Friday, September 30, 2011

Ivan Andrew Campbell

Hells Angels associate Ivan Andrew Campbell in New Zealand was sentenced to 14 years for the torture and rape of a 14 year old boy in 2001 and a 13 year old boy in 1991. In a separate case a stripper was gang raped and tortured in Australia.

Under legislation at the time of his sentencing, the heavily tattooed sex offender must be released after two-thirds of his sentence – meaning he is to be freed by January 5, 2010 at the latest. But the Department of Corrections has taken the rare step of applying for an order under Section 107 of the Parole Act 2002, to keep him in jail.

Murder suspect is son of former police chief

Speaking of John Lindsay, the Edmonton police chief who resigned after controversy of the department leaking information to the Hells Angels, turns out his son Mark has been arrested in Kamloops. Mark Lindsay is the suspect in an Edmonton homicide investigation and had apparently been the target of an RCMP “Mr. Big” operation until he allegedly stabbed one of the undercover officers involved last week in Barriere, BC outside Kamloops.

Lindsay entered a guilty plea in August in an Edmonton courtroom to one count of assault with a weapon after stabbing his girlfriend, 31-year-old Dana Turner, in the head with a paring knife nearly two months earlier. He was handed a conditional sentence order and an 18-month probation term and released from custody on Aug. 12. Turner went missing on Aug. 14 and has not been seen since.

The bizarre thing is, as soon as he was released from prison for stabbing his girlfriend, Dana Turner, in the head, she went missing.

Victoria and Calgary Cocaine

One has to wonder if the cocaine trade in Victoria and Calgary are connected. Obviously it appears that Surrey is a hub connecting both trades. The thing I'm interested in is the large cocaine bust in Calgary that happened shortly before Lindsay Buziak's murder. It was the largest cocaine bust in Alberta's history. 80 kilograms were seized in total along with packaging for another 20 kilograms which illustrated the high volume of cocaine passing through Calgary. From where en route to where?

We know that the Calgary police seized 11 kilograms of cocaine along with several firearms including a machine gun from the Calgary hells angels clubhouse back in 2001.

Compare that with a few other large cocaine busts in Victoria.

We know that the Robert Shannon convictions and the Jones Brothers indictment have implicated the Hells Angels as being huge cocaine suppliers in the area. Not to mention the 2 1/2 tons of cocaine seized from the Western Wind.

The interesting thing is, in the Calgary cocaine bust there was a guy named Erickson Lopez Delalcazar of Victoria. Eric's father is Edwardo Del Alcazar.

Interesting to note that Sarah Amelia Smith is one of Colin Lamontagne's friends. Sarah is engaged to Eric's brother Eldriegson L. Del Alcazar. The wedding is set for tomorrow, October 1st 2011. They look like a happy couple. I hope the expensive cars aren't paid for from cocaine. That would be tragic. If they are, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Enrique Delalcazar is friends with Alycia Lynn Faithfull Lebrun who was also charged in that largest Alberta cocaine bust as well as another in BC. Police used a stun grenade to arrest Jefferson Delalcazar in a vehicle near Douglas and Bay streets in 2008.

Delalcazar faces a charge of possession of an undisclosed amount of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking, and two charges of breaching conditions in relation to previous arrests, Hamilton said. Earlier this year, Jefferson Lopez Delalcazar pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm of Sukhpaul Parmar - a stranger - and assaulting and criminally harassing his former girlfriend Magdalayna Moraitis.

Jefferson is Eldriegson's brother. Buyer Beware.

Since someone has posted false allegations of slander I will post a few more pictures proving what I have said. Sarah and her new husband are a very attractive young couple. Sarah has married into a family that has a history of cocaine related charges as well as violence. That is a true statement. One bully poster said every family has a black sheep. Then I cite two brothers with cocaine charges. Then the poster said two people means nothing. Then I cited an uncle. All three of whom have been charged in very high level cocaine trafficking. Then the poster accused me of being a cyber vigilante. Kinda of a smoke and mirrors distraction to the fact that they were just proven wrong.

Someone else posted a comment expressing their opinion that Sarah drinks and parties a lot, which is not a crime. The denial bully threatens the poster and calls them a liar. Well let's have a peek at a few more pictures and see who the real liar is.

Here's another person of interest Sarah appears to be very cosy with, David Bennett. He hosts a lot of parties. Sarah is seen in a lot of pictures attending some of those parties. In fact that kinda looks like a drink in her hand. The denial bully lied and said Sarah doesn't drink. Drinking is not illegal. So why lie about it then call someone a vigilante for exposing your lie?

Here's another picture from one of Dave's parties at his house in the Highlands in Langford with a Tiger in the back yard. Even I saw that in the news. Dave's in the middle with his arms around the attractive young lady in the black dress. Many of them appear to be drinking. I am told the person on the far left in the photo is of Jorge Hildago who if you search the BC Court records has been charged with production and manufacturing of a controlled substance.

Sarah and Dave do look very cosy indeed.

Here's one of Sarah with Jacine Jadresko who is married to a person of interest named Arlen Orr aka whiteboy. In fact it even looks like an alcoholic beverage in her hand which is not illegal. So please don't lie and bully posters here threatening them for telling the truth. You're the cyber bully. The other girl on the left is Kevin Baker's girlfriend Kasia. Kevin has numerous charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Sarah is a very pretty young lady. She reminds me of Lindsay Buziak who was also a wonderful young lady. Evidently, Lindsay got involved with someone who had many similar friends. Now, you will note the title of this post is not Sarah or the Del Alcazar's. The title of this post is Victoria and Calgary cocaine. I have simply noted that some of the people arrested in the Calgary cocaine bust prior to Lindsay Buziak's murder have friends and associates with people in Victoria who are also friends and associates of people who have been charged in very high level cocaine trafficking coming out of Victoria and extending across Canada. That's all I said and that is true.

Just for grins let's have a look at this picture of Jacine Jadresko nonexistent husband Michael Scofield aka Arlin Orr. They were engaged but she refers to him as her hubby. That's even after sleeping in her car last summer. I guess he doesn't always treat her the way he should. They were recently seen together driving a nice new Cadillac Escalade. He has quite the criminal history.

