Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The F-35's SUCK

Justan Idiot flipped on the F-35 purchase. They don't work in the arctic so they aren't for Canadian defense they are strictly for UN Oil Wars. Lockheed Martin is worse than SNC Lavalin. Budget overuns consistently burn taxes. The Boeing Super hornet is a far Superior product that works in the Canadian Arctic. The WEF doesn't want Canada to be able to defend themselves. They just want Canada to help invade other countries to maintain Saudi's oil monopoly.

Forbes: The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed
Canadian Army waiting for air-defence systems as Ottawa buys equipment for Ukraine


  1. Thanks for the info. I noticed the F35 purchase headlines and wondered “ How did they suddenly decide to buy these money burners ?”

    1. The Liberals were going to buy the Boeing Super Hornets but got in a pissing match over their Bombardier bailouts. Bombardier is almost as bad as SNC Lavalin. Boeing is a reliable company that is way better than Lockheed Martin.

      Lockheed Martin is the worst for budget over runs and politician kickbacks. Buying jets that don't work in the Canadian arctic doesn't make sense. We need jets that can intercept Russian bombers. We also need a missile defense system like Israel has.


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