Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two RCMP officers investigated for sexual assault

I missed this one. CTV is reporting that two out of town RCMP officers have been charged with sexual assault:

The RCMP admit 11 security forces here for the Olympics have been sent home but refuse to say why or expand upon what they did other than the two who were charged with shoplifting. Although 11 people getting sent home out of 10,000 is indeed a small number, RCMP officers committing sexual assault is a serious matter.
Just as it is for a Military leader to be charged with sexual assault and murder:,2933,585225,00.html

Without question the vast majority of law enforcement and military personnel are top notch. Yet when these horrific violations of public trust occur, we need to be vigilant in fulfilling our constitutional obligations to law and order.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loving Dad shot and killed waiting trial for home invasion

All is quiet on the Western Front. Relatively speaking of course. A guy was shot dead in Prince George the other day. Nathan Alcide Marshall had appeared in court three days before he was murdered on home invasion charges:
It reminds me of how that Independent Soldier who was shot and killed was billed as a loving father when he had cocaine and guns in the same apartment as his child. Getting someone pregnant doesn't automatically make you a person of character. How you handle that stewardship does. I blotted out the eyes and face of his child in this photo the family gave to the media.

The child is innocent. Like the child who witnessed his mother shot to death in the same car he was in. The photo gives the impression of good covered in evil. Give the kid a chance and stop exploiting children in your PR campaign to sell drugs.
Now, on to the root of the problem. If this guy was involved with drugs in Prince George, then he was involved with the Hells Angels. The police and the media claim that no one can sell drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. We are told that the Renegades are a puppet club for the Hells Angels in PG that sell drugs and the Crew is another group affiliated with the Renegades and the Hells Angels that sell crack in Prince George.

Of late I am told that several members of the Crew in PG are crossing over to the Independent Soldiers in PG who are also another puppet club for the Hells Angels after most of the original IS leadership were murdered.

This news article claims that he was revered by many as a loving father. Drug addict, home invasion, loving father. I'm having difficulty with the math. I'm not saying there wasn't good in him. Quite the contrary. Everyone has good in them. He appears to be a good guy who has been struggling with a few demons of his own.

Lets take the alcohol and drug addiction. Anyone can fall to those. Yet when those addictions arise, they become more important than anything else including family, friends and moral decency. Addictions can take over people and change them. That may not be the real person but real people have to live with the actions of addicts including the people who suffered the home invasion which he participated in.

This brings us back to the double edged sword. People who sell drugs and profit from the sale of drugs, like the Hells Angels in Prince George are the ones ultimately responsible for the crime and violence those drugs bring. Selling drugs is not noble and the Hells Angels sell drugs. The sale of drugs has brought violence to our community and the Hells Angels are not innocent of the violence as they erroneously claim.

The news article said the guy had time to think in prison and claims he realized he didn't love that life any more. So if that hearsay quote is true, it claims he admits at one time he loved that life - drugs, alcohol and home invasion. So he has an Epiphany and wants to change his life around and gets shot down before he gets the chance. Bad luck or were there more demons involved?

What is the Hells Angels biggest fear when a co accused is arrested? That they will have a change of heart and cut a deal to get less time served. This might not be the case here because time served for a first offense would not have been significant but the article claims he owed money.

OK let's do the math. He got involved with the wrong crowd in Prince George. He became addicted to drugs and owned people money. That is why he couldn't leave Prince George - he had drug debts. Who did he owe the money to? Could it have been anyone but the Hells Angels since they control the drug trade there?

