Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drug overdose in Prison

Well this is rather bizarre. Some interesting information was revealed when reporting on a recent drug overdose by an inmate in a Maple Ridge prison. We know there are drugs in prison because Peter Adiwal was caught selling cocaine in prison and he didn't get a day added on to his sentence.

England has a real problem with drugs in prison too. They are trying to address the problem by confronting the large number of corrupt prison guards. Our problem is worse than that. It revolves around corrupt if not stupid politicians.

Robbie Slatten, the inmate who died of the methadone overdose, was not registered on the methadone maintenance program. The review suggests the nurse was tricked because Slatten accessed the photo I.D. of his cellmate, who was on the methadone program. A medical alert stating Slatten should never be housed with methadone inmates was not observed by staff.

Methadone maintenance program? What the hell is that? Our prisons are overcrowded because of a lack of funding. We're in a world wide recession where whole countries are going bankrupt. We are closing hospitals and schools to make up the shortfall. At the same time we are spending taxpayers money on drugs for inmates in prison. Can you believe that? That is the most insane thing I have ever heard.

Other countries have a problem with corrupt prison guards letting inmates smuggle drugs into prison. We top that. Our government is bringing the drugs in for them and we the taxpayers are footing the bill while we close hospitals and schools. That is called shooting yourself in the foot and is a prime example of how screwed up our government really is. Where is the public accountability and the financial reporting of this taxpayer paid program?

Turns out the guy who OD'd in prison used his cell mate's ID to get methadone from the government program while he was in prison. That methadone killed him. That is seriously messed up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drug related violence and torture in East Van

The police claim the leaders of two independent criminal groups they say used extreme violence and torture to terrorize the Downtown Eastside have been arrested following two separate investigations spanning several months. The headline in the province reads "Cops say vulnerable women in Downtown Eastside safer after two gang leaders arrested."

I have two points. First I'm skeptical. 900 grams of cocaine, 144 grams of heroin, $75,000 worth of cash, 41 grams of pot, one kilogram of ketamine and a handgun. That's hardly a dent.

Compare that with the 600 liters of GHB or the 8 kilograms of cocaine that was seized involving David Giles who walked and the 52 kilograms of cocaine seized from Glen Hehn's storage locker who also walked. Not to mention the boat load of 2 1/2 tons of cocaine that belonged to the Hells Angels with no arrests made. One hand gun? Joseph Bruce Skreptak had more than that in his car. The police found a machine gun dumped in the Fraser River.

Why on earth are the police claiming such a small bust is so large and why on earth are they claiming the gangs are independent? There are no independent gangs in the Vancouver gang war. They said Eric Sandberg was an independent drug dealer too and we know that was absolutely false.

Who on earth is Insp. Mike Porteous? Surely he's not related to Hal Porteous. Don't get me wrong. The Sisters Watch phone line is a good thing: 604-215-4777

I am just very concerned about censoring the real issue and naming the real names. We all know who are supplying the drug dealers at the Carnegie Centre. Let's not sugar coat it by helping with their PR.

The other point I have is the police admission that these gangs are using extreme violence on the most vulnerable including torture. Just like the same group is torturing crack addicts for drug debts in Prince George.

The public rally claimed that Ashley Machiskinic's death was not a suicide. Activists claimed she was pushed out of a hotel window for a drug debt and that she wasn't the only one. It's all reminiscent of the Surrey House of Horrors.

When the public rallies to complain about the drug related violence against women in the DTES and when the police start holding press conferences about drug related violence and torture in East Van, then we know that is the tip of the iceberg and just scratches the surface. It will take a continued vigilant effort to really address the problem. Please proceed.


I am thrilled the police got that much date rape drug off the street. That was a substantial amount and getting any amount off the street is a good thing. Yet the purpose of the public relations press conference was to seemingly address the public's concerns that were expressed in the Town Hall meeting at the Carnegie centre and the public demonstrations after Ashley Machiskinic's death.

The public want the police to address the drug related violence against women in the DTES. Women are being push out of windows for drug debts. Let's face it. Date rape drug is something a man will buy to slip into a woman's drink. Date rape drug is not something a women gets addicted to then gets pushed out of a window for that drug debt.

Getting any amount of date rape drug off the street is a good thing. However, it does not address the problem it claims to be addressing. That is why the public trusts Jim Chu and why they don't trust the others. Perhaps the old boys club is trying to push Jim Chu to the side because they are afraid of the public backing he has.

We were told Jim Chu promised more town hall meetings. Perhaps the old boys club doesn't want any more town hall meetings because that would force them to address the real issue and stop the sale of drugs outside the very building the town hall meeting was held in.

Perhaps they don't want a civilian agency to monitor police complaints like Jim Chu suggested. Speaking of which, since the Abbotsford police have recommended charges being laid against the Kelowna police officer who was caught on video kicking a suspect in the face, has the Kelowna RCMP followed up on those charges yet or are they waiting for the public to forget about the incident? Kinda hard to do when more people keep coming forward.

First BC Criminal Organization Conviction

Well this is interesting. Two Kelowna residents found guilty of trafficking cocaine were convicted of doing so on behalf of a criminal organization. Finally. Only it was an "unnamed" criminal organization. Huh?

Wait a minute... Thomas Donald Fraser and Jason Jonathon Herrick — were involved in a cocaine-trafficking conspiracy linked to a unnamed criminal organization. How can they be convicted of trafficking cocaine for a criminal organization if the organization was not named? I'm a wee bit confused here.

After all this was the high profile case that police allege used the Kelowna Marina as its hub of operations for multi-kilogram cocaine transactions during peak tourist season.

In one of the intercepted phone calls between the two men, Fraser phones Herrick and orders him to “bring some s**t” to “the clubhouse.” With loud music in the background, Fraser tells him the address is 837 Ellis Street, the property known locally as the Hells Angels clubhouse.

So if Fraser and Herrick were convicted of trafficking cocaine on behalf of a criminal organization and they had cocaine delivered to the Hells Angels clubhouse, I wonder which unnamed criminal organization was behind it?

There was a body found under the dock there wasn't there? It wasn't just floating in the lake it was under the dock. No foul play is expected? That's strange.

Hey wait a minute. Richard Goldammer owns the clubhouse. He has a bayliner doesn't he? We know Russell Penner does. I wonder if they ever use that Marina?

Blair Tanino

During Const. Jeffrey Klassen's assault trial the judge questioned why a third officer involved was not charged. Good question. B.C. Provincial Court Judge Jodie Werier said that Tanino also "entered the fray" and got on top of Khan. "Tanino got involved," Werier said. "I'm troubled about that." Me too. The prosecution said "He probably could be prosecuted for assault, [But] frankly, he was probably more valuable as a witness." I see.

