Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who am I?

Who I am just doesn't matter. If they put a bullet in my head, that will not change history. The Hells Angels are lying murders who betray their own on a regular basis for greed. Killing me or my grandmother will not change that fact. If you were who you claim to be you would know who I am.

Someone recently asked if I was Wayne Shuttleworth. Now that was somewhat bizarre. Wayne Shuttleworth was a dirty cop who used his own son to gain sympathy from the courts. I have never been a cop. I have never been a Hells Angel or a Hells Angel prospect. I have never ratted out a friend. I did used to ride full seasons. On the West Coast not the East coats. Those winters are a lot harder than ours.

When I was a kid a Narc was the lowest form of life. Someone who would pretend to be your friend, smoke your drugs then bust you for it. Back in the day, that type of dishonest betrayal was not honourable. Things have changed. The Hells Angels have taken over the drug market and rule with a ruthless iron fist. Selling crack and betraying your own for money is worse than being a Narc.

Yet I have never been a Narc. For a while one reader was sure I was Anton - person X in the Surrey Six Murder. Although I applaud Anton for testifying against the Bacon sleaze in that dirty deed which resulted in the senseless execution of two innocent bystanders, I am not Anton.

People ask me what my beef with the Hells Angels is. Once you find out what they are doing in our community, if you still have to ask that question, I can't explain it to you. Making an anonymous web site is kinda bitch like. Would you rather I put on a balaclava and start blowing shit up? That is another option. Exposing the lies and betrayal on a web site is the more humane course of action. It gives them a chance to change their ways before they meet their maker. The Great Architect of the Universe so to speak.

I am a West Coast Ghost. The likes of Chuck Cadman who represented Surrey in the House. I see dead people. And I hear their cries from the grave. The Hells Angels have murdered and betrayed their own. They have threatened grandmothers and murdered them. There is no L & R for the Big Red Machine any more. You kill me and there will be a dozen more to take my place. Mark my word.

On a historical note, at one time the SAS were notoriously feared. Yet in Belfast they were hated not feared. Once they got a hold of one they would strip him down to his underwear (Nothing weird or sexual only symbolic) shoot him dead and dump him in an alley. Beside him they would write "SAS - Stripped and Shot." That is how much respect the Irish had for the notorious SAS in Belfast. The BRM is no better than the SAS.


  1. I am in total agreement with you AK, there was a time when you could trust a friend not to burn you or rip you off. The Ha's are a very dishonourable bunch of domestic terrorists who do not care who or what get in their way of controlling drugs, prostitution (strippers), intimidation (witnesses) and any illegal activities that make them a dollar. Humane life is just another stepping stone to most of these neighbourhood thugs. Think about this, just about any one of them that has managed to keep themselves out of jail or even alive for as many years as some of them have, could have been very respectable business men and assets to the communities they reside in given a different set of circumstances in their youth. If any federal or provincial politicians and judges, who truly believe in what they claim they stand for (justice) were to rise up off their knees and stopped ass kissing these domestic terrorists and criminals I for one and I'm sure the majority of Canadians would elect them to the highest posts in the govenments. It all starts with just one with the cahonies to get the ball rolling, and it doesn't matter where he or she may reside.

  2. Strippers – that’s another good point. The Hells Angels are a criminal organization. They should not be allowed to control all the stripper agencies in BC. We know they are involved with prostitution. If they protected the ladies from violent Johns like what was done before they came it wouldn’t be so bad but they don’t protect the women they exploit them. As Martin Luther king said, “A man can’t ride your back if you get up off your knees.”

  3. You sure spend alot of of your life posting about these men, do you not think that you should be putting all the that time and energy on your family or job (if you have either)... No one truely cares who you are I am sure, no one is out "hunting" you... You HIDE behind a computer, and I bet when you aren't looking up only the BAD about these men you are playing world of warcraft...

  4. Actually I’m not a gamer so I don’t play computer or video games and my kids are all grown up now. I have two jobs so my time is limited. However, I’ve had several e-mail and non approved comments inquiring about who I am which as you say just doesn’t matter. I’m just a blogger like the million other bloggers out there. However, if you had half a brain you wouldn’t be supporting liars who betray and murder their own. The last time you gave blood did they ask you if you ever had sex with a man in the last six months who has had sex with another man? Why do they always send their women in to speak for them?

