Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ron Paul Revolution

When I made my last post about the Real Tea Party and defending the Constitution, someone asked me what I think of Ron Paul. Aside from his position on the legalization of all drugs, I think he is totally right about many things. I just cannot accept legalizing crack, crystal meth or date rape drug. I do not believe that is socially responsible.

In this interview Ron Paul answers the criticism that he is not electable as a Republican. His response is very valid. Hearing him make those kind of statements is refreshing. He is indeed a Constitutionalist and therefore leading the real tea party.

His foreign policy is solid. The unlawful invasion of Iraq cost trillions of dollars and made Haliburton rich. I agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy. I think those kind of statements are worth being heard. I support the constitution and civil liberties that both administrations are eroding.

Yet I am part socialist at heart. I do believe in socialized medicare. I don't like the idea of turning away someone who is homeless from receiving medical aid. I agree with him in that medical coverage is not a right but a privilege. Yet I believe it is a privilege a civilized society should aspire to.

I don't like the hostility toward Obama Care. The same people who are totally hostile towards Obama Care seem to have no problem wasting trillions of dollars on morally wrong military intervention based on lies. Obama Care is poorly timed. They should get their house in order first and stop deregulating the financial markets which has opened the door for investment fraud and tax payer bailouts.

Once the budget is balanced they can then extend the hand as they aspire to something higher. I keep using Alberta as an example. They don't have provincial sales tax yet they provide free medical coverage. If the Federal Government in Canada hands over more power to the Provinces to administer their own medical insurance without collecting the same taxes for it, then that kind of decentralization is a good thing.

I just don't like to see the government keep raising taxes and keep cutting services when they aren't paying down the debt they are spending it on other things like conflicted jets and bombing countries for their oil.

Nevertheless, I do think Ron Paul would make a much better candidate than Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. Those two are in my opinion dumb and dumber. Yet the only way Ron Paul would survive an assassination attempt if he was elected president is if Jesse Ventura ran on the same card as vice President. The only reason they wouldn't kill Ron Paul would be because of their fear of Jesse Ventura.


  1. Why do you think Obama picked Biden for a running mate?? It wasn't for his ability to keep his foot out of his mouth. Biden is the best assassination insurance Obama could have, it's the one stroke of inspired genius of his entire administration.

  2. Yeah I hadn’t heard of Biden before Obama picked him but no doubt if he had picked Hilary, the risk of him being assassinated would have skyrocketed. She would have risen up to become the dark lord just like President Johnston did.

  3. Biden's been a Senator since forever (the worst kind) and ran for President in 1987.

    He was forced to drop out after it came out that he had committed plagarism on numerous occasions from college/law school onward, using portions of speeches by Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and most recently Neal Kinnock, the British Labor Party leader at the time. If that wasn't bad enough, he also used Kinnock's biographical details in those speech's, among other things claiming that he was the first in his family to graduate university to bolster his image as an advocate of the working man.

    His nickname is Stumbling Joe for a reason, the man is monumentally clueless. Problem is, a VP has to say something once in a while, but I've a feeling they try to limit his microphone time. It's the safest path, some world class gaffes take place once Joe starts running his mouth. Here's an example from the 2008 election, where he calls on a guy in the audience to stand up and take a bow, not realizing the guy is a parapalegic confined to a wheelchair.

    Hilary can still cause some real trouble if she resigns her SoS slot to run against Obama for the Dem nomination. If she has aspirations, she has a timeline to consider. Hilary as a VP candidate could save Obama from the looming disaster in the making. But Biden would have to be given a lot to go along with that.


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