Here's one of Jacine Jadresko's brother Cody in the middle with Dave Bennett the tiger guy on the right and Erickson's brother Jefferson Del Alcazar, Brother of Erickson Del Alcazar who was charged in that Calgary cocaine bust that was described as the largest cocaine bust in Alberta's history. Jefferson was accused of beating up his girlfriend at Denny's with his Brother Eldriegson present. Eldriegson was charged at the time with assault on another male. In fact the suspects were very well know to the police. (page 6) In fact Jefferson was also arrested with cocaine in Victoria back in 2008. The ERT used a stun grenade to arrest him.

And here's one for the road. Sara and Jacine with Ovidio Acevedo doing tequila shots. Cheers. Good luck sister. You're gonna need it.

Surrey Sunrise

A magnificent sunrise this morning.
Red sky at morning sailor take warning.

Dead man was associate of Hells Angels

Speaking of the Dell Hotel, before it became the Blue Corvette is was called the Oasis. In fact the Blue Corvette loyunge is in the Oasis hotel. Hershal Clark Segal was slain shortly after leaving the Oasis Hotel on King George Highway in the early hours of Aug. 14, 1999. He was murdered by a hells angels associate who suffered the same fate seven years later.

Matthew Mark Rheaume, 39, was found dead in his residence in the 5700-block Camino Court just before 3 p.m. Monday May 1st 2006. Rheaume was well known to police and was regularly in the company of members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, although he was not considered a member. He was charged in the 1999 murder of Hershal Clark Segal in Surrey and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

So after all that extortion, theft and murder for the Hells Angels, did Matt Rheaume meet the same fate Juel Stanton did? Time will tell. It always does.

Project Finale

Meanwhile back in Ottawa police executed 16 search warrants, including one at the Hells Angels clubhouse at 5416 8 Line Rd. in south Ottawa. Police were seen taking away a Harley Davidson motorcycle and revealed they also confiscated illegal drugs, cash and weapons. There were 107 charges laid against 12 people including a 37-year-old Ottawa man police say is a full patch member of the Hells Angels. He faces five charges.

Arrested persons incude:

•Michael Clairoux,37 years old of Ottawa
•Marcus Doige, 21 years old of Ottawa
•Corey Gingras, 25 years old of Ottawa
•Navdeep Khaira, 24 years old of Ottawa
•Colin Meilleur, 25 years old of Ottawa
•Alexander Scantlebury, 24 years old of Ottawa
•Ryan Cornel, 24 years old of Ottawa
•Benjamin Frith, 24 years old of Ottawa
•Christopher Glover, 24 years old of Ottawa
•Daniel Levesque, 25 years old of Ottawa
•Alain Parisien, 26 years old of Ottawa

The exhaustive police probe that led to the arrest of a Hells Angels gang member and 11 of his associates began a year ago after the outlaw crew allegedly tried to expand its drug turf with violence on the streets of Ottawa, delivering severe public beatings to criminal rivals.

"We're talking about blatant, pretty severe public beatings," Ottawa police Insp. Samir Bhatnagar said Thursday. "We came across this group of people that was trying to take over certain areas in the drug trade and being overtly public with their message."

The Hells Angels Nomads chapter, based in Ottawa and led by Paul (Sasquatch) Porter, used to control much more of Ottawa's illegal drug market, and had started to flex its muscle to win back its lucrative and illegal drug business.

In the past few years, the Hells Angels, an international crime corporation in which chapters pay monthly franchise fees, had seen its share of the Ottawa drug trade diminish to less than 20 per cent.

Its violent bid for a bigger chunk of the market would be the undoing for Hells Angel Michael Clairoux, 37, and 11 of his associates, who did business across the city and in the suburbs. The Hells Angels drug trafficking operation, allegedly led by Clairoux, brought in as much as $400,000 a month, police said.

Clearly the Biker Enforcement Unit in Ontario has continued to make successful busts against the Hells Angels drug trade in Ontario. Perhaps we should borrow some of them for our drug plague in BC.

Hells Angels arrested on drug charges in San Diego County raids

Speaking of Hells Angels and crystal meth, one reader just sent me the link to a recent drug bust in San Diego. Twenty-six members or associates of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang were arrested on drug charges during early morning raids Thursday by SWAT teams from the FBI and the San Diego and Oceanside police departments.

In addition to the 26 arrests, six people already in custody were charged and four suspects are considered fugitives, said Keith Slotter, special agent in charge of the FBI's San Diego office.

More than 250 law enforcement officers were involved in serving search and arrest warrants at 19 locations. During the searches, 10 firearms, thousands of dollars and several quantities of drugs were seized, officials said.

The suspects, charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, are set to be arraigned Friday in federal court.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dustin Paxton Trial

Update: Two new bombshells.

Dustin Paxton's trial is in the news. Paxton was smiling in the prisoner's box as Chutta testified. Today the Province reported Witness tells sexual torture trial of stick attacks on roommate. Well like that's not dramatic. It is a bizarre and tragic case, no question about it.

Dustin Ward Paxton used a 1.2-metre-long "bamboo stick" to slap his roommate's ears, and would scream swear words and derogatory comments at the bigger man as he smacked and kicked him, a witness testified Wednesday.

But the alleged victim, who apologized on his knees as the blows rained down, never struck back at the man he called his "blood brother," Robert Cannon told a Calgary court. This "new" witness, who seems to have a different name depending on which news article you read, claims he saw a great deal of physical abuse.

Why not phone the police then? I do recall hearing something about an anonymous 911 tip to the police that wasn't followed up on at the time. Two days ago the Province reported on the victim's former girlfriend's testimony in court. She is the mother of his child. We know who she is. I don't think there's a publication ban on her name but I won't risk it.

She said he was healthy and happy when he left Winnipeg to work with Paxton in Calgary. Soon after, he stopped answering her phone calls. Paxton told her the man had suffered a workplace accident and was in the hospital.

In the Calgary hospital, her ex-boyfriend was “very underweight. His eye socket was sunk in,” she testified before justice Sheila Martin. He had also dropped down to 120 pounds. When the victim was released from hospital, Paxton’s attitude became agitated and angry, the woman testified. He snapped at his roommate over everyday things, such as not properly putting away groceries, she said. Paxton once became so angry, he told the man to go to his room. “Mr. Paxton treated him like a piece of crap,” said the woman. She also claimed she asked him to leave and he said no. The other witness confirmed that in court.