Shane Bunting's Lip Stick

Speaking of swingers who swing the other way, how about this photo of wee Shane Bunting sporting the latest shade of Battle Axe Warrior lip stick? Whatever dude. I know I'm behind the times and out of style. I have trouble with the Meryl Norman eyebrows not to mention lip stick. But hey, who am I to stand in the way of a new fad? Maybe lipstick is in along with the emo mascara.

Is that little freak trying to bring in lip injections for men? Pucker up Battle axe Barbie. No wonder those idiots wear silk scarfs to hide their lips stick and botox. Come to think of it, that Battle Axe Barbie support shirts looks an awful lot like the Pinhead bowling crew's logo so it does.

Looks like the little Barbie boy was banned from the US because of his associations with the Hells Angels. That's interesting. I wonder if Sony Barger is banned from the US? Maybe it's just 'cause he was an oxy and Viagra junkie.

What do you mean Shane Bunting and the Swollen members played at Tbarz New Years? You have got to be kidding. That guy is a complete idiot. How on earth did he get out of Surrey alive with that lip stick on? That little guy is a freak.

Tbarz has sure gone down hill these days. Ever since Russel Peters gave his pal Randy Jones that flaming endorsement for Tbarz it's full of old married brown men hitting on young girls. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against making it a brown town. This is Surrey. We are multi cultural. I just think that dirty old drunken married men hitting on young girls from any race is pathetic. The girls who aren't paid to be there leave pretty quick when they see what it's become.

Think about it. What kind of a gangster registers his strip bar in his mother's name? The same one who gets a complete idiot like CJ Spoon to find girls for him. Lame.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chad Karylchuk‏

Chad Karylchuk‏ passed suddenly Saturday January 15, 2011. Adam Scorgie and Sanj Parmar were co-applicants to city council selling them some kool aid about Cheetahs.

So if everybody claims Chad sold drugs, surely everyone knows who his supplier was. It is very easy for someone starting oxy to od. Yet we are told he was familiar with the drug. Is there something more to the story that someone's not telling us? With friends like that...

The Red Herring Pickton inquiry

Well the Wally Oppal Red Herring Pickton inquiry continues. Wally insists that he's not in a conflict of interest heading the inquiry even though he has been tied to the BC judicial system for so many years and said it was just fine. Activists in the East Van town hall meeting disagree and say they don't support him heading the inquiry.

I realize everyone is upset with the police these days and wants to blame them for delaying their feet in the Pickton investigation which resulted in the murder of more women. Yes they likely dropped the ball on that issue. However, the real issue isn't finding another scape goat to blame the atrocities on. The real issue is finding Pickton's accomplices.

It was the Crown that suggested Pickton did not act alone. His lawyer complained in the appeal and said the whole time the Crown's case was that Robert Pickton acted alone and was the mastermind that eluded police for so long in keeping all the murders secret. Then all of a sudden, right before deliberations the judge told the jury they could convict Robert even if he didn't act alone but was an active participant in the murders.

Indeed that opened a whole can of worms that is not being addressed at all by the Wally Oppal Red Herring Inquiry. Which really comes as no surprise. No doubt Wally would have done a great job for the Liberals overseeing the BC Rail scandal.

Interesting to note that according to Deputy Chief Doug LePard every officer involved in a management role during the investigation of Vancouver’s missing women in the late 1990s while serial killer Robert Pickton picked up women in the Downtown Eastside has retired. He claims "Mistakes were made and there are police officers who will be haunted by them for the rest of their lives.” Oh brother, not another scape goat. When will it end?

The retired officers have stated that they will cooperate with the inquiry. Do ya think if they weren't going to cooperate they would actually say so? What if they were under some sort of gag order? Would they be able to break the gag order for the inquiry or do they mean they will cooperate with the inquiry as best they can without breaking the gag order? Please advise.

Was there movie making equipment found on the farm? Yes or No. What happened to that evidence?

Pickton case in the news.

Cocaine seized in Salmon Arm

Police seized seven kilos of cocaine hidden in a subwoofer during a routine traffic stop in Salmon arm. Interesting. Why was Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak speeding through Salmon Arm not long a go with a car load of weapons and a cell phone jammer along with Cory Montemurro and a few associates? Skreptak also faced charges of aggravated assault and break and enter in a separate case in Kelowna.

Constable Geoff Mantler

Turns out that the Kelowna police officer who kicked the compliant suspect in the face was the same police officer that dragged a guy out of his truck and punched him in the head: Constable Geoff Mantler.

In the second case it was another mistake. The suspect had repossessed a boat for the company he worked for. The company's logo was on the back window of the truck he was driving. The officer punched the suspect in the head a couple of times while he was strapped in his seat belt, then punched him a couple more times in the head while he was on the ground with his hands behind his back. The next day the suspects tooth fell out. He had a black eye and abrasions to his face where the officer was grinding it into the concrete.

This is the same officer who made another mistake and arrested someone for discharging a firearm at a golf course. The suspect had a permit for the weapon and was employed to discharge it to scare away geese. Constable Geoff Mantler kicked the compliant suspect in the face while he was kneeling on the ground.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The NDP Leadership Race

I'm not really concerned with the BC Liberal leadership race as it all looks like more of the same to me. They all supported Campbell and they all supported the HST knowing the electorate were against it. They are all limp fish on crime.

I am disappointed in the Carol James coo but Mike Farnworth or Adrian Dix, that's a tough call. I have seen both in the front lines in the community actively involved in public safety issues. Both nobly stood by Carol James during the dirty deed. Seeing them run against each other is kinda surprising but I certainly don't see it as a toxic mudslinging race. I see it as democracy in action.

I'm slightly concerned that Mike Farnworth support the new seize your car after two drinks law which is overburdening our policing while people are allowed to sell and smoke crack in public. I think that is disproportionate. I'm also concerned federally that Jack Layton made a pledge to reduce the HST as though he supports the HST.

Yet there is a bizarre stereotype that I would like to address. I remember Preston Manning tried to get us to look beyond the left and right and look at the issues. That vision fell when they acted on a typo and changed unite the bright to unite the right and merged with Mulroneyism the very toxic force the set out to reform.

Anyways, let's put our blinders back on and look at the left and right stereotypes as presented in a recent letter to the editor published in the Vancouver Province. The guy goes off on the Marxist name calling and tried to discredit Adrian Dix for his Marxist belief in the redistribution of wealth. Oh my goodness.

I support the Canadian model for medicare and I am not a Marxist. Turning someone away from medical aid because they can't afford it is not the hallmarks of a civilized society in my mind. I believe in less government. I believe in individual rights. I also believe in collective ideals. Those ideals were touched upon in the Irish Proclamation which gave rise to their Declaration of Independence.

OK one of the signers of that proclamation was a Communist, James Connolly. But he was a good guy. He was an idealist who not only gave his life for the vision of the collective but also for individual rights and freedoms the Capitalists wrongfully claim monopoly on.

