Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drug related violence and torture in East Van

The police claim the leaders of two independent criminal groups they say used extreme violence and torture to terrorize the Downtown Eastside have been arrested following two separate investigations spanning several months. The headline in the province reads "Cops say vulnerable women in Downtown Eastside safer after two gang leaders arrested."

I have two points. First I'm skeptical. 900 grams of cocaine, 144 grams of heroin, $75,000 worth of cash, 41 grams of pot, one kilogram of ketamine and a handgun. That's hardly a dent.

Compare that with the 600 liters of GHB or the 8 kilograms of cocaine that was seized involving David Giles who walked and the 52 kilograms of cocaine seized from Glen Hehn's storage locker who also walked. Not to mention the boat load of 2 1/2 tons of cocaine that belonged to the Hells Angels with no arrests made. One hand gun? Joseph Bruce Skreptak had more than that in his car. The police found a machine gun dumped in the Fraser River.

Why on earth are the police claiming such a small bust is so large and why on earth are they claiming the gangs are independent? There are no independent gangs in the Vancouver gang war. They said Eric Sandberg was an independent drug dealer too and we know that was absolutely false.

Who on earth is Insp. Mike Porteous? Surely he's not related to Hal Porteous. Don't get me wrong. The Sisters Watch phone line is a good thing: 604-215-4777

I am just very concerned about censoring the real issue and naming the real names. We all know who are supplying the drug dealers at the Carnegie Centre. Let's not sugar coat it by helping with their PR.

The other point I have is the police admission that these gangs are using extreme violence on the most vulnerable including torture. Just like the same group is torturing crack addicts for drug debts in Prince George.

The public rally claimed that Ashley Machiskinic's death was not a suicide. Activists claimed she was pushed out of a hotel window for a drug debt and that she wasn't the only one. It's all reminiscent of the Surrey House of Horrors.

When the public rallies to complain about the drug related violence against women in the DTES and when the police start holding press conferences about drug related violence and torture in East Van, then we know that is the tip of the iceberg and just scratches the surface. It will take a continued vigilant effort to really address the problem. Please proceed.


I am thrilled the police got that much date rape drug off the street. That was a substantial amount and getting any amount off the street is a good thing. Yet the purpose of the public relations press conference was to seemingly address the public's concerns that were expressed in the Town Hall meeting at the Carnegie centre and the public demonstrations after Ashley Machiskinic's death.

The public want the police to address the drug related violence against women in the DTES. Women are being push out of windows for drug debts. Let's face it. Date rape drug is something a man will buy to slip into a woman's drink. Date rape drug is not something a women gets addicted to then gets pushed out of a window for that drug debt.

Getting any amount of date rape drug off the street is a good thing. However, it does not address the problem it claims to be addressing. That is why the public trusts Jim Chu and why they don't trust the others. Perhaps the old boys club is trying to push Jim Chu to the side because they are afraid of the public backing he has.

We were told Jim Chu promised more town hall meetings. Perhaps the old boys club doesn't want any more town hall meetings because that would force them to address the real issue and stop the sale of drugs outside the very building the town hall meeting was held in.

Perhaps they don't want a civilian agency to monitor police complaints like Jim Chu suggested. Speaking of which, since the Abbotsford police have recommended charges being laid against the Kelowna police officer who was caught on video kicking a suspect in the face, has the Kelowna RCMP followed up on those charges yet or are they waiting for the public to forget about the incident? Kinda hard to do when more people keep coming forward.


  1. The bust isn't big enough for you?? 900g of coke, at ~$80/g, thats roughly $72000. 119g of heroin (assume heroin sells for ~$50 which is the LOW end of the spectrum), thats $5950, and $75000 in cash. So, a total value of $152950 in drugs. Consider this: this is the amount this organization had on them at one time. This doesn't take into account how much they move in a day, a week. That $75000 could have bought them close to 4 more kilos of coke ($20000 /kg), which would have put them just a bit shy of the quantity that Dave Giles was implicated with, how come its substancial is its 8kgs ($160000) worth of coke directly linked to HA, but not enough if its $152950 in drugs attributed to someone else? Does that $7050 make such a difference? Drugs are drugs, and every bust of that size, where the members of the organization use "extreme violence" should be celebrated and praised.