  5. haha sweetheart, I don't get "sent" to say anything, I've got a mind and mouth of my own thanks! These "liar, betrayers, ect" are not all what you make them out to be... Where do you talk about the corrupt cops? There's a whole lot more of them then you would like to believe... There are ALOT of facts that you need to get straight, I've read every single one of your posts now... but honestly they just make me giggle... I LOVE the fact that you focus so much time and energy on them... haha I have to wonder if at one point in time you wanted to be... then got shot down... and now you're just an angry old man behin his computer... **muah** thank you for entertaining me love!

  6. Sweetheart if you had half a brain you would be dangerous. How would you feel if they burned or beat your grandmother to death? There is nothing there to support. The corrupt cops is a separate issue. None of their bullshit changes the fact that the Hells Angels are drug dealers who have threatened and murdered grandmothers. How about when they turn a 14 year old girl into a crack ho because it does happen, I saw it. If that makes you giggle, then you need help.

  7. At least we now know who's is on the bottom of your relationship and it sure as hell is not Tiny or Wolf **hint, Hint** please be advised that you may experience diariah and/or trouble urinating....

    "Sweetheart if you had half a brain you would be dangerous"
    "if you had half a brain"
    Just and example of how you tend to repeat yourself... Kinda annoying, almost as annoying as I can be, but I have been known to be far more annoying!!! That's right 3 exclamations Sir!
    I have a friend who was raised in a family with all the men involved in and around the club. They gave her the best life lessons and kept her very safe, they showed her street smarts and how men truly think about woman and the ones who use and whore themselves out. She to this day she has NEVER touched a drug nor whored herself out.

    My girls are safe with them, and cared for. i trust them to be in and around my childrens lives cause i know they would NEVER let anything bad happen or come around my babies. Some of the most well protected Children on earth.

    As for the Gramma's (let them rest in peace) That would never had happend if their grandchildren did not make the mistakes they made and drug them into the situations that they were unfortunatly put in the middle of... Don't blame the SUPPOSED "meanies" blame the stupid ones who caused the problem in the first place...

    Now for your 14 year old crack head... Ask and you shall recieve... If she didn't ask for it she would not have got it... No one put that pipe in her mouth and lit it but herself.

    I'm sorry to say,Bottom line is you're not a " special" friend of anyones, and if you would not be putting these phony accusations all over you would be thought of more then just an old washed up door mat...

    I hope that one day you will be able to afford the head retractor HOME kit, so that you head may be removed and free of your Ass. But until then I wish you the joys of 1000 crabs for your crotch and the joys of the itch that comes along with it...

    Good Day Sir xox :)

  8. OK I’m finding you a bit difficult to follow but I think it will suffice to say that I simply disagree. For you to rationalize the Hells Angels murdering grandmothers because their grandkids pissed off the Hells Angels is absolutely absurd. There really is nothing more to discuss.

    Phony accusations? The Lennoxville massacre did happen. Yves Trudeau admitted to murdering Andre Desjardins as well as his girlfriend and his grandmother for the Hells Angels. What was Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak doing speeding through Salmon arm with three associates in a car full of guns, ammunition, bullet proof vest, balaclava and a cell phone jammer? Your childish insults are just that- childish. Rationalizing murder is insane.

    As for the 14 year old girl, she was not a crack addict. I was standing at Surrey central with a friend watching the crack dealers. It made them nervous as they thought we might be cops. A guy comes up to me with one of the crack dealers and introduces himself. He asks us who we were and what we were doing. He claimed that “they” ran the neighborhood and warning me not to get involved in “their” business. He was wearing a Hells Angels T-shirt. I thought to myself what the hell is he doing here with him? I had been conned into believing the Hells Angels didn’t sell drugs. That is what they use their name and reputation to do.

    The next week my friend and I returned. We saw a kid wearing an ipod walk into the alley with a crack dealer. The kid comes out with a smile on his face and the crack dealer is wearing his ipod. Then he sends his girlfriend to talk to the crack dealer and four other crack heads. She looked like she was about 14 years old. They kept trying to get her alone so we couldn’t see them but we kept following them. Taking advantage of a 14 year old girl is deranged. Rationalizing that proves your instability.