I remember attending a function where NDP MLA Joan Smallwood spoke. I was kinda skeptical at first but listened to what she had to say. I was surprised to hear her speak out against the human rights violations of Communist China. I thought Marxists turned a blind eye to that as the end justifies the means. Here she was speaking as a New Democrat who did indeed believe in democracy.

In fact her discourse was about the dangers of NAFTA being expanded in the MAI which has since been replaced by TILMA and how those trade agreements go far beyond trade agreements. They give up individual rights and freedoms in a democratic society and threaten our sovereignty as a nation. Free trade is fine but why on earth create a legal document saying it is illegal for any level of government to make a law that inhibits a Corporation's ability to make a profit? The implications are insane.

Under TILMA a corporation could sue the government for making a law that protects the environment because that would inhibit their ability to make a profit. There is much written about these frightening trade agreements but I submit that it is the right, under the lie that they are representing freedom and individual rights who are in reality selling out our freedom and our individual rights to the big corporate machine which is the new beast that has began to enslave mankind.

OK my point is, let's get rid of the stereotypes and talk about the issues. Calling Adrian Dix a Marxist because he is a member of the NDP is no longer believable. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Personally, I'm also very interested in the Conservative leadership race in BC. The one that Bill Vandersalm is kick starting.

I still say if we lay the name calling and the false stereotypes aside and look at the issues a Conservative / NDP minority government would find that magical balance between fiscal responsibility and social justice. Wouldn't that be nice?

The Old Boys Club

Let me be clear about one thing. I am not anti police. I am very pro police. That is why I am so protective of that agency. It is a sacred duty that should not be tarnished with ego or corruption.

I aspire to something higher. I aspire to the likes of Canadian soldiers who put their lives on the line but remain pure. They are military but see themselves as a service to civilians. Soldiers like Trevor Greene or William Turner.

Trevor Greene was the Canadian soldier who was attacked from behind with an axe in Afghanistan. People criticized him for letting himself become vulnerable by taking off his helmet and sitting down to dialogue with local Afghan Elders. I say that's what makes Canadian soldiers different. They don't aspire to be cruel bullies. They aspire to be genuine peacekeepers. Trever Greene didn't err in what he did. His fellow soldiers should have been watching his back. That's what it's all about.

Some people aspire to the brutality of war. What with all the Rambo movies and the video games out there people aspire to be brutal conquerors. Yet that is not what Canadian peacekeeping is all about. William Turner was a Canadian soldier from Afghanistan who was killed by a land mine. In his eulogy they said he was the type of guy who would come with his weapon in military attire smile and say, Hi my name is Bill. I'm here to help.

You can't get a better Canadian ideal than that. These men lived the ideal and died for it. When we let corruption and brutality enter our own home and native land then we are in essence pissing on a good soldier's grave and that is not acceptable. We are mocking their noble sacrifice.

In contrast to the old boys club I submit the real men's club. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. That is the ideal we should aspire to.

One of the fundamental problems that I see reoccurring with the ongoing police brutality in Canada right now is the concept of having to instantly obey a direct command. "Drop down and give me twenty soldier!" Oh but wait, they're not soldiers, they're civilians. We have been commissioned to serve them and protect them. Their taxes pay our salary.

Another problem is that the RCMP training is still using the old ways of verbal abuse. This needs to change. We need to rise above the old ways and implement something higher. Physically challenging but mentally uplifting.

In all fairness to the Canadians, I did see a YouTube video that demonstrates my concerns with a few American police officers. There was a nudist at some kind of public gathering near a beach. It looked like he had a few drinks and took off his bathing trunks. I didn't see any children present. The police ask him to put his bathing suite on and he said no. He was not violent and was not threatening anyone else. In fact one woman came up to him and shook his hand for standing up to the police. It was either very cold or he wasn't very well endowed shall we say.

The police get pissed because they're loosing face so three fat cops physically fight with him and try and force him to put his bathing suit back on. That wasn't very bright. Even if they succeeded he would have just taken it off again. If they really wanted to push the issue they could have cuffed him without taking him down and arrested him calmly and quietly for indecent exposure. Once they had the cuffs on they could have then thrown a blanket over him. But no, a simple situation went bad. Very bad.

They pull out the infamous taser. Not the cattle prong taser but the kind that shoots an electrode into someone so they can crank up the electricity continuously like back in the days of shock therapy. They guy is on the ground on his back. The taser is in him and they crank the electricity through his body. As a result his body starts convulsing rapidly and he looks like he's having a seizure. One of the officers yells on your stomach! He either didn't hear the command because at that point he was completely out of touch with reality having a seizure or the electricity running through his body made it impossible for him to control his movements and roll over on his stomach as per their request.

The officer gets really mad that he's not obeying a direct command and they all jump on him while they start tasering him over and over again in the chest as punishment for not obeying their direct command. I kid you not. It was absolutely bizarre and a clear miss use of the weapon. Like we haven't seen that happen in Canada before.

The police need to remember they are talking to civilians not soldiers when they start yelling their direct orders. The stereotype has been in the past, if you have done something wrong the police will pull you over and yell out, get out of the car with your hands up. Then they will instruct you up against the wall and assume the position wherein the suspect is expected to put their hands on the car and spread their feet so they may be searched and handcuffed.

Now it appears the expectation is for the suspect to go on the ground to be handcuffed. In the Abbotsford incident we see two police officers arresting two suspects. They yell their command for the suspects to get down on the ground. One of them is very nervous. He's on the ground on his back with his head raised slightly to see and his hands in the air as if to say don't shoot. The other suspect is on the ground on his stomach with his head raised slightly. The cop yells on the ground I said. No doubt the suspect thinks to himself, what the hell I am on the ground. No completely on the ground the bad cop thinks as he then stomps on the guys head so it too is completely on the ground. That was and is absurd. There is no question about it. No committee decision can change that.

Likewise we have one of the Kelowna incidents. Police respond to a shots fired call which is indeed serious. Although it turned out in reality it was not serious at all. Nevertheless, the police yell at the suspect to get out of the car which he does. They command him to get on the ground instead of putting his hands on the car so he gets down on the ground and kneels in front of them. The cop yells out I said get on the ground. The guy thinks to himself, I am on the ground. Then he bows down and puts his hands on the ground as if to say is this better. That's when the cop kicks him in the face. That was a completely unnecessary assault and was yet another example of bad policing making a bad arrest.

How can we train other police forces internationally if we can't train our own? These aren't soldiers we're dealing with they are civilians who we are supposed to be protecting who are innocent until proven guilty. The obsession with yelling out direct commands with the expectation that those commands are to be followed at the snap of a finger needs to change. If it's an armed suspect with a gun in his hand after he has just shot someone perhaps but not for every arrest.

