Thursday, January 31, 2013

Large Rock Machine bust in Manitoba

RCMP claim the entire chapter of the Manitoba Rock Machine motorcycle gang was swept up into police custody in an RCMP raid Wednesday. Police and RCMP seized 13 pounds of cocaine, 1,800 tablets of Benzylpiperazine about eight pounds of marijuana, firearms, ammunition, two pipe bombs and eight other commercial explosive devices

In their excitement they claim that the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club has been wiped off the Winnipeg map and that "today is a very good day for public safety in the province of Manitoba." I’m less eager to agree. That is a small bust compared to Hells Angels standards. Wiping out the Hells Angels rivals does not make the streets safer for anyone. It just makes the Hells Angels more ruthless in their monopoly as they continue to murder any drug dealing rival and torture drug addicts for drug debts.

It is a step forward, but unless it is followed up with an increased resolve against the Hells Angels, it will result in three steps back. 6 kilos of cocaine is nothing compared to the 2 and a half tons seized from the Hells Angels on the Western Wind. What this bust does show is that the Rock Machine has indeed returned to become just another drug dealing gang. Please note that the RM support club is the Vendetta not LHS. LHS was a Hells Angels support club until they betrayed them and killed one of their own for the Ontario village idiots.

When you loot at the police photo, there’s nothing there that I support. Guns, explosives and pot to fund Cocaine and BZP the fake ecstasy that people die from. It’s just a perpetuation of greed. I will say that I like the RM logo better than the HA logo. An eagles head is way better than a helmeted skull with devil horns and feathers. Yet both roads lead to the same place: misery and violence driven by greed. That has nothing to do with riding motorcycles and living the dream.

Although the police claim the entire manitoba chapter has been wiped off the map, only 11 arrests have been made. 4 of them RM members. Joseph Strachan is one of them. He's charged with cocaine trafficking, proceeds of crime and participating in a criminal org. Does that mean he gets house arrest like CJ Barrowby did when caught trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels in Surrey? Strachan was unable to make his first appearance due to being taken to hospital following his arrest Wednesday. A paid civilian agent was used to take down the crime ring. Sounds like all Strachan did was go for a car ride with the police agent. Anybody know what 18 13 stands for?

Evidently the RM has the Hells Hounds as well as the Vendetta.

Resisting Evil

I have a few stories to catch up on. I have been told that someone is claiming I was outed on Kim Bolans blog the other day. I appreciate the notification. That has happened a few times before and I made a podcast about it a while ago in my disclaimer so nothing has really changed.

What I want to comment on is our moral duty to resist evil. Someone sent me a link to the HAMC web site which not only confirms a new charter being issued to the Surrey village idiots who call themselves the WestPoint chapter, but also has a huge list of new HA chapters in Germany. It makes me think of Xerxes and the armies of Babylon in the movie 300. A mob of bullies who covet the opportunity to rob, rape and destroy. Only Xerxes in our story isn’t big and powerful. He just a clown behind a curtain like in the Wizard of Oz deceiving the masses with smoke and mirrors.

Let’s remember Larry Amero is with this new WestPoint chapter whose actions are an offense to the real WestPoint they insult. Larry was just another suburban princess. A kid from Walnut Grove secondary in Langley of all places. A kid who was beat up in high school and took to steroids as a result. He even bragged about his plastic world by naming his ridiculous boat Steroids and Silicone. His father was a longshoreman. That’s how he hooked up with the HAs.

Randy Jones is much more of a businessman than Larry. Larry is just a kid with high school issues that never grew up and sells drugs. Supporting the Bacon brothers was bad enough but lying about it and pretending he wasn’t when he was, that’s cheap. Nobody likes a liar.

Listening to Ricky Ciarniello deny everything has become really irritating. Every word that comes out of that guy’s mouth is a lie. Bryce’s son wasn’t acting on his own, he was selling drugs for the club. Ron Lising and John Punko’s convictions are evidence of that.

This picture of Ricky Ciarniello and David Black holding up a flag with a swastika on it says it all. Ricky’s pal David Black was convicted along with six others from the Satan’s Angels of kidnapping a guy, torturing him and sodomizing him with a broomstick. That is a deranged association to brag about.

Crying like a baby because someone saw his smelly fat ass in a restaurant and said they wanted to move because they didn’t want to sit beside someone who was a member of a criminal organization is typical of how these bullies always play the victim and how pathetic that really is. Ricky C is just a clown behind a curtain who smells bad.

What we need to do is to step back, take a deep breath and calmly look at the truth. Look past the lies and the propaganda and see things for what they really are. People say the Hells Angels have a rule about no rape. Yet we know that is a lie. Mom Boucher joined the Hells Angels right after he got out of jail for armed rape. That’s just a Hollywood spin from a clown behind a curtain hiding the truth. The drug deals, the prostitution, the murder of drug dealing rivals, the torture of addicts for drug debts, that is what this Babylonian horde is all about. It is our moral duty to resist evil. Failing to do so is aiding and abetting those crimes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Constible Frank Dean Rudge’s retrial

Speaking of dirty cops, wiretaps played in Frank Dean Rudge’s court case heard a conversation between two Hells Angels named Brian Sauvé and Timothy Muise. Tim expressed a concern when he saw a police car parked outside the Cedar Bay Inn. Brian responded by saying “It’s just Dean being a loser.” He was referring to Const.Dean Rudge.

The crown argued that the wiretap shows a familiarity between Rudge and Hells Angels members. Indeed it does. Ridge’s lawyer said the phone calls only mentioned the name Dean and didn’t specifically refer to Rudge. That doesn’t even make sense. Of course they were referring to Rudge. What other local police officers driving Ridge’s patrol car named Dean are there?

The sad thing is, here’s a dirty cop that everyone knows is dirty and they’re having such a hard time getting rid of him. That’s gotta affect moral when everyone knows a coworkers is a rat for the Hells Angels and is jeopardizing the safety of everyone he works with. It's Tragic really.

Sadly both the Green Hornet and the Batman Dark Knight movies contained a story about a corrupt mayor and a corrupt police chief that would manipulate crime stats to make themselves look good. It's sad when fiction becomes reality. Just another Bloody Sunday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

East Van sword attack & Surrey’s fifth murder

I didn’t realize the East Van sword attack was actually a swarming and may have been related to drugs. Manraj Akalirai has been identified as the 19 year old murder victim. Six men between the age of 19 and 21 have been arrested. Manraj’s friends are suggesting that he got caught up in a conflict that he had nothing to do with. Tragic.