The victim was dumped off at a hospital in Regina suffering horrific abuse. When the story first broke the traffic crashed my blog. There's something about torture that gets the public upset. Since there was such a delay in the arrest and trial there was a huge amount of speculations about what happened and why. The story was sent to me because the victim was originally a witness in an old Hells Angel murder trial.

A small kid named Trevor Savoie sold crack for the Hells Angels through the Zig Zag crew and a guy named Danny Tokarchuk that owed him money shot him dead to avoid paying the drug debt. Which wasn't necessarily a bright thing to do because the debt was ultimately to the Hells angels. He was convicted of murder and they also killed his brother in retaliation. There's a picture of Sean Wolfe comforting a man at Savoy's funeral.

In another trial the police testified that Deli, the Winnipeg Hells Angels president, was so upset about the murder of one of his beloved drug dealers he got a tattoo of the kid with his birth and death date as a memorial.

Paxton's victim's testimony in that trial was insignificant. He just testified that the shooter was a friend of his and his brothers and stayed in their home for a few days right after the shooting. He simply testified the shooter was acting very strange and feared for his life.

Of course people began to think the Hells angels were involved in the torture case. The family admittedly denied it but the family hadn't seen the victim in many years and I'm not sure they would admit it if the Hells Angels were involved.

I am perfectly willing to concede that it is very possible that Dustin Paxton acted alone and was solely responsible for the torture and abuse inflicted upon the victim. Yet I still don't understand why the victim stayed in that home when he had opportunities to leave. For me, the threat of gang retaliation made sense. For others, they though he was in a gay relationship and was suffering from the battered wife syndrome. I thought that was absurd at the time but now we keep hearing the terms sexual assault whenever the case is discussed in court.

I just thought all the factors were so ironic. Winnipeg, Calgary Regina. Sean Wolfe, Deli, Tiny Mac. It all looked so suspicious. Especially when we heard drugs were involved in the Paxton case. Paxton's former girlfriend claimed the three of them were doing crystal meth. I'm not sure if we'll ever find out the real reason he didn't leave. Today's paper said Paxton threatened to kill him if he told anyone. Perhaps that's all it was. Yet I'm still not convinced there wasn't more to the story. Especially since crystal meth was involved.

Gay Slurs and Mr. Sulu

On a matter of personal privilege I will clarify that I don't really think Shane Bunting is gay, nor would a care if he was. I think he's an idiot and I think the false image the hells angels portray including one riddled with homophobic slurs is somewhat of a contradiction.

George Takei, the actor who played Mr Sulu in the famous series Star Trek recently spoke out about a really ignorant statement made by an Arkansas school board member. The member of the board said something outrageously offensive after a gay teenager committed suicide. The suicide was a tragedy yet the school board member had the audacity to say something to the effect of him being glad the kid committed suicide because he was gay. That was outrageous.

George Takei responded with a video posted on youtube where he called the guy a douche bag and made a prediction. He predicted the former school board member would get caught with a rent boy from some south American country then winked. He implied the guy was really gay himself. Was that a gay slur? Not really.

It is a strange commonality that paid minters and politicians who are so vocally anti gay over the pulpit end up getting caught with gay prostitutes. If find it a strange phenomena but Mr Takei's prediction has merit. Likewise I find the Hells Angels homophobia suspect.

Before I changed the blog comments to moderated, Hells Angel supporters would regularly call me gay and go on and on with homosexual slurs. I find the length they go to to portray a certain image very suspect.

I have received numerous complaints about Shane Bunting venues exploiting under age girls. In fact I've seen a picture of weird Hal Porteosu surrounding himself with very young girls. It's as though he's overcompensating for something. Nevertheless, Exploiting under age girls is far worse than being gay. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Rape, whether it be heterosexual or gay is a heinous crime.

I am concerned about the Hells Angels selling drugs to the gay community. Crystal meth is a problem within the gay community that needs to be addressed. Letting the Hells Angels profit from that poison is wrong. Crystal meth is made with Drano. Sure a chemical reaction takes place but it's made with Drano and so many other toxic chemicals the police need to send in people with protective suites when busting a meth lab. We need to protect everyone in our community from the horrible effects of crystal meth.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mad Child Concert cancelled

Shane Bunting from the Swollen Members had his gig at New Characters Pub in Abbotsford cancelled. The police said they were concerned about possible gang violence after the Kelowna shooting since wee Shane is so boastful of his Hells Angels associations.

Battle Axe Warrior. What a joke. The closest that guy has ever come to a battle axe is putting on cheap cologne. He's just a Viagra and Oxycontin junkie. No wonder the Hells Angels like him so much. He spent a fortune on them. Instead of playing New Years at Tbarz this year, I'm sure he'll be welcome to play at their new Blue Corvette.

Stephen Harper threatens to cut funding for the RCMP Entirely

Today the Vancouver Province ran an article entitled "RCMP could walk from B.C." It almost sounds like the RCMP are fed up and are ready to leave. Not so. After cutting funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task force Harper rewrites the RCMP contract and tells them take it or leave it. He says we want you to sign it by November or we will pull out of BC. The RCMP want to keep doing their job. Stephen Harper is threatening to pull the plug.

This is so wrong. First off there's pros and cons to Regional policing. Yet that isn't the issue. Once again we see Stephen Harper trample free collective bargaining rights. Not a good precedent in a democratic nation. We know that the RCMP is not unionised like many of the City police forces. You would think if Harper is spending millions to promote the RCMP as a brand, he'd treat them with a little more respect.

I'll tell you this: Jack Layton would not have done something like that. God rest his soul. Jack Layton would have treated the RCMP with much more dignity and respect than Stephen Harper has. Isn't that ironic?

So maybe Regional Policing will be thrust upon us by a dishonest politician who pipmed the tough on crime lie just to get a majority government so he could govern. If that's the case then he has to stop collecting taxes for the RCMP if he's going to expect the Provinces to pick up the tab.