New Westminster Const. Jeffrey Klassen claimed in court he was on top of the victim slapping and poking him while yelling arrest orders. Aside from being a liar because several witnesses saw him on top of the victim punching him in the head, he has no right as an off duty police officer to be on top of someone he did not see commit a crime hitting him and yelling arrest orders. Especially when he is drunk and unfit for duty even if he was on duty which he was not. He was helping a fellow off duty officer assault and rob an innocent civilian in an unprovoked attack.

Clearly this ongoing obsession to hit people and yell direct orders at them has become an accepted arrest procedure and needs to stop. We have lost the ideal and have become the very bullies we send our troops in to defend civilians from.

The other problem is perhaps the police's frustration with the horrible judicial system we have in BC. They know the suspect even if guilty is not going to be punished in court so they take it upon themselves to take the law into their own hands and punish the suspect by punching him or by giving him the boots. That needs to change because sometimes they get the wrong door or beat up innocent people. That leads us to the other Kelowna incident where a cop starts punching a compliant suspect for stealing a boat when he was doing his job repossessing it. Ooops, they did it again.

I remember arguing with an east van activist about police brutality. He was going on and on about it and I said bullshit. He said he'd send me an affidavit from Pivot Legal in east van documenting cases of police brutality. I said yeah testimony from a bunch of crackheads. He said just read it. I had a look at the affidavit and the first witness to my shock was an RCMP officer.

The officer was undercover in east van. The Vancouver police shout out to him as he was crossing the street. They were yelling something about jay walking. The undercover officer didn't ant to blow his cover so he gives them the finger. Then the police take him aside and beat the shit out of him. I was somewhat surprised and thought well that was a credible witness. All the new cases coming to light show a real problem that needs to be addressed. And yes, I agree with Jim Chu in that a civilian agency to deal with police complaints is the solution. "To Serve and Protect."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bad Cops are Bad Business

OK another set of related news articles has my blood boiling. The first is the front page of today's (yesterday's) Vancouver Province. It was an article about the trial of the New Westminster cop who assaulted the newspaper delivery man in Vancouver along with two of his friends. What a farce.

The article goes off about some absurd legal debate surrounding the case that clearly points to obscurity. I'm not upset with the reporter. Just the lawyers and the judicial system. A West Van cop got drunk assaulted and robbed a man in a completely unprovoked attack. He was off duty. He called his drinking buddies for help and they leave the bar to assist him. In steps New Westminster Const. Jeffrey Klassen.

Klassen jumps in to assist West Vancouver Const. Griffin Gillan beat up the Newspaper delivery man while Gillan, who has already plead guilty to assault, abused the victim with racial slurs. "Why are you beating me?" "Because we don't like brown people" "Someone call the police" "We are the police."

Defence lawyer Dwight Stewart said Klassen was acting within his rights as an off-duty officer and is protected by the Police Act. Protected by the police act?!!!

"I would argue it wouldn't make any difference if Const. Klassen pulled up in a police car [rather than a cab]," Stewart said. "This is a use-of-force to prevent an offence."

No this is the problem. Off duty cops who think they are God and can become on duty cops at the snap of a finger at will. In this case to assault and rob someone in an unprovoked attack.

Dingledorf Dwight is right about one thing, it really doesn't matter if his client pulled up in a police car or a cab. What he did was wrong and if he did it on duty instead of off duty it would still have been assault and he still would not be protected by the Police Act. The Police Act does not empower off duty or on duty police officers to break the law and assault people while abusing them with racial slurs.

This is their use of force instructor for God's sake. Several city workers testified they saw Klassen punching Khan on the back of the head while on top of him. Klassen testified he was only slapping and poking Khan while yelling arrest orders. He is a liar as well as a drunk who helped one of his off duty pals rob and assault someone in an unprovoked attack.

Arrest orders? He has no authority to arrest him other than civilian authority. To make a citizen's arrest he has to witness the person commit a crime which he did not do because the victim had not committed a crime. It was an unprovoked attack.

Several witnesses said they saw Klassen punching Khan on the back of the head while he was on top of him. We don't need video footage. This guy should not be the use of force instructor any more. Period. There should be no debate on that matter. This case clearly shows why a civil agency is needed to hear police complaints and why the current private members bill needs to be amened so that it applies to all police forces in BC not just the RCMP.

They need to relieve Klassen of his use of force training duties immediately and contract out the retired VPD Ninja John Mckay until they find a suitable replacement. John McKay would never sanction that let alone teach that. He would say if someone said I'm going to kick your ass and started moving towards you in an aggressive manner you have the right to defend yourself. He would never say you have the right to assault and rob someone in an unprovoked attack. Get a grip.

The guy's a freak. Klassen was angry when Jaswal told him he was going to be arrested. Jaswal told the court that Klassen told him, “Don’t you dare do that. I taught you.” OK so now he not only is abusing his authority as a police officer but he also abused his authority as a trainer. He should be relieved of both duties automatically. It's not just a matter of him getting drunk and getting in a fight when he was off duty. It's about him consciously abusing his authority as a police officer to commit a crime.

When the arresting officer arrived on the scene he saw three men on top of the victim. Get that? He saw three men on top of him not two. In another report Klassen was quoted as complaining that his rights were violated when he was searched. The lawyer at that time claimed Klassen was just angry they found the victim's cell phone in his pocket which he had robbed from the victim.

So we have two problems on the table. Abusing your authority as a police officer while off duty to commit a crime and bragging about drinking excessively ten or twenty drinks as though that someone excuses the conduct and the commission of crime. Which ties into our next article in the same edition of the Vancouver Province.

Assault charges were dropped against a Surrey RCMP Officer after he assaulted a fellow off duty officer in a bar for calling him a fag. What a bunch of freakin kids. Back in the day, the RCMP had this unscathed Dudly Do Right persona that was reinforced in Paul Gross' Due South series. These clowns are tarnishing the image and diminishing us as Canadians. We need a civilian agency to restore dignity to the force(s).

Cops like to go to the bar, get drunk and get in fights. Great. Maybe they should be held accountable because we can clearly see what kind of bold faced arrogance surfaces when they are not publicly accountable.

Oh but wait, I missed one. Another Kelowna resident complained about recent police brutality and their excessive use of force. Clearly these guys need to be retrained. Clearly John McKay is the man for the job because it is urgent.

Oh but wait, here's yet ANOTHER. Two Vancouver police officers are seeking to quash a decision by the police complaint commissioner to hold a hearing into their conduct during an alleged excessive-force case. These are the guys that went to the wrong door and gave the boots to the wrong person. These are the same two cops who returned to the guy's house after they beat the tar out of him and ask him not to file a complaint.

