Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Double homicide in Calgary

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "The Calgary police homicide unit is investigating after two men were found Tuesday morning shot to death in a running vehicle in the northeast community of Marlborough. Officers were called to the 1000 block of Marcombe Drive N.E. for reports of a suspicious vehicle that was left running on the street around 9:20 a.m. Police found two men dead inside."

"The deaths are believed to be targeted, police said in a news release Tuesday afternoon. Investigators believe the vehicle had been parked on the street since Monday evening and the two occupants were shot to death between 9 and 9:30 p.m."

Global is reporting that "Calgary police have identified the two young men found dead in a vehicle in the city’s northeast earlier this week. The bodies of Kuanyleit Kogalt and Garang Deng (Cody) Akoar, both 20 and from Calgary, were found in the vehicle by police officers just after 9:20 a.m. on Tuesday. Autopsies on the men were done on Wednesday and Thursday, and determined they both were shot to death."

Two fatal shootings in Surrey, one 14 years old

Update: Turns out Monday night's shooting was a 14 year old. He arrived at the scene by taxi and is known to the police. That is f*cked up. He was from Burnaby. There is nothing noble about shooting a 14 year old kid for any reason. That is nothing to be proud of. It's like Blaze shooting Britney Irving in the back. You will always be remembered throughout eternity as a f*ck up.
News 1130 is reporting that "One person has died after being shot in Surrey Monday evening, less than 24 hours after a 19-year-old was murdered in a targeted shooting. Mounties say a victim was found around 7:30 p.m. near 148A Street and 110 Avenue. “Upon police attendance, a victim was located suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim succumbed to their injuries,” according to a statement from Surrey RCMP.

Global is reporting that "About half an hour later, Langley fire crews responded to reports of a burning vehicle in the 21400 block of 76th Avenue."

The night before 1130 News reported that "A 19-year-old man has died after being shot inside his vehicle in Surrey Sunday night, and police say he appears to have been targeted. Harman Singh Dhesi was found with gunshot wounds just after 10:30 near 137A Street and 90 Avenue, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Unit (IHIT). The victim was known to police and his shooting is believed to be a targeted incident."

Lisa Ellie Marie Baines, 29, was found shot to death in a car in an alley on 75A Avenue on Dec. 3.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 Overview: A light in the darkness

In 2020 our theme was clear vision and personal responsibility. This was the year that we own it and stop blaming everyone else for our choices. We compared the year 2020 with the term 20/20 vision and said this is a new era where we begin to see things more clearly.

For me I began to see the Lindsey Buziak murder much more clearly. It became clear that Chris Horsley's attack on Jeff Buziak put him in a conflict of interest. That became crystal clear to me.

The next thing that became crystal clear was the bias of the media. After Donald Trump was elected, the media's bizarre misrepresentation of everything he said and did became completely toxic. It became impossible to watch. As the Hodge twins said, he must have been doing something right for the media to attack and misrepresent him the way they did. Yet it didn't end there. The media's malicious misrepresentation of Covid became criminally insane.

I do not support QAnon. I think Q was a plant to lead the resistance astray. In fact, I don't care about Donald Trump. I care about civil liberty and fiscal responsibility. That is what I care about.

The good thing about Donald Trump was that he wasn't in bed with the CIA. The CIA are professional liars. Lying is their method of operation and drug trafficking is their primary method of fund raising. Gary Webb was right. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. One thing that happened in 2020 was the rise of extremism and I'm not talking about the alt right. I'm talking about the alt left. In the struggle between good and evil, ANTIFA is on the wrong side. Fascism and Communism are the same thing. We need to passionately oppose both.

Fascism isn't a threat because everyone knows it is wrong. Communism is the threat because lying is their method of operation. Slavery is the end game of Communism and they will lie to everyone and anyone to accomplish that goal.

Another thing that happened in 2020 was the rise of patriots like Candice Owens with Blexit and Branda Straka with the #Walk Away movement. These are people that I do support.

The media's misrepresentation became Orwellian with thier coverage of Covid. It became impossible to watch. CBS lied and used footage of an over crowed hospital in Italy during the peak of their pandemic and claimed that was a hospital in Queens, Donald Trump's home town. They straight up lied and when they were caught they said it was an editing error.

This was CBS not CNN. Everyone knows CNN is straight up Fake news. Yet before that people thought CBS still had some credibility left. We were sadly mistaken. The problem with the Mainstream Media meltdown comes down to two things: Media mergers and the CCP.

