too. Wait a minute... wasn't Randy Jones in the village People?

Speaking of the Junos, who's gonna be in the next Hells Angel photo shoot at the Junos? Maybe it'll be CJ Barroby. He's the guy that got house arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels and runs a strippers agency for the boys. What a winner that guy is.

There was a gang related shooting outside Tbarz not long ago and yet another incident where a bouncer there was shot. If it is a front for the Hells Angels I think that would fall under the proceeds of crime clause in the criminal organization legislation. A strip bar is one thing but what else are they doing and profiting from in Surrey? Maybe it's time for them to leave. Their connection to meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud and to prostitution is disturbing.

Needle Exchanges and Safe Injection Sites - Insight on Insite

Are tax dollars being spent on Hells Angels cocaine at the Vancouver safe injection site? Cocaine was used in 26% of the injections there. Needle exchanges are supposed to be exchanges where a drug user brings an old dirty needle and gets a new clean one in exchange. The idea was to encourage drug users to stop throwing their used needles on the ground which would be a health risk to the public.

However, some areas like Victoria modified the idea and just started handing out free needles without collecting old ones. As a result residents became very frustrated with the City promoting drug use in their neighbourhood which resulted in used needles everywhere and a whole host of other unpleasant social problems.

Line ups for free needles were became longer than line ups for free pancakes or for Boxing day sales and drug traffickers jumped at the expanding market. How can you have a line up for a free needle and say you're not allowed to sell drugs to them?

Thus the drug laws are being violated and lawlessness is the result. How can you have a line up of people waiting for a free needle and say you can buy heroine but you can't buy crack. They didn't. As a result the line ups for free needles became a haven for crack dealers and all the associated social problems.

So the lobbyists take the next step and start handing out free crack pipes and free mouth pieces in a twisted definition of harm reduction pretending it has anything to do with the Four Pillars Program. They all cry about the four pillar program and repeat harm reduction like a drug induced mantra while they completely ignore the other three pillars of the program.

Then the lobbyists take the next step and try and turn the safe injection site for heroine addicts to a safe inhalation site for people to smoke crack. That is insane. The lobbyists must either be on crack or are profiting for organized crime selling the illegal drugs.

Then we have the lobbyists who cry about prohibition and try to legalize every drug under the sun. They exploit the legalization of pot movement, join with them then refuse to draw any lines whatsoever in their policy and cry out for the legalization of all drugs and blame those upstanding citizens who oppose crime and drug use as evil oppressors. How absurd.

Legalizing crack and meth is socially irresponsible. Take a look at what those drugs do to people. Are we going to buy alcoholics alcohol to feed their habit? That would not be in the alcoholic's best interest.

Legalizing every drug under the sun would not be in the public's best interest. People would still have to pay for the drug and would still have to commit crime to pay for it. Providing free drugs for them to use would be insane and help use up whatever money we currently spend on social programs like welfare and health care.

Yet the lobbyists refuse to draw lines and give and inch take a mile becomes the policy of spoilt brats throwing temper tantrums and screaming until we give them every illicit substance on a silver platter while the health care system continues to spiral down the toilet of nonexistence. Look at the Emergency line ups and the MRI wait lists as it is.

Feeding the hungery, housing the homeless and clothing the naked are good things. Giving alcohol to alcoholics or drugs to drug addicts is not. Especially at the tax payers expense. The last thing we need is to move from lawlessness to anarchy but that is clearly the direct we are heading. That is not the society that I want to live in. We need to embrace the New York model and leave Amsterdam for Amsterdam.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Were the Hells Angels Robert Pickton's Accomplices?

Since the media is reexamining evidence in the Picktion trial we should also examine who some of those suspects are. The media has recently shown how the Crown submitted considerable evidence that Robert Pickton had accomplices in the murders.

Interesting to note that during the trial Robert Pickton was asked point blank if the Hell s Angels were involved in any way with the murders and he clearly said no in court. I find that to be a very profound question. Why would they ask him if the Hells Angels were involved? What evidence did they have that could have possibly implied they were? Would he have said yes if they were involved?

One witness was asked if Hells Angels ever attended parties at Piggy Palace and he said no in court. Yet a musician who played at Piggy Palace said Hells Angels were there all the time. So why did that witness lie in court and say they weren't? Lots of people attended those parties including the former mayor of Port Coquitlam, Scott Young. Mind you that mayor had some problems and criminal charges of his own.

Why did bikers show up at another witness' house during the Pickton trial and scared her out of testifying? She was going to testify in court that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy Palace and were associates of Robert's brother Dave. If everyone knew that Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy Palace and were associated with Dave Pickton, why did bikers show up at the witness' house? Which club were those bikers affiliated with?

