Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Surrey police officer dies at Langley gun rage

I wasn't going to say anything about this but maybe I should. It's tragic. I was aware of a police incident at a gun range in Langley today. I had heard that a 26 year old kid committed suicide. That is tragic. I thought OK it must not have been a gun owner. Why would they go to the range to shoot themselves when they had the gun at home and they could have shot themselves anywhere. The thought of a young kid using a rented gun to commit suicide would have been very tragic. However, that's not what appears to have happened.

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that an off duty police officer from Surrey died of a self inflicted wound. That's just as tragic but again, why would they go to the gun range to kill themself? I am somewhat familiar with that range. I have shot there several times. It's awesome.

There are a ton of cops that go there. They have two ranges. One regular one and one tactical one. You need to be law enforcement or take a few tactical courses to be allowed to shoot there. The reason being you can holster your firearm there and cross the firing line. I was like why on earth would I ever want to cross the firing line? Especially when surrounded by people I don't know on the safe side of the firing line. I decided to stick with the regular range. I'm not tactical. I'm just a target shooter. I'm kind of wondering if this was an accident. Either way it's tragic.

With the increased availability and government promotion of medically assisted suicide the topic of suicide has come up. That was the point of my Phoenix rising above the ashes post. That was the point behind Gina Carano's encouraging video she posted on Twitter.

When I fist heard it was a 26 year old kid my heart sank. I would have been like wait a sec. Do you want to try this gun? Or this one? Or that one? I'm sure we can find one here that you like. If you kill yourself you'll miss out on all these other opportunities. In fact you'll miss out on a whole lifetime of oportunities. Things might be bad, yeah, but thing can get better.

When I heard it was a cop from Surrey that created more questions. Was it a Surrey member who didn't want to transition to the RCMP because of bullying? Was it a female cop being sexually harassed by a supervisor? This is not a one off thing. This has all happened before and that is very concerning. If they went all the way to the gun range to commit suicide in front of coworkers that's kind of making a statement. A plea for help so to speak. We owe it to them to find out what the concern was. I don't believe Jasmine Thiara committed suicide. Neither did Brandy.

Update: CBC is reporting that "This individual, as a result of a Surrey RCMP investigation, was initially arrested on August 16th for an investigation that related to breach of trust," he said. "As a result of that, on the 17th of August, the Surrey Police Service suspended the officer with pay." Is that true? They set up Cameron Ortis on false charges because he was a whistle blower. People can get despondent when they are set up on false charges. Somehow I don't think Brenda Locke is the slightest bit concerned about all the documented harassment and bullying in the RCMP.

2nd Update: Twenty-six-year-old Dilbag “Dylan” Hothi previously served in the military.

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