Media mergers are bad because they make it easier to control the news. Change the ownership of the media outlet and you change the focus of the news. Now that the CCP owns Hollywood and the Western Media we can clearly see why the media has become so tainted.

The CCP's ownership of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter has shown us how absurd their censorship has become. Those platforms are now worthless as patriots flock to Rumble and Bitchute. Free speech still exists on the Internet but you have to seek it out to find it.

The fraud in the last US election is a threat to everyone who supports democracy. Dominion Voting is in a complete conflict of interest and we should not use them. Mail in ballots and electronic voting are threats to the integrity of an election. Physical ballots need to be kept and recorded so they can be recounted in times of discrepancies.

In Canada, Post Media News lied about the Covid ICU numbers in Edmonton. CBC lied about the Manitoba hospitalization rates. This represents a complete meltdown of their credibility. Most people realize Post Media News is worthless. Their bias is ridiculous. Yet they now own Global television and have stepped up their propoganda push on TV. Rebel News is the bright light.

Death rates reveal we've been had. The same number of seniors died this year as last year.

Canwest owned the National Post and the Global Television network. Post Media News bought Canwest. The National Post then published an article claiming that Chariman Mao did great things. That obscenity demonstrates the objectives of this Fake News Network.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas from Gangsters Out

We took the hikers access trail to Hollyburn Lodge today. It was nice. Quiet and peaceful, just the way I like it. Last year we did the Lights to the Lodge trail. That's a nice night out for the family. It's still a wonderful world so it is if you know where to look. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Reflecting on the Nativity

The nativity is the heart of Christmas. The celebration of the birth of Christ and the journey one takes to find him. Santa is a big part of Christmas too as the spirit of giving permeates the Christmas message. Service is the giving of one's self. You don't need religion to do that.

There is a lot of talk at Christmas of love, peace and good will, but you sure don't see it in the parking lot at the mall. All the anger, all the yelling and fighting, that is not the spirit of Christmas. That is the spirit of something else. That's why I become recluse this time of year to separate myself from the madness of Christmas as I seek the peace Christmas was meant to bring.

Today I want to talk about three separate journeys to Bethlehem: Mary and Joseph's, the wise men's and my own. My journey actually took me to Jerusalem not Bethlehem. I had no idea at the time how close Bethlehem was to Jerusalem. Bethlehem is a suburb of Jerusalem like Surrey is to Vancouver although Surrey is its own city. To say that Jesus was born at Jerusalem means he was born near there. Christ's journey basically began and ended at the same place.

Mary and Joseph began their journey to Bethlehem because all the Roman world was to be taxed. Emperor Augustus decreed that a census be taken and everyone had to register for the census at their ancestral place of birth. Mary and Joseph were both of the house of David so they were required to register for the census at Bethlehem. The Roman world at the time extended from Israel all the way to England. Ireland and Scotland had not been conquered.

The wise men or the three kings saw a star in the east and made their own journey to follow that star. Many others saw the star and thought nothing of it. Many think the three kings came from the east but if they saw the star in the eastern sky that means they came from the west. The fact that they came on the ships of Tarshis confirms that theory. Tarshis was another name for Spain. If they came from the east, they would not have been able to sail on ships to get there.

I believe that the wise men, or the three kings as they were also know actually consisted of four, the king of England, the king of Spain, the king of Scotland and the king of Ireland. The ancient pedigrees claim that the queen of England is a descendant of David through the house of Stewart who descend from Zerah Juda twin brother of Pharez.

The bible claims Jerimiah left Jerusalem and went to Egypt with two of the daughters of king Zedekiah after the Babylonian captivity where they killed Zedekiah's sons and poked the king's eyes out. The legend claims Jerimiah then sailed on the ships of Tarshis to Spain and Ireland. One of the daughters married into the Spanish royalty while the other married into the Irish royalty of whom the Stewarts descend. Hence the prophecy, the sceptre shall not depart from Judah.

So, if the Roman Empire extended all the way to England at the time of Christ, then the king of England and the king of Spain would of also had to go to Bethlehem to register for the census since they were both of the house of David. I believe the king of Scotland and the king of Ireland came along for the ride. I have reason to believe that the king of Ireland at the time was Crimthann Nia Náir. So the three wise men were indeed three kings. Maybe four.

My Journey to Jerusalem

My Journey to Jerusalem started in the bowels of New York City. Then to London, England and on to Egypt. I had always wanted to climb the pyramids and visit the Holy Land. It was my own personal pilgrimage so to speak. I wanted to find Christ.