The Hells Angels documented connection with meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud is disturbing as is their documented connection with prostitution. Here's my point, if the Hells Angels were involved in any way with any of the Pickton murders, I want to know. They lied about being drug dealers and selling crack. What else did they lie about?

Ratting out a crack dealer is not being a rat. Lying for one is. Ratting out someone who helped murder and mutilate sex trade workers is not being a rat. Refusing to do so is.

If the Hells Angels were involved in any way with the Pickton murders, do you think the Italian or Sicilian mob will want anything to do with them? As hardcore and misguided as the Sicilian's morals are regarding murder, extortion and drugs, the Italian and Sicilian mob do have a code of conduct and don't support that kind of depravity. The Mexican cartels or the Latino gangs like the Italians, Sicilian and the French have Roman Catholic backgrounds. They may be hardcore about murder but they don't support that kind of depravity against women.

If the Hells Angels or any of their associates were involved with the Pickton murders in any way, they would completely lose their respect in the criminal underworld and in the public eye. If the public lost respect for them, they wouldn't hesitate ratting them out. If you know anything about any of this, please contact me or call Crimestoppers at 1 800 222-TIPS (8477).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did Robert Pickton have Accomplices?

I was shocked to read the article in today's Vancouver Province about the possibility of Robert Pickton having accomplices. It appears to be a National Post article that was also published in the Vancouver Sun. Finally the media steps up to the plate. Robert Pickton was convicted of six counts of murder and faces another possible 20 charges if those don't stick.

Yet the police have found the remains and DNA of more than 60 women on the farm. Do I believe Robert Pickton murdered all 60? No I do not. Do I believe Robert Pickton was the criminal mastermind and his brother Dave had no idea what was going on? No I do not.

The problems is, these kind of trials are very expensive. The police want to have a conviction. The disturbing part of the case is that the crown admits that there is considerable and obvious evidence that Pickton may not have acted alone but if he was the person in charge and if the others were acting in concert with him, he could still be convicted. I agree with that argument. I just don't think he was the one in charge.

Court testimony describes Robert as mentally diminished and deferred questions to his brother Dave who ran the farm and had been previously convicted of sexual assault on that same farm.
I find it disturbing to hear a police officer on cross examination after admitting they did find pills and bungee cord in Dave's room after receiving another report of another sexual assault by him the police officer said just because someone commits sexual assault, that does not necessarily make him a murderer. No, but why didn't the second charge of sexual assault proceed against him?

It is not my quest to assist the defense in helping their client get away with murder. I believe Robert Pickton's conviction should be upheld. My concern is pursuing justice for the more than 54 other women found on the farm. What about them?

The article in the Province concludes with a very profound statement by the defense. "If the Crown believes there is evidence that others were involved, you would think that an investigation would proceed with vigor. Instead, one is left wondering."
Women still go missing in East Vancouver. One is also left wondering about the fact that Vancouver has become a hub for international human trafficking. Where do all those women go after their id is incinerated?

Surrey meth cook and the East Vancouver House of Horrors

We've all heard about the Picton Farm and we've all heard about the Surrey House of Horrors, but have we heard about the East Vancouver House of Horrors? Given the number of missing women from the Downtown East side, I'm sure there are many.

Ryan is a person of interest. He was a long time meth cook in prison for cooking meth for the Hells Angels. Only the court put a ban on the name of the Hells Angel he was cooking the meth for. However, in another trial Michael Plante testified that he got the kilo of meth for Lising from his associate, who was making and selling meth along with East Van Hells Angel John Punko.

Plante testified that he told Ryan not to tell Punko that the meth was for Lising because Punko didn't want Ryan dealing with any other Hells Angel.

I am told the fenced house in this photo used to be a crack house run by the Hells Angels. That was before the fence was put up. It looks like things in that neighbourhood have changed and things have been cleaned up after the former tenants moved.

However, witnesses claim what went on in this crack house rivaled what went on in the Surrey House of Horrors where a murdered sex trade workers DNA was found as well as on the Picton farm.

One witness claims the name of the guy living in the basement suite who ran the crack house was a skin head named Ryan. They also claim that Ryan looked a lot like the Hells Angel meth cook.

Interesting to note that the DNA of a stripper from the Orange No 5 named Stephanie Lange was found at the Picton farm. It has been said that the Orange No 5 is owned and run by the Hells Angels.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Montreal Shooting and Vito Rizzuto

Well I guess no gangsters out blog would be complete with out mentioning Vito Rizzuto. CBC reports that a fatal shooting in Montreal today could well be a revenge killing for the death of Vito Rizzuto's son Nick.