I was surprised to hear it was Vancouver’s first murder of the year. We had that bloody Sunday where 8 people died but only three of them were from Surrey. The rest were from across BC. Monday was Surrey’s fifth murder victim. Monday’s murder victim was Jaskaran Singh Sandhu who survived a previous murder attempt in Coquitlam two years ago.

Our local friend from Surrey Shirts has one design that says Better Safe than Surrey. I’m assuming he doesn’t work for Laura Balance. Evidently, serious security flaws uncovered in B.C.'s criminal justice computer system could have let gangsters hack into witness contact information and details of police investigations. Isn’t that special?

Nanaimo: hub of drug trafficking on Vancouver Island

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the CFSEU claim much of the movement of drugs like cocaine and marijuana on Vancouver Island begins in Nanaimo, a central location with access along highway corridors that stretch to Campbell River in the north, Victoria in the south, and Port Alberni and Tofino to the west.

The Vancouver Province is also reporting that the Nanaimo RCMP displayed a seizure of drugs and cash valued at over $180,000 on Jan. 16 after they arrested a man believed to be linked to the Red Scorpions gang in Nanaimo earlier this month. That find has led to a renewed call by local voices to end the "wasteful" drug war. Yeah? By who? The Hells Angels?

The Red Scorpion bust in Nanaimo implicates the Hells Angels. After the bacon Brothers eliminated the old Red Scorpion leadership, they took over the gang and made them work for the Hells Angels instead of the UN.

In fact, all the media outlets refer to the Bacon Brothers as members or leaders of the Red Scorpions. Wikipedia claims DK was a member of the Red Scorpions. Kim Bolan referred to Jonathon Bacon as a Red Scorpion at his funeral. After he was shot with Hells Angel Larry Amero in Kelowna. The Hells Angels’ connection to the Bacon Brothers and the Red scorpions is clear. No doubt the Hells Angels wants the police to end the war on drugs. They want their clubhouse and their $180,000 back.

Sadly, the Hells Angels aren’t the only ones wanting the police to end the war on drugs. Sadly a group of dirty cops have formed an alliance calling for an end to prohibition. These are dirty cops who have lost the dream and stopped supporting law and order.

John Anderson is the leader of that merry band who refuse to draw a line at pot and call for the legalization of all drugs. That is complete irresponsibility. I met that guy campaigning for his tainted cause in Surrey. He had the audacity to show up and a rally against gang violence. I spoke with him. He even had his daughter there supporting his project. I kept asking over and over what about crack and crystal meth? When someone hears a call to end prohibition, they think they are just talking about pot. But if you read the fine print they are saying all drugs including crack and meth which is total irresponsibility.

It makes me wonder who’s payroll he’s really on. I remember when I first started my web site a retired cop from Vancouver Island kept spamming me with links to letters to the editor he had written saying what wonderful guys the Hells Angels are. That is an offensive lie. The Hells Angels are the largest drug traffickers in the country and use violence to murder drug dealing rivals on a regular basis. Legalizing drugs won’t make them free. The Hells Angels used violence to take over the stripper agency in BC and that industry is legal. That John Anderson is on the wrong team and he should be ashamed of himself.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kevin Fry found dead in Surrey

This one breaks my heart. Recently I saw posters for a 20 year old Surrey man named Kevin Fry who had been missing since New Years Day. The poster said he had no mental health or addiction issues and didn’t pick up his last paycheque from work. That did strike me as odd. If a 20 year old is going to take off and start a new life, he’s going to pick up his last pay cheque.

Sadly his remains were found yesterday in a secluded wooded area near 110 Avenue and 154th Street. Strangely the police do not suspect foul play. To me that’s almost offensive. He’s dead. For a death like that not to be foul play it had to have been suicide, or perhaps an accidental slip and fall. Neither seem likely so saying no foul play is expected this early is just plain bizarre.

This one hits home because it’s local. It’s another huge loss for our community. Kelowna has a long list of young men who have mysteriously gone missing. Too many for them all not to be foul play. One of Kevin's friends from High School wrote:

“Deepest condolences to the friends and family of Kevin Fry. He was a great human being and I don't have a single memory of him that wasn't filled with laughter or smiles. Kevin, it was a pleasure to have met you. Rest in peace.”

Today the minister confirmed that Kevin’s death was suicide. Peace.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

David Black and Satan’s Angels

Kim Bolan’s new web site about the Hells Angels is featured on the front page of the printed edition of today’s Vancouver Sun. I’m sure the local boys are thrilled. It even has a picture of Ricky fat ass Ciarniello back when he was still a fat ass but was the treasurer of Satan’s Angels in Vancouver. They patched over to become Hells Angels in 1983. This is a picture of Ricky fat ass and David Black taken in 1977. I want to know why David is holding up a flag with a swastika on it. Surely we can go through the archives and figure that out.

On a forum someone claimed the Vancouver Satan’s Angels kidnapped a 20-year-old man in 1968 and subjected him to a night of torture and terror. It was nicknamed the "case of the devil's butler" because one of the bikers was reported to have commented "now we have a butler" when they first grabbed him in a cafe. Ten members of the club were eventually charged and many, including club president David Black, convicted. Black got seven years.

Turns out a book was written about the event called The Devil’s Butler by Simma Holt which cites court records and police wire taps that were used in court to convict those involved.

Apparently, this book, the Devil’s Butler was very well known at the time and was cited in an Vancouver Sun editorial by Allan Fotheringham June 17 1972. He was referring to the seven men convicted in that case making parole in 1971 and 1972. Turns out, Simma Holt was an MP for Vancouver Kingsway and a credible journalist.

Ernie Ozolins and his girlfriend Lisa Chamberlain were murdered June 02, 1997. The rule says you’re not supposed to kill a patch member. So they kicked him out first. They also stole Ernie’s land from his brother and mother after they killed him. This pdf file talks about the fraud that was committed regarding the lot at 6925 128 Street in Surrey.