  9. haha Sir, you just can seem to look past the fact that you aren't, or something. You have some sort of sick obsession with these men. Men that I am sure you have never sat down with, never seen how amazing they are with their families...

    Confessions are Confessions and I will not argue that, but there are many of your blogs that are your opnion, you're stories. Not Truths, and that I will stand by it.

    If you can't realize that the shit wouldn't hit the fan if people weren't MORONS then you're the one with the issue.
    AND if you do not know that all it takes is one dumb ass in a support shirt to hit the street "pretending" and playing the "power" card, then again... retarded, insane, or just right delusional.

    I Love the men in my life, and maybe us out east aren't as bored as you out west, but I have still to meet someone who puts so much time into people like you do. It must be all the rain you get out there...

    Thank you for entertaining me the past day or so, it is now time for me to step out of your bubble, it's starting to smell like shit... oups wait, just like most of your blogs...

    Thank you for showing us your obsession over and over and over again... just by spending so much time on me you have showed how you are just over the top insanely obsessed with the life you like to speak about... Maybe it's time to see someone about that....

    I'm not going to continue to say anything to you as all you do is twist things in so sick F'ing way... enjoy your computer...

    Take care ***muah*** love.... Half a Brain ;)

  10. You are telling your readers that the IRA stripped & killed, repeatedly, the Special Air Service troopers. I know a great deal about the SAS; I have never heard of incidents like you describe. SAS men have been killed "over the water"; I don't believe your stories; unless you have a live link or a page number of a book I can access. I presume you'll now come up with that link. The SAS are the world's hardest men; a universe away from the IRA torturers & murderers. They wiped out the IRA street presence; that is the real truth. At Loughgall they shot dead nine of the IRA killers at once; a great feat of arms. The SAS are the main reason the IRA sued for peace; they will never admit they were bested in their own streets; but they were being liquidated and lived in deep fear of the SAS. Once, holed-up in an flat in NI, the IRA just gave up; as soon as their radio announced that the SAS were taking over the siege. That is the truth one won't find in your pro-IRA propaganda. Show me the link, or admit your "stripped and shot" story is a fabrication.

  11. Agent K:

    "Once they got a hold of one they would strip him down to his underwear (Nothing weird or sexual only symbolic) shoot him dead and dump him in an alley. Beside him they would write "SAS - Stripped and Shot." "

    Let's see the live-link for that or retract. I know far more about the Special Air Service than yourself.

  12. Miss 81 when your so called protector (old man) is sitting behind bars or when he pisses off or doesn't do what he is told by some HA's further up the food chain, not only will he pay (probably with his life) but your protection will disappear like a fart in the wind, and all your so called friends will shun you, and your girls. It happens! Who will you run to then? Wake up and smell the roses girl, your life is about to come crashing down around you, it's just a matter of time. Only a handful of HA's live to be old men.

  13. Ahhh Missy, you've gone and done it... stuck that foot of yours right in your mouth. You realize you look like a bantering fool right?

    You said --- "These liar, betrayers, ect are not all what you make them out to be..."

    Followed by --- "That would never had happend if their grandchildren did not make the mistakes they made and drug them into the situations that they were unfortunatly put in the middle of... Don't blame the SUPPOSED "meanies" blame the stupid ones who caused the problem in the first place..."

    I say --- Continue trying to find the corner in the round room you're running around in. Your slight attempt at a defense to the HA's suspected activities, were only confirmed by your own mouth.

    With the intelligent wit you spew as a spokesperson, it's no wonder they need brawn and guns to try and get respect.

  14. Freddy – relax. It wasn’t something I read in a book, it was something I was told when I was in Belfast many years ago. Word of mouth. Could have been false but it was what I was told. However, if you just Google SAS stripped and shot you can find a few.

