Saturday, February 18, 2023

The results of the fake Emergency act inquiry

I really don't understand why anyone is the slightest bit surprised by the results of the fake inquiry on the unjustified use of the emergencies act for the Trucker's convoy. The laws were already in place to tow vehicles illegally parked. Beating civilian protesters and trampling them on horseback was an abomination the world witnessed. What a partisan judge appointed by the liberals presiding over a fake inquiry says is virtually irrelevant. The real results will be revealed in the next election. As long as it's not done by Dominion Voting. Five Times August saw it all.

Tamara Lich is a saint Justin Trudeau vilified just like he did former colleges who disagreed with him like Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Jody Wilson-Raybould and even Bill Morneau.


  1. Fuck JT blackface POS commie racist has to go!

  2. When will the Turds scandal at West Point Grey Academy see the light of day?

    It's part of the leverage that the globalists use over him.

    1. I think that one's hard to prove because the document doesn't specifically name him in order to protect the anonymity of the victim. However, it bloody well should. You can name the perp without identifying the victim. There were lots of students there at the time. Naming the perp doesn't reveal the victim's identity.

    2. We all know, its just an excuse to say "no".


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