Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TBarz and the Hells Angels at the Junos

I am told that Tbarz in Surrey is owned by the Hells Angels. When Hells Angels associate Andrew Cilliers was murdered in Surrey, they held a memorial for him at Tbarz and patch members attended. Hells angels associate Len Pelletier cosigned the loan for Dru's Harley.

I am told that Whiterock Hells Angels Randy Jones was the original owner of Tbars. Sure enough he was the one who owned and registered the Tbarz domain name and used the e-mail tbarz81@hotmail.com to register it. After I posted it publicly they changed the registration to Gladys Jones which I am told is the name the land title is under. Who's Gladys - his mother?
Comedian Russell Peters said he goes to TBarz. He said his buddy owns it. Somehow I think he's referring to Randy not Gladys. Is Russell Peters going to host the next Junos again? Maybe he can tell us how wonderful the Quebec or Toronto Hells Angels clubs are too. Wait a minute... wasn't Randy Jones in the village People?

Speaking of the Junos, who's gonna be in the next Hells Angel photo shoot at the Junos? Maybe it'll be CJ Barroby. He's the guy that got house arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels and runs a strippers agency for the boys. What a winner that guy is.

There was a gang related shooting outside Tbarz not long ago and yet another incident where a bouncer there was shot. If it is a front for the Hells Angels I think that would fall under the proceeds of crime clause in the criminal organization legislation. A strip bar is one thing but what else are they doing and profiting from in Surrey? Maybe it's time for them to leave. Their connection to meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud and to prostitution is disturbing.

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