The Delta Police investigation was a complete farce so police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe ordered a hearing. But in a petition filed in B.C. Supreme Court, the two officers say that Lowe did not have the authority to appoint retired Supreme Court judge Bruce Preston as an adjudicator to hear the matter.

Doesn't have the authority. What a crock of shit. He's the freaking Police Commissioner bitch. Doesn't have the authority. Fuck you. That kind of Rodney King shit starts riots. I'm not saying the public should riot because looting and vandalizing things is absolutely stupid but this arrogant attitude needs to stop.

This isn't just one or two cases, it has become a plague of absurdity which has swept across every police force in the province. A Regional police force will not solve it. A civilian agency has become essential. Public accountability in the only answer. The police officers who arrogantly refuse public accountability need to be fired while the others than are willing to embrace it need to be retrained. That has become very clear. Canadian dignity and self respect demand it. That is the Canadian model.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

FBI Mob Crackdown in U.S.

Wait a minute... All these criminals are crackers. Can we deport them back to Italy? Those crackers got jacked up.

The longtime boss of the New England branch of La Cosa Nostra (The Patriarca) was among the 127 suspected mobsters and Mafia associates indicted Thursday in one of the FBI’s largest ever mob sweeps.

Reputed Rhode Island Mafia boss Luigi “Baby Shanks” Manocchio, 83, and suspected mob associate Thomas Iafrate, 63, extorted cash “protection” payments for nearly two decades from the owners of several Providence strip clubs, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Providence.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said a total of 127 people face charges laid out in indictments in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Janice Fedarcyk, the assistant director in charge of the FBI's New York division, said the operation was "the largest mob round-up in FBI history."

Members of each of New York's "five families" -- the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese families -- are among those facing charges, Holder said.

The reputed head of a New England crime family was also among those arrested on Thursday.

The suspects face charges for a range of serious crimes, including murder, loan-sharking, drug trafficking, arson and labour racketeering.

Holder said some of the suspects are accused of what he described as "truly senseless" killings, well beyond the typical violence directed at rival mob members.

"In one instance, a victim was allegedly shot and killed during a botched robbery attempt and two other murder victims allegedly were shot in a public bar because of a dispute over a spilled drink," said Holder.

Feds take down Gambino Family

Arrests include:

John "Jackie the Nose" D'Amico. Reputed acting boss of the Gambinoo crime family. He made a plea bargain last summer. This is the person who took over for John Gotti.

Alledged underboss Domenico Cefalu was also arrested. He too was arrested in a 2008 sweep.

Alledged consigliere Joseph "Jo Jo” Corozzo.

This appears to be an ongoing investigations as arrests were also made in 2008 following up on the John Gotti incarceration. Now that is the New York model. Let's give it up for New York!

The sad thing is how many brain dead sheep look up to the wealth murders have as was dramatized in the reality TV show Growing up Gotti. However, now that the money is gone so is the fame. Some things money just can't buy.

On a side note, during the late 1980s, Vittorio "Vic" Amuso began demanding 50% of the profits generated by the Jersey Crew. New Jersey leaders Anthony Accetturo and Michael Taccetta refused Amuso's demand. In retaliation, Amuso ordered his men to "Whack Jersey", meaning eliminate the entire New Jersey faction, and summoned them to a meeting in Brooklyn, New York. Fearful for their lives, all the Jersey crew members skipped the meeting and went into hiding.

Peter "Fat Pete" Chiodo turned informant after Vittorio "Vic" Amuso and Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso ordered a hit on him. He was shot 12 times but survived. As pay bay they broke the code and shot his sister. Everything's gone down hill from there. It all happened because of greed.

Police Seize Prince George Bling

Well this is kind of like one BC judge at the bottom of the ocean: it's a good start. The Police in Prince George seized a member of the Game Tights Soldiers jewelry under the proceeds of crime legislation. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

However, it may be more of a kick the cat. Rumour has it that is was Joey Arrance from the GTS who has his bling seized by the police. If that's true I would find that frighteningly suspicious. Why would the police seize his bling AFTER he fell out of favour with the Hells Angels or whoever burned down his tattoo shop and his girlfriends house while he was in jail with his girlfriend's wheelchair bound mother in it who died as a result? If they seized his bling I'd have to say WTF?

Civilian Agency

Ian Mulgrew wrote an editorial in the Vancouver Sun yesterday that hit the nail on the head. The Kelowna RCMP incident underscores the need for a civilian agency. It doesn't underscore the need for a Regional police force. Delta, Abbotsford, New Westminster and the VPD have as much excessive force problems as the RCMP. What we need is a civil agency to oversea the complaint process and make all police forces publicly accountable. Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's face it, seizing your car after two drinks or 40 km over is intrusive and disproportionate. You're allowed to sell or smoke crack in public but they will seize your car if you have two drinks. That is disproportionate.

These extreme and intrusive laws were introduced by the provincial government with the lowest approval rating in the country. That government should not be in charge of a Regional Police force. Yes a Regional Police force works fine in Ontario. BC is different. We have a drunk driver for Premier that introduced silly drinking and driving laws to overcompensate for his own misdeeds. Wait a minute, I thought that guy resigned finally or was that just a dream?

Another Kash Heed Scandal

Well Kash Heed made the front page of the Vancouver Sun yesterday with another breaking "scandal." Is that guy in or is he out? First he resigned pending an investigation. Then he was back in after being cleared in the investigation. Then he was out again because the person in charge of his investigation was one of his campaign contributors.

I guess he's back in cause the Sun talked about another scandal that wasn't really a scandal but hell, we live for the political drama in BC why not call it one just because. Actually there are two new scandals involving good old Kash. First is the breach of trust charge which claims he used public funds for political purposes.

Oh but wait, who's making the charge? Why it's the RCMP the federal police force that don't want him to turn their force in BC into a Regional one. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Isn't this charge coming from the RCMP a conflict of interest? Yet if he really is guilty of criminal conduct, who else can charge him? A regional police force he created? I'm sure that would be a conflict of interest too. My oh my aren't we conflicted.

OK setting the sarcasm aside momentarily, here's the charge. New MLA's are given moving allowances to spend on furniture and what not. Kash had his own furniture so he signed over the cheque for the furniture to two people who worked for him during his campaign. The RCMP admit it was "free" money because he was entitled to it but didn't spend it on on furniture he spent it on something else. $6,000.00. I don't see that as a very big scandal. Not that I support Kash Heed at all. I'm just cynical about much of what's happening in our political landscape.

Here's the scam. Turns out that the two people he paid using his free money were involved in making that "illegal" anti-NDP pamphlet "he knew nothing about." Big freakin surprise. OK so he's caught with guile. He lied and said he didn't know anything about that nasty anti-NDP pamphlet his campaign office handed out during his election.

