Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Postmedia Lawsuit has been Settled

You may recall that I was involved with another lawsuit this time against Postmedia News. I am now authorized to tell you the matter has been settled and I have withdrawn my counterclaim. That is all I'm authorized to say on the matter and for that reason comments on this post are now closed. Suffice it to say I'm still here. Once again Finian escapes like a Bat outta hell.

I'd like to thank my friend the Ninja for bailing me out again. I'm not a ninja, he's the ninja. I'm just a pirate. The seas be ours and where'er we will we'll row. He does kinda look like David Myles but then again, that's Classified. I'm wondering when he's finally going to be promoted to the bench. He'd be good at that. He'd do a lot better job than Peter Leask did.

As Will Smith would say, Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West yo. The Iron Dome is now in place.

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