Thursday, January 12, 2023

Japan looks to Canada for LNG

The National Post is reporting that "Japan has “high expectations” for getting natural gas from Canada, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made no new commitments to increase exports during meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Thursday."

"Kishida came to Ottawa Thursday, as part of a five-nation tour, as Japan is set to host the G7 in Hiroshima in May. The island nation is looking to replace Russian natural gas, which made up 10 per cent of its imports with other sources. LNG Canada, an export terminal being built in Kitimat, British Columbia, is set to go online in 2025 and export 14 million tonnes to Asia, a proposed second phase would double those export levels."

"Trudeau said Canada takes seriously its responsibility to supply energy to allies, but the world is also looking to decarbonize and Canada has to be prepared for that." AYFKM? Then ya better tell your pal Winnie the Pooh to stop building new electric generation plants powered by industrial coal. That is a thousand times worse that natural gas. That's what we call fake environmentalism.

Zero C02 emissions is unrealistic because human beings exhale C02 and trees need C02 to survive. Justin Trudeau is a raging lunatic. Natural gas can literally save the world. It's clean burning and cheap. This manufactured energy crisis in Europe was orchestrated. Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist and a fake environmentalist. His obsession to ban hunting and break treaty rights makes him a fake advocate for aboriginals as well. Justin Trudeau needs to be replaced.
Natural gas replacing diesel in the shipping industry as it should.

Fortis ran a commercial about using natural gas to fuel cargo ships instead of diesel. That would be a huge step forward for the environnement. If semi-trailers ran natural gas instead of diesel, CO2 emissions would be greatly reduced. The fake environmentalists don't support this because they are fake environmentalists. Reducing emissions and saving fuel costs. Now that's a win win. Saudi Arabia is doing it now too. Reducing fuels costs is a hedge against inflation because the unjustified spike in fuel prices is driving up the cost of food and everything else we buy in stores.

Burning natural gas to produce hydrogen is a scam. It's a lot better than burning coal but you might as well use natural gas. Waste Management Natural Gas trucks in Surrey.


  1. Those 14 million tonnes aren't going to Asia, they're going to China. China views Japan as an enemy. No chance that our political class, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese, will be allowed to sell LNG to Japan.

    1. You may be right but it should. The free market goes both ways. If we sell to other customers we won't have to sell it at below cost.

  2. I hope something really bad happens to the spoon fed effeminate PM.

    1. All that needs to happen is for us to vote for someone else. Dominion voting doesn't do our federal elections. The last two elections he received less votes than the Conservative candidate just more seats. We're almost there.

    2. The Turd is pushing hard for internet censorship and mass immigration beyond reasoning.
      He plans on doing whatever is necessary to remain the WEF poster boy.
      Look at the way this POS governs, he isn't planning on vacating any time soon and will use whatever shenanigans necessary to remain in power.

    3. As long as we don't split the vote again. I don't have a problem with immigration. That's the one thing I disagree with Maxime Bernier on. I agree with him on everything else. Leslyn Lewis is rock solid and Pierre Poilievre can take us over the top.

    4. A healthy immigration policy is what we should all strive for. What we have at present is a free for all.

    5. Actually that's not true. My daughter dated a guy from Honduras and a guy from Colombia. Both of them applied for visas to visit Canada and both were denied. They weren't even allowed to visit Canada. I was like WTF? When I was young I traveled around the world. We went wherever we wanted. IMO to say that all these people are not allowed to simply visit Canada is absurd.

    6. Years ago a person could loan the Federal government $400k and be given citizenship.
      This used to be called bribery.
      Now these same wealthy people hire an immigration agent/lawyer and it's almost a guaranteed deal.
      Money doesn't make you a good person nor give you a divine right to enter Canada.

      Much of that money came into the lower mainland, most of it from one country.
      As a direct consequence 2 working professionals could no longer afford home ownership in the city they worked.

      Flawed immigration policies have consequences.

    7. Is that what it takes? Maybe we should look into that.

  3. The problem then is finding someone to replace him who is not WEF, hasn't received Chinese money, who is actually a populist rather than just another member of the political class getting their turn, etc., and something tells me that's a short list, if there is such a list at all.

  4. It also requires us to participate in democracy rather than being asleep at the wheel for 30 years.
    Complacency, and as long as it's NIMBY has almost destroyed this country.
    WE need to always hold THEM accountable and that hasn't happened in a very long time.
    Our collective weakness is literally their strength. Time to turn that around on them.

  5. Don't take a vote to a bio weapon fight, cause your gonna lose.


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