Moncton couple face cocaine smuggling charges in Texas

A man and woman from Moncton are facing drug smuggling charges in Texas after being arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border with just under 16 kilos of cocaine. Anthony William Knockwood, 41, and Heather Patricia Keirstead, 25, made a brief court appearance in Brownsville on Friday, but have not yet entered any pleas.

The pair were stopped at the Veterans' International Bridge in Brownsville on Jan. 21, driving a beige 1997 Endeavor recreational vehicle. They were selected for a secondary inspection where an x-ray showed 14 packages of cocaine hidden under the fiberglass shower and in the walls. X-raying an RV. Bad luck.

Mounties in Masset, B.C., have busted an alleged drug trafficking ring they say was operated by four members of the same family involving cocaine and crack. Masset is a village in Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands).

Earlier this month RCMP in Iqaluit arrested four adults in connection with a drug investigation. More than a kilo of marijuana, some cocaine, some ecstasy pills and some Canadian currency were seized as a result.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Province applies to keep money seized from Bryce Jr

Well this is a new article about an old story still before the courts. The Vancouver Province is reporting that the provincial director of civil forfeiture made a court application to keep more than $187,000 in cash seized from a Hells Angels associate nearly eight years ago under EPandora.

It was seized from Jonathan Bryce Jr. in March 2005 when he was a prospect for the East Vancouver Hells Angels. JJ was convicted of drug trafficking. Ricky fat ass Ciarniello said the case has nothing to do with the motorcycle club. Other than the fact that he was selling drugs for the club and that his father is the president of the chapter.

New Hells Angels web site

A bad day for the East Vancouver Hells Angels. Jean Joseph Violette loses his appeal for an extortion charge and Kim Bolan launches a new web site devoted to the East Vancouver Hells Angels called

The web site will be officially launched tomorrow and has a big countdown clock on it. She has however posted a preview video. The new site and six part series appears to be the result of interviews she’s had with the one and only Michael Plante. The one referred to as the Million dollar Rat in Neil Hall’s book about EPandora. Evidently that operation and testimony resulted in 12 convictions that lead to the East End Hells Angels.

Many people said the operation was a failure but it was far from it. It documented the Hells Angels connection to the drug trade and has formed part of the case to seize their clubhouse under criminal organization legislation. Kim Bolan was also on a documentary about EPandora called Outlaw Bikers IV Fallen Angels that was on History Television. I did cite part of that case in my chapter on the Vancouver Gang war in Alex Caine’s new book Angel Dust due to be released this fall.

No charges will be laid in Walter Wheeler’s murder

Walter “Buddy” Wheeler of Fredericton got in an argument with a member of Bacchus in a bar. As he was leaving the bar the Bacchus member motioned for someone else to jump him and they beat him to death. Now, crown has dropped the case saying there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute. That is disgusting.

The Dismantling of the UN

Here’s a blast from the past. Duane Meyer and Kamil Skrodzki, two friends who were with the UN. Both dead. Duane was shot May 8, 2008 outside his young daughters home. Hells Angels attended his funeral. He was originally a prospect for the Hells Angels then began working with the UN when the UN and the HAs were doing business together. Somewhat ironic since the Bacon brothers were the UNs only real enemy at the time and we now see the HAs were clearly supporting the Bacon brothers.

The UN were quick to retaliate but unfortunately someone else was driving Jamie Bacon's SUV to fix the stereo and he was killed instead. After Clay was in prison and after Duane was shot, the HAs started extorting the UN and there was no one left to protect them. Internal conflicts arose and no doubt some less honorable UN members saw more money to be made with the HAs.

Kamil Skrodzki died Oct 16, 2011 at Kris Bensons house. The cause of his death remains a mystery. Clearly the friends who were with him at the time were not his friends. Skrodzki didn’t use drugs he was a chemist. He was responsible for the River Road lab that was busted in Richmond and someone else was paid to take the fall for him so he could keep the operation going.

When the sassafras oil (used to make mdma) became harder to find due to the near extinction of those types of trees and more expensive from police crack downs he stopped making it. That’s when others started making E with a substitute called BZP or PMMA that resulted in so many deaths. Yet one can certainly imagine, leaving the game isn’t always easy or permitted. Especially when that leadership changes and the Hells Angels are involved.

Although Clay celebrated the 13th anniversary of the UN from prison in 2010, Kim Bolan has pointed out the cracks in the UN began to appear even before his arrest. One has to wonder what’s left of the UN now. Most of them are in prison. Which leads me to believe that the brutal rape and assault that took place in Surrey on December 2nd was for a drug debt to the HAs not the UN. Maybe it's not over for the UN. Maybe Clay will meet some Outlaws in the US.

The Last Resort

I don’t know if anyone else has been following the Last Resort TV series but I have. It’s been pretty dramatic. One of those shows you have to sit down and watch as opposed to multi task while it’s on in the back ground. The series theme is honor in defiance.

It all started off when a US nuclear sub was given an authorization to fire on Pakistan. Only the order didn’t come through the regular channels it came through a back up channel that would only be used if Washington had been knocked out in a time of war.

Right before launching the missiles both commanders at the key wondered why the order came through the back up channel. They turned on their surveillance and everything was normal at Washington. Something wasn’t right. They broke radio silence and called the president for a confirmation. That’s when Uncle Sam fired on their own sub. Who in turn blamed Pakistan and launched an attack against them anyways.

The whole point was the initial attack was an act of aggression they were using to justify an invasion. So here comes the dilemma: is it a soldier’s duty to simply do as they are told or does a soldier have a moral conscience in defending the free world?

Many would argue the former. A solder is meant to obey all orders and not think about them. Does that include falsifying evidence? Does that include false flag attacks? I think not and I’m not the only one. The series went to some pretty dramatic extremes where the good guys pushed the envelope in defending what they felt was right which in turn created division and confusion among the troops. It became unclear who the real traitors really were.

Well the series came to a dramatic end yesterday and I’m disappointed it’s over. Recognizing the thought was a good one regardless of how short it was. The end does not justify the means in preserving and upholding the constitution. When the good guys do bad things they aren’t the good guys any more. We all have been given a brain and a conscience for a reason.

Khun-Khun shot again in Surrey

The Abbotsford Times is reporting that Khun-Khun was shot again in Surrey on January 15 after he was charged with a shooting a Bacon brother associate in September named Barinder or Brian "Shrek" Dhaliwal.