OK, I know nothing about the mob in Montreal or Toronto but a few news articles when viewed together make for an interesting read. They refer to Vito Rizzuto as the Teflon Don of Canada. Implying that he is involved with organized crime but has evaded prosecution for it. Yet other reports state he's in prison in the States. CBC calls him the Montreal Mafia Kingpin. The recent cafe firebombings in Montreal show extortion is alive and well in Canada.

I'm going to highlight three threads connected to Vito. The first is Alfonso Gagliano. Wikipedia claims that the Rizzutos are soldiers for the Bonnanno crime family in New York. They claim laws enforcement stated the Rizzutos are major drug traffickers importing and distributing tons of heroine and cocaine and profit greatly from loansharking and illegal gambling. Wikipedia also claims Rizzuto worked closely with the Sicilian Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan who are major drug importers led in Canada by Alfonso Caruana.

Alfonso Gagliano was the book keeper for Alfonso Caruana's cousin Agostino Cuntrera. Gagliano was from the same small village in Sicily as the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan is from.

The New York Times reported that FBI informant Frank Lino claimed he was introduced to Gagliano at a mafia meeting in Montreal and was told Gagliano was a Canadian politician and made member of the mafia in Montreal connected to the Bonno and the Gambino crime families in New York. Gagliano denied it and sued the Canadian government for defamation and lost.

The second thread is Peter Scarcella in Toronto. He's another Sicilian mafioso who got his start driving the car for mafia leader Paul Volpe who was found dead in the trunk of his car. Scarcella was the last person to see Volpe alive. Since then, Scarcella has aligned himself with Vito Rizzuto in Montreal.

The third thread is Hells Angel Paris Christoforou. He was with Scarcella when they shot up a sandwich shop in Toronto and an innocent mother was hit and paralyzed. They were targeting mafia rival Mike Modica.

It's all kind of confusing but we can clearly see three common threads in this organized drug ring. Numerous reports about the Hells Angels being tied to the mafia in Montreal don't help either.

Please note that these gangsters are white despite the fact that one of the shooters in today's hit in Montreal was wearing a fake dreadlock wig so please stop the ridiculous racist remarks. Sending these guys back to Italy might help.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marc Emery's unlikely Political Alliance

Well this is interesting. We all know of Marc Emery. He's a local pot activist that is waiting to be extradited to the U.S. for selling pot seeds over the Internet. Almost as bad as jay walking in public. Depending upon the volume of course.

Here's the twist: three MPs have submitted a petition to Parliament asking the Justice Minister not to sign Emery's extradition papers. One of the MPs is Libby Davies from the NDP. No surprise there. Then there's Ujall Dosanjh from the Federal Liberals. No big surprise there. The Liberals have been watering down our judicial system for generations and many of them support the legalization of marijuana but I do like Dosanjh.

The surprise is that the third MP is a Conservative - Scott Reid. Well, well, well a divided caucus. Wasn't Harper trying to introduce minimum sentences for the mere possession of marijuana? Now we have one of his MPs supporting a petition not to sign Emery's extradition orders. The Conservatives can't afford to lose any rogue caucus members in a minority government. Every vote counts. Chuck Cadman showed us that.

Here's my beef. I don't support the legalization of marijuana but recognize that there is a big difference between pot and crack. This difference needs to be entrenched in the laws. We have been lobbying the government for years to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime. The key word there is violent. Cases like the Michael Levy assault when murder or swarmings and senseless beatings are committed. We need mandatory minimum sentences for those crimes. Not for the possession of marijuana.

We also need mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking crack, meth, GBH and cocaine. Minimum sentences even if they are caught selling small quantities because dealers use runners to avoid getting caught with a large amount of drugs at one time.

My beef is this. We need to proceed with anti gang legislation and we need Harper to take the amendment to bill C-15 so that it may pass and introduce mandatory minimum sentences for selling hard drugs not for using them or for possession of pot. We need to crack down on the dealers of hard drugs not addicts. That does not mean taking the other extreme and buying addicts drugs either.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another ton of cocaine seized, no criminal organization charged

Well here we have it. The police obviously get a tip about a boat load of cocaine in Port Hardy. They broadcast the seizure and low and behold it has a ton of cocaine on board. Two people are charged but no link to any criminal organization is made.

This is the second largest cocaine seizure in the area. The largest was two and a half tons of cocaine for the Hells Angels on the Western Wind in 2001. Richard Barszczewski was the Peter Leask of the day who vetoed that conviction. Tricky Dickey should have been fired, he shouldn't have been given a promotion.

So here once again he have a huge cocaine seizure but no link to any criminal organization. Is Tricky Dickey still in charge? Please advise.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Punko and Pottsie deal Drugs

Peter Leask may well be an idiot, but the latest court documentation of East Vancouver Hells Angels Potts and Punko continue to show how the Hells Angels are a criminal organization in Canada who's primary business is selling drugs.

