Friday, April 26, 2024

BC to recriminalize use of drugs in public spaces

CBC is reporoitng that "After weeks of troubling stories about problematic street drug use in hospitals, parks and at bus stops, the province of British Columbia announced plans to recriminalize the use of drugs in public places Friday — radically altering a pilot program aimed at addressing the toxic drug crisis." Finally! That was one of the opposition's campaign promises.

BC Government news is reporting that "B.C. is taking action to make illicit drug use illegal in all public spaces, including inside hospitals, on transit and in parks. It’s part of several new measures introduced by the Province, focused on providing police with more tools to address public safety while offering support and access to treatment for people living with addictions."

This was a natural consequence of Ronald Skolrood's mentally deranged court decision. Next we need to remove him from the bench. Portland tried it and so did BC. We both saw it was a failed experiment that emboldened drug dealers and criminals making public spaces unsafe.

Drug users aren't targeted but if they make public spaces unsafe they should be moved on. Drug dealers should be targeted. We can do that now. Enforce the law, protect public safety. Pitt Meadows saw the writting on the wall and already did that last July.


  1. Eby? Hoping to gain some votes is my guess. Dix just doubled down on drug use in hospital and here’s EBY pretending to be the hero and ‘fixing’ what is profoundly broken. EBY…. You’re gone! Conservatives are in….. baaaabye EBY. No ONE voted for ya in the first place.

    1. Eby is definitely in damage control running scared. Conservatives no longer just lead as the opposition. They have pulled ahead of the NDP.


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