Khun-Khun is the idiot who walked into traffic after his fiancé mysteriously fell out of his car while he was driving. I’ve had people claim he was the one that shot Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon in Kelowna. That is absolute nonsense. Khun-Khun is an idiot. The Kelowna hit was a professional job. Anyone could have paid for that hit. It wasn’t him. He’s just an idiot trying to be somebody by claiming responsibility for something he didn’t do. Sandip Duhre was credible. Khun-Khun is not.

What we can see from all this nonsense is that Khun-Khun was charged with shooting a Bacon brother associate in Abbotsford who as we know are supported by the Hells Angels. So when we see the Duhre Dhak group being exterminated for being HA rivals, we can see the HAs are still supporting the ridiculous Bacon brothers in suburbia. The Abbotsford PD are still offering Bacon brother associates round the clock protection. No wonder those guys still live in Abbotsford.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh Lordy not Bill Fordy

Laila Yuile made a profound post comparing the comments of Sgt. Jennifer Pound and Sgt. Peter Thiessen in contrast with Chief Supt. Bill Fordy. Bill Fordy came out with the ridiculous statement that public gang executions don’t endanger public safety. He doesn’t seem to be playing with a full deck.

Bill Fordy was involved with the Pickton investigation. That’s the one where Catherine Galliford claims in her sexual harassment law suit that the other investigators were rude pigs to her and treated her like garbage.

Now Bill Fordy tries to assure us that everything’s OK. He’s met with the Hells Angels and asked them not to start a chapter in Surrey. One has to ask if he invited his old Piggy Palace pals to the new billion dollar RCMP bar in the Green Timers clear cut. Bill Fordy and Don Ray. What a team.

Niagara Regional Police officer accused of leaking information to the Hells Angels

I appreciate everyone who keeps sending in relevant links. There’s no way I could find all this stuff on my own. This is another example of how a Regional Police force isn’t a magic wand solution to police corruption.

Former Niagara Regional Police constable Frank Dean Rudge pleaded not guilty to breach of trust for allegedly releasing confidential police information from the Port Colborne detachment to the Niagara chapter of the Hells Angels.

Rudge fell under suspicion when the NRP intelligence branch learned the Hells Angels possessed confidential police documents about the rival Outlaws Motorcycle Club as well as their plans to reopen a St. Catharines chapter.

Rudge was charged following a provincewide raid in 2006. The officer denied allegations against him at his first trial, claiming a third party stole the documents from the detachment. Rudge was acquitted in 2010 but the Court of Appeal ordered the case be retried.

Between 2005 to 2008, Richardson served as a staff sergeant at the Port Colborne detachment. He testified that the police building is secured by a entry system requiring an access number.

During each shift there are a minimum number of officers and a staff sergeant on duty, and that during the night shift the Port Colborne detachment sees “a steady flow” of officers in and out while performing their duties, he said.

Lisa Isherwood of the Niagara Regional Police testified she worked with Rudge in the summer of 2004 to 2005 performing bylaw compliance checks in bars in Port Colborne, and witnessed Rudge communicating with several individuals associated with the Hells Angels. Constable Frank Dean Rudge was also charged with assaulting a woman in an unrealted case.

Hells Angel Ian Grant was also caught with confidential police documents in his home. Ken Houston was caught with a member of the Winnipeg Hells Angels. Edmonton PD were accused of leaking information to the Hells Angels as well.

Freddy was mentioning about the Toronto Team 3. A drug squad accused of years of corruption which included ripping off drug dealers. Turns out the task force was a scam and everyone was acquitted. Yet standing outside the courthouse they look guilty as f*ck.

Hell Angel Associate found guilty of Thompson murder

Well, well, well. Hells angels associate Sean Heickert has been found guilty of the November 2007 murder of Bekim Zeneli which set off the Winnipeg gang war. Only they have some important facts mixed up.

Bekim Zeneli was the leader of LHS - Loyalty hounour silence. He was friends with Hells Angel Billy Bowden. LHS was a Hells Angels puppet club it was not a rival. The Hells Angels killed their own guy to let the Ontario Hells Angels take over the Thompson drug trade. They then told Billy Bowden after they killed his friend to suck it up or become a target. Billy Bowden is no Biff Hammel. He told them to F off and crossed over to the Rock Machine as a result.

Saying that LHS were HAs rivals is simply false. It was that dirty deed, where the Hells Angels killed one of their own, that set off the Winnipeg Gang war. This conviction finally proves the Hells Angels were the ones that killed Bekim Zeneli from LHS.

The court heard that Heickert owed Zeneli $3,000 at the time of his death. So the dirty rat was more than willing to get paid to kill the guy he owned money to. Sean Heickert previously served time in prison for manslaughter in connection with the 1994 death of an Ontario man. Heickert was from Ontario not Manitoba.

Sean Heickert served a seven-year prison term in the 1990s for the beating death of an Oshawa man. Terry Spindler, 21, was kidnapped from a boozy Christmas celebration in the Genosha Hotel's Playpen strip club in Oshawa.

Spindler, five-foot-seven, 125 pounds, was abducted and beaten by several men, including Sean Heickert, who was working off a drug debt.He was vomited on by one man, then urinated on by another. His frozen body was found by police.

After Sean Heickert was found guilty of manslaughter in 1990, he uttered several oaths at a Crown attorney and a Durham Region detective, before his mother told him, "Just shut up, don't make it worse."

James Heickert, A full-patch member of the Oshawa Hells Angels plead guilty to plotting to murder his own brother Sean Heickert over drug trafficking turf. Sounds like a dysfunctional family.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Bridgewater schools under lockdown

Two Bridgewater schools were under lockdown last Monday after police received reports of "a distraught male inside a residence with a firearm described as an assault rifle." After obtained a search warrant, police foung eight firearms in a grow op along with some cocaine.

Sheldon Earl Bowers, 37, of Lapland Road in Wileville appeared before Judge Gregory Lenehan in provincial court Tuesday to face charges of trafficking, producing and possessing marijuana, possessing cocaine, possession of a firearm for a purpose dangerous to the public peace, unsafe storage of a firearm and threatening to kill his father.

Bowers has a criminal record that includes a drug and sexual assault conviction in 1994, but the prosecutor said the Crown was more concerned “with nature of the charges that are before the court.” A grow op with firearms and cocaine. Let’s hope this has nothing to do with Bacchus or the Darksiders. They’re in enough trouble already.

