Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The De Evolution of Astronomy

Today I want to talk about going down the wrong rabbit hole. People often now ask, how far are you down the rabbit hole? I understand the reference and the intent but the question makes me uncomfortable. The saying comes from Alice in Wonderland when she falls down a rabbit whole and discovers a whole new strange and bizarre world. When people ask that question they mean how enlightened are you as in the red pill or the blue pill in the Matrix. That's what they mean but I tend to get the feeling that some mean how susceptible are you to crazy?
DEVO was a band in the /80's that kind of had a strange look. DEVO was short for De evolution. We're familiar with Darwin's theory of evolution. It claimed that man evolved from the ape and was progressing and advancing in the evolutionary cycle. Well DEVO said the world is pretty messed up right now. I think we are de evolving. We're becoming less advanced and more crazy.

When we look at the world since Covid I think most of would agree the world has gone insane and that we are all de evolving. So I want to talk about that. To start I want to talk about how our basic understanding of astronomy has completely gone out the window and how we got in this bizarre place. Let's start with Isaac Newton and his laws of motion.

Issac Newton wrote three laws of motion. Not theories, laws. You prove a theory and it becomes a fact. The first law was Every object moves in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. That's inertia. You notice that when you're riding a motorcycle on the ice or snow.

The second law is F=ma force equals mass times acceleration. The third law is For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Pretty basic. These laws govern motion which would include car accidents. It's like the development of flight. We can see airplanes fly overhead.

At first that was just a crazy idea but through trial and error we have made considerable progress. We've even built rockets that leave the earth's atmosphere and launch satellites that orbit the earth. Issac Newton also wrote the law of gravitation which covers planets orbiting the sun and moons orbiting the planets.

Einstein amended Newton's law of gravitation very slightly. He recognized that a planet's orbit is three dimensional not two. The elliptical orbit slightly rotates. It doesn't stay fixed on a two dimensional plane. Einstein came up with several other very interesting theories and equations but today I just want to focus on Newton's laws of motion and gravity and how they relate to the solar system's symphony of motion. Let's examine how our understanding of the laws of motion and the solar system is de evolving and why.

Just as the development of the airplane has progressed through trial and error so has our development of rockets and the space shuttle. The space shuttle was a breakthrough because it was reusable. Yet the first challenge was to develop a rocket that could go fast enough to escape the earth's gravitational field.

Some people think the moon landing was faked. I do not. Candace Owen does. Her husband does not. The Hodge Twins put out a funny video about it. This is what I would refer to as a gray area. If you believe the moon landing was fake that doesn't mean the earth no longer orbits the sun and the moon no longer orbits the earth.

Yet this claim is the beginning of the wrong rabbit hole. Some people claim they faked the moon landing and lied about everything. OK hold the door. They didn't lie about algerbra, physics or the laws of motion. They didn't lie about everything. As soon as you start to think they lied about everything you throw away all the proven science and start believing crazy things that aren't true.

Faking the moon landing doesn't mean the Hubble space telescope is fake. It doesn't mean every single NASA mission was fake. It doesn't mean Starlink is fake and all the communication satellites that orbit the earth are fake.

This is where flat earthers lose their mind. They claim everything is fake. They claim NASA is fake and every space probe ever launched is fake. That is utterly ridiculous. Someone tried to post a comment on the other thread with links to the flat earth theory erroneously claiming that the Bible states the earth is flat. That is a ridiculous lie. That is a doctrine of the devil.

I don't want to pick on flat earthers but it's hard not to. The flat earth theory is a big part of QAnon and their false hillbilly prophet. I didn't post the comment because I'm not going to argue about it. As far as I'm concerned flat earth is a mental health problem. I don't hold conversations with them because their arrogance and defiance is unapproachable. Just like sovereign citizens.

My point is flat earthers have thrown away all the laws of science and astronomy. This is why people were freaking out about the recent solar eclipse. Their basic understanding of astronomy has gone out the window. We need to back it up and review the basic laws of physics.


  1. Earth is Flat bro bro get with the times

  2. Flare earthers are as crazy as the woke people. All I can say is the people in power like to keep everyone divided so they can do what ever they want and then distract you when we catch on to their nefarious plans.. The ocean is the best way to prove flat earthers wrong. Can u see Vancouver island from horseshoe Bay when you at ocean level nope? The woke think there are multiple sexes, I say science proves that wrong. How about Ukraine and 100 billions + $ sent to them for what?? Just a distraction from the real problems at hand. WEf and the UN are as evil as Jeffery Epstein.

    1. You're right in that it is a distraction. If you are on Cypress you can see Vancouver Island but as you say that's because you're above sea level. However, you can even see it from the lookout that you drive to because the mountains on Vancouver Island are so high. It's actually amazingly close. The point is you can't see Japan from Vancouver even with a telescope.

  3. I'm not posting flat earth nonsense on here. I'm not mocking you although you are very arrogant and mock people who disagree with you. I simply said I think flat earth is a mental illness. That is what I believe. The Bible does not teach the earth is flat. That is an absurd misinterpretation of the Bible. It is IMO a doctrine of the devil. Just so we're clear. That means there's nothing to argue about. We simply disagree. This is not a Hells Angels support site and this is not a Flat Earth support site either.

  4. Very accurate statement of how the extremely few flat earthers are arrogant and mock others.

    I had guessed they were linked to qanon and state organized disruptions to divide the people.

    1. Yes the QAnon false prophet teaches flat earth. I saw it from an ad on Rumble so QAnon is state sponsored.


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