Friday, February 10, 2023

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The Canadian Red Cross is reporting that "On Monday February 6 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake tore through Gaziantep, Türkiye, impacting 10 provinces in the south and southeast of the country, as well as areas in northern Syria. The initial earthquake was quickly followed by a second earthquake and multiple aftershocks. The Red Cross Red Crescent is working to deliver emergency relief and to get help to those impacted by the earthquakes as quickly as possible."

I'm a bit late in reporting on the earthquake in Turkey and Syria mostly because I wasn't sure how to present it. The mainstream media coverage has been very disturbing. Earthquakes are horrible. The loss of life is one thing but pulling out survivors who have been trapped in the rubble for a few days is heart wrenching. What's made matter worse is that I've been watching American news in the lunchroom at work and doing cardio at the gym.

I thought Canadian media was bad but wow. The partisan sensationalism is completely out of control. Watching the American news is like watching a Hollywood movie. They're always trying to sensationalize another humanitarian crisis to get people to open up their purse strings then create heroes to make everyone feel good. I'm all for heroes but the way they present things is always suspicious. They politicize everything in a very partisan manner.

One case in particular there were highlighting the celebration of two men after one of them pulled out a survivor from the ruble. Their exuberance looked like actors. It didn't look real. Rescue work after an earthquake is very important but it's a horrible job. Most of the time you're pulling out dead bodies and are exhausted from digging. After a few days the stench from the dead bodies is unbearable. It's a very somber time.

When you do find someone alive I understand that is something to celebrate. It's just that Turkey has become a WEF ally. They invaded Syria after the Americans pulled out to stop Assad from building the second oil pipeline that Turkey wouldn't profit from and prevent the current manufactured energy crisis in Europe. Everything about their coverage is misrepresented.

I wasn't sure who to trust then I Googled Red Cross and remembered they are the ones I trust. The Red Cross Red Crescent is delivering aid as we speak. We remember how billions were sent to the Ukraine only to be diverted into the pockets of dirty business tycoons and Joe Biden's mid terms through FTX. The Red Cross Red Crescent are much more trustworthy.

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