    A book called the Troubles claims: Robert Howes and Derek Wood were dragged from their vehicles by a mob, beaten stripped and then shot. Page 344 second paragraph

    The sound on this video about the troubles has been disabled but it is closed captioned so you can read what’s happening. After the Miltown funeral incident it shows two solders attacked by a mob. It says they were beaten, stripped, and shot by the IRA: http://wn.com/Reeling_in_the_Years_1988-2

    The video starts off with the UVF freak who threw hand grenades at an IRA funeral in Miltown. I was in Belfast at the time but didn’t attend that funeral. We had friends who did. Some of the younger kids who chased down the guy who was shooting at them after he threw the hand grenades into the crowd. They got him down and were giving him the boots. Then an army helicopter came down and saved the freak when they should have left him there.

    I was really upset to see a documentary several years later where he was released from prison as a political prisoner. He claimed he was doing a hit on Gerry Adams which was a bold faced lie. He was throwing hand grenades into a funeral to kill whoever he could. He was a freak.

    I do remember seeing a very young protestant girl wearing bunny slippers walk up to a soldier at night, grab his automatic weapon, look him in the eye and say “Wash your face.” He was in full fatigues wearing camouflage face paint with an army helicopter flying around with a search light as back up. These kids knew no fear. The kids would stone the British Soldiers on a regular basis. It was a shitty job. Kinda like patrolling West Bank.

  15. Garth and Jen have answered Miss 40.5. I have nothing more to say on that matter.

  16. Miss 4.5 is more like it....

    Sadly, she loves the murderers more than she values her own children. Pathetic really.

  17. Just to be clear, those two soldiers you mention are not SAS, but members of another of the many outfits watching the IRA, not the Special Air Service. If you what to read an action-packed ride of a book, about fighting the IRA street-by-street, read "One Up," the story of one woman's war fighting alongside undercover SAS & 14th Army Intelligence Brigade. It's at the downtown Library.

  18. I don't believe Miss 4.5 is anything more than a wanna-be. I also highly doubt she is in the know about anything. Her "men" are possibly nothing more than wanna-be's.

    Any woman who is dating anyone of importance, would not be sitting on the internet spouting off at the mouth, saying the things she's said. Those women, the ones dating the real HA's, keep their mouth shut.

  19. Kim Bolan:

    "It is interesting that someone police consider a UN associate is also getting seen with the Duhre given the speculation about a faction of the UN united with the Duhres as a group called the Union, Police will only say that things are very fluid right now since the high-profile arrests over the last two years of major gang leaders and the re-positioning of many others still involved in organized crime."


    Since we hope you are plugged into the scene here, Agent K, you can give us a run-down on who this new "Union" gang or group is & what part they will play....

  20. Freddy: “Army Intelligence” isn’t that an oxymoron? “fighting the IRA street-by-street” You make tyranny and foreign occupation sound like a noble thing when it’s not. Is that the same book that describes how the English murdered Catholic priests in Ireland or how they did horrible things to the Scots that gave rise to William Wallace?

  21. Freddy: The Union: That’s more Kim’s specialty. I still can’t understand how people like Matt the Rat get away with sucking up to the UN while hiding behind Weird Hal and the Hells Angels when John Punko was caught on wire saying they will punish anyone who does business with the UN. Kim knows about the IndoCanadain gangs and the Duhre brothers. I don’t know much about them.

    All I know is that the UN tend to be more of a stand alone gang than a puppet club but I’m sure the Hells Angels would rather they didn’t exist. Thus the implied support of the Bacon brothers on one side while they gave the UN the Bacon brothers new address on the other. We know the Hells Angels have been caught doing business with the UN. I just don’t think they are trustworthy.

    The media wants to build hype over new gangs. Personally I don’t see the Duhre brothers as significant. What I do find significant is the Hells Angels getting caught with a boat load of 2 ½ tons of cocaine and no charges are laid.

  22. Missy_Me_81: For your own sake I hope you are right because you are only one generation away from "Grandmother" yourself. Good luck. I do feel sorry for you, even though I know the sympathy is unwanted. I feel even sorrier for your children.

  23. Hi there,

    good read, I would be interested in hearing about your time in Belfast.

    If you like, Google my username (add '1916' to it)& you will be able to contact me

  24. Done. Sounds like you’re a fan of James Connelly. I’m a bit more middle of the road myself so to speak but I have good friends who share your ideals. Belfast, that was a long time ago. A friend from Twinbrook gave me a James Connolly pin back then. Perhaps we can chat in another venue.


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