Speaking of Bacchus, Paul Fowler, the “former” president of Hants County chapter, who has been charged with attempted murder by attacking his ex’s new boyfriend with a hammer, has just been found in breach of his bail conditions after being caught with marijuana. That guy just can’t get a break. He should get a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Surely he needs something to calm him down.

Pinheads abandon Fruit stand

I’m getting several reports that the pinheads have abandoned their fruit stand by the airport in Kelowna. I’m waiting to get some pictures confirming the logos have been taken down. Looks like somebody’s on the run after Dave’s car bombing. Maybe they’re just trying to make it look like it wasn’t another arson for insurance fraud. Who knows what those clowns are up to. Is Donnie McWhirter’s pal Joey Verma still the Vice President of the Kingpin Crew? Please advise. The Kingpin Crew were named in that stolen car ring at Cycle logic weren't they? What's up with that? Is their fruit stand next to be seized by the po po?

Interesting to note that Reza (Johnny Boy) Rahiman from the Pinhead Crew in Kelowna was charged on Dec 27/12 in Vancouver with Mischief, Assault and Uttering Threats x2. He is to appear in court in Vancouver January 29/13. The guy has quite the criminal record. In 2010 he was found guilty of Assaulting a Peace Officer and Causing disturbance in Kelowna.

Reza and Josh Armstrong are still living in West Kelowna. Next door to Darryl Wilcox’s house who went to jail for cocaine trafficking in 2005. That’s when Uncle Joe’s co accused Ryan Ennis moved in. What a mess of criminal associations.

Here’s a picture of the abandoned pinhead clubhouse from this morning January 25 2012. No fence, no vehicles, door open, looks empty inside. Hard to know what those clowns are up to.


Update: Turns out the Pinheads new temporary location is in Mission springs outside Kelowna. Here I thought they meant mission beside Abbotsford on the coast. That would have been a laugh.How on earth is Mission springs safe from car bombs?

The New Bar and RCMP HQ in Green Timbers

Speaking of flipping protected land into urban development, let’s not forget the Green Timbers Forest clear cut. First it started with an extended care facility for the hospital. Who can argue with building a new hospital? Then all of a sudden they sneak inside and build this huge RCMP headquarters in another Green Timbers clear cut.

We need to remember what Green Timbers is. Green Timbers is a protected forest that residents are as passionate about in protecting as Vancouverites are about protecting Stanley Park. Going in the middle of Stanley Park and clear cutting a section for a new RCMP HQ and bar, would be outrageous. Just as it is in Green Timbers. Tax payers are not allowed to see how far into the forest they have clear cut because this is now conveniently a restricted area.

I know protected land is unprotected by the sweep of a politicians hand, but I personally am more inclined to vote for a politician who pays more than lip service to sustainability and has some desire to honour protected forests than the dirty politicians accepting campaign contributions from dirty developers to clear cut protected land.

The Casino project is still very much on the table. Diane Watts flipped to save her own ass not because she has a moral conscience. She thought the proposal was a good idea. She accepted campaign contributions from the developers. When she saw the opposition to the vote she knew it would be political suicide if she voted for it. Yes voting against it out of fear of not being reelected is better than voting for it knowing the democratic will of the people. Yet let’s not pretend Diane Watts has a moral conscience. She is a bully and we have seen that in action.

Rich Coleman is just a flaming idiot Kevin Falcon, the Gordon Campbell clone, can’t even control. They all feel the same way. He’s the only one being honest about it in the media. Yes they are on a sinking ship and will likely run off to further infect Stephen Harper’s NeoCon federally. I just didn’t want them infecting John Cummings provincial conservatives because he’s the only one in the lot who really is a conservative.

Gateway Casinos lost $1.5 billion. Before we let them build anywhere in the lower mainland we have to answer the question where did that money go because it did not disappear in a sluggish economy. In economic hard times people still gamble if not more desperately. Before we let them do the same thing all over again, we need to find out where that money went and what steps have been taken to make sure it doesn’t disappear again.

The RCMP bar in this new mega HQ is very offensive. The RCMP and the government’s response to the class action sexual harassment suit is to deny everything as always. So much of this sexual harassment has involved alcohol. Having a bar on site is a huge slap in the face of the public and all those who have been harassed at that workplace illegally.

Surrey says no when it gets public but they pass the buck and let the province decide. One source claims they just withdrew their application and did it anyways. Whether they did that or got a deal from the province, having a bar in that tax paid facility is insanely offensive. Does that mean the HAs are allowed to have unlicensed bars in their clubhouses too? What’s the difference?

Look at what we’ve done. We’ve brought a criminal with a history of sexual harassment and drinking at the workplace who in any other industry would have been fired to BC and given him a great big new billion dollar facility and a giant bar for him to dance the night way and mock the judicial system he was supposed to represent. This is corrupt. There is nothing good or right about it. It is a stain on all of us not just law enforcement.

When I look at all this political corruption and law enforcement corruption I’m forced to draw a parallel with Chicago back in the day. Only we have no Eliot Ness to preserve the integrity of the rule of law. Bob Paulson is doing a good job but his hands are so clearly tied by this glaring corruption it makes me wonder if there is any hope at all. Right now, I’m not seeing it. Other than the wonderful job the integrated units did on the Kelowna busts this summer. When you add that to a clear cut protected forest with a brand new bar and a drunken pig from Alberta, once again we seem to take one step forward and three steps back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rich Coleman can rot in Hell

Rich Coleman can rot in Hell. It’s the Gordon Campbell way to steam roll over the democratic will of the people. He should be ashamed of himself but he’s not. That says it all. Others have also said how both in Langley and believe it or not Richmond as well, local residents opposed a casino, were promised no casino only to have it quietly slipped in after everything died down. There is big money in organized crime buying off politicians.

Before it was disbanded in 2009, the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (IIGET) gave a number of warnings about the presence of organized crime at casinos in the Province. Now, as Vancouver prepares for public hearings on the BC Place casino - set to be the province's largest - the now-defunct unit's warnings are spurring questions about a potential rise in criminal activity and the ability of police to cope.