I was fascinated with the antiquity of the old city of Jerusalem and how close everything was. The Mount of Olives, Golgotha, the garden tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane were all just outside the old city walls. I'll never forget being on a tour and visiting one of the spots they thought Christ was crucified. Everyone in the tour was awestruck looking down at the spot on the ground where they thought Christ died. It felt surreal.

It was like the Zen parable of the man pointing to the moon. I couldn't help but feel Christ's presence at the back of the room saying don't you remember the part where I rose from the dead? It was at that moment that I finally realized I didn't have to travel all that way to find Christ.

I first found Christ so to speak when I was 13 years old after my mother gave me that book More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. In that book one chapter struck me. It was entitled Lord, Liar or Lunatic. I found the logic indisputable. He said that Christ was either the Lord, a liar or a lunatic. He then went on to question would Christ die for a lie? In the trial all the witnesses contradicted each other. They had nothing on him until they asked art thou the Christ? All he had to do was say nope. Not me. You got the wrong guy and walk away. Yet he didn't. He basically said yes I am. He was convicted by his own testimony.

So Josh McDowell asked, would a liar die for a lie? Not unless he was crazy. Yet if he was crazy how did he fulfill biblical prophecies? How did he convince 12 men to die for their testimony that they saw the resurrected Christ? My testimony is that of Peter. Jesus is the Christ. That is what I believe with all my heart. Yet that doesn't mean I like all Christians. In fact, I can't stand most.

I loathe hypocrisy. Yet Christ said "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." God is not a respecter of persons.

What we do is more important than what we say we believe. To thine own self be true. Peace.

Christmas Preperations

Finally, I'm off work, my shopping's done and the turkey is in the oven. Now I can relax. Christmas can be a very stressful time of year and if we are not careful we can completely miss the point. Lately I've been cooking the turkey Christmas eve and the ham Christmas day. That makes for less work on Christmas day. This has been an insane year and I will post a series of epiphanies since, let's face it, we need it. Bonnie Henry tried to kill Christmas but not even that circus freak can pull that off. Christmas lives in the hearts of those who can see through the madness. Now we need to make room in our heart for Christmas so the fruits of the spirit can be seen and felt.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hells Angel cocaine dealer's ex wife's house burns down

Trevor Dietz is back in the news. CBC is reporting that "Less than 48 hours after a judge sided with an abused wife in court — allowing her to live in the Calgary home she once shared with her husband, who is serving a prison sentence for brutally beating her — Molotov cocktails were thrown through the windows of the house, causing it to burn to the ground."

As I previously reported, Trevor Deitz was convicted in a BC Saskatchewan drug ring. The Regina Leader Post reported that "During their sentencing hearing at Regina Provincial Court in late July, court heard that Deitz would receive and distribute a large quantity of cocaine every week, and that Stettner was his lieutenant. During his sentencing, court heard that Deitz has had extensive involvement in the sale of cocaine in the past, and has a lengthy criminal record."

"He previously received a 30-month sentence after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime in 2006, and forfeited a Harley, a BMW, a house and nearly $90,000 in cash at that time. He and Stettner forfeited another $50,000 in cash and a number of high-end vehicles as part of their recent sentences." OK so he was a high level cocaine dealer.
I say Hells Angels associate because I can't see the back of his jacket. It's either a puppet club like the Dirty Flu or he is a full patch Hells Angel. Given the discrete nature of his online profiles and the lack of any puppet club info, I'd say he is full patch. He appears to be affiliated with the Hellside chapter which is Edmonton's new chapter that oversees the Brother's Keepers in Surrey and just capped Ali. Funny thing is, although he proudly wears a ACAB patch (All cops are bastards) his current Harley used to be a cop bike. That's kinda lame.
May 2020 the Calgary Herald reported that "Beating up his wife and threatening to kill her if she called police has landed a city man a two-year prison term on top of the time he’s already served. The prosecutor said Deitz became angry at Bourdon last Oct. 17, and during the course of a prolonged assault choked her unconscious, broke her wrist and repeatedly struck her in the face causing swelling. At one point during the attack Bourdon said she would call the police. 'The accused said he would kill her before the police arrived,' Ramakrishnan said."

OK that's some Dr Phil stuff going on there. Beating up girls is about as lame as it gets. Maybe that's why he rides a cop's bike. "After Deitz was arrested a search of the residence found a semi-automatic rifle and 23 clips of 10 rounds each for the gun in a separate location."

