Thursday, January 31, 2013

Resisting Evil

I have a few stories to catch up on. I have been told that someone is claiming I was outed on Kim Bolans blog the other day. I appreciate the notification. That has happened a few times before and I made a podcast about it a while ago in my disclaimer so nothing has really changed.

What I want to comment on is our moral duty to resist evil. Someone sent me a link to the HAMC web site which not only confirms a new charter being issued to the Surrey village idiots who call themselves the WestPoint chapter, but also has a huge list of new HA chapters in Germany. It makes me think of Xerxes and the armies of Babylon in the movie 300. A mob of bullies who covet the opportunity to rob, rape and destroy. Only Xerxes in our story isn’t big and powerful. He just a clown behind a curtain like in the Wizard of Oz deceiving the masses with smoke and mirrors.

Let’s remember Larry Amero is with this new WestPoint chapter whose actions are an offense to the real WestPoint they insult. Larry was just another suburban princess. A kid from Walnut Grove secondary in Langley of all places. A kid who was beat up in high school and took to steroids as a result. He even bragged about his plastic world by naming his ridiculous boat Steroids and Silicone. His father was a longshoreman. That’s how he hooked up with the HAs.

Randy Jones is much more of a businessman than Larry. Larry is just a kid with high school issues that never grew up and sells drugs. Supporting the Bacon brothers was bad enough but lying about it and pretending he wasn’t when he was, that’s cheap. Nobody likes a liar.

Listening to Ricky Ciarniello deny everything has become really irritating. Every word that comes out of that guy’s mouth is a lie. Bryce’s son wasn’t acting on his own, he was selling drugs for the club. Ron Lising and John Punko’s convictions are evidence of that.

This picture of Ricky Ciarniello and David Black holding up a flag with a swastika on it says it all. Ricky’s pal David Black was convicted along with six others from the Satan’s Angels of kidnapping a guy, torturing him and sodomizing him with a broomstick. That is a deranged association to brag about.

Crying like a baby because someone saw his smelly fat ass in a restaurant and said they wanted to move because they didn’t want to sit beside someone who was a member of a criminal organization is typical of how these bullies always play the victim and how pathetic that really is. Ricky C is just a clown behind a curtain who smells bad.

What we need to do is to step back, take a deep breath and calmly look at the truth. Look past the lies and the propaganda and see things for what they really are. People say the Hells Angels have a rule about no rape. Yet we know that is a lie. Mom Boucher joined the Hells Angels right after he got out of jail for armed rape. That’s just a Hollywood spin from a clown behind a curtain hiding the truth. The drug deals, the prostitution, the murder of drug dealing rivals, the torture of addicts for drug debts, that is what this Babylonian horde is all about. It is our moral duty to resist evil. Failing to do so is aiding and abetting those crimes.


  1. Close to five thousand page-views on just one topic; and one can't find a poster who will stay with me on the Forum. I'm seeing that many thousands of folks are reading especially the BC Gang part, I keep up with the news...

    Where is just one more poster ...? Why don't they post....? Afraid of retribution...? The 'net is anonymous enough if played right.

    Perhaps you could advertise the Forum a bit more, at, or near the header of the Blog, no one reading your site would immediately know such exists; Its link is way off in a corner...Thank You.

  2. I do have a link to the forum on the top right of the web site and in the links section on the blog. I think people get weirded out about having to register when they want to be anonymous. You can still register and be anonymous but I guess people don’t really accept that.


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