Tuesday, January 31, 2023

MAID and the Compassionate Lie

We've talked about fake environmentalism. Now we need to examine fake compassion and how that relates to the workers lie and the middle class lie. Leftists are supposed to care about raising the standard of living for workers. Yet Janet Yellen boldly admitted that was a lie. She said unemployment is good because it keeps workers wages low.

Leftists are supposed to care about raising the standard of living for the middle class. That's why they chant tax the rich. Yet we all know that's a farce. They want to tax everyone. Recently Chrystia Freeland came right out and said rolling back the Middle Class was a good idea.

These lies lead us to the most obvious compassionate lies. The compassionate lie has enslaved the DTES with misery for over a generation. Before I dive into that lie, I want to talk about the expansion of Medically Assisted Suicide and how that proves they are lying about compassion.

When they first started talking about bringing in medically assisted suicide for the terminally ill, we said that it was a slippery slope that could easily be misused. An elderly person could chose medically assisted suicide to save money. In fact, the health care system could save a lot of money by promoting medically assisted suicide. That is unethical. Canada leads the world in organ harvesting from medically assisted suicide. That is unethical. They don't care about people. They care about profiting from people. Benefiting from their murder.

Recently were were outraged at how a soldier struggling with PTSD was offered medically assisted suicide. This is how they try to erode our morals and desensitize our sense of right and wrong. Just like with MAPs and pedophilia. First they shock you then they keep coming back trying to erode your values. Now that they have got us accustomed to this idea of medically assisted suicide and have successfully normalized murder, they have decided to expand the qualifications to support their depopulation agenda.

Soon anyone with a mental illness will be allowed to ask for and receive medically assisted murder. Perhaps that's where the crisis line got the idea of offering someone with PTSD medically assisted suicide. They were just jumping the gun. Soon it will be the norm.

This isn't just evil. We all know that it's evil. This is a lie. It's part of their fake compassion. We all know that woke means fake but we also now know that medically assisted suicide is fake compassion. They don't care about the person. They care about depopulation and the WEF agenda. That's what they care about and they consistently use lies to further that agenda.

I think for the most part, everyone considers compassion a good thing. It's one of the Chinese virtues Confucius taught. Buddha taught about compassion so did Christ. Mother Teresa exemplified compassion. Kind of like how everyone thinks protecting the environment is a good thing. We all do. That's why they use lies to pretend they care about the environment just like they use lies to pretend they have compassion on the suffering when they clearly don't. They are narcissists incapable of experiencing empathy. Giving an alcoholic alcohol is not compassionate. Promoting addiction and keeping people enslaved in misery is not compassion. First they create the problem now their solution is to offer to kill them. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.


  1. One of the responses I got from a Liberal MP when I emailed her about my disgust in regards to Bill C21 was how concerned the government is about those suffering from depression taking their own lives because they had access to firearms. My response was to point out her outrageous hypocrisy in that soon the government will approve MAID for those suffering from depression. What's the difference? In fact you could argue the government will be promoting suicide through MAID.

    1. That's a good point. They don't want anyone committing suicide with a gun but they'll do it for them instead. In reality, they don't care if you commit suicide with a gun. They just don't want you to have them. Period.

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