OK those would be illegal. A semiautomatic rifle in Canada has to be pinned at 5 rounds. Handguns can be 10 but semi-automatic rifles can't be any more than a five-round capacity. Hence none of those magazines are legally obtained. Just sayn.

Update. Hellside is Edmonton's third chapter not Calgary. That was a typo. I highly doubt Iron Man or Bullwinkle would have anything to do with this clown. That's why he lives in Calgary but works for Edmonton's new chapter. They farmed him out to the B team in the toolies.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Bombmaker charged in 1988 Pan Am explosion

We might as well end 2020 with an epic case of fake news since 2020 has been full of it. The US Department of Justice is reporting that "Today, Attorney General William Barr, Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers, and Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, announced new charges against a former Libyan intelligence operative, Abu Agela Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi, aka, “Hasan Abu Ojalya Ibrahim” (Masud), for his role in building the bomb that killed 270 individuals in the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on Dec. 21, 1988." AYFKM?

Since they had the audacity to bring it up, let's revisit that horrific event. The US blamed Libya for an explosion on board flight Pan Am flight 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland. Major Charles McKee, of the Defence Intelligence Agency was murdered on that flight. He was on his way home with a briefcase full of evidence of the CIAs drug trafficking in Lebanon. The Defence Intelligence Agency had conducted an investigation into the CIA's drug trafficking in Lebanon and Major Charles McKee was on his way home to testify about that crime.

Gaddafi had no motive to murder Major Charles McKee and prevent him from testifying. The only one that had a motive to prevent him from testifying was the CIA, the ones he was going to testify against. After Major Charles McKee was murdered, what happened to the charges against the CIA? Nothing. Operation Fast and Furious​ showed us that Iran Contra never stopped.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Hells Angels busted for drug trafficking in Romania

Election Evidence that Demands a Verdict

When I was 13 my mother gave me a book entitled More than a Carpenter. It was simple and straight forward. The logic was something I could relate to. Later I embraced another book called Evidence that Demands a Verdict also by Josh MCDowel. Again, the logic was something I could relate to. Evidence is something we examine and weigh when we make a decision.

Before we examine some examples of US election fraud, we need to point out the obvious. The main stream media is not only unreliable, it deliberately lies with malicious intent. Their lies and their misrepresentation have a motive. Take the Covid numbers in Canada for example.

Next we need to examine the obvious. Trump has more support now than when he won the first election. Although I supported Trump over Hillary, at the time I saw him as a bit of a wingnut. I support immigration and I wasn't a fan of the wall so to speak. After that election, we saw some bizarre things happen. The media became so biased it was impossible to watch. ANTIFA became so defiant the grey areas began to fade as the division between good and evil became clear.

After the election Candice Owen rose up to lead the exodus from the hateful extremism within the Democrat party under Blexit. The Hodge Twins came out of the closet as Black Conservatives. All of a sudden the ridiculous lie that Trump was a racist lost it's believability. 50 Cent stated he was going to vote for Trump because he opposed Joe Biden's tax plan. Just because I support low taxes does not make me a racist. 50 Cent is not a racist. Neither is Candice Owens or the Hodge Twins. My point is more people support Trump now than when he was first elected.

Brandon Straka rose up to lead the #Walk Away movement. He bills himself as a Gay Conservative shattering the stereotypes and the false narrative. Blare White is a Transgender Conservative posting videos of her at the gun range with her pink AR 15.

Lynzee Domanico launched the Closet on the Right. She is lesbian and said that when she came out of the closet for being Conservative, the hate she received from the left was worse than when she came out as being gay. After the election, a huge coalition rose that supported Trump who didn't support him the first time. That made the election iregularites suspect.

To say that there is no evidence of election fraud is a bold face lie. There is plenty. This video shows them pull out ballots from under the table after they told the observers to leave and continued counting ballots late into the night. That mother and daughter team were in a conflict of interest. The sworn testimony of voter fraud is all evidence that needs to be examined as the absurdly high voter turnouts in some areas and the implausible amount of mail in votes going to Biden in other areas all point to voter fraud. Whether you are republican or democrat, voter fraud is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. That brings us to Dominion Voting.

