Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Hells Angels control of the Stripper Agencies in BC

If the Hells Angels use violence to control the drug trade and the prostitution, then why do they or are they allowed to control the stripper agencies in BC? Surely getting a stripper addicted to cocaine is a step towards turning her into a prostitute. Letting them control the stripper agencies wouldn't be in the public interest.

Some people argue that we should let the Hells Angels own legitimate businesses like Tbarz because it gets them out of the drug trade and into legitimate business. But does it really. If a criminal organization branches off into legitimate businesses doesn't that simply mean the legitimate businesses could be used to launder drug money? Why would the criminal organization give up that aspect of their business if it was so profitable?

I am told that there used to be several stripper agencies in BC but now there are only three and they are tied to the Hells angels. I don't know about the other two but we know one is. That idiot CJ Spoon runs one for Randy Jones in Surrey. CJ was the one that got house arrest from Peter Leask for trafficking cocaine for the Hells angels so we know he has ties to the club. We just can't understand why.

CJ was charged along with Kerry Ryan Renaud and David Pearse. All three "alleged bikers" plead guilty. Ryan and Pearse were the Hells Angels meth cooks tied to John Punko and Ron Lising. Ryan wrote a bullshit letter to the court and Peter Leask said Renaud was one of a "relatively rare" number of inmates who see the light during incarceration. "I believe Mr. Renaud will probably not reoffend," he said. lol

Leask sentenced Renaud to six years in jail but gave him credit for a total of 40 months off his sentence and sentenced Pearse to four years with credit for 28 months off. So six years in prison less 40 months is less than a 3 year sentence. Four years less 28 months is less than two years for running a huge crystal meth operation for the Hells Angels. No wonder the police are frustrated.

Years ago the Vancouver Sun quoted Andy Richards who said: There used to be six or seven agencies that handled strippers in Vancouver, but now two are controlled by the Angels or associates and one is an independent, Richards said.

In the early 1990s, Richards said, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency.

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained. There were no arrests from these "takeovers" because of the victims' reluctance to report the activities to police, he added. No offense but Andy Richards seemed to have a much better understanding of what was really going on.

Stripper net is likely the largest agency. It's hard to conceive that would be the one independent. I think the independent one might be Brandy's ever since Gino is out of there. The City wouldn't renew her license as long as Gino was involved with it.

Stippernet is claiming their new address is 101 10768 King George Highway in Surrey. That's the Byrd or more formally known as the flamingo. I used to know the guy that owned the Dell Hotel in Surrey. I was somewhat surprised to hear he owned the dive. I was under the impression the Dell and the Byrd were the same owners. He said something about selling the whole package to new owners but I can't remember what he said the deal involved. It would be interesting to hear the Hells angels bought it. That would mean they own more than just Tbarz in Surrey. The Dell Hotel has reopened as the blue Corvette Lounge.

Another source claims Eli Bruneau is a long time Haney member and runs both Deluxe Entertainment and a travel agency in Maple Ridge BC. They claim Eli Bruneau owns a place in Salmon Arm B.C. I wonder who let the Hells angels know there was a grow op operating outside Salomon Arm that wasn't run by them. Strange it was abandoned after Uncle Joe and Cory were caught trying to pay them a visit.


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  2. Are any of those independent or are they still referring to Brandy’s as the independent.

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  4. stripper is independant,and thats entertainment has been split up between cj and a guy named chicken who used to work as an agent in alberta as well as for deluxe for many yrs........
    I do believe chicken and deluxe are working together or have been booking Cadillac lounge in kelowna which is operated and owned by a former kingpin crew member as well as become one agency so to speak


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