Isn't it pitiful when bullies play the victim? If police informant Michael Plante hadn't supplied them with the meth lab they would have hired someone else to do it.
Kerry Ryan Renaud was a long time meth producer in Surrey. Prosecution alleged he was cooking meth for the Hells Angels but the judge put a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angel he was cooking the meth for. Now we find out he was tied to Potts and Punko.
However, if police put more meth on the street to convict anyone, that is wrong. We need to get the crack and meth off the streets. I am glad to hear the crown is appealing the decision. Alcantara got 14 years in Alberta.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hells Angels Niagara Falls

Indeed it has been a tough year for the Hells Angels in Niagara. Their chapter leader, Gerard Ward also known as Skinny plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and possessing the proceeds of crime and their clubhouse was seized.

Ward was caught along with five other Hells Angel members and associates delivering four kilograms of cocaine to a former member of the Oshawa chapter who became a police agent. Ward was 61 at the time.

But that's not all. Constable Dean Rudge was charged with leaking confidential documents that were found in the possession of the Hells Angels. Again.

Nicola Nero of Niagara Falls is serving nine years for selling cocaine to a police informant while on bail for stealing $2.7 million from an armoured car in 2003.

Zavisa Drecic, a former member of the Niagara chapter transferred to the Woodbridge chapter was sentenced to 8 years. He was trafficking more date rape drug. How noble. These guys are old. Trafficking date rape drug? This isn't the Niagara chapter any more. Now it's the Viagra chapter. Old men dealing drugs. Shame on you.

Not only was Drecic caught trafficking GHB, he was also caught selling a kilo of cocaine and a kilo of ephedrine in 2006 and another kilo of cocaine in 2007.

Kevin Skuta of Welland was sentenced to five years for trafficking a kilo of cocaine and more than 100 litres of date rape drug GHB. Don't forget, cry baby in court, Mark Figuereo was caught trafficking GHB in Toronto as was Vince Sanssalone in Haney. Mark brought his wife, sister and niece with him to court and cried when they sentenced him to six years in prison.

Is there anyone in the Viagra chapter that isn't a drug dealer? Please advise.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hells Angels lose Criminal Organization Appeal

Two Hells Angels from Ontario had their appeal of the courts criminal organization status dismissed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Freedom of association does not apply to criminal organizations. The Hells Angels sell drugs as an organization. This is a clear example of how out of touch the B.C. Judges are and how Peter Leask should be hanged for treason. The Canadian jurisprudence has now been established by the highest court of the country.
So what is it called when the judges in B.C. rule differently than the judges in Ontario on the same federal law? What is it called when the judges in B.C. rule differently than the Supreme Court of Canada? I call it treason.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

B.C. Injustice extends to White Collar Crime

We all know the Canadian criminal code has a very bad reputation for being a joke and that the Judges in B.C. are known for extending that bad joke to the extreme with bizarre decisions that are not consistent with how the other provinces interpret the same federal laws.

The Ian Thow case is another example but deals with white collar crime:

Here's a guy who pleads guilty to 20 cases of fraud and admits to conning clients out of $10 million. (The initial charge was more like $32 million) The guy was an investment advisor and advised clients to buy stock that didn't exist to fund his extravagant lifestyle. He robbed people of their life's savings to waste on decadence. That was cold hearted and malicious.

The crown and defense lawyers recommend a 7 year sentence. Since he's been in custody for a year he'd be given two for one credit for that pretrial time served. I thought they got rid of that. Anyways, the Vancouver Sun claims that parole is routinely given for white collar crime after one third of the sentence is served.

That means he could be out on the street in about four months which would mean he would have served 14 months for serious fraud in the millions that ruined peoples lives for his own personal extravagance. If that is not treason, I don't know what is.


Update: Crown recommends 7 years, Court orders 9.

Well this is a small step forward but it's still a very small step. The underlining problems still exist. Why did the crown recommend 7 years when the maximum was raised to 14? Compared to what Throw did, what kind of fraud would qualify someone for 14 years? That's hard to imagine. http://www.vancouversun.com/Investment+guru+Thow+sentenced+nine+years+multimillion+dollar+fraud/2641705/story.html

Why did he get two for one credit for the year served when two for one credit was supposed to have been done away with? Will he get instant parole after serving one third of his sentence like most others do for white collar crime?

That remains to be the underlining problem. Parole after one third of the sentence is served. What this guy did was horrible. He needs to be held accountable. So here's the math. If the one third factor is true, then one third of 9 years is 3 years. Less two for one credit for the first year leaves one year left to serve for a total of two years served for serious fraud in the millions destroying many peoples lives. So he getting nine years instead of seven means he serves 2 years instead of 14 months. Is that justice?