Dominion Voting, the software company that produced the irregularities has a history of glitches and is in a conflict of interest. They received $400 million from the Communist Party of China and donated to Hilary Clinton and Justin Trudeau. They share office space with George Soros shell companies. All of that is a conflict of interest. On January 1, 2018, Vancouver entered into an agreement with Dominion Voting Systems Corporation for voting tabulation and software and related services and supplies. That agreement must come to an end.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The 1776 Commission is bringing patriotism back

The White House Press Secretary is reporting that: "Today, the President was delighted to welcome the great Americans he intends to appoint to the 1776 Commission. As our nation approaches its 250th anniversary of glorious Independence, many of America’s school children are tragically being taught to hate our founding, hate our history, and hate our country."

"This must stop. The 1776 Commission will help ensure that every American child learns that they live in the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. That is why it is absolutely vital to teach America’s young people all that is inspiring and unifying in our history. We want our children to become patriots who love their country."

"The 1776 Commission will share the story of our nation’s miraculous founding, proclaim the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence, and explain how these founding principles have helped our people overcome great national challenges throughout our history – and how these principles can guide us to a great American future. All Americans should pay close attention to this work." The Hodge Twins are selling patriotic 1776 Hoodies and T-shirts.

The reason this is important is because the Constitution and everything the founding fathers stood for is currently under attack. Every American pledge allegiance to the flag and the free republic it represents. Americans burning the flag and burning businesses are not patriots. They are domestic enemies of the Constitution. Every public official has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution but many have broken that oath. The Oath Keepers have risen to this challenge.

Evidently Dr Seuss meant 2 of the last 28 fatalities were not in care homes not 2 out of the 587. Yet the federal Covid numbers reveal the fraud for what it is. Covid is an attack on civil liberty.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Surrey Shooting, Another Fatality Identified

CTV is reporting that "Police say they were called to the area of 132A Street and 61A Avenue shortly before 2 a.m. Friday (Today). When they arrived, they found evidence of a shooting." A witness states they heard five or six shots and no one was injured.

Dec 3rd CTV reported that "Homicide investigators are in Surrey after a woman was fatally shot early Thursday morning. Police were called to an alley on 75A Avenue at about 5:30 a.m. after getting reports of a single-vehicle collision. When they arrived, they found a 30-year-old woman with a gunshot wound. Despite efforts from first responders, the woman died from her injures."

Dec 10th CTV reported that "Homicide investigators have identified the victim of a killing last week in Surrey. Lisa Ellie Marie Baines, 29, was found shot to death in a car in an alley on 75A Avenue on Dec. 3. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Baines' body was found shortly after 5:30 a.m. that day. Later in the day, police revealed they were also investigating a burned vehicle they believed was involved in the crime. The team did not provide a possible motive, but said her death appears to be an isolated incident. Investigators do not believe the case is tied to drug or gang activity." That would imply domestic violence.

However, the burned out vehicle would imply that although she was not involved in the drug trade her ex was. This is really upsetting and I'm going to make two comments. A few weeks ago a mother was shot dead in front of her children in Colombia. The shooter was her ex. That is bat sh*t crazy. Shooting your ex is something for Dr Phil to sort out. Whoever did that has serious mental problems. Especially the guy that did it in front of her kids. You talk about violence against women, well here it is. A beautiful young woman's life cut short by a deranged mental case.

The other point is that both these recent local shootings were in Newton. Sept 17th 2013 a bag of illegal guns tied to the Hells Angels were found in Newton. That is why the BC Gang Task Farce's endorsement of the Hells Angels to keep the peace is such an offensive atrocity.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Toronto Police seize 106 kg of cocaine and 61 kg of crystal meth

The Toronto Star is reporting that "A man in Etobicoke is facing 78 criminal charges after Toronto police recovered 65 firearms and drugs worth $18 million, in what police are calling the “biggest single-day drug and firearm seizure” in the force’s history. Police allege the guns, which included 57 hand guns and eight long guns, were meant to be used for street gang use."

"Among the drugs confiscated were 106 kg of cocaine, 61 kg of crystal meth, nine kg of MDMA and five kg of fentanyl." That is massive. It once again shows how completely useless and compromised the BC Gang Task Farce really is. They don't do this but all the other provinces do.

This is how law enforcement is supposed to work. The gangs start brazen shooting killing innocent bystanders and the police target their drug network and their illegal guns. It's a logical consequence of unacceptable behaviour. Taking guns away for law abiding citizens will do nothing to stop gun violence. This will. This is what they refuse to do in BC. Ask yourself why.

The WHO admits false positive results in Covid testing

Follow the Real Science:

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction December 21st 2020

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Surrey march in support of India's farmers

There was a protest at Holland Park in Surrey today in support of the Farmers in India that marched to Guildford mall and back. There are a lot of shady things going on here. We remember how the Communist Party of China was bullying Indian troops at the border. We also remember how the government of India launched a lawsuit against China asking for damages caused by the Coronavirus released out of Wuhan. Now all of a sudden the Communist run newspapers in Canada are singing support for the farmers in India. Another fraud is in the works.
Supporting the farmers is the right thing to do. Yet why does the mainstream media in Canada cover these protests but are silent about the lockdown protests and the We Scandal blackout? Something shady is going on here. Buyer Beware. Corporate Communism is still Communism.
There are no farmer's rights in Communism because in Communism, no one has any rights. Trade Unions don't have the right to strike in Communism. India used watercannons against the farmers. In Russia, Lennin use machineguns against the striking trade unionists. Defy the lie.

China gave Dominion $400 million before the election

NTD is reporting that "A Swiss bank that sent big money to Dominion voting systems’ parent company before the election has ties to China’s intelligence and military agencies, according to publicly-available financial records. Georgia attorney Lin Wood sounded alarm bells over UBS Securities last week. The New York-based subsidiary of Swiss bank UBS sent $400 million to Dominion’s parent company Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on Oct. 8, 2020."

"The subsidiary is closely linked to UBS’s Beijing-based joint venture. There, current and former board members are tied to Chinese communist military and intelligence agencies. In New York, three out of four UBS board members are Chinese. Some board members serve the company in New York and Beijing at the same time." Clever Journeys has the full report.

Coke tests positive for Covid 19 in Austrian Parliament

The coke was not contaminated. Covid test produces 97% false positive results

Fatal shooting in Vancouver

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "Police are investigating after a 19-year-old was shot to death in East Vancouver Friday night. The murder of Vancouver resident Amar Najat Jalal appears to be a targeted incident, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) said in a news release issued Saturday afternoon, Dec. 12."

"Officers responded to the scene at East 5th Avenue and Cassiar Street after witnesses reported shots fired just after 8 p.m. on Dec. 11. First responders found the victim suffering from gunshot wounds in the middle of the intersection, police say. Vancouver Fire Rescue Services and paramedics' efforts to revive Jalal proved unsuccessful. Police say the 19-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene."

"Police also discovered a grey pick-up truck fully engulfed in flames in the north lane of East 5th Avenue, just around the corner from where the victim’s body was found. Preliminary evidence indicates this vehicle could be connected to the shooting.”

Firearm charges in Nova Scotia police chase

The Nova Scotia RCMP are reporting that Cameron Mombourquette and Dawid Denisow are jointly charged with Possession a Prohibited Weapon for a Purpose Dangerous to the Public Peace and with Transport a Prohibited Firearm in a Careless Manner" among various other firearm related offenses. It looks like this was the result of the dramatic December 9th police chase near Halifax. If we had the NS RCMP in Surrey, we wouldn't need a municipal police force.

Last month the Chronicle Herald reported that Terrence John Keeping was charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking after 9 kilos were seized in his long haul truck.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Kayleigh McEnany empowers Conservative Women

Remdesivir Rises despite the CCP's objection

As the absurdity of the Covid fraud becomes more extreme, the truth becomes even more clear. On October 22nd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approved Gilead’s Remdesivir for Treatment of COVID-19. Even our local Dr Seuss was raving about it. Until the Chinese Communist Connection shot it down. The World Health Organization is run by the Communist Party of China. They are the ones that promoted the rapid spread of this world wide pandemic by insisting we did not close our borders with Wuhan until we were adequately infected.

Locally everyone is talking about a vaccine and I ask which one? There isn't just one there are at least 7 different experimental vaccines on the table. One of which has to be stored at minus 80 degree temperature. Commodus insisted the vaccine(s) be made available to the most vulnerable first and had the audacity to mention the First Nations on the top of his list. Justin Trudeau wants to use the First Nations people as human guineapigs for his experimental vaccines.

Dr Kulvinder Kaur stated that the best thing these experimental vaccines can offer is a hope to be able to reduce some cold symptoms. Creating a vaccine for the common cold is indeed problematic. Yet the motive of the local media's malicious misrepresentation of death and hospitalization rates for Covid is obviously to cram a vaccine down our throats.

Wuhan is not under lockdown because they successfully copied remdesivir before their research lab launched the pandemic in the seafood market. Seafood markets don't sell bats and no one got coronavirus from eating a cooked bat. Someone from the lab infected the seafood market.