Kinda like how Peter MaCkay lied when everyone freaked about his humorous comment during heckling in the house referring to his ex who crossed over to the other political party the night she dumped him as a dog. They were debating the clean air act and the opposition cat calls and yells out this will be good for everyone. Think about your dog. Then Peter points to Belinda Stronach's empty seat on the other side of the house and yells back You already have her.

It was a witty come back. Yet he lied and denied he said it when it was caught on tape. Big deal. It was a funny comment given the circumstances lying about it isn't really necessary. I will note that MacKay has sure stepped up in the world with his new dinner date. Wow. Anyways, back on topic.

Kash Heed knew full well HIS campaign office was sending out those anti-NDP drama flyers that someone has deemed "Illegal." I can't remember all of what was in it, but it was pretty typical right wing rhetoric and stereotypes about the NDP. Stuff like "the NDP are soft on crime" and "the NDP want to legalize drugs." I'm sure some NDP wanted to legalize marijuana. We know the green party does and many federal liberals. The NDP being soft on crime is a common stereotype. It's really not surprising they made the erroneous claim in an election flyer. In reality the BC NDP have been a lot better on crime than the BC Liberals like Wally didn't get reelected for a reason Oppal who said everything was fine.

So the "big" scandal is Kash Heed knew about the pamphlet and paid people in his campaign for it with money he was given to spend on new furniture. Whatever. Now that we've got that out of our system let's look at the next Kash Heed scandal involving Catherine Urquhart.

Global BC TV news reporter Catherine Urquhart is being taken off the air pending a review into whether she breached any journalistic standards. The decision comes after a recently unsealed search warrant revealed an email exchange between Urquhart and former solicitor-general Kash Heed's campaign manager Barinder Sall.

Here is the intercepted private e-mail conversation between them that became unsealed in a search warrant and was published in the paper for the world to see:

"I can honestly say Kash would not be SG [solicitor-general] today if it hadn’t been for some key people behind the scenes,” Sall wrote to Urquhart on June 10, 2009.

“There were only truly 3 people that played a major role: Me, Peter Dhillon and yourself and Kash knows this,” he added.

"Peter was the money guy, I’m the brown tanned James Bond strategy girl-chasing guy and you were like the communications director . . . your stories, coverage and timing gave Kash a lot of profile and built him a following from day 1 at West Van and then leading into the election.”

In response, Urquhart wrote: “Hey . . . that’s really sweet of you. Have to say — there were a number of people along the way (cops and reporters — mostly cops) who seemed to have it out for Kash. But I always believed he was a good guy. I’m truly glad it worked out! C”

The guy is thanking a reporter for writing positive things about his client. She expressed her opinion that some, "mostly cops" had it in for him. Ooooo big surprise there. Why would the RCMP have it in for him? Because he was talking about creating a Regional Police force. Something I'm not really in support of because the idea of Gordon Campbell or most of our former BC Premiers being in charge of their own police force is somewhat frightening for me to conceive of.

Sall claiming to be the brown tanned James Bond strategy girl-chasing guy is a bit of a gag me with a spoon flirt but come on... this is a private e-mail. Does privacy not exist in our intrusive world any more? Don't give me any of this unethical journalism nonsense.

She printed some articles in support of Kash Heed. Maybe she and her newsroom supported his candidacy. Oooo maybe she and or they support a Regional Police force? Heaven forbid. Media outlets support candidates all the time. Why on earth do you think Harper is trying to create a Fox News North now that they have relaxed the truthful reporting requirement.

Why the Vancouver Sun supported Wally Opal for the position of the Pickton inquiry. Does that make them guilty of unethical news reporting? Of course not. It makes them guilty of having and expressing an opinion which up until recently was a Charter right in this country.

Give her a break. Having to listen to Salls flirts just to get a story has been enough punishment for her. Don't take away her charter right. That would be a very bad precedent for all of us. Catherine Urquhart could well be another Tamara Taggart.

Personally I don't support the B.C. Liberals or Kash Heed. I don't support a Regional Police force either. I support a publicly accountable police force on all levels. Federal, Provincial and Municipal. Let's not turn Kash Heed into a talk show celebrity either by letting him turn the Kelowna RCMP assault into a campaign for a Regional Police Force. Let's just take it for what it is and make all police forces publicly accountable.


Oh brother here we go again. Another Kash Heed scandal. That guy keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper.


And deeper and deeper. Looks like he'll be a flash in the pan fading memory. I'm glad Catherine Urquhart is staying on. Criminal investigation give me a break. Private e-mail. If the guy that was hitting on her publicly claimed she was responsible for Heeds election then she should have denied it. It was just a passing comment by a nit that was hitting on her and she was trying to keep it professional.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surrey Biker Church

Well this is interesting. Front page of the Surrey Now is about a new Biker church in Fleetwood. I thought that was an interesting location as it's near the Davidson biker cafe and it turns out their church meets at the cafe Sunday mornings starting February 6th. Good for them.

I'm a bit hesitant of wackos like Tony Terezakis who pimped the church to sell crack but I'm hopeful this will be different. Nothing wrong with preaching the good word so there's not. We'll give the guy a chance and hear what he has to say. Maybe he'll post his sermons online.

I don't care if you're Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Gentile, Muslim or Buddhist. All I care about is if you keep your word and do what you say. God is not a respecter of persons so he's not. In every nation he that respects him and worketh righteousness is accepted of him.

Take the flag of the Irish Republic. It's called the tricolour. Green represents the Irish Catholic, Orange represents the Protestant Orangemen and White represents Peace. Ya burn that flag and you piss on the dream so you do.

After all these six things doth the Lord hate, yeah seven are an abomination to him. The top three are: a proud look, a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood. Indeed a righteous man hateth lying so he does. Keep your word. Don't say one thing and do another and don't shed innocent blood. Cause like James said, faith without works is dead.


Honourable mention goes to the Outlaws MC. Separate and apart from the Hells Angels. Although they have had criminal convictions, most appear to be weapons and assault charges resulting from their beef with the HAs. It does not appear that their primary and exclusive reason for existence it to take over the drug trade with violence.

It does not appear that their main purpose is to sell crack or meth and pimp out women. Turns out they're from Chicago which is a noble point of origin. Word is they're poised to take Ontario which in my opinion would be a good thing.

I clearly don't support a war for the sole purpose of taking over the crack and meth trade. However, since the police are paid by the public and in a democratic society their mandate is driven by the public who elect federal, provincial and municipal governments, we need to prioritize the enforcement and punishment of crime.

Logic dictates we can't throw everyone in jail for jay walking. Activists have been calling for better laws to deal with violent crime. When an innocent civilian is murdered or when someone is swarmed beaten and attacked on the ground with an axe, then those crimes need mandatory minimum sentences. We don't need mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot.