In a 2009 report obtained by The Vancouver Sun through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, the IIGET warned of casinos' "extreme vulnerability" to money laundering. Many investigations across Canada have found that members of organized crime use casinos for criminal purposes, the report states. A separate internal assessment, obtained by the Globe and Mail through a FOI, advised that Hells Angels members had, in some cases, succeeded in infiltrating the province’s “legitimate gaming operations."

The 12-member IIGET was dissolved on April 1, 2009 by then-Housing Minister Rich Coleman. He said the the team, which cost $1 million a year, was not cost effective.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Campbellism of Agricultural Reserves

Speaking of dirty politicians and dirty developers, the Georgia Straight is highlighting that exact kind of scam on the cover of their January 17 edition. Yesterday I was speaking with a friend from Langley about the Mega Casino proposal in south Surrey. He said when he saw the proposal he was shocked it was slated for agricultural land that was protected. He said there had to have been something fishy going on getting that land converted from Agricultural to Industrial. Indeed there was and we can clearly see who was involved.

The Georgia Straight article mentions Ron Emerson, one of the Campbell Heights developers getting a sweetheart deal on agricultural land that was magically flipped into industrial zoning just like it was at Campbell Heights. This scam is legal but dishonest. It is worse than the corruption trial now under way in Montreal where developers are being accused of letting organized crime remove the biding process in a free market.

The article first expresses the valid concern of the destruction of all protected agricultural land. Many of the youth who spoke at the Surrey city council hearing on the Mega Casino project used the S word – Sustainability. Obviously, it’s hard to make massive profits in agriculture these days. Yet logic dictates where we will be if we don’t set aside some land for agriculture.

It’s not just a matter of feeding ourselves. It’s also a matter of protecting the ecosystem we live in. When you clear cut a hillside, that creates problems with flooding and mudslides. When you pave over salmon spawning streams, you eliminate another renewable resource someone else can make money off of and it sets the whole system out of balance. We all need air to breath and water to drink no matter how much money we have sitting in our bank account.

The article raises the concern about protecting one of the largest migratory bird refuges on the West coast. They mention Snow Geese and Sandpipers. We have talked about the Alaskan snowy owl in Landner and Tsawwassen. Somone else mentioned nesting Eagles. Since they are migratory and we don’t see them all year round it’s easy to forget about what the consequences are for all this natural wildlife if we remove their resting places in their migratory journey.

Aside from saving the planet, there still remains the gluttonous dirty deeds of dirty politicians working under the table with dirty developers. Sweetheart deals where special developers who contribute to specific political parties get special privileges on agricultural land and special help converting it into industrial or urban development so they can maximize their return. Why Ron Emerson even boasts on his web site that “The ability to deal with relevant issues and present them in a manner that allows the issues to receive positive recognition is a key to the success in achieving zoning and use changes.” Imagine that.

We still haven’t finished our three part series on investment fraud stealing from the public purse but this story definitely ties in with it. On page three of the online article in the Georgia Straight it goes on to explain:

“Little could Gordon Campbell have known back in 2006—when the Asia-Pacific Gateway project was conceived—that Vancouver’s Ron Emerson, president of Emerson Real Estate, would, beginning in 2010, discreetly acquire $100 million in options on 226 hectares of ALR farmland in Delta, all located in the fertile triangle between Highway 17, Deltaport Way, and the ocean.”

“The 65-hectare Felix Farms, for example, accepted Emerson’s $30-million option to sell. And he optioned sections of the 134-year-old Guichon Farm—owned, in part, by Kelly Guichon, a megamall supporter and Delta’s likely B.C. Liberal opponent to Huntington in the May 2013 provincial election—for $15 million. Offering farmers $180,000 a hectare—almost double the land’s current assessed value—Emerson intends to flip the land when pressures increase for more residential or port-related development there.”

“Little could Campbell have also known that to bring massive post-Panamax ships up the Fraser River to the impending enlarged port facilities …the Massey tunnel, the link between Richmond and Delta, would have to go.”

“Premier Christy Clark, in fact, announced the tunnel’s demise last September. But what she didn’t explain is that the tunnel is not merely an impediment to traffic along Highway 99. It is, equally, an impediment to ships.”

“So expedited engineering work is now under way to replace the old tunnel with an eight-lane, $3-billion bridge (with tolls inevitable). Once the new bridge, with all of its required land acquisitions, is built, Delta’s remaining ALR farmland will face an assault by speculators and developers who have been waiting for the chance to open up the cheap agricultural properties south of Richmond.”

This is the Campbellism of Agricultural Reserves. Just like the sweetheart deal at Campbell Heights that will eventually see the theft of $2 billion from the public purse. The BC Liberals are the largest organized crime group in the province.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Surrey rejects Mega Casino

This young woman and her many stalwart friends represent the heart and soul of Surrey. She spoke in opposition to the mega casino proposal and submitted a petition on behalf of her fellow students at a nearby high school. In her speech, she nailed it. She touched many issues and in a calm sincere and heartfelt plea presented a very compelling case.

Many other youth also stood up and spoke out. One young man quoted Leonardo da Vinci who said "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” He then said he was standing up to break the silence. Good for him.

I was moved and motivated by seeing so many young people make a stand for moral principles. The young lady spoke about one woman who had a $150,000 gambling debt and was found in Lynn Canyon. She had committed suicide. She raised the concern about people who commit suicide because of gambling debts and how that number is growing.

There were many young people who spoke from many different ethnic backgrounds. It was heartwarming. One activist said today is a great day to be from Surrey and you don’t hear that very often. How true. This was democracy in action. Everyone thought it was a lost cause yet so many participated and fought the good fight because they knew in their heart it was the right thing to do. I am shocked and humbled by this success. For me, it is a good day to be from Surrey.


The next question is what to do with the Bingo and the temporary slot machines in Newton. The answer is simple. There are a lot of seniors in Newton who enjoy playing bingo. It gets them out of the house and gives them something to do. That is entertainment. It’s not something that’s so addictive they are going to squander their life savings on.

Years ago I used to be involved with a group that took teenagers to volunteer at Riverview and ran a free bingo night for patients who would win chocolate bars. I remember the look of joy on one patients face when he proudfully said to me look I won a chocolate bar. It was simple and moving. It was a good thing. My own mother is in a home and volunteers come in to run a bingo night there. They chip in a couple of dollars and can win a couple of dollars in return. It is a simple form of entertainment that is not addictive and doesn’t squander huge amounts of money.