The WHO is opposing remdesivir because they are supporting a made in China alternative. Let's not forget the WHO is not run by a medical doctor. It is run by a leader in a violent Communist paramilitary organization who was put there by the CCP. Bill Gates and the WHO spiked a tetanus vaccine in Kenya with a sterilization drug. Bill Gates and the WHO's polio vaccine in Africa gave people polio. Whatever vaccine we make available, we cannot let Bill Gates or the WHO have anything to do with it. I'd take remdesivir in a heartbeat but these others I will refuse.
Health Canada warns people with allergies to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine ingredients to not get it

CTV is reporting that "Health Canada is warning individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients in Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to not receive the shot. In a notice Saturday, the health agency said they were issuing the recommendation following news that two vaccinated individuals in the U.K. experienced severe allergic reactions to it."

Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas is Essential but Fruit cakes aren't.

Bonnie Henry is a circus freak. Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that listens to the fool? You can attend a strip club but you can't attend church on Christmas eve or visit with your family. These restrictions have nothing to do with a virus. CBC lied about Manitoba hospitalization rates. Less people died in 2020 than in 2019. The same number of seniors died this year as did the year before and the year before that. Those numbers don't lie.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Justin Trudeau trained Chinese Communist Troops

"The documents show that Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019. We were training the enemy. But then the CAF wanted to cancel a winter warfare training session for the PLA, scheduled for CFB Petawawa in Ontario, warning that it risked a knowledge transfer to the Chinese. This enraged Trudeau, who ordered the CAF not to cancel any more training sessions for the PLA without his permission." Justin Trudeau should be in jail.

Surrey Police board member's father was a Hells Angel

Dr Kim is reporting that "A member of the Surrey Police Board was photographed posing with two full-patch members of the Hells Angels at a 2018 memorial service. The photos of board member Harley Chappell and White Rock Hells Angels Brent Milne and Douglas (Doc) Riddoch were posted on a Facebook tribute to Carla Newman, who died in 2018. Newman was a relative of David (Clap) Newman, who is a former member of the Angels’ White Rock chapter."

OK if the compromised BC Gang Task Farce's Spin doctor is posting this, something fishy is going on. Remember​ her recent publicity stunt for the BC Gang Task Farce claiming that the Surrey RCMP had searched the Hardside Hells Angels clubhouse? They didn't find anything did they? Because it was a publicity stunt and they warned them first.

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "How did B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth appoint the son of a former Hells Angel to the Surrey Police Board? That’s the question being asked in Surrey Thursday, after provincially appointed police board member Harley Chappell’s connections to the criminal organization surfaced on social media. “It makes you wonder about the vetting process when they chose the board,” said Surrey city councillor Jack Hundial, speaking to the provincial government."

OK just so we are clear, Jack Hundial is a self serving POS. He is about as trustworthy as Wally Oppal. Jack a*s cited last months publicity stunt as though it was a good thing that accomplished something when it clearly did not. He is a F*ck up so F*ck him.

Although I don't have a problem with Doc, I agree this is a conflict of interest. However, Hundial and the Surrey RCMP haven't done Jack sh*t about the Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey. Shakerz is still a hub in that network but Randy Jones is with the Surrey Girls now not Whiterock.

Police raid locations in Nova Scotia for guns and drugs

The Chronicle Herald is reporting that "RCMP officers with the federal serious and organized crime section searched properties across Halifax Regional Municipality Wednesday and Thursday as part of what it is calling a “long-term, ongoing investigation” into organized crime and illegal drugs in Nova Scotia."

"Police said in a news release Thursday afternoon that they searched 13 sites Wednesday, and more searches are underway today. Substances suspected to be cocaine and other drugs were seized, along with firearms. They said an unspecified number of people were arrested and are in custody, but no charges had been laid by early Thursday afternoon."

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Calgary's Walk for Freedom: Jason Kenney has lost it.


You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Jason Kenny is a POS globalist like Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau. We don't call Jason Kenney a globalist because he supports immigration. I support immigration but I'm not a globalist. We call Jason Kenney a globalist because he is a corporate Communist that opposes civil liberty.

Allegations of voter fraud levelled against Jason Kenney in UCP leadership race. Sound familiar?

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

India exploits farmers, Justin exploits Canadians

This is disappointing. India was doing so well standing up to Chinese Communism, now they seem to have turned around to support corporate Communism in their own home. Both roads lead to the same place. Kal Dosanjh posted this on his Linkedin.