Likewise, using police resources which come from tax dollars, to eliminate all the Hells Angels rivals is suspicious if not counter productive. Let them come. If they are caught selling crack or meth then charge them accordingly but don't ban them from coming.

Take note that their logo is of a skull and pistons crossed like a pirate's flag. More likely symbolic of a V twin. Theirs isn't a devil's skull and they don't use the number 666. Interesting. Being an outlaw doesn't necessarily mean you sell crack. Robin Hood was considered an outlaw. In our day Julian Assange would be considered an outlaw simply for telling the truth.

The Outlaws MC wasn't just created a few years ago either. They were created in 1935. The Hells Angels claim they started in 1948. In 1960 the A.M.A. American Motorcycle Association, that supervises all official races in the USA - banned the word Outlaws from all race clothing. There for all racing club members wore the sign OMC on their outfits till 1963.

In 1963 the Outlaws became an official member of the 1%er Brotherhood of Clubs, making it the first true 1%er Club east of the Mississippi. That would be before the Hells Angels who claim ownership of the term. Back then the term 1%er meant the 1% that didn't fit in or conform. It's somewhat ironic that the Hells Angels and all of their drug dealing puppet clubs would use the term. They're a lot more than 1% of them. They all bow down and bend over for the Hells Angels. If someone was a true 1%er, they wouldn't conform to HA demands. ADIOS.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I recognize that people are always going to sell drugs and that the freedom to chose is an important part of the plan that brought us here so to speak. Yet they say pride cometh before the fall. So we saw with Rome as well as with Israel right before the Babylonian captivity.

The problem we see in BC is greed. A lot of people out there are really struggling trying to make ends meet to support their family. The temptation to launder money or get involved in the drug trade is immense. Yet greed takes it to the next level.

Selling pot isn't good enough. They want that new SUV or Bayliner boat so they have to trade all the pot for cocaine and turn it into crack. There is a difference between pot and crack or meth. A big difference.

No one gets an uncontrollable urge to do a home invasion and attack a senior for five dollars to buy another blunt but they do for crack. We have seen it happen before. Profiting from crack is profiting from the crime the crack heads do to pay for the drug. That drains society.

Look at what meth does to your body. It fucks it up. Profiting from meth is profiting from fucking people up. If everyone was satisfied with the profits they made from grow ops everything would be fine. The problem is they're not satisfied with that. They want more.

Revell made $30,000.00 for David Giles in several moths. That is a lot of money. Hells Angels meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud was in charge of a crew capable of producing about 15 kilograms of the drug, which sold for $13,000 a kilo, every 10 days. $13,000.00 X 15 every 10 days. That is a lot of money.

That is why the Hells Angels are killing people to control that drug trade here. It's all about greed. I don't agree with the government seizing houses for grow ops. I think that over steps. They should be seizing assets from the likes of David Giles who made so much money from Revell. They should seize the assets of the Hells Angels in Kelowna who profit from those meth labs. That is the proceeds of crime.

Money laundering doesn't just happen in Casinos. It also happens in Real Estate. Those are the assets that should be seized. People profiting from crack or meth not someone running a grow op of pot.

If I run a grow op in my home, which I don't, it's no one else's business. Except for hydro. If I steal hydro that is their business. If I run a grow I can pay for the hydro. Running a grow is not nearly as dangerous to the public as running a meth lab is. That is a concern for public safety.

The problem is if I run a grow op the Hells Angels come in and say I have to run it for them. No I don't. That kind of greed will fall. Mark my word.

Anne MacKenzie in Anne Injustice

The David Giles / Revell / Remple case brings us back to one thing: Anne Injustice. The Crown had a solid case connecting Hells Angel David Giles to the cocaine deals of Revell and Remple but she threw out wire tap evidence and said she didn't hear what the police heard on the wiretaps. Oh really?

One wire tap phone call had Giles referring to how Revell had made $30,000 for him in the past several months. Giles' lawyer admitted that proved Revell and Giles are indeed in business. So, if Giles' lawyer admits Giles and Revell were in business, what kind of work did Revell do for Giles that earned Giles $30,000 in several months?

If the police heard him say that on the wiretap and his lawyer heard him say that on the wiretap, then surely Anne Mackenzie heard him say that. Her throwing out wiretap evidence is very suspicious indeed. If she is understandably afraid for her safety in prosecuting a member of the Hells Angels then she shouldn't accept tax payers money to do that job. That would be welfare fraud.

She handed out gag orders for the Hells Angels as well but she's not the only one. The Chief Crack Pot Peter Leask made a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angel meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud was cooking the meth for.

However, in Punko and Potsie's trial, which was not covered by a publication ban, Michael Plante testified that Renaud was making and selling meth along with East Van Hells Angel John Punko which also involved Ron Lising and Randy Potts.

Renaud previously had been caught cooking six kilograms of the drug on the eighth floor of a 20-storey apartment tower in Surrey. He received a three year sentence.

Renaud was out on bail when he was busted again in July 2005. He was accused of producing meth over a nine-month period ending in January 2005.

The Crown said Renaud was in charge of a crew capable of producing about 15 kilograms of the drug, which sold for $13,000 a kilo, every 10 days. All for the Hells Angels just like the meth lab in Kelowna on Postill Drive.

So here we clearly see two huge meth lab operations run by the Hells Angels and a huge judicial cover up of their connection to those operations. That is very sad. Gee I wonder which Kelowna Hells Angel the Postill Drive meth lab was for? Can't blame that on Punko and Potsie.

It's not surprising to hear Anne MacKenzie presided over the BC Rail scandal which was gagged, delayed and never broke. Funny how a settlement was reached before Gordon Campbell was implicated. He knew full well what those two were doing.

Kelowna Police Brutality

Here's a story that a few people do care about. It's another case of police brutality in BC that generated an angry rally of not thugs but concerned citizens. A Kelowna rally of concerned citizens expressed their outrage over a video of a Kelowna police officer kicking a compliant suspect in the face while he was on his knees.

Now there's three points I'm going to make. Fist, responding to a call of shots fired in a public place is an obvious concern. What kind of shots and who were they aimed at? For all we know this could have been a wacko shooing innocent civilians.

However, it wasn't. Thus the lofty goal of innocent until proven guilty. Thus the role of the courts to hear evidence. The bottom line is no matter what the possibilities were, the suspect was on his knees and compliant.

This video is just one of many that show the bizarre nature of policing in Canada. It's a plague of kick the cat. Kicking suspects when they are on the ground being compliant while they refuse to face or confront gang members who are the real threat to society. No disrespect to the Gang Task Force. They are sincerely trying to address the gang problem. Yet it's hard for the public to overcome stereotypes when they see regular officers fail to confront gang members but kick other suspects in the head when they are on the ground.

