Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khun-Khun shooting

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that the id of the Surrey shooting victim is Khun-Khun. I'm assuming that would be Jujhar Khunkhun who was arrested for trafficking cocaine in Nanaimo. Gee I wonder who would be shooting at him for trafficking cocaine in their area. Big surprise. Yet this guy didn't shoot Larry Amero or Jonathon Bacon. I can't find any police warning about him either.

These guys are just a Bindy or Bal Braindead remix. They are insignificant. Sure they are cold hearted and will kill their own. They'll even kill their own sister if they could make a buck off it. They're just not professionals. The Kelowna hit was a professional job. It was way out of their league.

I'm all for creating a scape goat and a diversion to let the real murderers slip through the cracks. I think we should spend more time and energy looking for who killed Geoff Meisner and Britney Irving than looking for who killed Jonathon Bacon. No one cares about that.

Kim Bolan has confirmed that it was Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun who was shot in Surrey Friday night. That Sukh Dhak is just plain ugly. Dhak and the Duhre brothers just aren't credible. Sure Peter Adiwal might have been involved with the Loft Six murder but that wasn't a professional hit. They just went shooting in a club. Donald Roming was a piece of garbage anyways beating up a senior citizen to take over the stripper agencies.

Yet Peter Adiwal owed John Punko money. According to court documents, every time Adiwal would set up a time and place to pay him back, the police would show up coincidentally. So Peter Adiwal was supplied by John Punko, owed him money and ripped him off. That's kinda what I mean about not being very credible.


  1. So is this dude dead or was he shot and survived? I'm having trouble finding out that info.

  2. He was shot and is in critical condition.

  3. Agent K

    What Montreal Gazette are you referring to?

    Upon clicking the link it has a small space with a little info of the shooting and once you click to read the whole story it says "oops the page doesn't exist!"

    What kind of games are being played here? And as a reporter why do you assume things? It said khunkhun "I assume it's Jujhar khunkhun"

    And then after you say Kim Bolsn has confirmed- who is she the boss or something that whatever she says goes? And where is her source? Did she tell you that or did she direct her readers to the same page you sen yours which upon clicking to read the whole story the link doesn't even work! It's non existent!!!!!

  4. I’m assuming the Montreal Gazette got the information from Kim Bolan and the Vancouver Sun but took it off their Internet web site until the Sun posted it on their web site and paper. Kim said she was writing her story Sunday for the Monday paper. The Montreal Gazette may have released it early because of the time difference between the East and West. I’m not sure. The info was in the Google descriptions but not when you click on the link. Perhaps you’d see it in the cached version.

    However, I’m not a journalist I’m just a concerned citizen. Assuming meant I wasn’t sure it was just an unproven theory which follows the scientific method. One generates a hypothesis then conduct tests to prove or disprove the theory. The one report said Khun-Khun while the other reports said he was 24 and had a criminal record for drug trafficking. I found an article saying Khunkhun was a 24 year old from Surrey who was charged with trafficking cocaine. It’s not a very common named so I assumed it was the same person which was eventually confirmed by Kim’s article

    Kim isn’t the boss but she is credible. If Kim or anyone else confirmed it was that guy who was shot I would quote them because it protects me from slander. If I say a certain outlet reports something then they did. If they reported something that’s false, then that’s their liability. Kim doesn’t report something unless she is confident in the source.

  5. This is the same guy that was under suspicion because his fiance just up and fell out of his truck and died.

  6. Why is it unbelievable that Jujhar or anyone from the Dhak/UN/Duhre group were responsible for the Kewlowna hit? What makes that hit even professional? Just because the cars they used were burnt down? They hit two women in the car as well as Larry who might not have been a target. Also JB's murder is pretty relevant. How many innocent bystanders have to be shot before its a big deal? This kind of gunplay also seems like typical Indo-Canadian style recklessness

  7. Why is this Khun-Khun even walking around?

    Vancouver Sun:

    "Khun-Khun, who remains in critical condition in hospital, was arrested last month in Nanaimo, B.C., with two associates and charged with selling crack cocaine."

    "Khun-Khun was charged in Edmonton two years ago in connection to an armed robbery of a jewelry store there."

    "And he was convicted of kidnapping in Surrey provincial court in November 2007 after holding a stranger at gunpoint for several hours so he and an accomplice could steal his commercial truck."

    No different for his co-workers;

    "His gang associate, Sukhveer Dhak, 27, was nearby at the time."

    "Dhak has since been arrested accused of breaching his bail conditions and for driving while prohibited. He is awaiting trial in B.C. Supreme Court in November on trafficking charges..."

    OK, so, drug-trafficking, armed robbery AND kidnapping, but he's just strolling about!

    Is there anything, anything at all, that actually puts somebody in jail in BC?

    Meanwhile the Police wisely tell us;

    "RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks said, (the shooting) “...shows that gangs have a callous disregard for the safety of others.” "

    No way, really? I couldn't have figured that out after fifteen years of slaughter, I guess the Surrey Six didn't show that.

    The Police are so pathetic & ridiculous in their statements, I could handle their press releases far more professionally.

  8. Hope: Wow, you’re right. I never would have guessed that had you not mentioned it. I remember that was a very suspicious case. His very lengthy criminal record makes it even more suspicious.