Farmers don't make a lot of money and it's very hard work. Yet without farmers, none of us would have anything to eat so it is important to support them. Exploiting them through Corporate Communism is not the answer.

Personally, I don't see public health care as a Communist plot to take over the free world. I see it as a British tradition. Yet I do see Covid as a Communist plot to take over the free world.

Rebel News has pointed out Justin Trudeau's double standard. Commodus was quick to offer his support for the farmers in India while at the same time fining protesters against him here in Canada. Justin Trudeau is a clown. History has recorded that.

Drea Humphrey interviews Mark Donnelly

God Bless Mark Donnelly.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Talkin' It To The Streets by the Doobie Brothers

"You don't know me but I'm your brother. I was raised here in this living hell. You don't know my kind in your world. Fairly soon, the time will tell. You telling me the things you're gonna do for me. I ain't blind and I don't like what I think I see. Takin' it to the streets."

"No more need for running. Takin' it to the streets."

"Take this message to my brother. You will find him everywhere. Wherever people live together tied in poverty's despair. Oh, you telling me the things you're gonna do for me. I ain't blind and I don't like what I think I see. Takin' it to the streets."

"No more need for hiding. Takin' it to the streets."

Canucks singer Mark Donnelly fired for participation in an anti lockdown protest. That is unlawful dismissal. You cannot fire someone for their political beliefs. It is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights. That's why we are having these protests.

I support law and order. The Canadian Charter of Rights is the law we need to uphold.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Clay Roueche launches new clothing line

Speaking of Clay Roueche rising in the face of adversity, his corporate team has just launched a new clothing line featuring his original artwork with a special contest before Christmas.

Clay spent two years in solitary confinement. What did he do? He wrote an inspirational book called the Book of Indomitable Virtues complete with all his own art work. He gets out of solitary and what does he do? He starts painting these magnificent prints. Then he hires a corporate team that turns his artwork into inspiriting T-shirts. This guy truely has an indominable spirit.

Let's get ready to rumble

In the words of Michael Buffer, Let's get ready to rumble! A lot has happened since the Provisional government of Canada's declaration of war on November 11 against the Great and Abominable Reset. Local activist Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson was kicked off YouTube for exposing CTV's fraud and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms put it all together by looking at overall monthly death rates in Canada. The Fake Rest has been exposed.

Locally, Dan Dicks and Laura-Lynn Thompson were both kicked off YouTube for exposing the Truth. Rebel News has to put these hilarious disclaimers on their videos so they don't get kicked off YouTube. Lynzee Domanico from the Closet on the Right explained how YouTube has demonetized their site for anyone who expresses a Conservative viewpoint. It is therefore now time to leave YouTube and move on to better things. Support free speech.

Dan Dicks and Laura-Lynn have moved over to Bitchute and I completely support that. I just want to point out that there is also another new platform that supports free speech and it's called Rumble. Their videos embed into blog posts properly. Bitchute's videos don't. Perhaps that is something they can fix. Yet Rumble seems a bit better equipped to make money.

It is time to watch and subscribe to videos posted on Rumble.

CBC caught lying about Manitoba hospitalization rates

Listing the lies to see the truth

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Fewer Canadians died in 2020 than in 2019

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms uncovered some very revealing statistics. They took a look at the overall death rate in Canada over the past five years and discovered with all these deaths from Covid, overall fewer people died in Canada during 2020 than in 2019 even with an increase in population.

That exposes the fraud completely. It can only mean one thing. The perpetual accusation has been made that they are ascribing many deaths of other causes to Covid. If this was true, then the overall death rate would remain the same which is exactly what we are seeing.

"The Justice Centre today released a Charter analysis on the impact of lockdowns on the lives of Canadians. Titled 'Flying Blind,' this Charter analysis demonstrates that Canada’s federal and provincial governments have not properly and adequately considered the specific nature and the full extent of lockdown harms that result from the violations of Charter freedoms to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship."
Now let's take this new revelation and add it to what Laura-Lynn recently discovered on CTV that YouTube doesn't want you to know. CTV reported that since the beginning of the pandemic, 10,947 people have died from Covid 19 in Canada. 10,781 of those deaths were the elderly living in care homes. Yet when we look at the overall deaths of Canadian by age group, we see that the same number of seniors died this year as they did the year before and the year before that. That means everyone who died in a care home they attributed that death to Covid.

Rebel News fact checked the Fake Checkers. This surveillance video does show voter fraud.

Georgia Governor calls for signature audit of election ballots