Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rich Coleman can rot in Hell

Rich Coleman can rot in Hell. It’s the Gordon Campbell way to steam roll over the democratic will of the people. He should be ashamed of himself but he’s not. That says it all. Others have also said how both in Langley and believe it or not Richmond as well, local residents opposed a casino, were promised no casino only to have it quietly slipped in after everything died down. There is big money in organized crime buying off politicians.

Before it was disbanded in 2009, the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (IIGET) gave a number of warnings about the presence of organized crime at casinos in the Province. Now, as Vancouver prepares for public hearings on the BC Place casino - set to be the province's largest - the now-defunct unit's warnings are spurring questions about a potential rise in criminal activity and the ability of police to cope.

In a 2009 report obtained by The Vancouver Sun through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, the IIGET warned of casinos' "extreme vulnerability" to money laundering. Many investigations across Canada have found that members of organized crime use casinos for criminal purposes, the report states. A separate internal assessment, obtained by the Globe and Mail through a FOI, advised that Hells Angels members had, in some cases, succeeded in infiltrating the province’s “legitimate gaming operations."

The 12-member IIGET was dissolved on April 1, 2009 by then-Housing Minister Rich Coleman. He said the the team, which cost $1 million a year, was not cost effective.


  1. The big question is of high-level BC corruption, looking first at Rich Coleman.

    Note the weird and totally unusual reality, of Coleman ALONE keeping this Gaming Portfolio; no matter what other demanding Ministerial position he has. Why is it that only one person can own that file?

    Why is that one person only Coleman, seemingly forever? Won't he end up holding this File for over a decade...? Only political defeat can seem to pry his cold hands from his death-grip on the Gaming Portfolio. Something here is very suspicious to me.

    I wonder what kind of real estate Coleman owns, does he have a large house, or other property...? Perhaps in his wife's name...

  2. Him being in that position after getting rid of the RCMP squad that tracks casinos tied to organized crime is once again a huge conflict of interest. It's just like them getting rid of the port police then wondering why organized crime has taken over the ports. It isn't even hidden. It's wide open public corruption.

  3. From AK's link: "It was "unbelievably irresponsible" for the government to disband the IIGET"..says RCMP.

    *Un-believable*...or,...fill in the blank...How wealthy is Rich Coleman...?

  4. Rich Coleman is a moron and totally out of touch with the reality of B.C.'s housing market. Again just goes to prove how overpaid our elected officials are! I'm sure that with what he makes the market is where he thinks it should be...... how else do you ensure that the RICH GET RICHER and the poor get poorer.
    People like him look at the rest of us irrelevant, just hamsters in the wheel..... he forgets it was us hamsters that but him there and it will be those same hamsters that take him out!

    Bit of advice Richey Rich: loosen that necktie, I think it's cutting off the blood flow the that FAT HEAD of your's


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