It's a sad day for Canada when we let these disrespectful tactics permeate throughout our collective bargaining. Back in the day the big corporations wanted to get their greedy little mitts on pension surpluses. They saw all that money sitting there and they wanted to invest it in high risk stocks to make even more money and return the principle when they were finished using it.

No way we said, pensions are sacred. So what was their response? They decided that if they stopped paying into pensions altogether, they could take the money they were putting into employees pensions and put it in a fund of their own. They way they could spend the interest and have the principle too. I kid you not. Stephen Harper stole the Postal workers pension and hid that theft under the mask of back to work legislation. That was another Harper scam.

Canada Post told there employees they wanted to steal their pension. The employees overwhelmingly voted against that theft. Then the company punished them for voting no to losing their pensions and locked them out knowing full well Stephen Harper would legislate them back to work which he did. With a legislated wage settlement less than what the company was offering them. Not only did he steal their pension but he punished them for saying no in the first place. Stephen Harper is a devil. No doubt he wants to steal the RCMP pension just like he stole the Postal Workers pension. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crack-smoking cop wants job back

Another reader just sent this one in. A former Brantford, Ont., cop who was caught on police video smoking crack cocaine and snorting Oxycontin in his cruiser is fighting to get his job back or secure a financial settlement from the service.

Jeffrey Servos was a Brantford cop for six years. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to one count of possessing cocaine and was also hit with 16 Police Services Act charges.

He resigned from the force that year after a series of plea bargains rather than serve three months in jail. The police act charges were withdrawn after he resigned.

In March, Servos filed a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging "discrimination in employment on the basis of disability."

Servos claims a doctor told him "his employer (Brantford police) had failed in its duty to accommodate his drug-related disability" and there may be grounds for getting his job back or a financial settlement.

Wow. I had no idea it was that easy. Just start smoking crack and you can go on disability. What a broad precedent. No one will ever have to work again. He was also part of the methadone program and was investigated for shooting at a stolen van.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Blue Corvette Lounge

Oh and this one has me scratching my head. I've heard of a pink Cadillac but the Hells angels have sure given new meaning to the term a blue corvette. One blog reader claims on Saturday the rcmp had tents set up in the parking lot beside the Blue Corvette lounge with the Surrey food bank, rcmp, and a 1-800 mobile shredder van. That is a strange combination indeed. What on earth would they be doing with a shredder? Perhaps it was a crime prevention thing warning people to shred their banking and personal information so dumpster divers don't commit identity theft.

The Blue Corvette Lounge as we all know used to be the Dell. The dive we all know and remember so well. Beside the Byrd pub in the Flamingo hotel. Another long time Surrey dirty dive. Only I met the former owner of the Dell back at that crime prevention meeting in Surrey. I'm pretty sure he said the Dell and the Flamingo were owned by the same entity and that he recently sold it to a new buyer. Seeing that stripper net has it's new office in the Flamingo Hotel in Surrey beside the Blue Corvette has me wondering if the Hells angels have anything to do with the new owners of both facilities.

That's why I'm so confused about the next two links a reader sent in which is confirmed by another I found. It appears that there is a lot of advertising out there billing the Blue Corvette Lounge as a gay friendly bar. I kid you not.

I'm sorry if I find this so amusing but you've got to understand Surrey and what the Dell was. The dell was a dive. Huckleberry red neck. Gay friendly wasn't a term that came to mind when discussing the Dell. If the Hells angels or anyone else for that matter has turned the dell into a gay bar then three cheers. Miracles do happen. We all laughed and said you'll never change the Dell. Well turning it into a gay bar just might. We just might clean up that dirty part of town after all. Well done. Maybe Rainbow Ricky will perform on Karaoke night along with Bacchus MC.

We know the Hells Angels were accused of supplying drugs to the gay bars in Montreal and one in Halifax. I think we should keep the new bar and just get rid of the Hells angels. We need to protect our warm brothers from the crystal meth plague the Hells angels profit from.

Veterans MC Ladysmith

People have been asking me about the Veterans MC in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. A lot of people seemed concerned about some of their business and that it might not have anything to do with the Armed Forces. I'm just going to throw a few pictures out there and add more later.

Here's a picture of Colin Lamontagne bonding with Anthony Hammond the president of the Veterans MC in Ladysmith. Hammond was president at the time. Now he's classified as the founder and travels back east while Jason Winter s called the president now. In the picture it says Colin is an honorable member.

I am told that Colin has quite an interesting set of friends, associates and business partners. In fact in 2002 Colin was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, Possession of a controlled substance and possession of counterfeit money.

Schivon Metcalk, Veteran's MC (VMC). Does she sell drugs for the club? Anthony (Tony) Hammond... has he ever been in trouble with the law before?

Colonel Wing nut back in the news

Colonel Wing nut has made the news again. This time because one of his victims is suing him for damages. Good for her. She has also named his ex wife and the police in the law suit. I'm not sure what his ex wife has to do with it. She had no idea she was married to a closet psychopath. She was no Karla Homolka. Perhaps his ex is named in case he signed over all his assets in his ex wife's name. The victim should be compensated by him.

The police are also named apparently for two reasons. The writ claims after the police responded to the 911 call she was left for five hours bound in an S&M trapeze he had tied her in before he raped her. That is somewhat bizarre. Five hours? They said they were waiting for a camera to take pictures. Making a rape victim wait for five hours before being untied is kinda strange.

Seemingly she is also suing the police because the police failed their duty of care when another woman was sexually assaulted in her neighbourhood two weeks earlier and they failed to make that assault public. I'm not sure if one attack would be considered a serial rapist but no doubt that assault should have been made known to the public.

Evidently another victim filed a similar law suit last year and named his ex wife because she had the house transferred into her name when he was arrested. Russell Williams plead guilty to more than 80 fetish break-and-enters, thefts and two sexual assaults.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hells Angels leader dead in Nevada shootout

Another reader sent this one in. Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew, the 51-year-old head of the Hells Angels San Jose chapter, was killed late Friday in a shootout that sent hotel guests and gamblers diving under tables at John Ascuaga's Nugget hotel-casino, police said. Two members of the Vagos gang also were wounded.

