Friday, March 19, 2010

Surrey meth cook and the East Vancouver House of Horrors

We've all heard about the Picton Farm and we've all heard about the Surrey House of Horrors, but have we heard about the East Vancouver House of Horrors? Given the number of missing women from the Downtown East side, I'm sure there are many.

Ryan is a person of interest. He was a long time meth cook in prison for cooking meth for the Hells Angels. Only the court put a ban on the name of the Hells Angel he was cooking the meth for. However, in another trial Michael Plante testified that he got the kilo of meth for Lising from his associate, who was making and selling meth along with East Van Hells Angel John Punko.

Plante testified that he told Ryan not to tell Punko that the meth was for Lising because Punko didn't want Ryan dealing with any other Hells Angel.

I am told the fenced house in this photo used to be a crack house run by the Hells Angels. That was before the fence was put up. It looks like things in that neighbourhood have changed and things have been cleaned up after the former tenants moved.

However, witnesses claim what went on in this crack house rivaled what went on in the Surrey House of Horrors where a murdered sex trade workers DNA was found as well as on the Picton farm.

One witness claims the name of the guy living in the basement suite who ran the crack house was a skin head named Ryan. They also claim that Ryan looked a lot like the Hells Angel meth cook.

Interesting to note that the DNA of a stripper from the Orange No 5 named Stephanie Lange was found at the Picton farm. It has been said that the Orange No 5 is owned and run by the Hells Angels.

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