Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh Lordy not Bill Fordy

Laila Yuile made a profound post comparing the comments of Sgt. Jennifer Pound and Sgt. Peter Thiessen in contrast with Chief Supt. Bill Fordy. Bill Fordy came out with the ridiculous statement that public gang executions don’t endanger public safety. He doesn’t seem to be playing with a full deck.

Bill Fordy was involved with the Pickton investigation. That’s the one where Catherine Galliford claims in her sexual harassment law suit that the other investigators were rude pigs to her and treated her like garbage.

Now Bill Fordy tries to assure us that everything’s OK. He’s met with the Hells Angels and asked them not to start a chapter in Surrey. One has to ask if he invited his old Piggy Palace pals to the new billion dollar RCMP bar in the Green Timers clear cut. Bill Fordy and Don Ray. What a team.


  1. I thought that they have a house in SLUM SURREY? What is the latest?

  2. They don’t have a clubhouse inn Surrey yet to my knowledge. That’s supposedly what Bill Fordy was meeting with them about. They have a new Surrey Chapter but no clubhouse yet. Unless of course they meet in Tbarz. Whitercok chapter’s clubhouse is in Langley. They could be using that clubhouse for now. They have the Jesters and the Shadow club in Surrey.

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  4. Ah so that was on your site after being referred from this post. I suppose that’s a good thing. Reading is the first step to listening. One would hope. I was told a lot of cops and gang members read my blog. Too bad Harper doesn’t do any reading or listening.

  5. You got it!

    And it continued much longer than this cut and paste.

  6. At least they weren’t surfing porn on the job. Personally I think time spent on your blog is time well spent. I’d like to know how much time CSIS and the NSA spend on our blogs. Likely they’d be using a third party proxy.

    I was going to jokingly claim I found a web site like the police scanner sites that lets you intercept NSA wire taps of RCMP conversations but I didn’t want SWAT breaking down my door in the event they didn’t realize I was joking.


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