Saturday, January 7, 2023

Died Suddenly - Intro and Full Documentary

OK so this documentary Died Suddenly is making it's rounds on the Internet and the fake fact checkers are racing into overdrive. It reveals the current censorship on Google. Anything supportive of the movie is buried and all the fake fact checkers are pushed to the top of the search results making false claims. We can't say the vaccine is causing all these sudden deaths but we can say there has been a huge increase in sudden deaths since the vaccine roll out.

Leslyn Lewis wrote a blog post on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and said "Did you know that in Alberta, the leading cause of death is now Unknown. Meanwhile in Toronto over the past few weeks, six young healthy doctors all died suddenly and with no explanation as to why." That is a fact. She admits that "We were quickly told that this wasn’t vaccine-related." Yet sudden adult deaths have dramatically increase over the past few years. That fact is undeniable. So when Google buries articles confirming that fact and promotes articles that deny that fact, we are left to ask ourselves why. That is a criminal conspiracy or should I say reality.

In China, Google censors any search result that talks about the Tienanmen square massacre. That censorship of true information is a criminal act and Google is behind it. The movie interviews several embalmers from funeral homes that all describe a new phenomena. They are finding huge blood clots in the dead bodies that come in. They're not blood clots per say. They're long strings of fibrous material that clot the blood. They've never seen this before but they are all seeing it now. That is a fact. Google burring that fact is a criminal act. The fake fact checkers are ridiculous. If you want to watch the movie, watch it. If you don't want to, don't. I don't care.

When a body is embalmed in a funeral home, "the blood is removed from the body by pumping the embalming fluid into one of the main arteries; causing the blood to drain out from the sibling vein." The reason the embalmers are finding this new phenomena is because these long strings of fibers are clogging their embaling fluid pumps. That's a reality.

Back in August Police on Guard reported that an Ottawa Police officer from the SACA (Sexual Assault Child Abuse) unit, noticed an increase in unexplained deaths in children and decided to investigate if it had anything to do with the vaccine. Shockingly she was charged with Discreditable Conduct for investigating the possibility. That charge was a criminal act.

We are told that none of these deaths are related to the vaccine but we are prevented from investigating the possibility. That is bat sh*t crazy. This is why people are freaking out. That's not right. It's like Justin Trudeau's last minute long gun amendment to the handgun ban. The bill bans any semi automatic rifle with a detachable magazine. Then it bans the only two semi automatic rifles with an internal magazine. That reveals an agenda. Just like preventing anyone from investigating the cause of death in all these unexplained deaths. We don't know what caused the deaths. We just want to investigate all possibilities. Banning that investigation is criminal.

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