Friday, September 16, 2011

Freewheelers MC‏

Well it looks like the Free Deli crew are now the Free Willy MC. The Freeloaders, I mean the Freewheelers are replacing the Zig Zag crew in Saskatchewan. I wonder how much the Freeloaders have to pay in dues to the Hells Angels? No more love for the Zig Zag crew after they got caught.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the Hells Angels will dump their dearly loved brothers and simply find a new mule to sell crack for them. After all, that is what the Zig Zag crew were caught doing for the Hells Angels in Manitoba.

Free Deli. The guy was a crack dealer. They even killed one of their own guys to let the Ontario Hells Angels have Thompson Manitoba. Thompson isn't even in Ontario. Those flakes could never make it in a big city like TO that's multicultural. Not too many members of the White Boys Posse in TO.

The Saskatoon Freewheelers clubhouse is at 139 Barnes Avenue. Or at least it was for the 2004 Christmas party. Looks like they had a chapter in Saskatoon and Regina and were starting one up in Lloydminster.

Is Tiny Mac still making trips out to Regina from Calgary these days? If the Freewheelers are sponsored by a criminal organization that got caught selling crack, does that make their clubhouse the proceeds of crime? Please advise.

Their logo kinda looks like something from the opening scene of Look Who's Talking. The skull however, does look like it's jaw has assumed the puppet position just like the Darksiders in Nova Scotia.

Looks like they have to wear sneakers on their motorcycles too just like the Ontario flakes. Freeloaders Forever Forever Freeloaders.


  1. Yeah, ZZC basically got neutered in Winnipeg. I just don't think Sean W. is going to have a very easy or welcoming return when he gets out of prison. Those recordings that RCMP got from their clubhouse meetings have HA saying they had suspicions that there was a rat within the ZZC but it seems they kept right on doing business as usual. The reports I've read stated that these HA members were paranoid about it.

    I wonder if ZZC members are still in prison for the 2009 bust? They'll be in there a lot shorter time than Sean and the others.

  2. I dunno. 9:30 PM last night, 101 Ave and 144 Street, victim is in his 20’s or 30’s, is known to the police and is known to have gang affiliation. Yet his name or his gang affiliation has not been released. Doesn’t sound like we’ve made much progress from the Surrey Six. The police are still withholding information from the public. Do you know who it was?

  3. Not releasing information is far too often a cover for not having to admit "we have no leads and no suspects".

    There's no excuse for not releasing stuff like the name of the vic and his affiliations.

  4. Q: What's the difference between a 1%'ers Harley and a vacuum cleaner?

    A: The position of the dirt bag.

  5. Indeed. Evidently the position of the dirt bag in a puppet club is on his knees.

  6. How can anyone wear an underling club patch with any real pride?

  7. Saskatoons newest MOTORCYCLE CLUB. the OUTLAWS MC. lead by none other then their president BOB GORMAN an ex freewheeler and HELLS ANGEL wannabe have snuck in. Saskatoon should take a very serious notice that the OUTLAWS have all but taken over the drug business selling everything from steroids cocaine and now without a doubt they are responsible for the counterfeit drugs that already claimed the life off 2 local teens. The OUTLAWS Saskatoon have also been running prostitution with from what's known in circles as underground GIRLS. Clubs have always had a no women allowed law but in this club they have what's called the den mother from all points she is a very large unattractive ( looks more like a biker then the bikers do )women whose sole job is to groom the girls for the club by providing drugs alcohol and the necessary products needed to keep them dependent on her and the club. Compared to other clubs these guys are the lowest they ride with their knives by their sides and if you happen to stare to long they give you the hand gun sign or show you the butt of one. these same people stand at their kids school in the day and destroy kids at night. It has to stop

  8. After much effort we have finally got pictures and most areas where these dirt bags live and work. you'll be shocked to see the jobs and positions they hold and easy access they have to you and your personal information at the click of a button. time to force these employers to do proper background searches. Lets all hope with this new information the will and get rid of these people their wives and club supporters.


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