Saturday, February 4, 2023

Economic Growth: The Value of Immigration

On the flip side, today I want to talk about the importance of immigration and how that is being misrepresented in the rebellion against the WEF. When Maxime Bernier first started the PPC I was hesitant to endorse him because I saw them as anti immigration and I am pro immigration.

However, when we saw the Orwellian over reach during Covid, Maxime Bernier was always front and centre speaking out against it. I supported that completely. As Abraham Lincoln said, we need to stand with any man that stands right and part with them when they go wrong.

I'm hearing a lot of people slam Justin Trudeau for many things and I applaud it. It's about time. He fooled us in the beginning but people can easily see through him now. He is not the man his father was. We can debate that all we want but the fact remains, Justin's father protected civil liberty by law. Justin did not. However, neither did Stephen Harper. Both were enemies of the Charter of Rights which is a fundamental document that defines us as Canadians.

We had a spook on here that would denounce multiculturalism and I never understood what he was on about. Multiculturalism is a good thing. Diversity makes us strong. We have the American melting pot and the great Canadian mosaic. This is an important part of our identity.

The spook denounced multiculturalism because he was trying to lead us astray and I'm afraid many in the resistance are taking the bait just like the QNuts. Some people claim that Justin Trudeau is responsible for unlimited immigration and that's one of the reasons inflation is so high. Not so. We know people from two different Latin American countries who both applied for a visa simply to visit Canada. Both were denied visas to simply visit. I was shocked. People have the right to travel. That's protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. Claiming those rights are just for Canadian citizens is like claiming the US Constitution is just for American citizens when it's not. The intent is clear. The US Constitution states all people are equal not all US citizens.

The US Constitution says no state shall deny to any person under it's jurisdiction equal protection of the law. Likewise the preamble to the Canadian bill of rights which lead the way to the Charter of Rights states "This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind" so the intent is very clear. Rights and freedoms apply to everyone not just citizens.

So when people are denied visas to simply visit Canada, I say that is morally wrong unless it's for criminal records. The two people we know who were denied visas to visit Canada then both applied to immigrate. Both were denied. So this claim that Canada has unrestricted immigration is simply not true. We can actually do a lot better.

The left criticizes the right for being anti immigration and compares that to the protectionism of Hitler. They kind of have a point. Hitler's protectionism was self defeating. They claim we don't want immigrants coming here and taking away all our jobs yet that's not how it works. Immigrants usually take the sh*t jobs that no one else wants because they have a high work ethic.

Since Canadian birth rates are so low, immigration helps promote economic growth. When I worked for Canada Post, all these people moving into Surrey meant more points of call and more jobs. It also meant more houses being built and more construction which also meant more jobs.

Now that I work in the food industry, it's the same thing. The more people moving in to Surrey means more people eating and buying food which means more work and more jobs. Protectionism limits growth while immigration stimulates growth. I support the Canadian mosaic.

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