Friday, April 5, 2024

Cameron Ortis granted bail during his Appeal

CBC is reporting that "Cameron Ortis — the former RCMP intelligence official sentenced to 14 years for leaking secret information to police targets — has been granted bail while he waits for an appeal of his case. John Doody, one of Ortis' lawyers, confirmed the news with CBC. The Globe and Mail first reported the development." I have much more to say about this.

The Crown and the Defense have both filed appeals. As I have previously reported this case is shameful and sheds light on how low the RCMP will go to remove civilian leadership and public accountability. Bob Paulson created the OR and put Cameron Ortis in charge of it. This was a task force mandated to work with foreign intelligence agencies to bring Canada up to snuff with the Five Eyes. So when Cameron Ortis testified that a foreign intelligence agency contacted him that completely falls within the realm of believability because that's what his task force was mandated to do. Cameron Ortis was a patriot. He was not a two bit criminal.

Cameron Ortis was a civilian just like William Elliot. Bob Paulson was grooming him to become the next RCMP Commissioner when he retired. When Bob Paulson put Cameron Ortis in charge of the NIC the old boys club lost their sh*t and recruited outside help to set him up.


  1. Well that's great news, in a way... but will he be allowed to speak to the public or press?
    Following along the bouncing dots, and remaining agnostic to whether Paulson = good guy/bad guy, enlighten us if you will on the suppressed connections between the Bob Paulsen early edition so involved in the Pig Farm investigation, and the Bob Paulsen later edition. Nobody seems to want to talk about the RCMP's obvious role in PIGGY PALACE GOOD TIMES SOCIETY and their alliance with the local HA chapter.
    Ortis clearly was closing in on 'compromised nodes' within the organization at the time of his shut down. How high up did the corruption go> alternately - how hard did CSIS work to get Ortis out of the way? This fake "journalist" guy Sam Cooper who said "Ortis is guilty" seems to rely a lot on CSIS material. One can't but help suppose that they are feeding him manure to spread all over the giant mushroom farm called Canucknucklestan!

    1. Don't get me started on Sam Cooper. He's with Post Media News. Enough said. There will be an insane amount of bail conditions but it is a step forward. Cameron is not a flight risk and he is not a risk to the public.

      I too am undecided on Bob Paulson. There is good and bad in everyone. He was the one that was supposed to be watching Dianne Rock when she was in police protection. They didn't believe her when she said she was gang raped by cops and bikers on the Pickton Farm so she left police custody and ended up dead.

      I think when Bob Paulson hired Cameron Ortis he was sincerely trying to improve the RCMP and bring them up to snuff with the Five Eyes. Cameron was trustworthy.

    2. Agreed. But, I still wanna know, specifically - will he be able to whisper... if not 'talk.' A semi-free C O is like 20 LH Oswalds - Sam Cooper is a kind of Jack Ruby(stein)meets Roger Stone.
      Get started on Sammy - and finish the job!

    3. I already had an insane lawsuit with Post Media News. Sam Cooper isn't worth another. If people believe that BS that's their fault not mine. Obviously they are terrified what Cameron Ortis will say but I don't see him as a whistle blower. I see him as someone who really believed in the system. They destroyed a good man.

    4. What leads you to believe him 'destroyed?' I'm seein a fighter. All he needs is one or two real men in his corner.... the whole circus comes down around the dudleydoorights heads!

    5. He will fight back and he may win his appeal. Doing what they did to him was shameful. Their intent was to destroy his life not just get him fired.


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