Monday, January 7, 2013

Hells Angels associate shot in Montreal

Bruno Lefebvre was shot this morning in north Montreal at a plumbing business he worked at. Bruno was a member of the Rockers, a Hells Angels puppet club and a prospect for the Nomads when he was convicted of conspiracy to traffic in drugs and gangsterism in 2004.The Rockers is the puppet club Greg Wooley was with. Most media reports state Bruno was a former member of the Rockers but he can't have been out of jail long with statutory release and all.


  1. UA Local 170 - BC's Plumbers and Pipefitters Union is rife with ha's. To what degree their involvement, I am not sure, I hear different stories.

  2. That's my old Local you're talkin' about! We built gas-stations all the time, shows how long ago I learned to pour & work with concrete, jackhammers, cut and fit pipe...

    But the guys were all old rednecks, or younger guys with families. Very normal group of hard-hats...

    It was not a typical mobbed-up Union. But that was the seventies, and times change, I guess...


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