    Freddy: Yeah he does have a long criminal record:

  9. thugonomics: No disrespect. I don’t know any more than the next guy. In my opinion the Kelowna hit was totally professional. First they had automatic weapons – AKs, M-16, M-15 whatever it was, it was fully automatic. Yes there have been a lot of automatic weapons seized but that’s not all.

    They wore balaclavas. They were quick, focused, determined and effective. They created a diversion and yes they burned out the car they were driving to destroy any forensic evidence. I think it was a professional hit and those guys are long gone back to LA or wherever they were from. Finding out who paid for their services is going to be very difficult.

    Larry was no innocent bystander. They weren’t as determined to kill him but Larry associating with Jonathon Bacon put him on the hit list so to speak. No doubt they saw the niece as an official ambassador and not an innocent bystander. I don’t think she deserved that but no doubt the shooters didn’t see her as innocent. The way they were all boasting around on that dumb boat the day before made their allegiances pretty clear.

    These other guys are reckless untrustworthy thieves. I just think they are in a completely different league and are not nearly as credible. That’s just my personal opinion.

  10. Thugonomics: Sorry, I do think it’s very possible someone from the UN had something to do with the Kelowna shooting but I wouldn’t want to steer any backlash their way. Some UN guys got beat up in jail pretty bad prior to the shooting. The Bacon brothers don’t control the jails but the Hells Angels do. That might have been a wakeup call for the UN. Larry’s public association with JB must have been as well.

  11. Agent K:

    Do you know the current state of organization or capabilities of the United Nations gang?

    After Clay Roueche's arrest, is that gang still totally together, and united & as powerful as previously, when their top street boss was directing them?

    Just trying to figure out the current state-of-play here. What level of power they wield.


  12. A warning for us all, one supposes, anyone who uses the internet for gang-related discussions:

    Borderland Beat blog:

    "Bloggers and social media users in Mexico aren't letting the cartels intimidate them. They continue to blog, tweet, and post information about the drug war. Two people were found hanging from a bridge this week in Nuevo Laredo with a warning to social media users."

    "Alex Marentes, the blogger who runs a website called Borderland Beat, knows he and his bloggers in Mexico could be the next target. He says his mission is more important than the risk."

    "The pictures are brutal. The words are brazen. They're a warning to social media users and bloggers. The note mentions three blogs and signed with a Z, perhaps for Zetas."

    I'm paranoid enough to use a throwaway gmail account for posting here, and log out right away after commenting. Gang girlfriends can work for ISP's and inform who has what internet account, what their real world address is.

  13. Freddy: Yeah Mexico is brutally hardcore. It’s tragic. I have no first hand knowledge of the UN. Other than talking with a cop in Surrey Central who was in charge of the Whalley District. He excused himself from our conversation, walked over and said something to a group of kids then came back and continued our conversation. He said sorry about that. Those were members of the UN and I just told them we are aware of who they are and told them not to loiter.

    I was kinda surprised because they just looked like your typical Surrey kids selling pot. They didn’t stand out at all. However, judging from the Seattle court exhibit photo of a previous UN leadership meeting it’s pretty obvious they were at that time very organized. How organized they are now with Clay in jail and some of the other leaders behind bars is hard to tell. I’d say more organized than anyone else who isn’t a Hells Angels’ puppet. K9 is pretty credible.

  14. "Gang girlfriends can work for ISP's and inform who has what internet account, what their real world address is."

    Attention All Gang Girlfriends: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE run my ISP, then immediately dispatch anyone who has an issue with what I say to my location. "Come get some".

    I have a feeling they will lose interest when you tell them where I am. Too bad. :(

  15. Yeah no one wants to go that far up Stephen Harpers’ ass. Just kidding : ) I hear Tuktoyaktuk is nice this time of year.

  16. See, you're continuing to misjudge me politically....Stephen Harper has repeatedly failed to abolish the long gun registry, so he and I are no longer on speaking terms.... ;)

    As for the other, not even close.

  17. I was just kidding. Harper says a lot of things he doesn’t do. Kinda like how Obama is going to pull out of Iraq.

  18. The USA will not be pulling out of Iraq any time soon unless there is a drastic change for the worse in circumstance, it's too important now vis a vis balance of power in the region. I'll not bore anyone with the details, they're fairly self apparent to anyone who follows the news.

    It's not possible to understate the long term consequences of this obsession we have with bringing 'democracy' to people who don't have it, have never had it, and wouldn't know what to do with it if they had it. The base populations of all these countries now undergoing an "Arab Spring" will suffer more under an Islamic Fundamentalist government that rules by Sharia and brute force than it did under brute force alone.

    The fact that all these nut jobs like Ahmenjinadad (sic) keep beaking off about "death to Israel, death to the Jews" needs to be taken seriously. They WILL attempt it when they get the chance. And Israel will nuke everyone involved rather than go without a struggle. WW III, here we come.

  19. It’s just unfortunate that the illegal occupation of Iraq based on a lie has absolutely nothing to do with brining them democracy. Ron Paul.

  20. Seem pretty professional considering the feds couldnt crack down on them muscling out the wolf pack as middlemen and controlling surrey, richmond and burnaby.And yeah this guy got arrested for the kelwona hits


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