Witnesses to the casino shootout described chaos erupting after a group of Vagos club members was confronted by Hells Angels members at the Nugget. Daniel Sharp, of Stockton, Calif., told the Reno Gazette-Journal that within five minutes, shots rang out: "It was mayhem."

Joe Franco, of Reno, said he saw one Hells Angel member pull out a gun after he was knocked to the ground in a fistfight. "He was down with the bloody nose, gets up and pulls out the gun, and that's the first shot" apparently at the man who punched him, Franco told the Gazette-Journal. Sounds like self defense to me.

The Hells Angels picked a fight with Vagos because they think they own the world and no one else is allowed to wear colours but them. They lost the fist fight, so they pulled out the guns and lost the gun fight. That's self defense alright.

DJ Qualls claims he was assaulted by VPD

Wow, Freddy just sent thins link in. Actor DJ Qualls claims he was beaten up by VPD while he was in Vancouver on Granville street. Ooops.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Edmonton Police and the Hells Angels

In the spring of 1999. Ron Robertson and Ken Montgomery claimed the Edmonton police force had been infiltrated by the Hells Angels and other elements of organized crime. They also claimed the chief at the time, John Lindsay, was ignoring their concerns.

After weeks of research and confidential meetings the first break came. Sources revealed a police detective was strongly suspected of selling inside information to the Hells Angels for $20,000. Meanwhile Police Chief John Lindsay also asked that any investigation into his conduct be stopped.

As a result of the first stories, more confidential sources came forward with information about a secret medical report on Robertson, a report the detective himself had never been allowed to see. Chief Lindsay had used the secret document to demote Robertson on the grounds of mental incapacity. The 19-year veteran was no longer able to investigate biker gangs in the department`s Integrated Intelligence Unit. In his new position, the restrictions were so severe that Robertson was even prohibited from leaving police headquarters during his shifts. But curiously, what CBC learned was that the doctor`s report actually gave Robertson a clean bill of health; he suffered from no discernible mental disability. The report suggested the force`s problems with Robertson were not medical at all; but rather an internal, administrative issue.

CBC also claimed that Calgary's chief had written a letter to his Edmonton counterpart warning that one of his officers had been observed associating with criminals in a Calgary bar and had talked about police surveillance techniques.

There were also RCMP investigations from the past that looked at a host of allegations: that several police investigations were destroyed after officers leaked confidential police information of a sexual assault committed by an Edmonton police officer and of another officer dating a stripper, who at the time was living in the Hells Angel's clubhouse in Quebec. CBC reported that none of these allegations had been investigated; mysteriously the probes seemed to just stop when they were passed on to the Edmonton Police Service. These new allegations showed that suspicions of corruption within the Edmonton police department were far broader than Detectives Montgomery and Robertson had revealed in their complaints.

Twenty-six weeks into 2011, Edmonton leads the nation with 26 confirmed homicides, closing in on annual totals of 27 from 2009 and 2010, and on pace to surpass the 2005 record of 39. Cities of comparable size lag far behind: Winnipeg has 16, Ottawa, five, while Calgary has four. Edmonton outstrips far greater populations. Toronto, with a core population of 2.5 million, has had 24 homicides. Montreal, with around two million, has had 18. There have been six homicides in Vancouver.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Barbara George and the RCMP Pension Fraud

I'm not referring to Boy George Karma Chameleon. I'm referring to RCMP deputy commissioner Barbara George, who lost her job after being accused of perjury and becoming the public face of the Mounties’ pension-fund fiasco. She claimed she was collateral damage and was confident she would get her job back and she did.

In court documents, George alleges Chief Supt. Robert Paulson improperly began a criminal investigation into allegations she misled the committee and committed perjury. She argues "misleading" the committee would be a contempt of Parliament and "is punishable only by the House of Commons."

Can you believe that? The fact that it is unparliamentary to call someone a liar in the Canadian Parliament has always been a pet peeve of mine. Lying is OK. You can't get charged with perjury for lying in Parliament because that is protected by "parliamentary privilege". But God help you if you expose someone for lying in parliament. If you call a liar a liar in Parliament they will kick you out for telling the truth. That is our bizarre system.

I'm all for seeing a woman rise in the ranks of the RCMP finally. Yet I am very concerned with perjury and I am very concerned about using the argument in court not that she was innocent, but if she had committed perjury the RCMP's criminal investigation into her conduct was "unlawful and invalid" because the code of conduct and criminal investigations the RCMP initiated into her testimony "breach" parliamentary privilege. That is just plain crazy talk.

So basically she lied. Deputy Commissioner George testified with "absolute finality" that she had nothing to do with Staff Sgt. Frizzell's removal. The committee heard other witnesses, however, who insisted she did. Does Sergeant Frizzell get his job back now?

The RCMP investigator asked the MPs to waive parliamentary privilege on Deputy Commissioner George's testimony so it could be used as evidence in a criminal investigation and possible prosecution. He told MPs he felt her testimony was "deliberately false" and given with the "intent to mislead."

Instead the MPs voted and found her in contempt of parliament which basically means nothing criminally other than the fact that she did lie and was guilty of misleading Parliament. No big deal. Stephen Harper was found in contempt of parliament for refusing to disclose how much his fleet of oil bombing jets would cost to his insider's firm. Just another day in the House of Commons.

The point is, even if her perjury was not admissible outside of Parliament and she got her job back, she should not get the top job of being in charge of the entire RCMP. That would be wrong and it wouldn't help fix what really is broken at the RCMP.

Aside from the fact that Barb George lied in Parliament, we need to focus on what the RCMP Pension scandal was really about. Then we can figure out how to fix it and prevent it from happening again. Pension funds are sacred. We really need to stop letting politicians steal our pensions. It's a matter of trust.

Ontario Hells Angels

We know Julian Sher is on top of the situation. In this Globe and Mail article from July 17 2004 we read: The RCMP's criminal intelligence service has said for years that Canada's Hells Angels are involved in murder, drug trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling, extortion, intimidation, fraud and theft. Much of that goes unreported, reflecting the enormous fear factor.

But the gang's primary moneymaker in Ontario is narcotics -- cocaine especially, but also homegrown marijuana and prescription drugs. Indeed, the Hells Angels bring to the drug trade what Wal-Mart brings to retailing -- economies of scale, better access to suppliers, a broad distribution network, an unbeatable brand -- and are funnelling more cocaine to the province's streets than ever before, police and drug-treatment experts say.