    The bust involving the GHB is a little less substancial that you make it out to be. What you fail to realize is that GHB is also recreational drug used by ravers and other party-goers in that scene. Yes, some of the GHB found would undoubtably find its way into someones drink, and unwanted sexual contact, rapes, would take place. Lets compare that with what an addict is willing to do for their next high. If they were thinking clearly, the things they do for their drugs would definitly be unwanted. Insn't it the same thing?? Now consider that coke/ heroin are addictive. The overall scope of taking large quantities like this off the street is huge.

    So, why shuoldn't the VPD claim a victory and ring every bell and whistle they can?? Did you forget that this is the first time the VPD (without the assistance of other police agencies) has laid criminal organization charges? I think a press conference is valid and deserved.

    My FAVORITE part of your article though, is the part about Mike Porteous. You ask," who on earth is Mike Porteous?" - he is an inspector with the major crimes divions of the VPD. He is one of the heros in law enforcement that do more than complain online about drugs, he catches the dealers and throws them in jail. He does all this, and has the balls to put his face on TV. He doesn't hide behind a fake identity. I have no idea why you would comment on his name being the same as Hal Porteous', all that does is cut his credibility. Maybe instead of drawing links between him and the HA, you should simply write, "way to go Mike!".

    Lastly, I don't think that there is any issue in this story with regards to censorship. All those arrested are named. There are such things as independant gangs in BC. This was one of them. What good would it do the police to leave out the names of those suspected of pulling the strings?? They've never shied away from naming and illustrating links to the HA, the Big Circle Boys, etc.

    I can't undertand your critisism of this victory. It seems that if an Angel isn't mentioned then you aren't satisfied. Just like the other article where instead of rejoicing that criminal org charges were laid:
    "How can they be convicted of trafficking... for a criminal organization if the organization was not named? I'm.. confused here". Just because a gang doesn't have a catchy name doesn't mean they aren't organized. A criminal organization is any group that commits crimes for the benefit of that group, named or unnamed.

    Long story short: crime is crime, no matter who gets arrested. If 8kg is enough to satisfy you, then the near equivalent should do the same. Criminals are criminals, whether they sport a death head, and UN ring, or a sweater from the GAP, names don't mean a thing.

    Instead of bitching, give these guys the credit they deserve.

  2. Come on man. 900 grams of cocaine is a lot less than 8 kilograms, 52 kilograms and 2 and 1/2 tons. Don’t argue just for the sake of arguing. Crack is sold publically every day at the Carnegie centre right around the corner from the police station. That is the operation that needs to be stopped.

  3. yes, 900g is a lot less than 80000g, you are obviously not seeing my point. The value is the same 8 kg=160000.

    stree level sales of cocaine are $80/g therefore:

    75000+72000 worth of coke + heroin = $152950

    The same NET WORTH as the VALUE associated with the Giles bust. don't twist my words.

    both gangs operated on the same scale. both gangs had the same potential.
    Sorry the crack operations you want busted aren't a high priority. too bad the world doesn't revolve around you. The cops got dope off the streets, quit your whining that they didn't get the right operation. If its so easy do it yourself.

    I am not arguing for the sake of arguing, i am present facts. thats all. The value of the drugs collected by the VPD for this bust is nearly equal to the value of drugs collected during the Giles bust. Deal with it.

  4. You are arguing for the sake of arguing. 900 grams of cocaine does not have the same value as 8 kg, 52 kg or 2 and ½ tons. That is absurd. Logically if someone is going to address the drug problem in east van they will hit the biggest supplier not the biggest supplier’s competition.

  5. Agent K just pointed out that we see a lot of Police statements in the Sun that say. "*** was working for a criminal organization"..without ever naming it, the previous poster was wrong, the Club names often are not mentioned.

    We just saw that in the recent K-town convictions for the coke-ring, an "un-named criminal organization" again....

    The VPD & RC's seem to be afraid, no other word, of the HA's legal retaliation, lawsuits.

  6. That does seem to be the latest trend. As long as you don’t name the criminal organization, judges in BC are now making criminal org convictions. Kinda weird why they can’t name the criminal org if it is a criminal conviction.


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