Saturday, April 13, 2024

Israel provokes a conflict with Iran

Update: The Iron Dome withstands Iran's drone counter attack. Big surprise.

Politico is reporting that "For weeks, Iranian leaders have vowed they would avenge the deaths of two top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders who were killed in an airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, on Apr. 1. Israeli officials said Saturday they had confirmed more than 100 drones had left Tehran and were heading towards Israel. Iranian state media reported that Tehran launched ballistic missiles and drones against targets in Israel."

The Iron Dome is pretty effective but the point is Netanyahu has intentionally provoked this attack by bombing the Iranian consulate in Syria. If anyone else had done that they would have referred to it as a terrorist attack. The CIA created ISIS and the Mossad created Hamas. Knowing that, Rebel News is selling F*ck Hamas gear. That is really offensive. You're going to put the Star of David beside an obscenity confronting an evil Mossad created right after they intentionally murdered aid workers and are literally starving a nation full of civilians. Shame on you. You've lost my support. Benjamin Netanyahu is simply creating another distraction from his own misdeeds.


  1. Seeing a ton of bullshit footage of missile and drone remains in the dead centre of Israeli streets??!!

    The chances of the wreckage landing dead centre of a street is miniscule.

    Starting to question this attack?

    Oct 7th on steroids?

    Either way the goal will be war with Iran.

    1. Exactly. Oct 7th happened after all those mass protests in Israel against Netanyahu. Now this happens right after they kill the aid workers and the mass protests against Netanyahu have restarted. It's clearly another distraction from Netanyahu's misdeeds.

  2. It all makes sense to me .Backtrack years before Syria war which I postponed by sometime so you know .
    Read """"" General Westley Clark and the list ot 7 countries :"""" just to refresh our memories

    1. MI6 and the CIA have wanted Iran's oil since 1953.


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