"When you arrest someone for drugs and ask who it's from, they say it's HA coke. Ninety per cent of the time it's HA coke," says a police officer in the Kitchener area, a Hells Angels stronghold. "I see more cocaine in our town."

The Globe and Mail has pieced together a picture of the network, a rare glimpse into the underground cocaine economy that thrives in Toronto and across the province, much of it under the control of the Hells Angels.

A Colombian drug trafficker named Reinaldo Trujillo supplied some of the cocaine that passed through the Bebops bar, according to court documents. But most of it came from the bikers' "Quebec connection," a steady stream of coke brought by car along Highway 401 from Montreal, where the Angels have long had a power base.

Times have changed. Five years ago, Ontario's outlaw bikers were scattered among a handful of gangs, such as the Satan's Choice, Outlaws and Para-Dice Riders, whose interests lay chiefly in motorcycle runs, small-scale drug trafficking and extortion. They jousted for position and occasionally clashed, but for the most part kept to themselves.

The ground began shifting in the late 1990s, when emissaries from the Quebec branch of the Hells Angels launched a methodical campaign to gather all of Ontario's bikers under the Angels' death's-head emblem. Heading up the membership drive was Hamilton-born Walter (Nurget) Stadnick, who was convicted in Montreal last month of drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit murder and gangsterism.

"The greatest myth the public has is that these individuals are motorcycle enthusiasts; they are not," says Detective Inspector Don Bell, head of the BEU. "This is sophisticated organized crime, people that you do not want in our community."

No single crime organization controls the cocaine trade, says RCMP Superintendent Ron Allen, who oversees drug enforcement in the Greater Toronto Area. "The different groups work the same way the police do; they integrate.

"But in the majority of major shipments of cocaine we find -- meaning loads of say, 20 kilos or 60 kilos -- when we peel back the layers we constantly find some level of involvement by the bikers. They have their hands in it at all levels: shipment, distribution, money collection."

That's in Southern and Central Ontario. Elsewhere in the province, there's less sharing. "In the north, the HA more or less control the market. It's red-and-white coke or no coke," says the BEU's Det. Insp. Bell, referring to the Hells Angels' colours.

That monopoly is reflected in the quality of the product. In Toronto, cocaine seizures commonly yield a drug that is 85-per-cent or even 90-per-cent pure. In Sudbury, Thunder Bay or Timmins, the purity can be as low as 25 per cent.

Data compiled by Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health paints a more disturbing picture. Cocaine abuse among Ontarians in Grades 7, 9 and 11 peaked in 1979, when 5.3 per cent admitted using the drug in the previous 12 months. Then came a steady decline, to a 1993 low of 1.5 per cent.

Detective Constable J. D. Lapell, a veteran drug officer with the Guelph detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police, says police across Southwestern Ontario are for the first time seeing an increase in the use of methamphetamine and powdered cocaine at high schools.

"And the information we're getting is that a lot of this goes back to the bikers, channelled through many sets of hands."

In 1997, the figure had edged up to 2.7 per cent -- roughly the same as with ecstasy use -- while the figure for marijuana was 25.9 per cent. By last year, among that same group, both ecstasy and marijuana use had increased slightly. But the rise in cocaine use was much more pronounced, almost double the 1997 figure, reaching 5.1 per cent.

Ed Adlaf, a research scientist at the centre, offers a twofold explanation for the recent jump. One is a diminished realization of the damage cocaine causes. The second, he says, is that there's far more cocaine on the street than there used to be. "More and more students are reporting easy availability, compared to the early 1990s."

George Siciliano, a Hells Angels "hangaround," made extensive use of his contacts with the gang to establish a drug network in Thunder Bay, court documents show. He bought cocaine and marijuana in British Columbia's Lower Mainland and shipped it east on cars, buses and airplanes. Distribution was through the Thunder Bay chapter of the Hells Angels and their associates.

In August of last year, police arrested Mr. Siciliano and seven other people in Northern Ontario and Vancouver. In January, he pleaded guilty to three drug-related charges in exchange for a 10-year prison sentence.

But the full scope of the Hells Angels' international ties, and the scale of their cocaine business in Ontario, came to light only in June of 2002, in the Kingston area, when police seized as astonishing 600 kg of cocaine.

On June 13 of that year, on the open ocean near the Grenadines and St. Vincent, RCMP agent Callen took delivery of the 600 kg of cocaine, compressed into book-sized bricks. The shipment had originated in Venezuela but was delivered by two well-dressed Colombians in a war canoe, guarded by a dozen men armed with Mac 10 and Uzi submachine guns.

Mr. Denault and a co-conspirator both told Mr. Callen the huge drug haul was destined for the Hells Angels, prosecutor Ron Sonley said before Mr. Denault was sentenced to a 15-year penitentiary term.

That really doesn't sound to me like the Hells angels are no longer a threat to public safety. Julian Sher's book The Road to Hell is the story of how the Hells have taken over the Canadian crime scene.

Steven Lindsay and Raymond Bonner from the Hells Agnels lost their criminal organization appeal in Ontario June 2009.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Police Issue Gang Warning

The police have issued a public gang warning that was featured on the front page of the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province and the Surrey Leader. After the nit wit was shot in Surrey, the police are now publicly saying that anyone associated with the Duhre and Dhak gangs could be in danger. No kidding. They're selling drugs in the Hells Angels territory. I think the police do mean well, I just think they simply aren't getting it.

We've talked about legal liability and the police's duty to warn the public of known gang members like they would warn the public of a known sex offender. This "warning" doesn't fit the bill. I'll spell it out one more time but it's beginning to feel like banging my head against the wall.

Let's look back at the public rally in Bear Creek Park in memory of Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg where they released doves in memory of loved ones lost to gang violence. Eileen Mohan made a public appeal for a web site to identify known gang members. Every time we hear about another gang shooting we hear it's OK the suspect was known to the police. The point is, if they are known to the police they should be known to the public.

Had the police issued a public warning about the Red Scorpions before the Surrey Six murder, that really would not have saved Chris Mohan's life. They didn't know Red Scorpions were living next door. To fulfill the police's duty to warn they have to name members of the gangs.