The good news is that the public rallied and protested. It's about time. Practically Every police force in BC has been caught doing this lately. We had the delta cop with the New west cop in charge of use of force training get hammered drunk before they assaulted and robbed a newspaper delivery driver in Vancouver.

We had the VPD give the wrong guy the boots in Vancouver. We had the Victoria police officer caught on tape kicking compliant suspects on the ground and we even had an Abbotsford police officer caught on video kicking a suspect in the head while he was on the ground. This kind of arrogance needs to stop.

Seeing this video makes me wonder about the APD investigating the Kelowna assault. The public concern is good because something needs to be done. The Ottawa incident shows us how large the problem really is.

This is why it is important for us to squarely address the organized crime problem in BC without over reacting and creating some bizarre kind of "Patriot" act that will empower the wrong people to continue abusing their role.

Nevertheless, the fact that people cared enough to show up and protest peacefully was a good sign. Rioting and looting is just insane. This protest was very credible and received instant attention. The other cases haven't but at least it's a step forward. Nevertheless, there still needs to be a greater role by a civilian body to investigate alleged crimes by police.

On that note, NDP MP Nathan Cullen has introduced a private members bill to create an independent civilian oversight agency for the RCMP. The bill has not yet been debated in Parliament.

I do however think it's very said the police publicly claimed that their recommendation of assault charges had nothing to do with the rally. It perpetuates the arrogance that the police feel they are above and beyond public accountability. If something happens that angers the public enough for them to hold a public rally, one would hope that in a democratic society where the public pays the wages of the police, the police would listen to the public concerns. Perpetuating the whole arrogant stereotype that the police don't care what the public thinks because they are not accountable to the public is very undemocratic.

Turns out the second Kelowna police brutality complaint was against the same officer. The cop who kicked the guy in the face while he was kneeling on the ground was the same cop accused of a wrongful arrest where he dragged a guy out of his vehicle and punched him in the head. Const. Geoff Mantler.

BC Casinos Laundering Money

A couple of new stories come to mind and although they are not as significant as David Giles' connection to Dave Revell's cocaine and Russell Penner's meth labs, they are worthy to note. I remember reading two stories about BC casinos the other day and I thought both stories being published on the same day was somewhat ironic.

Someone sent me a link to a news article about money laundering at BC casinos. I kinda have to shake my head and ask if this really surprises anyone? I'm not going to go off on a religious tangent about the evils of gambling but do the math. Organized crime has always been attracted to the industry.

I remember my brother talking about going to Vegas many many years ago and being able to bet on virtually any horse race in the world. He said they had closed circuit television of almost all the various horse races except for one crooked race in Mexico and Exhibition park. He claimed they didn't cover those two races because there was rumours of corruption and fixing. Kinda like the now defunct VSE.

Without debating whether or not any of these gambling casinos are rigged or fixed, no doubt organized crime, which is rampant in BC, would love to use the industry to launder drug money. No real big surprises there. Let's face it, any industry these days would likely love to launder drug money. In fact fining banks for money laundering has become a large source of tax revenue for the US.

We heard a bit about the construction industry in Montreal. Why we've even hear tales of the NYSE being used to launder drug money. The Royal Bank Of Scotland admitted to money laundering. Jersey Shore appears to be full of it.

Then there was the other earth shattering revelation that came out in the paper the same day. The news reported that the BC government is giving huge subsidies to the BC Casinos. The government funding the laundering of drug money? Why is it that I find that humorous and not very surprising? Does anybody really care?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leslie Douglas Greenwood

One of the people charged in Kirk Mersereau and his common law wife's murder has just had another accessory to murder charge laid against him. Another Leslie. Except this guy has Leslie for his first name not him middle name like MacCabe. That is confusing.

Gerald Leslie MacCabe was charged with accessory after the fact in Randy Mersereau's murder for helping his alleged killer Jeff Lynds escape custody. Leslie Douglas Greenwood has just been charged with accessory in the killing of Charles Maddison (this was the innocent victim).

So far the charges against Leslie Greenwood are:

- First-degree murder Kirk Mersereau (October 2000 shooting death)
- First-degree murder Nancy Christensen (October 2000 shooting death)
- Attempted murder Randy Mersereau (1999 car dealership bombing)
- Accessory after the fact to murder Randy Mersereau
- (new charge) Accessory to murder Charles Maddison

Someone told me to mind my own business and stay on my side of the country because everybody in Truro knows what goes on in Truro. Well if that's the case then who killed Rusty and his wife? If everyone knows then do tell. Don't perpetuate the lie. Rusty deserves support not the Hells Angels.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sean Bad Dog Brown

OK this is kinda bizarre. Sean Brown was kicked out of the Rock Machine and has now teamed up with Vagos in Cali. Oh but wait, Rock Machine kicked him out because they thought he was a pussy and that he didn't want to upset the Hells Angels or move back into Quebec. Quebec was the heart of the Rock Machine.

Anyways, Vagos sign him up to bring the group to Canada. Well Ontario at least. Only Vagos are friends with the Mongols and are waring with the Hells Angels in Cali. They must not have read Sean's resume. They call him Chris Brown. I think it's because they think he's a bitch.

Get this, Vagos' logo is of Loki, the Norse god of mischief. It kinda looks like a demon but that is the same name Hells Angel Sean Wofle had tattooed on his stomach. Only Meryl Norman Wolfe's tattoo looks more like the name Lola.

I'm not saying war with the Hells Angels so you can sell crack, pimp hos and extort people for a different club. I'm saying report the Hells Angels for selling crack, murdering and extorting people.

The Rock Machine are trying to distance themselves from accusations of drug dealing which is good. However, when someone writes a letter denying they sell drugs then signs it as a 1%er that makes the whole letter hard to believe. "I don't sell drugs but I'm a criminal."

When I was young the old timers here used to say HD 1%. HD standing for Harley Davidson, 1% standing for cream of the crop - the elite. Not everyone rides a Harley. Now we find out the historical origin of the term. The AMA was saying 99% of the people out there who ride motorcycles are law biding citizens. 1% of the bikers out there are deranged criminals. After that the Hells Angels started to proudly wear 1% patches claiming they are the 1% of society who are deranged criminals.

That really isn't anything to brag about. The term was supposed to mean cream of the crop not bottom of the barrel. Now it clearly means bottom of the barrel and people who use the term are misguided.

If we want to save the MC in Canada we need to separate ourselves from the crack dealers and the murders not just say we have. We need to walk the walk not just talk the talk. That would include avoiding the term OMG. MC is fine. The courts should ban the HAs from using the term MC. Let them have their patch. Just make them remove MC from it. OMG also implies criminal activity.

I still say the Buffalo Soldiers MC is the example to follow. They say right on their web site we are not a 1%er club. Somehow when they say that, I believe them. They're just a good group of motorcycle enthusiasts. That's the way it's supposed to be.