We have read how the Hells Angels get violent if you owe them money for drugs. We have read about how they cut off someones finger for a $170 drug debt in Prince George:

Scott Payne was an enforcer for the Crew who ultimately worked for the Hells Angels. He cut off a crack addicts finger for a $170.00 drug debt. Joshua Hedrick was once a member of the Crew in Prince George. He was picked up by the police with this same Scott Payne. Joshua ended up dead floating down the Fraser River:
Was Joshua trying to turn his life around too? Did he have any drug debts in Prince George? What about the woman who was brutally sexually assaulted by someone who claimed her husband owed the Hells Angels money:

If the family and friends of Nathan Marshall want to do their friend any justice, they will come clean and name the people he owed the money to and expose the real demons that enslaved him and finally robbed his children of a father. Call the Prince George Crimestoppers at: 1 800 222-TIPS
Indeed there was a good side to Nathan: We owe it to him to let the world know who he owed money to and why.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crown Appeals Donald Gardiner Decision

Clearly Gardiner joins the ranks of Peter Leask and the snowflake Katherine Bruce for wacky decisions abusing the Charter of Rights making the judicial system in B.C. a bad cartoon of ineptness.
As we showcase to the world how handing out free crack pipes in East Vancouver isn't working let's also show the world how this judicial vacuum has indeed created a constitutional crisis in Canada as described by Steve Brown:
No one wants Canada to turn into a police state but right now we live with the other extreme. Criminals have guns but the law biding public don't and we are enablers for the gang war. It is a violation of public safety to let known gang members roams the streets with guns and not subject them to random searches.
If a convicted gang member receives a prohibition from owning or possessing a firearm, then we need to follow up to make sure that term is enforced otherwise it's just another useless piece of paper. Waking them up in the middle of the night repeatedly could be deemed harassment. However, when these known gang members go out in public, they and their vehicles should be subject to random searches to protect public safety and the Charter rights of the general public.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Police Misconduct

The VPD recently received some very bad press over an incident where someone was badly beaten over a case of mistaken identity.

The majority of police out there are good and risk their lives to promote public peace and public safety. However, as one witness described it, bad apples exist in any company. The only difference is that in a democratic society we hear about the misconduct while in other places it happens but we never hear about it.

Recently, two Vancouver Police officers responded to a call of domestic abuse. They were told a husband was beating his wife. No one likes a wife beater. They responded to the call, woke the guy out of bed and beat him to a pulp. Only they got the wrong address and beat up the wrong guy. Now he's suing:

There were a few mistakes made. Obviously the most blatant mistake is the mistaken identity. The brutality is the other. Even if the guy was accused of beating his wife, he deserves a fair trial. For example, in 80% of custody disputes there are false allegations of abuse. That in no way minimizes the fact that spousal abuse is heinous and is far too common in our society.

If the police caught him in the act and had to pull the guy off beating his wife, one could understand a certain amount of physical force being used to stop the attack. Human nature would cut some leeway if they gave him a few digs and maybe cracked a rib to leave a lasting impression. But give him the boots and cave in his eye? That was clearly excessive.

Covering such an act up is also wrong. Loyalty does not mean hiding abusive or illegal activity. Loyalty means protecting the public peace and safety by exposing and opposing all abusive violence.

Another disturbing case is where three off duty police officers robbed and beat an Indo Canadian newspaper delivery driver:

The first case was mistaken identity. The second case was bizarre and unprovoked. Even the famous taser incident at the Airport with the RCMP may have been excessive and an over reaction given the situation but the second case is most heinous and it appears that only one officer involved has been charged not three.
Nevertheless, I want to be very clear that none of these mistakes or misconduct excuses the misconduct of others. The Hells Angels are still a criminal organization that profit from the sale of drugs. Police misconduct does not change or minimize that. It just makes us more aware of the different faces and uniforms some criminals can wear. Especially the likes of Ken Huston and Rob Sidhu:

Perhaps this is what was meant when they were concerned that the security of the AG's office may be compromised when conducting an under cover investigation of the Hells Angels in Vancouver.

I'm not even going to comment on the RCMP investigation of the Surrey Six murder. Much:
An RCMP officer having a relationship with a witness is unprofessional but does not minimize murder of innocent people. Just like it didn't with Gillian Guess: