Sunday, January 8, 2023

Dirty Few wearing patches during B&E

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that " Four men believed to be associated with a known Hells Angels support club are facing charges related to intimidation and uttering threats. RCMP responded to a report of an attempted residential break-in at a Beaumont home on July 27. When officers arrived, initial interviews and home surveillance footage revealed five suspects. Two were observed wearing full-patch Tri-County Chapter Dirty Few Motorcycle Club leather vests."

"Brandon Motz, 35, Chandler McInnes, 20, Tanner Bailie, 33, and Kaul Haut, 36, all residents of Beaumont, have since been charged with intimidation, uttering threats, and two counts of mischief. The accused have been released and are scheduled to appear in Leduc provincial court on Jan. 19." The Dirty Flu sure aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.


  1. Who joins a puppet club? Puppets who want to be a real boy someday? Apologies to Pinocchio, at least he knew who he was and had a worthy ambition that would harm no one. These guys are so lacking that they view a puppet vest as either an achievement or a lottery ticket when in fact it is neither. "Dance puppet, dance".

  2. "Dirty Few". "Devils Army".
    WhoTF comes up with these loser names anyway?

    1. Hillbillies who think supporting the Devil is somehow a good thing.


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