Obviously everyone on Cheech and Chong's Duhre Dhak list isn't safe. Well who are the members of the Duhre Dhak's drug network? If they are known to the police, they should be known to the public. If I'm told that someone I'm living next door to, or do business with, or someone my daughter is dating is a member of the Duhre Dhak drug network, then I can take measures to prevent being victimized by gang violence. If I don't know who the members of these gangs are, the warning is pointless.

I do think the police are worried about getting sued by gang members. In the printed edition of the Vancouver Province article there was a disclaimer about the police's warning was permitted because of the privacy act. Personally, I think they should put the entire Bar Watch Registry online just like Bait Cars dot com. Unfortunately, that might create law suits. Yet naming an individual and saying he has been charged with drug trafficking is not unlawful nor is it slander.

Darryl Plecas said that although the warning may not be useful to the public, It really is a sign that police are on top of this. Yeah right. Well they sure aren't on top of it when someone says the Hells Angels are no longer a threat to public safety and don't even have chapter status in Kelowna any more. That is so far out of touch with reality it is suspect.

How about a public warning that anyone standing next to Larry Amero or Hal Porteous is in danger of getting caught in the crossfire? If the police claim that the Duhre Daiquiri's are in opposition to the Hells Angels, then it's pretty obvious the Hells Angels are the ones putting the public at risk by shooting at these tools in public.

I say tools because Khun-Khun is an idiot. His own family doesn't trust him for good reason. His fiance mysteriously fell out of the car he was driving and died. He claimed it was an accident and his in laws didn't believe him. So he jumps in front of a truck in a suicide attempt. He said his deceased fiancee let him live and that was a sign. A sign from who? A sign that he's an idiot for jumping in front of a truck. This guy is not a high level drug dealer. The only connection the Duhre Daiquiri's might have to the Kelowna shooting is that they are buying their drugs off of the UN who are a lot more capable than they are.

Dick Cheney Protest in Vancouver

Wow, I can't believe it. Dick Cheney is coming to Vancouver to speak during his book tour. Now I know I'm going to be ill. Dick Cheney is not just a war criminal and a war profiteer. He's a fraudster that embezzled trillions of tax dollars many of which ended up in his private company, Haliburton.

The Invasion of Iraq wasn't a mistake, it was a fraud. The Bush Administration said we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair was in on the con. Then the British weapons inspector in Iraq leaked out the fact that Iraq didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction and that MI6 was knowingly assisting the fraud by giving the media false information in Operation Mass Appeal. MI6 was caught red handed and the whistle blower mysteriously died of a suspicious suicide. Again.

Set aside the fact that is was an illegal invasion and occupation of a foreign nation. Set aside the oil companies lust for Iraq's oil revenue. (Which they failed to pass any savings on to the pump) Let's look at the trillions of tax dollars wasted in that fraud and let's look at who directly profited from that fraud.

Dick Cheney was directly involved with Haliburton, a privatized military scam that made a fortune from Iraq. That's not just conflict of interest. That's not just murder and foreign invasion. That embezzling massive amounts of tax dollars which has significantly put the US's debt ration in crisis. Unbelievable how we can let this kind of atrocity in Vancouver. We ban Nazi war criminals, why not him?

The Georgia Straight is reporting that Dick Cheney is coming to the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings Street next Monday September 26 to promote his book In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir. The event gets underway at 6 p.m. Protesters will be present. It's a dark day for Canada when we can publicly endorse that serious of a fraud.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Surrey Wants

Whalley exchange has sure come a long way. I remember when they first changed the name to Surrey Central. We all laughed and said you can change the name but you can't change Whalley. But they did. Surrey used to be the car theft capital of North America. Those stats have dropped dramatically. We all use steering wheel clubs now. We have volunteers patrolling Guildford and Surrey Place Mall and we have the Bait Car Program. All have contributed to a successful reduction in car theft in Surrey.

There's been some geographical transformations too. Whalley exchange isn't a dirty bus loop any more. It's a clean centralized transit hub of activity. The new SFU campus on site looks awesome. Especially at night. The new Holland Park is great. Not to be confused with the other Holland Park on 144st and 104th. I have no idea why they gave two different parks the same name.

Nevertheless, the new Holland Park is awesome. They've kept several old growth trees but cleared away a lot of the underbrush which greatly improved visibility. The lighting also helps reduce crime by making everything visible. The new library under construction looks fantastic. Soon we're told City Hall will even move in to
Surrey Central. Those are some pretty dramatic transformations. Likely the police will continue to be vigilant at arresting crack dealers there when City Hall moves in. It's all good for the community.

We've come too far to let Stephen Harper throw it all away. Remember Surrey is Chuck Cadman's stomping ground so it is. We wasn't a politician, he was an activist. He started a group called CRY - Crime Responsibility Youth after his son Jesse was stabbed because someone didn't like his hat. He felt that young offenders who commit violent crime like murder should be charged like adults. His activism successfully lobbied for that change in legislation.

He became the MP for Surrey North and ran for the Reform Party. When the Reform Party merged with the same Mulroney Neocons they broke away from, someone hijacked a party meeting and signed up a whole bunch of new members right before a candidacy vote and ousted Chuck as the party representative for Surrey North. So he ran as an independent and won. He put Surrey on the map when that seat held the balance of power in a teetering minority government. Harper's government trying to bribe him was just one of many dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Surrey also had Joan Smallwood, Sue Hammell and Penny Priddy. Penny Priddy was one who said at Dianne Watts Crime Prevention press conference "I'm here because I'm a mother. When it comes to crime, I'm more right wing than my political opponents."

Surrey has a history. The slogan for Guildford Mall is Rich History, Bright Future. Surrey Central logo is The Future Lives Here. Indeed it does. We do have a rich history and a bright future. We really have come too far to let a fraudster like Stephen Harper take it way from us. Or worse yet, claim credit for something he hasn't done.