Slot machines are different. I cannot comprehend how someone can sit in front of a slot machine all day and squander their entire pay cheque yet many do. It’s hard for me to comprehend since I would find it so boring and such a waste of money. It happens because of addiction. I know a woman who lost her house and her marriage because her husband blew it on slot machines.

What’s worse is a statistic someone from SFU presented who spoke at the city hall meeting. He claimed that seniors are very vulnerable to slot machine addictions. He said they have a 30% chance of becoming addicted to slot machines. That’s more addictive than heroin. That is a huge concern in Newton. Bringing seniors in with bingo then getting them addicted to slot machines is predatory. The bingo in Newton should stay but the slot machines should go. It’s that simple. There are slot machines at Fraser Downs, River rock, New Westminster and Langley. Exploiting seniors in Newton is wrong.

Rich Coleman can rot in Hell

This bullsh*t is the prime example. CEO Michael Graydon in a recent Globe and Mail article stated he’s “dumbfounded” by the decision and says, “if she truthfully had issues, I would have thought she had enough respect for Gateway to raise those issues then.” That is a very valid point and shows you clearly what was going on behind the scenes.

Diane Watts supported the project all the way until the final hour. She sat as chair which meant she didn’t have to vote. Some of her constituents flipped when they saw the overwhelming opposition to the mega casino. That made it a tie and forced her to cast a vote. If her continuants hadn’t flipped she wouldn’t of had to vote and the proposal would have been approved while she played innocent saying don’t blame me I didn’t even vote.

Dianne Watts did lead Gateway along all the way and accepted large campaign contributions from them. Michael Graydon is simply saying if she had concerns with the project out of respect for Gateway she should have raised those concerns earlier. Which is a fair comment. Voting against the democratic will of the people in Surrey is not the right solution. Yet when we look at the special deal that went on at Campbell Heights Industrial Park we see Dianne Watts true colours. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Dianne Watts is any different than Gordon Campbell or Christy Clark. They’re all one and the same.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Outlaws are Coming

The Redcoats are coming is a famous warning attributed to Paul Revere. I think Sarah Palin got that one a bit mixed up. Yet today we have author Alex Caine sounding the warning that the Outlaws are coming to BC.

Alex Caine has spent 30 years doing under cover work infiltrating the Bandidos, the Hells Angels and the KKK. He’s just released the second book in his three part series on bikers called Charlie and the Angels. Charlie refers to the patch of the Outlaws MC and the angels refers to the Hells Angels. Caine talks about the long standing war that has existed between the two organizations and how in the United States the Outlaws are winning that war.

The Calgary Herald recently wrote about his new book and he just did an interview in Vancouver for Realizing how powerful the Hells Angels have become in BC some will scoff at the idea of the Outlaws coming here. Yet logistically, that is the natural consequence of their pride and betrayal. You can’t keep screwing your own people over and over again and toss them aside when you are finished with them. Sooner or later that is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Just like it did in Winnipeg.

The new gang war in Winnipeg started because the Hells Angels killed one of their own guys from one of their own support groups called LHS – Loyalty Honour Silence, to let the Ontario Hells Angels take over the Thompson drug trade. After they just murdered his friend, they told Billy Bowden to suck it up or become a target. That is bad business. Clearly the Hells Angels are setting themselves up for this kind of violence in BC. If the Outlaws are multicultural, they will clean house in BC against the Hells Angels white supremacists and their Whiteboys Posse.

Alex became the accountant for the Washington Bandidos and wrote the first of his three part series called. 'The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. He talks about the Bandido massacre in Ontario and presents an interesting alternative theory on why things went down. He claims it was connected to a drug rip tied to the Hells Angels. This news article claims the victims in the Bandido massacre had 200 kilos of cocaine with them before they were murdered. I always thought the Ontario Hells Angels denied involvement in that awfully fast.

Alex Caine has a third book in the biker trilogy due to be released this Fall called Angel Dust which is more specifically about the Hells Angels. In one chapter called Silence of the Lambs he discusses the Margo Compton murder as well as another child killed named Dallas Grondalski . I wasn’t aware of that one. Hells Angel Charles Anthony Diaz was convicted of her murder in 2004.

Alex Caine even asked me to write a bit about the Vancouver gang war for his new book Angel Dust in the Regional wars chapter which I gladly did. That should be out this fall.

Here's a recent interview with Alex Caine on youtube about his new book.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seymour Third Peak

Just a pause for a brief reality check. Made it up to Seymour Third Peak today. This is a picture of First pump from Second pump or peak as they say. Trail was hard packed. Trace of ice and a trace of a rain crust. Could have used the crampons instead of the snowshoes.

The trail around second pump to third pump:

The Indian arm from third Pump:

First Pump and Second Pump from third Pump:

The back country panorama from 3rd Pump.

Now that is what I’m talking about.

Sunset from Brockton Point. The first peninsula is Stanley Park. The second peninsula is UBC. The mountain range in the background is Vancouver Island with a touch of low lying clouds at their base. Driving down the mountain the mountains on Vancouver Island were clear and the sky was red and purple. Looks like we’re still livin under a blood red sky in Vancouver.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 people shot at Richmond banquet hall

CTV is reporting that four people have been hospitalized with unconfirmed injuries after a shooting at a Richmond, B.C. banquet hall. Witnesses say a lone gunman opened fire just before 9 p.m. at the Riverside Banquet Hall on River Road, sending a crowd of people running for the exits.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that it was at the Riverside Banquet Hall located at 14500 River Road. It is the same banquet hall where gangster Kuljit (Kelly) Buttar was gunned down on Dec. 22, 2001. That was back when all the old leaders of the Independent Soldiers were killed off and the IS became a puppet club for the Hells Angels. We remember the picture of Randy Naicker with Larry Amero. The IS leaders who were executed didn't worship Larry like Randy did.

Global coverage of Richmond Shooting. Longshoreman's Union? We know who that involves. Missing funds? Big surprise. Larry Amero's father was a longshoreman.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BC Bud in the Big Apple

The New York Post is reporting that Jimmy “Cosmo” Cournoyer supplied New York with BC Bud through the Hells Angels. One of Cournoyer’s biggest customers in New York City was reputed Bonanno crime-family associate John “Big Man” Venizelos.

