Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Dark side of Surrey City Hall

Darth Maul may have been misunderstood but the dark side is not. Make no mistake about it. Good and evil do exist. Greed and selfishness can consume people and blind them putting them on a different path than they originally started out on.

In Vancouver some people are complaining about the mixed use development sites that add affordable housing and social housing to private condos and business development. I totally support them. 20 units of affordable housing in a nice condo is a lot better than 10 units in a slum lord mansion. Yet the city of Surrey has completely omitted mixed use development from it’s business plan. Instead they are putting up roadblocks to homeless shelters and building a big fence around the Front Room so people don’t have to see the homeless.

It is inherently hypocritical when a politician will accept large campaign contributions from companies that launder drug money then turn around and oppress the homeless not the drug dealers. Oh we want the drug dealers money. We just don’t want to have to look or think about the homeless. That is wrong. The Surrey Urban Mission needs a home. We need to find them one. Vancouver Province article.


  1. AK: "...the Front Room"

    Unfortunately, that's a major meeting-place for drug deals & dealers, very violent, with all the assorted fights over a $5 rock...I wouldn't go there except in daytime...Front Room is no good, even by druggies' standards...

  2. I have heard people say that in the past. Drug use at a homeless shelter does very much concern me. Yet I was there the other day and a guy was crying because his pet mouse died. I'm told that several people have been banned for life from there. That would to me imply the staff aren't taking the abuse they use to take any more. I totally support coming down on crack dealers but I don't support coming down on crack addicts. I'm hearing a lot of strange things going on lately. How the police won't let a homeless person hang out on the street in front of the shelter. Selling drugs is one thing but a homeless person getting kicked off a public street because they're an eye sore isn't right. I suppose the kick the cat rationale is if they move all the customers off the street the crack dealers won't have any buyers. I prefer arresting the dealers then harassing the homeless.


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