Years ago the Spice Girls wrote a pop song called What a Girl Wants. I don't know what a girl wants but I will tell you what Surrey wants. Surrey doesn't want a safe injection site. Surrey doesn't even like needle exchanges beside homeless shelters. When you put a needle exchange and stop exchanging needles and just hand out free needles beside a homeless shelter that homeless shelter become a drug house and our complacency has enabled it to become such. Letting crack dealers sell crack outside needle exchanges is wrong. Having a needle exchange beside and in the same building as the homeless shelter is wrong. We should keep the Front Room and move the needle exchange.

Ill tell ya what Surrey wants. Surrey doesn't want you to hand out free crack pipes at taxpayers expense. Surrey doesn't want you to let people sell or smoke crack in public. Ticketing someone for speeding, smoking or seizing your car after two drinks is disproportionate when you let crack dealers sell crack in public. What are you thinking?

Surrey doesn't want mandatory minimum sentences for pot. Surrey wants mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime like murder. Surrey wants mandatory minimum sentences for prolific offenders who steal regularly to pay for their crack or their meth addiction. Surrey wants mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack not pot.

It is clear that Harper lives in his own world. His ivory tower that is very far removed from the grass roots public that Chuck Cadman was so in tune with. It is clear that we need to address these issues provincially and municipally. City Hall funds the police and can set policing goals and priorities. So can the Province. Harper lives in his own world but we are the ones that have to defend our homes and our community. We can do that through City Hall and the Provincial government because Harper's Government refuses to listen. We can't quit now. We have come to far and we still have a bright future if we are willing to fight for it. If they can do it in New York, we can do it in Surrey.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harper bungled the Crime bills

Harper totally screwed up the crime bills which is not surprising in the least. Interject I told ya so here. The Harper tyranny pats themselves on the back and claims: "Canadians want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities," said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson at a press conference Tuesday morning. "We are delivering on our promise to get tough on crime and stand up for victims and law-abiding Canadians."

That is a bold faced lie. As soon as they got their coveted majority, they cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force. Now they've introduced a long list of "crime bills" and not one word mentioned about crack or crystal meth. Instead we read that anyone caught growing five marijuana plants for the purpose of trafficking would face six months in jail Anyone caught growing more than 500 plants would face at least two years in jail Imposes a minimum one-year sentence for anyone caught trafficking marijuana, with a maximum penalty up to 14 years from the current seven.

The cost of this proposal is simply outrageous and will crash our fragile judicial system just like in California. We needed mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack, cocaine and crystal meth not for pot. The Harper government is inherently evil and completely inept. They are liars. They say they are tough on crime but they are not. White collar crime is rampant in Mr. Harper's caucus and he refuses to deal with the real plague that is crippling our communities: crack and crystal meth. Shame, shame, shame.

Eathon Baron from the Vancouver Province pointed out in today's paper that under the new bungled crime bills a Child rapist will get less time than pot grower. This isn't just stupid. This is outrageous. I could shrug it off and say well I don't smoke pot so it doesn't really affect me but it does. I pay taxes and I live in the community. Raising taxes to put nonviolent offenders in jail is not something I support.

Mandatory minimum sentences will do nothing to curb the Hells Angels profit from all the grow ops they run. All the risk will be passed on to the owner operator while the real gangsters get off Scott free. Mandatory minimum sentences for pot growers means we will not have the resources to address the real concern, that is crack and crystal meth. Nor will it allow us to address the chronic offender insanity where the more property crime a crack addict commits to pay for his addiction, the less time in jail he serves.

We need mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime like swarming or murder, for chronic offenders who commit an insane amount of property crime and for selling hard drugs like crack or meth. That is what we need. Instead Harper took us to the other extreme knowing that is not what the democratic majority of Canadian citizens want just because he can. Mulroney knew we didn't want the GST. Campbell knew we didn't want the HST. Harper knew we didn't want mandatory minimum sentences for pot. Yet they all proceeded unilaterally just because they could. They will go down in history as scoundrels.

John Cummins is much more honest and trustworthy than Stephen Harper ever will be. We need old school Conservatives like Ron Paul not Neo Con fraudsters like Stephen Harper. Harper, Campbell and Mulroney share their own hall of fame. Scoundrels Forever Forever Scoundrels.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Traffic

Not that it matters, but I thought I'd make a simple observation. It took us two years of blogging to break 1 million hits. We just hit our second million in the last six months. That's not including the website. The point is simple. Crack is bad. Letting crack dealers sell crack in public is bad. Reporting a murderer or a crack dealer to the police is not being a rat. Selling crack and shooting a brother over greed is.

Zoltan in Kelowna

Anyone in K Town heard of a kid named Zoltan? He supposedly was close to the Bacon brothers and is a Hells Angels associate. Then again, he might just be from outer space. That sure is some gang sign. Someone else thinks he's from Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania. He has a Hungarian name. The Hungarians in Romania live is Transylvania. K-9 is from Romania and he plays on the other team.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khun-Khun shooting

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that the id of the Surrey shooting victim is Khun-Khun. I'm assuming that would be Jujhar Khunkhun who was arrested for trafficking cocaine in Nanaimo. Gee I wonder who would be shooting at him for trafficking cocaine in their area. Big surprise. Yet this guy didn't shoot Larry Amero or Jonathon Bacon. I can't find any police warning about him either.

These guys are just a Bindy or Bal Braindead remix. They are insignificant. Sure they are cold hearted and will kill their own. They'll even kill their own sister if they could make a buck off it. They're just not professionals. The Kelowna hit was a professional job. It was way out of their league.

I'm all for creating a scape goat and a diversion to let the real murderers slip through the cracks. I think we should spend more time and energy looking for who killed Geoff Meisner and Britney Irving than looking for who killed Jonathon Bacon. No one cares about that.

Kim Bolan has confirmed that it was Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun who was shot in Surrey Friday night. That Sukh Dhak is just plain ugly. Dhak and the Duhre brothers just aren't credible. Sure Peter Adiwal might have been involved with the Loft Six murder but that wasn't a professional hit. They just went shooting in a club. Donald Roming was a piece of garbage anyways beating up a senior citizen to take over the stripper agencies.

Yet Peter Adiwal owed John Punko money. According to court documents, every time Adiwal would set up a time and place to pay him back, the police would show up coincidentally. So Peter Adiwal was supplied by John Punko, owed him money and ripped him off. That's kinda what I mean about not being very credible.