The pot supply under his domain was transported in motor homes and trucks across Canada with the help of the Hells Angels, officials said. The motorcycle gang and the Montreal mob then smuggled the pot from Quebec into upstate New York, then into a Brooklyn warehouse.

Millions of dollars generated by the marijuana sales were eventually used to buy cocaine from Joaquin Guzmán Loera, the leader of the notorious Sinaloa drug cartel - with the sale of the coke further financing the marijuana operation in Canada. That coke was smuggled north into Canada where it was resold - with part of the profits underwriting the massive marijuana pipeline supplying New York City. Get off the crack! It's in the Vancouver Province as well.

When they say the Montreal Mafia do they mean the Rizzutos or the Calabrians? Please advise.

Monday, January 14, 2013

More local shootings

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Sunday saw three dead after two shootings in Surrey, a double murder in Hope and two dead bodies in Vanderhoof. So much for a peaceful Sabbath. There was also a man shot in downtown Vancouver Saturday morning. What do you think the odds are that these weren’t all cases of domestic violence and had something to do with using or selling drugs? Looks like we're still under a blood red sky from New Years day. The Vancouver Province is refering to yesterday as bloody Sunday. Names. We need some names people. If it's a fatality, they're supposed to release the name.


Kim bolan is reporting that the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team confirmed Monday that one of the victims, Manjot Singh Dhillon, 27, was a gangster who died in a targeted shooting.

The Vancouver Sun has learned that Dhillon once worked for the late Sukh Dhak in the Surrey drug trade, but more recently was aligned to several different crews No doubt, since the Hells Agnels are wiping the Dhure Dhak group off the face of the earth.

Freddy was also right about another shooting in Surrey on Monday night / Tuesday morning. Twenty-nine-year-old Manjinder "Manny" Hairan was shot and killed in the area of 112B Avenue and 127 Street at around 2:00 a.m., police said.

Two men charged in Lloydminster homicide

December 20th a Winnipeg man named Dustin Anthony Ferrante was found dead at a Lloydminster motel. The RCMP have charged two men in connection with that homicide. Damien James Mercer, 27, is facing a second degree murder charge and Jeremy James Fensom forcible confinement and intimidating a justice system participant. Now we just need to find out what case the witness they murdered was involved with.

A warrant has been issued for both men and police are asking anyone with information to contact the Lloydminster detachment, 306-825-6350. Tipsters can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. There is a cash reward of up to $2,000 if the information leads to an arrest. Rat out a rat and make this world a better place to live.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

7 People charged in Prince George brutal assault

We interrupt this political scandal investigation with an important news update. Charges laid in another Lloydminster murder and a brutal assault in Prince George.

Seventh person charged in Prince George sex assault

Six people face charges of sex assault, assault and unlawful confinement in a case that police in Prince George say is horrific and disturbing. The charges come after police found an unconscious teenage male beaten and sexually assaulted in a snowbank on Monday night.

Hayden Alwood, 18, and 20-year-old Mercedes Jewett have been charged with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm and two counts of unlawful confinement. Four other youths have also been charged but can’t be named due to the young offenders act.

A sexual assault on a guy by a group of guys. That is disturbing. Two girls were present yet this sounds pretty messed up. Hayden Alwood’s mother runs a clothing and hip hop promotion company called the Urban Underground as well as a CRU clothing line. The name CRU is awfully similar to the name Crew, a puppet club that sold crack for the Hells Angels in Prince George that was known for cutting off fingers for drug debts.

Hayden’s mother Kitt Alwood is very suspect. Luring youth to wear hats and t-shirts representing the CRU4life so to speak along with slogans like Respect what you represent and CRU remains untouchable. Implying that they are still around and haven’t all cross over to the IS or the GTS in PG. Kitt has contacts in Calgary, Red Deer and Dawson creek. She could not be operating a clothing line with the same name as a puppet gang without permission. At first they tried to claim the Independent Soldiers was just a clothing line as well.

Hayden’s co accused Mercedes Jewett has a young baby she dressed in a cute Harley Davidson outfit. Jesse James Hoffman, the father of her child, was wanted by the police for criminal harassment. He’s 5’ 8” and weights 130 lbs. Doesn’t look very threatening. Perhaps it’s the mob mentality that will swarm and rape a young boy. Looks like we still need some time with Dr. Phil. That sure ‘aint respecting what you represent. That's not even respecting yourself.

Just for the record, whoever told you it’s not gay if you don’t look them in the eye was lying. It is. The fact that you can get an erection sodomizing a teenage boy clearly shows that’s exactly what you are. Perhaps we should have public demonstrations like they did in India calling for the death penalty of these deranged maggots. Clearly reporting these maggots to the police isn’t being a rat or a squid. Failing to do so is. Thanks to the efforts of Chuck Cadman the deranged young offenders can and should be tried as adults since it classifies as a violent crime.

Interesting to note that the new Young Offenders act also drops the absolute ban on publishing the names of youth involved with the courts. I totally missed that. That change was made way back in the year 2000. The Youth Criminal Justice Act (Feb 19 2002) states the names of 15 to 17 year olds who are convicted of serious, violent crimes, such as murder or aggravated sexual assault, can be reported in the media. The name can also be reported if the young offender is being tried as an adult. If the youth has been found guilty of an offence and is given an adult sentence, their name can be reported in the media. Section 110 of the YCJA.

Here’s a picture of Hells Angels associate and Devil’s reject Mad child posted on the Urban Underground. Shane Bunting is even shorter than the under age girls he hangs out with. Don’t forget his deranged tribute to Robert Pickton. Here’s a picture of wee Shane Bunting and the sodomizer Hayden Alwood. Also known as the maggot. Or at least something that rhymes with that. That's it, assume the position Shane. You didn't get those dirty knees from washing the floor.

The Hillbilly CRU: Proudly repin AIDS because they’re out of touch with reality. Time to call social services. That is one dysfunctional family. Yo bro, that ‘aint no cougar. That is one butt ugly predator. It’s an inbreed from the Hillbilly Crackhead CRU. Word.

Look at the walls of this crack house. It says F Pigs. Pigs are the ones who gang rape a boy in the butt. Pigs are the ones who pretend they don’t know who did it or where this crack house is. Those are the pigs. F*ck ya.

Majic Mike: another flaming loser from the Hillbilly Crackhead CRU. Inbreed.

Seventh person charged in Prince George sex assault